Toyota Portland Cup

Portland, OR

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Toyota Portland Cup Presented by USGP of Cyclocross Portland, OR Saturday, December 01, 2007
Johnson and Gould Take Wins and Series Leads at the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross - Toyota Portland Cup

December 1, 2007 (Portland, OR) � Tim Johnson (Cannondale/Leer/ and Georgia Gould (Luna) each powered their way to a victory today and the series overall leads as the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross enters its final weekend at the Toyota Portland Cup in Portland, OR.

As expected, the weather was a significant factor. In the words of US Gran Prix of Cyclocross announcer extraordinaire Richard Fries��It was a bad day for everything except cyclocross.� The bone-chilling wintry mix of snow, wind, mud and rain made it messy but seemed to be a magnet for the Portland crowds who turned out 6,000 strong.

The story today was the weather, big crowds and, by far, the best racing of the series which is a testament to the strength and overall depth of racing that now exists in North American cyclocross.

Elite Men

At the beginning of the day, Ryan Trebon (Kona � YourKey) held the lead in the elite men�s field by a mere six points over Tim Johnson (Cannondale/Leer/ Johnson, who is known to excel in the slop and muddy conditions, was up for the challenge and did not disappoint with a dominating performance today. Johnson put up lap times a full minute faster than any other category on the muddy course today and seemed to get stronger as the race continued. With the win, Johnson regains the leader�s jersey he held until Trebon wrested it away in New Jersey. Trebon, who was running second for most of the race, had to withstand a late attack by Todd Wells (GT) who caught Trebon with 200 meters to go in the race. Trebon won the sprint to finish second and holds a close second to Johnson overall. As if it was planned, the men�s race will be decided tomorrow on the last day of the series.

Elite Women

At the series� last stop in Mercer County NJ, Georgia Gould took both wins and the leader�s jersey heading into Portland. The Luna rider proved today that her New Jersey sweep was no fluke as she powered her way to victory over Katie Compton and the entire women�s field. At the beginning of the race Compton was able to take a lead but could not lose Gould who was able to keep the number two ranked rider in the world in her sights. Gould was slightly better handling in the technical sections and was able to catch Compton and eventually pulled past her. Gould finished with a 23 second margin over Compton and keeps the leader�s jersey going into the series finale. There was a battle for second place as Compton was caught by Katerina Nash (Luna) but eventually fought her off to finish second. Nash who rounded out the podium in third, again showed great determination as she started in the second row and fought her way to the podium.


To witness the quality and depth of riding in US cyclocross, you need not look any further than the U23 category. Jamey Driscoll (FiordiFrutta), the eventual U23 winner and category leader, finished 6th overall in the Elite Men�s field. Danny Summerhill (Clif Bar) battled his way for a second place finish. Bjorn Selander (Ridley), who finished third, actually led the entire Elite men�s field after the first lap.


The USGP leaders� jersey�s belong to Johnson (Elite Men), Gould (Women), Driscoll (U23), Luke Keough (Juniors), Richard Feldman (Masters 35+)

The SRAM Most Aggressive Riders were Elite Men: Tim Johnson and Women: Wendy Williams (River City Cycling)

The forecast for tomorrow is hard rain and gusty winds which should make for an epic finale to what has been and incredible series.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men                                  73                 starters
Place   U23    Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State  Elite   U23
1              1:00:12   Tim               JOHNSON            C'dale/Leer/cyclocrossworld                               Middleton            MA     50
2              1:00:48   Ryan              TREBON                                             Bend                 OR     40
3              1:00:48   Todd              WELLS              GT                                                        Durango              CO     34
4              1:02:11   Barry             WICKS                                              Santa Cruz           CA     30
5              1:02:42   Adam              CRAIG              Giant                                                     Bend                 OR     26
6       1      1:03:10   Jamey             DRISCOLL           FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team                           Jericho              VT             50
7              1:03:18   Geoff             KABUSH             Maxxis/Litespeed                                          Victoria             BC     23
8              1:03:53   Matthieu          TOULOUSE           Maxxis/Litespeed                                          Montreal             PQ     20
9              1:03:57   Carl              DECKER             Giant                                                     Bend                 OR     17
10             1:04:06   Troy              WELLS              Team Clif Bar Cyclocross                                  Durango              CO     14
11             1:04:15   Matt              SHRIVER            Jittery Joe's/Sonic Cyclocross                            Durango              CO     12
12             1:04:20   Chris             SHEPPARD           Santa Cruz Bicycles                                       Bend                 OR     10
13      2      1:04:33   Danny             SUMMERHILL         Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Centennial           CO             40
14             1:04:39   Jeremy            POWERS                                          Hadley               MA     9
15      3      1:04:39   Bjorn             SELANDER           Ridley Factory Team                                       Hudson               WI             34
16             1:05:03   Tristan           SCHOUTEN           Planet Bike                                               Sheboygan            WI     8
17             1:05:23   Andy              JACQUES-MAYNES     California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Capitola             CA     7
18             1:05:43   Jesse             ANTHONY            Jamis Bicycles                                            Beverly              MA     6
19             1:05:52   Mark              MCCORMACK          Clif Bar                                                  Foxboro              MA     5
20      4      1:05:55   Adam              MCGRATH            Maxxis/Litespeed                                          Portland             OR             30
21             1:06:01   Christopher       JONES              Nerac Pro Cycling                                         New Haven            CT     4
22             1:06:05   Erik              TONKIN             Kona                                                      Portland             OR     3
23             1:06:48   Russell           STEVENSON          Benaroya Research Institute Cycling Team                  Seattle              WA     2
24             1:06:54   Justin            ROBINSON           California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Watsonville          CA     1
25      5      1:06:54   Nicholas          WEIGHALL           Rad Racing NW                                             Mill Creek           WA             26
26             -1 lap    Aaron             SCHOOLER           E.R.T.C. - Redbike                                        Edmonton             AB
27             -1 lap    Adam              MYERSON            Nerac Pro Cycling                                         Dorchester           MA
28             -1 lap    Sean              BABCOCK            Team S&M                                                  Corvallis            OR
29             -1 lap    Molly             CAMERON            Vanilla bicycles-Stumptown coffee                         Portland             OR
30             -1 lap    Shannon           SKERRITT           VANILLA BICYCLES                                          Portland             OR
31      6      -1 lap    Sean              WORSECH            Rad Racing                                                Kirkland             WA             23
32             -1 lap    Daniel            NEYENS             Hagens-Berman Cycling Team                                Seattle              WA
33      7      -1 lap    Carson            MILLER             Fred Meyer/Northwest Adventure                            Bend                 OR             20
34      8      -1 lap    Nicholas          KEOUGH             JitteryJoe's/Sonic Cyclocross                             Sandwich             MA             17
35      9      -1 lap    Chris             PARRISH            Hagens Berman LLP                                         Mercer Island        WA             14
36      10     -1 lap    Mitchell          PETERSON           Mona Vie                                                  Sandy                UT             12
37      11     -1 lap    Jerome            TOWNSEND           Ridley Factory Team                                       Princeton            MA             10
38      12     -1 lap    Chance            NOBLE              California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Camarillo            CA             9
39      13     -1 lap    Brady             KAPPIUS            Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Littleton            CO             8
40             -1 lap    Toby              SWANSON            Benaroya Reasearch Institute Cycling Team                 Puyallup             WA
41             -1 lap    Matt              KRAUS              RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                               Arlington            MA
42             -1 lap    Kevin             BRADFORD-PARISH    REDLINE                                                   Elk                  WA
43      14     -1 lap    David             HACKWORTHY         Ridley                                                    Hudson               WI             7
44             -1 lap    Ryan              IDDINGS            Lapierre USA                                              Seattle              WA
45             -1 lap    Ian               BROWN              River City/                                   Portland             OR
46             -1 lap    John-Christian    FLACK              The Valley Athletic Club                                  Olympia              WA
47             -1 lap    John              BEHRENS            Bailey/Black Mountain Bicycles                            San Diego            CA
48             -1 lap    Chris             HORNER             Indiana University Medical Center                         Bend                 OR
49      15     -1 lap    Alex              HOWES              Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Golden               CO             6
50      16     -1 lap    Taylor            LANE               Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Albuquerque          NM             5
51             -1 lap    Solomon           WORAS              Vanilla                                                   Winthrop             WA
52             -1 lap    Mark              Blackwelder        Gentle Lovers                                             Portland             OR
53      17     -1 lap    Shaun             ADAMSON            Juventus                                                  Edmonton             AB             4
54             -1 lap    Chris             BRANDT             Collins/Specialized                                       Eugene               OR
55             -1 lap    Shawn             HARSHMAN           Harshman Wealth / Primus Mootry                           Boulder              CO
56             -1 lap    Damian            SCHMITT            Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR
57             -1 lap    Jason             FIRST              VooDoo Bikes                                              Newport              CA
58      18     -1 lap    Luke              BRECHWALD          Rad Racing NW                                             Lacey                WA             3
59             -1 lap    Pascal            Wehr               Sugoi                                                     Vancouver            BC
60             -1 lap    Patrick           WILDER                                                                       Portland             OR
61             -1 lap    James             WILLIAMS           Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR

Elite Women                                42                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State  Points
1              41:39     Georgia           GOULD              Luna                                                      Fort Collins         CO     50
2              42:02     Katie             COMPTON            Spike Shooter                                             Colorado Springs     CO     40
3              42:38     Katerina          NASH               Luna                                                      Truckee              CA     34
4              42:52     Lyne              BESSETTE                                        Beverly              MA     30
5              43:00     Alison            SYDOR              Rocky Mountain Haywood                                    West Vancouver       BC     26
6              43:46     Wendy             SIMMS                                              Nanaimo              BC     23
7              44:00     Amy               DOMBROSKI          Velo Bella - Kona                                         Boulder              CO     20
8              44:44     Wendy             WILLIAMS           River City Bicycles                                       Portland             OR     17
9              44:48     Barbara           HOWE               Velo Bella Kona                                           Larkspur             CA     14
10             44:52     Kerry             BARNHOLT           Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel                                   Boulder              CO     12
11             45:06     Rachel            LLOYD              Proman/Paradigm                                           Fairfax              CA     10
12             45:12     Anna              MILKOWSKI          Velo Bella-Kona                                           New Haven            CT     9
13             46:00     Melissa           THOMAS             Team Maxxis                                               Boulder              CO     8
14             46:09     Josie             BEGGS              California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Capitola             CA     7
15             46:21     Emily             VAN METER          River City Bicycle Team                                   Portland             OR     6
16             46:30     Sarah             KERLIN             HRS/ Rock Lobster                                         Capitola             CA     5
17             46:32     Kathy             SHERWIN            Velo Bella - Kona                                         Heber City           UT     4
18             47:17     Sue               BUTLER             River City Bicycles                                       Portland             OR     3
19             47:42     Kelly             Jones              Sugoi                                                     N Vancouver          BC     2
20             48:01     Megan             Monroe             BMC-Sports Garage                                         Boulder              CO     1
21             48:41     Kristi            BERG               Redline Bicycles                                          Arlington            WA
22             49:11     Linda             SONE               Ridley Factory Team                                       Northfield           MN
23             49:23     Jennifer          TILLEY             Velo Bella/Kona                                           Boulder              CO
24             49:37     Kari              STUDLEY            Velo Bella/Kona                                           Bothell              WA
25             49:37     Ingrid            SPIES                                                                        Seattle              WA
26             49:37     Melodie           METZGER            California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Berkeley             CA
27             49:37     Sarah             MAILE              Ventana Mountain Bikes                                    Sacramento           CA
28             49:37     Jadine            RILEY              Team Group Health                                         Kirkland             WA
29             -1 lap    Lea               STRALKA            Byrne Invent                                              Seattle              WA
30             -1 lap    Patty             BUERKLE            Vanderkitten                                              Bend                 OR
31             -1 lap    Marci             TITUS HALL         DeSalvo Custom Cycles                                     Groton               MA
32             -1 lap    Maria             STEWART            Velo Bella- Kona                                          St. Paul             MN
33             -1 lap    Tela              CRANE              Rad Racing NW                                             Bellingham           WA
34             -1 lap    Lana              ATCHLEY            SHO-AIR/Black Mtn                                         Carlsbad             CA
35             -1 lap    Jaymie            MCGOWAN            Oak Bay Bikes                                             Victoria             BC

Masters 35+                                92                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State  Points
1              47:28     Richard           FELDMAN            Durance Cycleworks - Lehman Brothers                      Ketchum              ID     50
2              47:48     Gannon            MYALL              California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Watsonville          CA     40
3              48:22     Doug              REID               Veloce Cycles Portland                                    Leavenworth          WA     34
4              48:34     Matthew           HILL               Team Redline                                              Seattle              WA     30
5              48:48     Normon            THIBAULT           Frontrunners                                              Nanaimo              BC     26
6              48:53     Jon               GALLAGHER          Cole Sport                                                Heber                UT     23
7              49:02     Todd              HOEFER             California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized                  Watsonville          CA     20
8              49:13     Richard           MCCLUNG            Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling                                 Kirkland             WA     17
9              49:22     Tim               BUTLER             River City Bicycles                                       Portland             OR     14
10             49:42     Scott             BRADWAY            Team S&M                                                  Portland             OR     12
11             50:05     Philip            OPPENHEIMER        Bicycle Centres/Collision 1                               Snohomish            WA     10
12             50:15     Joseph            RUGGERY            Freddie Fu Cycling Team                                   Greensburg           PA     9
13             50:30     John              MCCAFFREY                                       Portland             OR     8
14             50:36     Michael           BENNO              Veloce / Felt racing                                      Portland             OR     7
15             50:53     Randy             IDDINGS            Redline                                                   Covington            WA     6
16             50:57     Brant             HORNBERGER                                               Leominster           MA     5
17             51:00     John              FOKKEMA            Van Dessel                                                Victoria             BC     4
18             51:00     Dale              Plant                                                                        Bellingham           WA     3
19             51:17     Tom               PHILLIPS           Ragnarok Racing                                           Seattle              WA     2
20             51:22     Rich              CRAMER                                          Beaverton            OR     1
21             52:03     Bill              HUGGINS            Team Zoka                                                 Seattle              WA
22             52:15     Tre               HENDRICKS          Discover Bicycles / Disco Velo                            Hood River           OR
23             52:15     Jordi             CORTES             clif bar                                                  Berkeley             CA
24             52:15     Matt              JORDAN             HRS Rock Lobster                                          Capitola             CA
25             52:34     Mike              Schindler          Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR
26             52:41     Jerry             LONG               Homegrown Racing                                          Moscow               ID
27             52:44     Eddie             FRENCH             Super Relax                                               Portland             OR
28             52:48     Al                SENFT              Colavita New Mexico                                       Albuquerque          NM
29             52:52     Doug              GRAVER             Ragnarok Racing                                           Snohomish            WA
30             53:25     Shane             FLETCHER           Veloce cycling Team                                       Portland             OR
31             53:33     Brooke            HOYER              Tireless Velo                                             Vancouver            WA
32             53:36     Bill              OLSON              Sun Valley Road & DIrt                                    Ketchum              ID
33             53:39     Jim               Albright                                                                     Olympia              WA
34             53:49     Steve             MCNAMEE            Ridley Factory Team                                       Scottsdale           AZ
35             53:56     Max               CLIFFORD           HRS RockLobster                                           Fairfax              CA
36             53:56     Bear              Perrin             Capital Subaru Cycle                                      Grants Pass          OR
37             54:08     Anthony           RUTTER             Bicycle Centres/Collision 1                               Redmond              WA
38             54:25     Erik              VOLDENGEN          BBC / Bike N' Hike                                        Portland             OR
39             54:30     David             KARMAN             Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling                                 Seattle              WA
40             54:57     Evan              ADAMS              HRS RockLobster                                           San Francisco        CA
41             55:13     Robert            KRAMER             Ridley Factory Team                                       Beverly Hills        CA
42             55:13     Sean              WITTMER            Bicycle Centres - Collision 1                             Seattle              WA
43             -1 lap    Daryl             PRICE              Sun Valley Road and Dirt                                  Hailey               ID
44             -1 lap    Jason             CRAGO              Lakeside Bicycles                                         Portland             OR
45             -1 lap    Thom              KNEELAND           DeSalvo Custom Cycles/Flywheel Bicycle Solutions          Medford              OR
46             -1 lap    Mark              CHRISTIAN          Northside Wheelmen                                        San Francisco        CA
47             -1 lap    Chris             SAUTTER            b.i.k.e. Cyclisme                                         Portland             OR
48             -1 lap    John              BRAVARD            Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
49             -1 lap    Leroi             SMITH              Ragnarok Racing                                           Seattle              WA
50             -1 lap    Ron               COLLINS            Team Sega                                                 Snohomish            WA
51             -1 lap    Scott             BARKER                                                                       Portland             OR
52             -1 lap    Jeff              STANDISH           Therapeutic Associates Cycling Team                       Gresham              OR
53             -1 lap    Keith             BAYLY              Synergy Racing                                            Calgary              AB
54             -1 lap    Dan               WERLE              ReMax/Yazoo                                               Nashville            TN
55             -1 lap    Eric              RECTOR             Sun Valley Road & Dirt                                    Hailey               ID
56             -1 lap    Brett             FOSTER             Revolution Cycles                                         Kirkland             WA
57             -1 lap    Dave              MASESSA            DeSalvo Custom Cycles Racing                              Medford              OR
58             -1 lap    Dave              PEARSON            Bicycle Centres/Collision 1                               Auburn               WA
59             -1 lap    Bill              CRANE              Team Momentum                                             Sandy                OR
60             -1 lap    David             DIVINEY            Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
61             -1 lap    Jerome            DUMORTIER          Beaverton Bicycle Club / Bike N'Hike                      Portland             OR
62             -1 lap    Matthew           SCOTT              ico                                                       Boise                ID
63             -1 lap    Paolo             DABBENI            Nike Cycling                                              Portland             OR
64             -1 lap    Jessie            GASCON             The RSM Rockers                                           Trabuco Canyon       CA
65             -1 lap    Jeff              HANE               FWR/Wrong Way                                             Campbell             CA
66             -1 lap    Aric              RIST               Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
67             -1 lap    Matthew           MYETTE             Zanconato Custom Cycles                                   Sutton               MA
68             -1 lap    Robert            JACOBS                                          Portland             OR
69             -1 lap    Terry             KEELE              South Town Velo                                           West Linn            OR
70             -1 lap    David             TRICAMO            dfL team                                                  San Francisco        CA
71             -1 lap    Barry             BEWLEY             Broken Films Racing                                       Ft Worth             TX
72             -1 lap    John              Rodakowski                                                                   Portland             OR
73             -1 lap    Mat               HALL               SV Road and Dirt                                          Hailey               ID
74             -1 lap    Joshua            LIBERLES           Colavita New Mexico                                       Albuquerque          NM
75             -1 lap    Duke              ANDERSEN           First Rate Mortage/Pazzo Velo                             Bellingham           WA
76             -1 lap    Trig              ROGERS                                          Portland             OR
77             -1 lap    Chris             MILLIMAN           HUP United                                                Hanover              NH
78             -1 lap    Mark              MASTORAS           Active Athlete/Squadra Ovest                              San Bruno            CA
79             -1 lap    Damon             PETTINGER          California Giant Cycling                                  Seattle              WA
80             -1 lap    Greg              O'BRIEN            b.i.k.e./Cyclisme                                         Portland             OR
81             -1 lap    Brad              Collins            BSP                                                       Vancouver            BC
82             -1 lap    Will              KELLY              Joe Bar                                                   Seattle              WA
83             -1 lap    Justin            THAYER             Collin's Cycle Shop/Specialized                           Sweet Home           OR
84             -1 lap    Nathan            KIGER              Ragnarok Racing                                           Seattle              WA
85             -1 lap    Martin            BAKER                                           Hillsboro            OR
86             -1 lap    Jeff              BANNINK                                                                      Beaverton            OR
87             -1 lap    Brian             SPEARS             Half Fast Velo                                            Lake Oswego          OR
88             -1 lap    Dan               QUIRK              Veloce/Felt                                               Portland             OR
89             -1 lap    Daniel            CASPER             GrandStay Hotels Cycling Team                             Northfield           MN
90             -1 lap    Eric              Shulz                                                                        Portland             OR

Juniors 17-18                              23                 starters

Place   Women  Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State  Points
1              39:07     Steve             FISHER             Rad Racing NW                                             Lynnwood             WA     50
2              40:03     Eric              EMSKY              Rad Racing NW                                             Fall City            WA     40
3              40:22     Luke              KEOUGH             CLNoonan Coast to Coast KAM                               Sandwich             MA     34
4              40:24     Gavin             MANNION            Hot Tubes Junior Development Team                         Dedham               MA     30
5              40:47     Zach              MCDONALD           Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Bainbridge Island    WA     26
6              41:26     Jeremy            FERGUSON           Team Spine                                                Rocklin              CA     23
7              41:38     Andrew            LLEWELLYN          Papa Johns Racing Team                                    Louisville           KY     20
8              41:46     Ryan              MILLER             Fred Meyer/Lakeside                                       Corvallis            OR     17
9              41:54     Clayton           OMER               PAPA JOHNS' RACING TEAM                                   Louisville           KY     14
10             41:54     Andrew            BARKER             Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Golden               CO     12
11             42:42     Ian               TERRY              Rad Racing NW                                             Seattle              WA     10
12             42:48     Cody              COX                Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Colorado Springs     CO     9
13             42:48     Simon             LAMBERT LEMAY      Hottubes cycling                                          Longueuil            PQ     8
14             43:21     David             LARSON             Juventus                                                  Edmonton             AB     7
15             44:49     Joshua            BERRY              Scott USA                                                 Sun Valley           ID     6
16             45:24     Nathan            BROWN              Hot Tubes Development Team                                Covington            TN     5
17             45:44     Adam              PARKE              Crankbrothers                                             Steamboat Springs    CO     4
18             45:58     Bryen             GRAVER             Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Snohomish            WA     3
19             -1 lap    Paul              Sales              Rad Racing NW                                             Vancouver            BC     2
20             -1 lap    Richard           Suditu             Beaverton Bike Club                                       Beaverton            OR     1
21      1      46:56     Kayla             Woolcock           Sum Bike Team                                             Beaver Creek         OR

Masters 45+                                57                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Michael           WILSON             EWEB                                                      Corvallis            OR
2                        Greg              TALBERT            Art By Opsal                                              Portland             OR
3                        John              WILSON             EWEB Windpower                                            Corvallis            OR
4                        Justin            BANNERMAN          Bicycle Centers/Collision 1                               Anacortes            WA
5                        Steve             YENNE              Capitol Subaru Cycling                                    Salem                OR
6                        Jim               JUENGER            Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR
7                        John              FIORE              Montana Velo                                              Missoula             MT
8                        Robert            HUFF               Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
9                        Rick              HECKENLAIBLE       Team ZOKA                                                 Kenmore              WA
10                       John              Mitchem
11                       Sag               Selander
12                       Meadors           Ivan
13                       Rick              RAYMOND            Old Town Bicycle                                          Olalla               WA
14                       Paule             BATES              Roaring Mouse Cycles                                      San Francisco        CA
15                       Tom               Hill
16                       Lance             larrabee
17                       Guus              SOPHIE             Team Rose City                                            Beaverton            OR
18                       Alan              OTT                Rock Lobster                                              Eugene               OR
19                       Gary              WOLFF              Team Maxxis                                               Boulder              CO
20                       Kurt              ROBINSON                                        Portland             OR
21                       Gary              ERICKSON           Clif Bar                                                  Berkeley             CA
22                       Brent             Lawson                                                                       Everett              WA
23                       Paul              KREBSBACH          Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Kent                 WA
24                       James             THIELE             Team Rose City                                            Hillsboro            OR
25                       Bruce             JAMES              Nomads                                                    Portland             OR
26                       Michael           Romansco
27                       Jay               RATHE              BBC                                                       Portland             OR
28                       Steve             LACEY              Cyclepath                                                 Portland             OR
29                       Paul              MAUTNER            Team Rose City                                            Portland             OR
30                       Jerry             CUTRIGHT           Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Kent                 WA
31                       Peter             Spir
32                       Chris             Miske
33                       Kevin             BESHLIAN                                                                     Seattle              WA
34                       Henric            Melduard
35                       Dieter            HOFFMANN                                                                     Portland             OR
36                       Eric              Ahlvin
37                       Dan               rohlf
38                       Mike              Davis
39                       Paul              RISO               Therapeutic Associates                                    Portland             OR
40                       Dan               Davis
41                       Charles           Davidson
42                       Jeffrey           Chicoine
43                       Russell           THORSTROM          Aero Cyclos                                               Boise                ID
44                       Gary              Smith
45                       Peter             KRUMINS            Old Town Bicycle                                          Tacoma               WA
46                       Dan               MacNaughton
47                       Bill              Allsup
48                       Raymond           GALE               Third Pillar Racing                                       San Mateo            CA
49                       Thomas            Theriault
50                       Paul              SADOFF             HRS/Rock Lobster                                          Santa Cruz           CA
51                       Jim               MILLER             Cyclepath                                                 Portland             OR
52                       Greg              HARTMAN            Portland Velo                                             Hillsboro            OR
53                       Dan               Kearl
54                       Jon               WASSERMAN          Veloce CycloCross Club                                    Portland             OR
55                       Chris             TAUSCHER           Tireless Velo                                             Camas                WA
56                       Todd              ANDERSON           bicycle centers                                           Blackdiamond         WA
57                       Keith             BLUMHAGEN          First Rate Mortage                                        Sultan               WA

Masters 55+                                11                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Ron               STRASSER           Team S & M / Sellwood Cycle Repair                        Portland             OR
2                        Don               LEET               Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR
3                        Brian             VOLKERT            O Boy Oberto / Redline                                    Normandy Park        WA
4                        Richard           Maranta            Nomads                                                    Ashland              OR
5                        Dennis            ROSE                                                                         Portland             OR
6                        Russ              SPEIRN             Portland Velo                                             Wilsonville          OR
7                        Tom               HOLMES                                                                       Seattle              WA
8                        Micheal           GOMEZ                                                                        Vacaville            CA
9                        Del               Scharffenberg      Nomads
10                       Keith             Maclaren
11                       John              Forbes             Fred Meyer

B Men                                      114                starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        David             Fleishchauer       Rad Racing NW
2                        Marc              BAVINEAU           Essex County Velo                                         Beverly              MA
3                        Jason             WILLIAMS           team zoka                                                 Seattle              WA
4                        Chris             BROWN              NorCal Bike Sport                                         Sebastopol           CA
5                        Pete              SMITH              Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames                      Merrimac             MA
6                        Pierre            VANDEN BORRE       Hup United                                                Boston               MA
7                        Dusty             LaBarr
8                        Duncan            MCGOVERN           Whitman College Cycling                                   Peterborough         NH
9                        Matthew           BUDD               NYC Velo                                                  New York             NY
10                       Waldek            STEPNIOWSKI        Luna Women's MTB Team                                     Littleton            CO
11                       Jeremy            DUNN               Cambridge Bicycle presented by Igleheart Frames           Cambridge            MA
12                       Adrian            OLMSTEAD           HUP United                                                Portland             OR
13                       Jeff              ANDERSON           Team Zoka                                                 Seattle              WA
14                       Scott             ROSENTHAL          Hup United/Zanconato Custom Cycles                        Jamaica Plain        MA
15                       David             BURKE              Recycled Cycles                                           Seattle              WA
16                       Cody              Deane
17                       Leland            Gilmore            River City Bicycle
18                       Slate             OLSON              HUP UNITED                                                Portland             OR
19                       Peter             LUNOAK                                                                       Portland             OR
20                       Chris             ELLIS              WWU Cycling                                               Bellingham           WA
21                       Maxwell           KULLAWAY           Hup United                                                Seattle              WA
22                       James             WOODLEY            tema zoka coffee                                          Seattle              WA
23                       David             GOODE              Spokane Rocket Velo                                       Spokane              WA
24                       Zmathew           Clark              Joe Bar
25                       Chris             Tauscher           Tireless Velo
26                       Jess              Graden             Veloshop
27                       Pat               KUDSZUS            Capitol Subaru Racing/Marcroft Cycles                     Salem                OR
28                       Mike              ZANCONATO          Hup United/Zanconato Custom Cycles                        Worcester            MA
29                       James             Newman             South Town
30                       Max               MILVERSTEDT        HUP United                                                Portland             OR
31                       Michael           RABINOWITZ         Tireless Velo                                             Portland             OR
32                       tyler             Green              PSU
33                       Joseph            WASIKOWSKI         Hagens Berman LLP Cycling                                 Lynnwood             WA
34                       Mark              MATSON             Kona Bicycles                                             Bellingham           WA
35                       Carl              HULIT              Recycled Cycles                                           Lake Forest Park     WA
36                       Michael           Risner             bike/cyclisme
37                       Michael           SIROTT             Spokane Rocket Velo                                       Spokane              WA
38                       Richard           Cowan              Veloe
39                       Chip              SLOAN              Gr�ndelbr�isers / Stewie Bicycles                         Vancouver            WA
40                       Adam              Blanchade          theraopeutic Asoc
41                       Jeff              BALLANTINE         Portland Velo                                             Portland             OR
42                       Chris             STREIGHT           Sunset Cycles/Team Bridge City                            Portland             OR
43                       David             GERMAN             Sunset Cycles                                             Portland             OR
44                       alan              Reaume
45                       Karl              MIKKELSON          Mt. View Cycles                                           Hood River           OR
46                       Ian               MULLINS            Team ZOKA/Cucina Fresca                                   Seattle              WA
47                       Timothy           ERICKSON           Recycled Cycles Racing                                    Seattle              WA
48                       Saul              LOPEZ              Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
49                       aaron             Coker              CMG
50                       Peter             Brun               Recycled Cycles
51                       Robert            Christensen        Bridgetown Velo
52                       Bernard           GEORGES            hup united                                                Seattle              WA
53                       Michael           BERLINGER          Mavic                                                     Ayer                 MA
54                       Christopher       BLACK                                                  Redmond              WA
55                       Chris             Boyce
56                       Ryan              FERRO                                                                        Portland             OR
57                       James             LOETTERLE          Second Ascent                                             Seattle              WA
58                       Neal              Rogers             Velonews
59                       Jeff              EDES               Team S&M/ Sellwood Cycle                                  Camas                WA
60                       David             LIEBERT            CyclePath                                                 Portland             OR
61                       andreas           Gute               BBC
62                       Sacha             Lacey              Veloshop
63                       Bartholomew       MARTIN                                                                       Portland             OR
64                       Paul              ANDERSON           Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
65                       Murphy            Mack               Sheila
66                       Bryan             VOYTILLA           Ironclad                                                  Beaverton            OR
67                       Ryan              Ricketts
68                       Claytonb          Lindsay            Existential Velo
69                       David             Rosen              South Town
70                       Peter             Emsky              Rad Racing NW
71                       Jim               Cavalieri
72                       Mark              PETERSON           Kona                                                      Bellingham           WA
73                       Dan               ROTH               Hup United                                                Portland             OR
74                       Brian             ECKER              Veloshop!                                                 Portland             OR
75                       Chris             Cottingham
76                       Amit              KOBROWSKI          Portland Velo                                             Beaverton            OR
77                       Brody             Boeger
78                       Joel              MORRISSETTE        Team Oregon                                               Beaverton            OR
79                       Mike              KATH               danger boy racing                                         Portland             OR
80                       Cameron           VANDER STOEP       Half Fast Velo                                            Tacoma               WA
81                       David             DEZELLEM           BBC                                                       Hillsboro            OR
82                       Josh              Lebus              Bridgetown Velo
83                       Don               Reeser             Team Pistis
84                       Craig             AUSTIN             Half Fast Velo                                            Wilsonville          OR
85                       Paul              LONG                                                                         Portland             OR
86                       Daniel            STUDLEY            Spokane Rocket Velo                                       Bothel               WA
87                       Scott             Willson            Gentle Lovers
88                       Eddie             Wang               River City Bicycle
89                       Ben               JOHNSON            Portland Velo                                             Portland             OR
90                       David             Pruasae            Noggin Velo
91                       Brian             Johnson            Silly Yak
92                       Ulises            SALAS              emdesports\fitness fanatic                                Spokane              WA
93                       Sam               TAAGEN             Team S & M                                                Seattle              WA
94                       Michael           MANN               B.I.K.E. - Cyclisme                                       Portland             OR
95                       Ben               CHADDOCK           Whitman College Cycling Team                              Walla Walla          WA
96                       Sage              Bauers             TBB
97                       Mike              BLACKARD           Stuart Walden Wines                                       Portland             OR
98                       Vincent           MYSLIWIEC          Old Town Bicycle                                          Seattle              WA
99                       Nick              FISCHER            Team Freddie Fu Cycling Team                              Greensburg           PA
100                      Jason             EDENS              rcr                                                       Bothell              WA
101                      Anthony           ALETO              baddlands cycling club                                    Spokane              WA

Single Speed                               43                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Tim               Jones    
2                        Brian             Ellin              Veloshop
3                        Al                Senft              Colavita                                                  Portland             OR
4                        Ryan              McFarling          Yakibra
5                        Jon               HANSEN             Organic Athlete/Sunnyside Sports                          Bend                 OR
6                        John              ROLLERT                                              Bend                 OR
7                        Peter             ZLATNIK            Bike Gallery                                              Portland             OR
8                        anderson          Folts              Veloshop
9                        Dan               Peterson           BryneInvent
10                       Joel              Koester            Veloshop
11                       Josh              WIGGINS            Spike Shooter                                             Santa Monica         CA
12                       Craig             ETHERIDGE          AVA/Counterbalance Bicycles                               Seattle              WA
13                       Boone             Tompkins
14                       Dylan             VANWEELDEN         Yakima Bike Vigilantes                                    Portland             OR
15                       Brad              Urban              Veloshop
16                       Greg              Adams              Bridgetown Velo
17                       Mike              ROLCIK             Ragnarok Racing                                           Kirkland             WA
18                       Brian             FORNES             Bad Santa                                                 Seattle              WA
19                       Brian             Schultz            Existential Velo
20                       Nick              Gibson             Yakima Bike Vigilantes
21                       Randy             Salamon
22                       Christian         Ward               The Path
23                       Will              Blanton
24                       Daniel            WREN               joe BAR                                                   Seattle              WA
25                       Marty             SPARKS             Second Ascent                                             Normandy Park        WA
26                       Nick              Williams
27                       Ethan             Furniss            Eddy Merkin
28                       Chuck             HOOD                                                                         Eugene               OR
29                       Marila            ALVARES            Bike Gallery                                              Portland             OR
30                       Kevin             BLACK              Alki/Rubicon                                              Seattle              WA
31                       Steven            BASDEN             Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
32                       Jacob             Furniss            Eddy Merkin
33                       Mike              Bene               Veloshop
34                       Brian             Garretson          Veloshop
35                       Barrett           Rener
36                       andy              McKerrow           Bike Gallery
37                       Tom               Rouscoulp
38                       David             BISERS             Veloshop                                                  Portland             OR
39                       Michelle          Savoie             Veloshop
41                       chris             DiStefano          Super Relax
42                       James             JONKE                                               Portland             OR
43                       Brian             Nilson             Yakibra

Juniors 15-16                              8                  starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Robin             ECKMANN            Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Boulder              CO
2                        Benny             SWEDBERG           Rad Racing NW                                             Kent                 WA
3                        Yannick           ECKMANN            Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Boulder              CO
4                        Fitzsimmons       Weston             Fred Meyer                                                Bend                 Or
5                        Alex              BROCKWAY           Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Bellevue             WA
6                        Jeff              Hopkins            Willamette                                                Happy Valey
7                        Cole              CUTRIGHT           Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Kent                 WA
8                        Chase             Jamieson           Boone Dog Bikes

Juniors 10-14                              13                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Joe               Prettyman
2                        Bjorn             FOX                Clif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross Team                     Stinson Beach        CA
3                        Colin             KREBSBACH          Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Kent                 WA
4                        Zack              GOULD              Clif Bar Development CX Team                              Boulder              CO
5                        Avi               MAHAN              Oh Boy Oberto                                             Seatac               WA
6                        Kolben            Preble             Olson's Bikes
7                        Will              VAN CLEVE          Rad Racing NW                                             Seattle              WA
8                        Travis            MONROE             Vertical Earth                                            Coeurd'Alene         ID
9                        Ethan             HORMANN            Forza Jet Velo                                            Hillsboro            OR
10                       Sam               SCROGGS            oh boy oberto/redline                                     Newcastle            WA
11                       Camden            Morey              Vanilla
12                       Zachary           MIKKELSON          Mt. View Cycles                                           Hood River           OR
13                       Rubin             FIELD              Beaverton Bike Club                                       Portland             OR

B Women                                    28                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Colleen           McClenahan         Sorgella
2                        Virginie          CALME              Half Fast Velo                                            Portland             OR
3                        Amy               HERLINVEAUX        Experience Cycling                                        Mill Bay             BC
4                        Sarah             PICCOLO            NorCal Velo                                               Sebastopol           CA
5                        Devon             SIMPSON            Team Group Health                                         Kirkland             WA
6                        Allison           SNOOKS             Landrys Bicycles                                          Framingham           MA
7                        Monica            DEWALD             Cycle U                                                   Seattle              WA
8                        JoAnne            Mensher            Gentle
9                        Ellen             MILLER                                                                       Salem                OR
10                       Christina         NORWICH            Oh Boy Oberto/Redline                                     Seattle              WA
11                       Meghan            Miller
12                       Angela            MYSLIWIEC          TiCycles                                                  Seattle              WA
13                       Joanne            ANDERSON           Team Zoka                                                 Seattle              WA
14                       Carolyn           GOODBRAKE          Ironclad Performance Wear                                 Portland             OR
15                       Lisa              MILLER             Ragnarok Racing                                           Seattle              WA
16                       Sue               HANNA                                                                        Portland             OR

Beginner Women                             5                  starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Sage              Fuller             Sorella Forte/Specialized
2                        Ingrid            Dodson             Kermantle
3                        Michelle          Lichtenfels        Bridgetown Velo
4                        Emily             Moon               Veloce/Felt
5                        Jennifer          Schweitzer         Eddie merken

Masters Women                              10                 starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Julie             BATES              Roaring Mouse Cycles                                      San Francisco        CA
2                        Karen             KENLAN             Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR
3                        Sheila            SENFT              Colavita Light NM Regional                                Albuquerque          NM
4                        Robin             LAUGHLIN           Sunnyside Sports                                          Bend                 OR
5                        Tacia             MILLER             Cyclepath                                                 Portland             OR
6                        Meg               MAUTNER            Nomad                                                     Portland             OR
7                        Jan               MOSS               Team Group Health                                         Portland             OR
8                        Barbara           THIELE             Team Rose City                                            Hillsboro            OR
9                        Pam               REID               Team Rose City                                            Portland             OR

C Men                                      102                starters

Place          Time      First Name        Last Name          Team                                                      City                 State
1                        Landon            ERICKSON           Zoka                                                      Seattle              WA
2                        Laird             NOVAK                                                                        Hillsboro            OR
3                        John              Spring
4                        Chip              BAKER              Sycip Racing                                              Needham              MA
5                        Jon               MASON                                                                        Corvallis            OR
6                        John              MILLER             Quad                                           Portland             OR
7                        Brian             STABY              NorCal/Specialized                                        Santa Rosa           CA
8                        Ryan              LARSON             none                                                      Corvallis            OR
9                        Leldon            KING                                                                         Anacortes            WA
10                       Chad              Morris             Cycle Sport                                               Klamath Kalls
11                       Cosmic            MILLER             Bicycle Centers                                           Granite Falls        WA
12                       Anthony           MAIETTA            Maietta Handbuilt Bicycles                                Worcester            MA
13                       Rich              Temer
14                       Erik              PETERSON           Cambridge/Igleheart                                       Boston               MA
15                       Ivan              ANDERHOLM          Scott's Cycles                                            Hermiston            OR
16                       Michael           Przybylski
17                       Curtis            DEARDEN            none                                                      Mill Bay             BC
18                       Luke              Sosnowski
19                       Matt              COUZENS            Portland Velo                                             Portland             OR
20                       Doug              Brecht
21                       Mark              Proia              cyclepath
22                       Tom               STRODTBECK                                       Portland             OR
23                       Michael           DICENSO            Team NRC/Pedalmasher                                      Seattle              WA
24                       Eli               LEVINE             Boston Road Club                                          Andover              MA
25                       Vince             Mazzuca
26                       Noah              Megowan                                                                      Lake Oswego
27                       Christian         Martin             RiverCity Bicycles                                        Portland
28                       Michael           KENDER             Portland Velo                                             Portland             OR
29                       Matt              Chalmers           Team ATM                                                  Portland
30                       PETERSON          Conklin            Sunday Muddy Sunday                                       Portland
31                       Peter             Nierengarten
32                       Matt              Webber             Team Kermantle
33                       Eric              STOLBERG           Gr�ndelbr�isers                                           Portland             OR
34                       Henry             ANNEN              343 Racing                                                Beaverton            OR
35                       Chris             MAHAN              Team Novara/REI                                           Seatac               WA
36                       Rob               TSUNEHIRO                                                                    Portland             OR
37                       George            JACKSON            Old Town Bicycles                                         Tacoma               WA
38                       Mark              LONGRIE            Old Town Cycle                                            Tacoma               WA
39                       Dylan             McNamee                                                                      Portland
40                       Chris             WHERITY            Collins/Specialized                                       Florence             OR
41                       Darell            Jamieson           Azonic                                                    LaCenter
42                       Meshkat           JAVID              Mighty Riders Cycling                                     Vancouver            BC
43                       Tim               SPENCE             New Revolution Cycles - Pedalmashers                      Fircrest             WA
44                       Geoff             Wittreich
45                       Scott             BALLARD            Alameda Brewhouse                                         Portland             OR
46                       John Mark         BALDWIN            Alameda Brewhouse                                         Beaverton            OR
47                       Robert            Bigwood
48                       David             Fee
49                       Frank             OBRIEN                                                                       Kingston             WA
50                       Scott             Korn                                                                         Portland
51                       Raymond           Whitlow
52                       Brad              LOETEL             Cycle U                                                   Seattle              WA
53                       Tony              Hobkirk
54                       Craig             Rowley
55                       Will              CORTEZ             Trail Head Cycles                                         Beaverton            OR
56                       Mark              MONROE             Twp Wheeler/Specialized                                   Coeurd'Alene         ID
57                       Bob               Crow               Lazy Tarantulas                                           Portland
58                       Keith             RICHARDS           Avanti TiCycles                                           Seattle              WA
59                       David             Torrance
60                       Matt              Gaulette
61                       Keevin            Bynrr                                                                        Portland
62                       Leland            Jossy              Sunday Muddy Sunday                                       Portland
63                       Chris             LIEBSCH                                                                      Redmond              WA
64                       Isaac             Potoczny-Jones
65                       Mark              Brazier
66                       Ed                Jones
67                       Joel              Grabenstien
68                       Darren            PENNINGTON                                                                   Portland             OR
69                       Tyrone            Long               Endo & The Back Peddlers                                  OregonCiry
71                       Charlie           Wilcox
72                       DAvid             Strader            Team Oregon
73                       Mike              BRAATEN            Old Town Bicycle                                          Lakewood             WA
74                       Sam               Jackson            TeamKermantle                                             Portland             OR
75                       Phil              Avery              League Racign                                             OregonCiry
76                       Greg              SMITH              three rivers                                              Vancouver            WA
77                       Ty                LAMBERT            Portland Velo                                             Hillsboro            OR
79                       Jimmy             Candelaria
80                       Brent             Mattix
81                       Dave              ALDERSEBAES        Ironclad Performance Wear                                 Portland             OR
82                       Todd              Williams           eurtz deuxnut
83                       David             VOLKERT            Axley USA                                                 Normandy Park        WA
84                       Fergus            Kinnell                                                                      Portland
85                       Robert            James                                                                        Portland
86                       Michael           Krum                                                                         Portland
87                       Geoff             Fanning
88                       Todd              Borkowitz                                                                    Portland
89                       Michael           O'LEARY                                                                      Portland             OR
90                       Jospeh            Cooper
91                       Jeff              Walton
92                       Patrick           meigs
93                       Scott             MCCOY                                                                        Portland             OR
95                       Steve             Reed
96                       James             SHARP                                                                        Adair Village        OR
97                       Keith             Martin