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Augusta Criterium Series

Augusta, NJ

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Augusta Criterium Series Presented by Skylands Cycling Augusta, NJ Tuesday, March 10, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Masters Race
1    John       Autore        Montclair Cyclists
2    Andrew     Buchanan      Skylands Cycling
3    Brian      Gristick      Skylands Cycling
4    Kris       Weber         Team Bulldog
5    Carmen     Gaita         Montclair Cyclists
6    John       Auer          Somerset Wheelmen
7    Michael    Adsit         Skylands Cycling
8    Robert     Perlee        Jaeger Wheelmen
9    Barry      Nazarian      Montclair Cyclists
10   Jon        Boub          Skylands Cycling

A Race
1    Barry      Miller        ACT
2    David      Freifelder    Westwood Velo
3    Erik       Wilburn       US Military Academy
4    Blake      Hawthorne     Unattached
5    Michael    Norton        YSG Racing
6    Joe        Straub        Westwood Velo
7    Glenn      Babikian      Westwood Velo
8    Gene       Victori       Skylands Cycling
9    Milo       Bastianelli   Skylands Cycling
10   Jonathan   Chambers      Gotham Cyclists
11   Matthew    Spinks        YSG Racing
12   Daniel     Coleman       Colavita Racing Inc.
13   Max        Kaplan        Colavita Racing Inc.
14   Stephen    Tvedt         Colavita Racing Inc.
15   Andrew     Buchanan      Skylands Cycling

B Race
1    Nick       Iacovelli     Colavita Racing Inc.
2    Brenden    Siekman       US Military Academy
3    Oscar      Mejia         Unattached
4    FELIX      UMANA         Black Bear Cycling
5    Blane      Harrison      Cycle Craft Inc
6    Kuni       miyadal       Unattached
7    Barry      Kaplan        Watchung Wheelmen
8    Carmen     Gaita         Montclair Cyclists
9    Claude     Laberge       Liberty Cycle
10   Mark       Salazar       Skylands Cycling
11   Michael    Adsit         Skylands Cycling
12   Bogert     Kisch         Unattached
13   Todd       Sacchiero     Unattached
14   John       Jackson       Skylands Cycling
15   Jon        Boub          Skylands Cycling
16   Erik       Kristiansen   Skylands Cycling