The Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede International Cyclocross (UCI C2)

Burlington, KY

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede International Cyclocross (UCI C2) Presented by Darkhorse Racing Burlington, KY Friday, October 10, 2008
J-Pow & Compton Stampede to Wins at Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival Day 1

The course at England-Idlewild park rattled bones and tuned wheels to tacos at the Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede UCI C-2 in Burlington, KY on Friday, October 12th. The Cincinnati area hasn�t seen a soaking in weeks and the victims of the pounding course lined up for post-race massages at the Wellington Orthopedic tent throughout the day. The 80 degree heat compounded the hurt. In the Men�s race, after a lap-3 bike change which sent Barry Wicks (Kona) on the defensive, Jeremy Powers ( took advantage for the win. For the women, it wasn�t until lap 5 where National Champion Katie Compton (Spike Professional/Primus Mootry) put in a dig near the �horseshoe� chicane and shook Olympian Georgia Gould (Luna) off her wheel and escape to the finish.

In the Men�s Elite race, Powers and Danish National Champion Joachim Parbo (CCV Leopard Cycles) put the pedal to the metal at the gun and led to the holeshot with Barry Wicks in tow and Vitamin Cottage�s Jonathan Baker not too far off the pace. When Wicks met Powers, it was game-on and Parbo paid the price. That was just the beginning of Powers show of cross-power. On the same lap, Powers punched it opening a gap on Wicks around a tight off camber around a tree, but it was a little too early. Wicks closed it quickly with a �nasty� effort through the start finish which had a domino drop effect on Baker and Trek�s Jeremiah Bishop.

Wicks well of good fortune dried up on lap 3 when he took a bike change. J-Pow smelled blood and drilled it. Now away solo, he extended the lead by hopping a big log barrier to the cheers of the crowd. That move left Bishop, Baker and Wicks struggling to close it down and Powers in the lead for good. With Wicks dangling, it was Bishop who showed his short-track strength with a hard move that boosted him solidly into 2nd.

Powers lead increased to nearly a minute through laps 4-6. At this point, the battle was for 3rd between Wicks and a sweaty faced Baker. Before the barriers on lap 4, Baker got rattled on a bumpy off camper uphill u-turn and Wicks blasted by to claim 3rd. Parbo was still back and now closing on Baker. Parbo made contact and the duo worked together till the last lap where Parbo punched the pedals of his new carbon Leopard Cycles rig just before the barriers. Baker couldn�t answer. In the end it was all Powers with nearly a minute lead. He and Bishop both celebrated early by hopping the last lap barriers to the hoots of the Cincinnati spectators.

As she watched the start of the 1/2/3 Masters Race, the always cheerful Katie Compton told her new hubby Mark Legg to have fun before his race, but it wasn�t all fun and games in the Women�s elite race. From the gun, Sue Butler (, Compton and Georgia Gould set a blazing pace through the chicane which put a big gap into a trio of Velo Bella women. With Gould leading the first lap, Compton went down in a wheel eating dip just past the barriers. Wasting no time, Gould upshifted and dug hard. With a show of the strength to come Compton made the bridge before the end of the lap. The two were away for good. With Sue Butler on her own in 3rd, that left Devon Haskell of Chicagoland bike shop �The Pony Shop� in a Velo Bella sandwich between Barbara Howe and Deidre Winfield. Howe fell off the pace on lap 4 leaving Winfield and Haskell to duel for 4th and 5th.

Back at the front, Gould and Compton traded barbs. Gould went first on lap 2, attacking at the same awkward off-camber tree that gave Jeremy Powers the win in the Men�s race. Compton, however, had other plans and quickly shut that down. The two stayed together until Compton showed her technical prowess in the downhill chicane. Gould tried to make up the ground but slightly bobbled on the same off camber u-turn that rattled Jonathan Baker in the Men�s race. Compton was gone. Behind, face flushed and sweat dripping from under her helmet, Sue Butler finished for a solid 3rd. Winfield turned on the gas on the last lap dropping Haskell to take 4th.

Article Written By Joe Bellante
Joe writes Out Of True: The Best Bike Blog Ever�

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men 1-2
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team
1         1         Jeremy         POWERS   
2         12        Jeremiah       BISHOP             Trek Factory
3         2         barry          WICKS              KONA
4         3         Joachim        PARBO              CCV Leopard Cycles
5         5         Jonathan       BAKER              Vitamin Cottage
6         4         Troy           WELLS              Team CLIF BAR
7         17        Mark           LALONDE            PLANET BIKE
8         14        Brian          MATTER             Gear Grinder
9         9         Erik           TONKIN             Kona/FSA Factory Team
10        10        Weston         SCHEMPF  
11        6         Brent          PRENZLOW           Celo Pacific/Alan
12        48        Nathan         WYATT              Carolina Fatz/Santa Cruz/Sram
13        7         Steve          TILFORD            Trek Stores
14        29        Mike           SHERER             Pony Shop
15        41        Justin         ROBINSON           California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
16        35        Justin         HINES              HandlebarsCC
17        18        Joshua         JOHNSON            Big Shark Racing
18        34        Dave           WEAVER             ALAN N. America Cycling Team
19        46        Michael        WISSINK            SPECIALIZED
20        38        Ernesto        MARENCHIN
21        23        Andrew         MESSER             DRT Racing
22        19        John           BAILEY             Bailey Bikes
23        28        Benjamin       POPPER             HRS / Rock Lobster
24        37        Guy            VANKRIMPEN         Rapid City Cycle
25        49        Bill           STOLTE             HRRC/Trek Stores
26        25        Andrew         LLEWELLYN          Calistoga Racing Team
27        31        Ryan           KNAPP    
29        13        John           BEHRENS            Bailey Bikes
30        15        Greg           WITTWER            ALAN North America Cycling Team
31        43        Shawn          ADAMS              Lake Effect
33        32        Isaac          NEFF               Alderfer Bergen
33        47        Zachary        EDWARDS            DRT Racing
34        27        Nick           TINSLER            Darkhorse Racing-RPC Mechanical
35        30        Aaron          HAWKINS            Chrysalis Ventures Cycling
36        44        Rick           TOLER              Team Kreitler Rollers
37        50        Andy           Burns              Central Ohio Bike Club
DNF       8         Nicholas       WEIGHALL           Rad Racing/Hagens Berman
DNF       20        Mike           PURVIS             Barbasol
DNF       21        Mike           KENNEDY            Barbasol
DNF       22        mitchell       KERSTING           Barbasol
DNF       24        Ryan           GAMM               Inferno Pro Cycling
DNF       26        Guillaume      DESSIBOURG         Team BMC-Teker
DNF       39        Steve          FISHER             Rad Racing/Hagens Berman
DNS       11        Adam           MCGRATH            Van Dessel
DNS       16        Chance         NOBLE              California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
DNS       36        Wes            STEPHENSON         rapid city cycle
DNS       40        Gordon         DANIELL            Bolla Cycling Team
DNS       42        Kevin          BRADFORD-PARISH
DNS       45        Jeff           COURTER            Horizon Organic Cycling Team
One Lap   33        David          HUTTON             Hincapie Barkley

Elite Women 1-2
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team
1         70        Katie          COMPTON            Spike Professional/Primus Mootry
2         73        Georgia        GOULD              LUNA Women's MTB Team
3         71        Sue            BUTLER   
4         85        Deidre         WINFIELD           Velo Bella - Kona
5         80        Devon          HASKELL            The Pony Shop
6         76        Barbara        HOWE               Velo Bella
7         78        Kristin        WENTWORTH          Planet Bike
8         77        Anne           SCHWARTZ           Flying Rhino Cycling Club
9         81        AnnaJean       DALLAIRE           Barbasol, Sobe/Cannondale
10        87        Kari           STUDLEY            VeloBella
11        82        Lauri          WEBBER             Secret Henry's Team
12        79        Jennifer       MAXWELL            team kenda tire
13        74        Catherine      WALBERG            TREK
14        75        Melanie        SWARTZ
15        83        Kimberly       FLYNN              Vantaggio/ Specialized
16        90        Amanda         MCKAY              BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
17        86        Deb            WHITMORE           BMW Bianchi
18        84        Shannon        GIBSON             VeloBella
19        89        Marne          SMILEY
20        88        Cara           APPLEGATE          BMW-Bianchi p/b Hendrick BMW
DNS       72        Rachel         LLOYD              California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized

Masters Men 1-2-3
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         306       Jeff           Weinert            Team Giant p/b MPI                            Lake Orion           MI
2         305       Mark           Legg               Spike Shooter                                 COLORADO SPRINGS     CO
3         316       Gerry          PFLUG              Speedgoat/SPK/Salsa                           Mount Pleasant       PA
4         319       Kristopher     Auer               C3-Sollay.Com                                 baltimore            MD
5         322       Timothy        Saari              ESSEX BRASS                                   ROCHESTER HILLS      MI
6         403       Mark           Kutney             Van Dessel Cycles                             Charlottesville      VA
7         315       don            cameron            specialized bicycles                          white lake           MI
8         311       phil           noble              BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               xenia                OH
9         318       Donald         Galligher          DRT Consulting                                Fort wayne           IN
10        303       Morgan         Webb               Barbisol                                      Louisville           KY
11        301       Frederick      Rose                                        Bloomington          IN
12        304       Blaine         Heppner            Bike Clicks/Team Louisville                   Louisville           KY
13        314       Al             Senft              Colavita New Mexico                           Albuquerque          NM
14        302       Mark           Strecker           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Cincinnati           OH
15        320       Brian          Andriot                                                          Louisville           KY
16        324       Rob            Kendall            Barbasol                                      Louisville           KY
17        312       Joe            Bellante           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Cincinnati           OH
18        402       Fred           Wittwer            Van Dessel Factory Team Va.                   CHARLOTTESVLE        VA
19        321       Judd           Milne              Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                         Reston               VA
20        310       Tj             Turner             BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Yellow Springs       OH
21        405       Matt           Baroli                                                           Troy                 MI
22        406       erik           fagerberg          Calistoga Racing Team                         Louisville           KY
23        335       Bil            Crank              PromotionCycling
24        429       Charles        McDaniel           Secret Henrys Team                            Wilmington           DE
25        428       John           May                Barbasol
26        409       Michael        Seaman             Specialized                                   Mt. Pleasant         MI
27        308       Richard        Bilson                                    Newtown Square       PA
28        408       John           Ehrlinger          SnakeBite Racing                              South Euclid         OH
29        410       Matthew        Koehn              Speedway Wheelmen                             Indianapolis         IN
30        309       James          Turner             Team IPRO                                     Dayton               OH
31        407       doug           hamilton           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               fairborn             OH
32        401       Harry          Wicks              BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Butler               KY
33        317       Matthew        Curin              Ameriprise Financial Cycling Team             Noblesville          IN
34        307       marc           vettori                                   Elkton               MD
DNF       313       Rob            Selle              Team O2 / Cadieux BC                          West Bloomfield      MI
DNF       323       Justin         Pokrivka           Dirty Harrys                                  Tarentum             PA

Men Cat. 3
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         507       Jeffrey        Bahnson            Secret Henry's Team / Van Dessel              Newark               DE
2         542       Dan            Campbell           RGF Solutions                                 Centerville          OH
3         501       Keith          Lucas              CKW Racing / Outdoor Venture                  Custer               KY
4         527       Chris          Ramsey                                                           Tucson               AZ
5         509       Chris          Mayhew             JBV Coaching                                  Pittsburgh           PA
6         528       Chad           Salla              Alderfer Bergan                               Winona Lake          IN
7         510       Michael        Jernigan           ProGraphics Cycling                           Pittsburgh           PA
8         521       Tom            Brockman           Louisville Firefighters                       Louisville           KY
9         524       david          hauber             Louisville Fire Fighters                      Clarksville          IN
10        523       Chris          Nevitt             BikeClicks/Team Louisville                    Louisville           KY
11        533       matthew        light              Alderfer Bergen                               Warsaw               IN
12        541       Jacob          Virostko           BioWheels/Reece- Campbell Racing              Columbus             IN
13        504       Brian          Collier            BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Burlington           KY
14        525       Ben            Bonney                                                           Dayton               OH
15        502       Steven         Gers               BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Union                KY
16        503       Joe            Hall               BikeSource                                    Plain City           OH
17        517       Josh           Biven              Louisville Firefighters                       New Albany           IN
18        512       Tim            Yuska              Get A Grip Offroad Racing                     Chicago              IL
19        520       David          Steiner            SnakeBiteRacing                               Cleveland Heights    OH
20        529       Travis         Neumuller          Team Cycleworks p/b HDR                       Acworth              GA
21        531       David          Schell             Queen City Wheels                             Fort Thomas          KY
22        522       Matt           Fox                BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Greendale            IN
23        505       Andrew         Millard            ZWS/CycleSport                                Cincinnati           OH
24        516       David          Groen              National Engineering                          Powell               OH
25        526       Matt           Johnson            Alderfer Bergan                               Warsaw               IN
26        534       Ryan           Lindsay            Zephyr Wheel Sports/Cyclesport                Loveland             OH
27        506       Martin         Bearden            BikeClicks/Team Louisville                    Louisville           KY
1 Lap     530       Royden         Kern               Commonwealth Eye Surgery                      Lexington            KY
1 Lap     535       Ryan           Williams           RR Donnelley / Spin Bike Shop                 Bay Village          OH
1 Lap     538       Duane          Walker
1 Lap     539       Bruce          Pisarek            Central Ohio Bicycle Club
2 Lap     543       John           Riedel             ALAN North America                            Plain City           OH
508       Kurt           Smits              Smitty's Cyclery - Wellington Cliff ROCKS!!   Cincinnati           OH
511       Kerry          Nordstrom          Team Hungry                                   Cincinnati           OH
513       kyle           wingler            alan north america                            Alexandria           OH
514       Robert         Thomas             Half Acre Cycling                             Chicago              IL
515       Keith          McMahon            VanWagner/Yojimbo's                           Chicago              IL
518       Scott          Bond               Speedway Wheelman                             Greenfield           IN
519       Patrick        Kelly              Smitty's Cyclery                              Covington            KY
532       Michael        Miller                                                           Mason                OH
540       John           Friddle            Promotion                         Stamping Ground      KY

Men 3-4 (35+)
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         357       Robert         Smith
2         325       Steven         Webster   Louisville                Louisville           KY
3         358       Wayne          Cook
4         331       Duane          Walker             BikeClicks/Team Louisville                    Prospect             KY
5         332       John           Harris             Bikeclicks / Team Louisville                  Louisville           KY
6         333       Mark           Fasczewski         Krystal / SCV                                 Hixson               TN
7         328       Vincent        Mysliwiec          OTB                                           Seattle              WA
8         356       Doug           Roemer
9         327       Michael        Wakeley            Blue Competition Cycles                       Ottawa               IL
10        330       Lars           Andersen                                                         Cincinnati           OH
11        335/355   Jerry          Hayes              QCW                                           Cinti                Ohio
12        329       Chris          Halioris           BikeClicks / Team Louisville                  Crestwood            KY
13        334       brian          segal              Bike Clicks/Team Louisville                   louisville           KY
14        326       David          Nissen             Queen City Wheels                             CINCINNATI           OH

Men 3-4 (45+)
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         707       Dwight         Wyatt              Carolina Fatz                                 Fairview             NC
2         705       Dan            Lach               Zephyr Wheel Sports                           Cincinnati           OH
3         701       Lou            Beckmeyer          Mercy HealthPlex/7 Hills                      Cincinnati           OH
4         706       Kenny          Sipes              CKW Racing/Outdoor Venture                    Flaherty             KY
5         702       Fraser         Cunningham         Zephyr Wheel Sports                           Cincinnati           OH
6         712       Jonathon       Spicker
7         703       Dan            Ramsey             7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex                      Cincinnati           OH
8         709       Scott          Belcher            7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex                      Cincinnati           OH
9         704       Mark           McKenney           7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex                      Mason                OH
10        713       Chip           Ellison            Queen City Wheels
DNF       711       Darrell        Edwards            Team Louisville                               Fisherville          KY
DNS       710       John           Riedel             ALAN North America Cyclocross Team            Plain City           OH
Lapped    708       JOHN           RADEMACHER         Queen City Wheels                             Loveland             OH

Men 4
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         617       Jordan         Humble             Outdoor Chattanooga/SCV                       Signal Mountain      TN
2         620       tony           franklin           bio wheels                                    Covington            KY
3         643       Cory           St. Clair                                                                             OH
4         607       William        Farrell            Smittys-Team/Wellington ortho                 New Richmond         OH
5         605       Cameron        Poole              Team Dayton                                   Maineville           OH
6         616       Derrick        Young                                                            Gahanna              OH
7         601       Tim            Delgado            Team Hungry                                   Cincinnati           OH
8         645       Gary           Burkholder
9         609       Matt           Becher             Smitty's Cyclery - Wellington                 Cincinnati           OH
10        618       Courtney       Cooper             Louisville Firefighters                       Louisville           KY
11        602       Samuel         Janes`             Commonwealth Eye Surgery                      Lexington            KY
12        611       Scott          Murschel           Team Abundance                                Cincinnati           OH
13        614       Corey          Green              Ghisallo                                      Mason                OH
14        641       Michael        Kreate                                                                                KY
15        610       Evan           Clark                                                            Hebron               KY
16        603       Mike           Frankeberger       Clarksville Schwinn                           New Albany           IN
17        619       Bill           Meek               BikeClicks/Team Louisville                    Louisville           KY
18        606       Naz            Hamid              Half Acre Cycling                             Chicago              IL
19        604       lance          brown                                                            Cincinnati           OH
20        640       Daniel         Bartholomew
21        615       Timothy        Strege             Half Acre Cycling                             Racine               WI
22        621       Stephen        Farrens                                                          Greenfield           OH
23        642       Michael        Galinger
24        612       Mark           Whitt                                                            Xenia                OH
25        622       Charles        Lo                                                               Cincinnati           OH
DNS       608       Dave           Bradley            JIFC Racing                                   Mc Cordsville        IN
DNS       613       Scot           Herrmann           team DAYTON                                   Cincinnati           OH
DNS       624
DNS       644       Scott          Wessler

Women 3-4
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         416       Nicole         Borem              DRT Racing                                    Warsaw               IN
2         412       Teri           Meek               BikeClicks/Team Louisville                    Louisville           KY
3         419       Bridget        Donovan            Trek Store Cincinnati                         Cincinnati           OH
4         415       Angela         Mysliwiec          Avanti                                        Seattle              WA
5         418       Pam            Loebig                                      Cincinnati           OH
6         411       Olivia         Jaras              Bikeclicks/Team Louisville                    Louisville           KY
7         414       jeni           roosen             Seven HIlls                                   cincinnati           OH
DNF       413       HANNAH         MOSSMAN            One Call Now                                  CINCINNATI           OH
DNF       417       Jillian        Kellbach                                                         Powell               OH

Women 3-4 (35+)
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         425       Diane          Vettori   !!!                             Elkton               MD
2         422       Sheila         Senft              Nob Hill Velo                                 Albuquerque          NM
3         426       Jamie          Clifton            National Engeneering - COBC                   Hilliard             OH
4         421       Christina      Halioris           BikeClicks / Team Louisville                  Crestwood            KY
5         427       Shellie        Heggenberger                                                     Maineville           OH
6         424       Karen          Hamilton           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing               Fairborn             OH
7         423       Bridget        Sempsrott          Cincinnati Off Road Alliance                  Maineville           OH
8         420       Suzanne        Webster            BikeClicks/Team Louisville                    Louisville           KY

Junior 17-18
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         623       Andrew         Dillman            Red Zone                                      Fairdale
2         624       Brian          Lark               Red Zone                                      New Albany
3         625       Luke           Haley              Red Zone                                      Louisville           KY
4         537       Gavin          Haley              Red Zone                                      Louisville           KY
DNS       536       Frances        Haley              Red Zone                                      Louisville           KY

Junior 15-16
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1                   Andrew         Dillman            Red Zone Rccing                               Fairdale             KY
2                   Brian          Lark               Red Zone Cycling                              New Albany           IN
3                   Luke           Haley              Red Zone Cycling                              Louisville           KY

Junior 10-12
Finish    Bib No.   First          Last               Team                                          City                 State
1         536       Frances        Haley              Red Zobne Cycling                             Louisville           KY
2         537       Gavin          Haley              Red Zone Cycling                              Louisville           KY