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Team Nature's Path/3 Sports Time Trial

Midlothian, VA

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Team Nature's Path/3 Sports Time Trial Presented by Team Nature's Path/3 Sports Cycling Club Midlothian, VA Saturday, July 19, 2008

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

CATEGORY ENTERED            Elapsed Time   LAST NAME            FIRST NAME    TEAM
Juniors (15-18)             0:34:07        Young                Kevin         Bicycle Place Velo Club
0:35:07        Edwards              Mark          CCNS U-25 Development
0:35:15        Marcuse              Ian           CCNS Pedal Power U23
0:35:59        Seppy                Anthony       ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:38:21        O'Brien              Kyle          Virginia Beach Wheelmen
0:38:22        Kyler                Zachary       Team Tripower
0:39:22        Crespo               Ian           ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:39:50        Cobbs                Chris         MVC/Blue Wheel
0:41:09        Seppy                Joseph        ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
DNS            Clarke               Taylor        Team Nature's Path/3Sports

Women 1/2/3                 0:36:40        Cook                 Laura         Team Tripower
0:38:51        Santoro              Brenna        TriPower
0:39:34        Kuliecza             Julie         Team 19 Cycling
0:41:26        Ennser               Carol         Artemis
0:41:42        Simmons              Katie         Team Rostello Presented by Fiorucci
0:41:44        Caravella            Sarah         Tibco Pro Cycling
0:41:50        Reid                 Gwynne        Team Marshall Mechanical/RCWR
DNS            Garvin               Erin Gray     unattached

Women 4                     0:38:19        Abernathy            Rhonda        HPC/List
0:38:54        Kelleher             Nicole        Charlottesville Racing Club
0:39:22        Burns                Ann           Team Natures Path/3 Sports
0:39:50        Williams             Noni          Fat Frogs Racing
0:40:49        Von Storch           Catherine     Charlottesville Racing Club
0:40:53        Jacobson             Elizabeth     Team Natures Path/3 Sports
0:43:26        Scheel               Susan         Fat Frogs Racing
0:45:07        Gagnon               Sonya         Rostello presented by Fiorucci
0:48:11        Roman                Jennifer      Rostello presented by Fiorucci
0:51:14        Burch                Carolyn       The Bike Rack of Washington DC
0:55:26        Williamson           Christine     Team LUNA Chix
DNS            Fernandez            Cherie        Team Natures Path/3 Sports

Women 40+                   0:37:56        Calcaterra           Maria         Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:40:01        Helmboldt            Emily         Team Marshall Mechanical/RCWR
0:40:41        Hanson               Karen         Rostello presented by Fiorucci
0:42:10        Craddock             Glenda        Fat Frogs Racing
0:44:37        Smith                Paula         Rostello by Fiorucci
0:44:56        Witzke               Maria         ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:45:37        Webb                 Pamela

Men 5                       0:36:16        Keane                Matt          Fat Frogs Racing
0:37:10        Miller               Joel          Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
0:37:18        Langley              Charles       Fat Frogs Racing
0:38:00        Burns                James
0:38:08        Lampert              Josh          Unattached
0:39:55        Radcliffe            Stephen       Team Natures Path/3 Sports
0:40:23        Tarczynski           Chris         Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:40:58        Woolery              Mark          Unattached
0:41:22        O'Brien-Applegate    Joseph        College of William and Mary
0:41:59        Flynn                Thomas        Black Bear Cycling
0:43:44        Haddad               Matthew
0:43:48        Lucha                Paul          Colonial Area Triathlon Club
0:44:06        Bialek               Jonathan
0:44:28        Austin               Adam          Blue Suit Pacers
0:46:17        Lucha                Chris         Tidewater Striders
0:47:46        Marciano             John
0:48:01        Curl                 Chris
0:50:37        Riley                Kevin
DNS            Underhill            Michael       Fat Frogs Racing
DNS            Comly                Charlie       Team Nature's Path/3sports
DNS            Schenk               Hans

Men 4                       0:33:36        Tremblay             Jacob         Fiorucci Cycor Cycling Team
0:33:58        Panella              Joseph        Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:34:41        Reid                 Kevin         ECBA
0:35:04        Rosen                Chris         Team Conte's/HCC
0:35:06        Nusbaum              John          Warrenton Cycling Center
0:35:30        San Sebastian        Luis          NCVC/Inova Health System
0:35:48        Hundley              Wayland       HPC / List
0:35:59        Musante              John          Tri-Power
0:36:55        Cook                 Robert        Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
0:37:29        Carrico              Robert        Altius Cycling Team
0:37:37        Williams             Matthew       Fat Frogs Racing
0:37:55        Marks                Arthur        Tri-Power
0:38:05        Mellerio             Dana          ABRT/Latitude
0:38:25        Benjamin             Steve         Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
0:38:37        Scheel               George        Fat Frogs Racing
0:38:58        Dujua                Oliver        Team Nature's Path
0:38:59        Gonzalez             Javier        ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:39:00        Gotay                Roberto       ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:39:18        Powell               Stuart        Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
0:39:49        Harvie               Chris         Carytown Bicycle Company
0:39:58        Deal                 Gregg         Prince William Elite Racing (PoWER)
0:41:57        Zoeller              Michael       RacerHeads SLC

Men 30+                     0:34:26        Hurt                 Joseph        Altius Cycling Team
0:34:51        Whiley               Jordan        BikeWorks Racing
0:35:02        Dinterman            Robert        Team LeBleu/Natures Pearl
0:35:11        Burns                Christopher   Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:35:18        Fabiato              Francois      Carytown Bicycle Company
0:35:51        Spears               Steve         ShoreVelocity
0:37:28        Winch                Andy          Virginia Beach Velo/BCS
0:37:58        Simmons              Trent         Team Rostello Presented by Fiorucci
0:37:59        Yeager               Sean          Altius Cycling Team
0:38:12        Marchal              Matthew       Altius Cycling Team
0:38:26        Schenk               Hans
0:41:25        Hein                 Steve         Rostello presented by Fiorucci/Cycor

Men 40+                     0:33:46        Friend               Roger         MVC/Blue Wheel
0:34:11        Phillips             Adam          Virgina Beach Velo
0:34:11        Dowd                 Wayne         Tri-Power
0:34:30        Cullom               Doug          JRVS/Casey Auto
0:35:15        Starkey              Tim           Tri-power
0:35:21        McNelis              Edward        Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:35:22        Baumgartner          Ed            Team Natures Path/3Sports
0:35:30        Raimist              Peter         Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
0:35:41        Fletcher             Eric          Charlottesville Racing Club
0:36:35        North                Mark          Team Rostello pb Fiorucci/Cycor
0:37:26        Williamson           Brent
0:37:31        Owen                 Kelvin        Kazane Racing
0:38:25        Wojcik               Gerald        Unattached
0:39:05        Christophersen       Frank         Charlottesville Racing Club
0:40:46        Hazlett              Jeff          Charlottesville Racing Club
0:40:48        Nicholas             Michael
0:42:10        Bump                 Edward        Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:42:20        Jenkins              Timothy
0:45:13        Wolters              Tim           James River Velo
DNS            Collins              Bill          Virginia Beach Velo

Men 50+                     0:34:10        Rainear              Dennis        Team Natures Path/3Sports
0:34:58        Norair               Stephen       BikeWorks Racing
0:35:02        Lawson               Jeff          TriPower
0:36:09        Wittwer              Fred          Van Dessel Factory Team
0:36:10        Bilotta              Tony          Van Dessel Factory Team
0:36:14        Sheck                Ken           Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:36:39        King                 Wesley        Team Nature's Path/3Sports
0:37:16        Davis                Jordan        Fat Frogs Racing
0:37:27        Simet                Steve         JRVS/Casey Auto Group
0:37:39        Smith                Frank         Rostello pb Fiorucci/Cycor
0:37:39        Trsic                Dan           Team Nature's Path / 3Sport
0:37:48        Doyle                Tom           Rostello by Fiorucci
0:37:57        Hoffman              Gary          Team Natures Path/3Sports
0:38:04        Whitenack            Ronald        JRVS/Casey Auto
0:38:08        Libby                Michael       Charlottesville Racing Club
0:38:36        Puig                 Richard       ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:40:13        Summerville          John          Team Natures Path/3 Sports
0:40:41        Swan                 Peter         NCVC/Inova Health System
0:43:28        Espinosa             Jose          ARTEMIS/ Gigantes
0:47:29        Beville              Don
DNS            Clarke               David         Team Nature's Path / 3-Sports

Men 1/2/3 (cat 3 Bar Scored Separately)                                                                                   USCF ROAD CATEGORY
0:30:10        Cannell              Peter         Mock Orange Racing                          2
0:33:21        King                 Daniel        Team Natures Path/3sports                   1
0:34:20        Fowler               Gene          Le Bleu Water / Nature's Pearl              1
0:34:29        Hosang               Michael       TRIPOWER                                    2
0:34:41        Suydam               Robert        Virginia Beach Velo                         2
0:34:56        Rutledge             Gene          Le Bleu/Nature's Pearl                      2
0:35:08        Gilmer               William       tri-power                                   3
0:35:23        Demarchena           Andres        Fat Frog's Racing                           3
0:35:28        Deal                 Frank         JRVS/Casey Auto Group                       3
0:35:40        Louder               Stuart        KAZANE RACING                               3
0:36:16        Lovell               Terry         Team Le Bleu/Nature's Pearl                 3
0:36:27        Custer               Peter         IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE          2
0:36:29        Saunders             Mark          Team Nature's Path/3Sports                  3
0:36:33        Craddock             Jeff          Fat Frogs Racing                            3
0:36:59        Goyet                Joshua        Virginia Beach Wheelmen                     3
0:37:04        Treece               David         Virginia Beach Velo                         3
0:37:13        Blend                Nick          Team Nature's Path/3 Sports                 3
0:37:24        McNelis              Edward        Team Nature's Path/3Sports                  3