Carlisle Cross Classic UCI C2, VERGE MAC Series Race #5

Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Carlisle Cross Classic UCI C2, VERGE MAC Series Race #5 Presented by Meredith-Group-GPOA-Cannondale Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA Saturday, December 01, 2007
Bruno Roy Boogies Donahue Takes the Money and Runs

December 1, 2007, Carlisle, PA, USA: The first half of the final weekend of the 2007 Verge MAC Series brought the first taste of the winter weather to the Mid Atlantic racing scene after an unusually warm autumn. The Carlisle Cross Classic took place at Pennsylvania's Carlisle Fairgrounds, a location more famous for its massive antique auto shows than for human powered speed. "Speed" was the name of the game on the course designed by Mike Hebe on the wide open spaces of the fairgrounds. The course sent riders up and over every side of the only hill, but it's dominant characteristic was the extremely long, paved approach the finish. The character of the course was evident early in the day when John Brewer (Squadra Copi/IM Saab) won the Men's "B" race in a three-wide, side-by-side sprint with Patrick Bradley (Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon) and Ethan Townsend ( in a race that seemed to be equal parts cyclocross and track Keirin.

With the course's character established, it was even more surprising to see the complete domination of the Elite Women's Race powered by SRAM by Verge MAC point leader Maureen Bruno Roy (Independent Fabrications/Wheelworks/SRAM presented by General Catalyst). With a live blues/funk band adding to the atmosphere, Bruno Roy simply boogied away from her competitors from the start and won by 34 seconds. Fishing second in a solo ride of her own was Catherine Walberg (Team Kenda Tire). Three-time Verge MAC Champion Betsy Shogren (FORT Factory Team) recovered from a first lap fall to finish third. For a while, Shogren was closing in on Walberg and it looked as though she would take second place. But eventually the gap stabilized.

In the International Men's race powered by SRAM, point leader Davide Frattini and his Colavita/Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light teamate Tyler Wren established and early lead. Riding a controlled team race, the two grew their lead slowly and deliberately. Not chasing them was Fiordifrutta's Matt White, who's first-lap pinch flat ended his race when his clincher tire came off the rim and wrapped itself around his seatstay. Also having problems was Alec Donahue, who crashed on the first lap and was in last place. The race played out without much excitement for 40 minutes as the leading duo stretched their lead. Then, Wren disappeared while the leaders were out of sight on the opposite side of the hill. A flat tire had ruined Wren's best 'cross race of the year. One lap later, it was Frattini who failed to show up over the top of the hill, also with a flat rear tire. Suddenly, what had been a procession had turned into the most dramatic race of the year, with a lead group of four with just two laps to go. Pennsylvania's Wes Schempf ( as well as North Carolinians Jon Hamblen (RGM Watches-Richard Sachs) and Charles Pendry (Inland Construction/BTD) joined a resurgent Alec Donahue (Joe's Garage), who had worked his way through the field. Meanwhile, Frattini was furiously trying to make his way back to the leaders. Donohue attacked several times, finally finding success with half a lap to go on the short, steep run-up near where Wren and Frattini had flatted. Donahue finished the final lap eleven seconds in front of the sprint for second, which was won by Pendry ahead of Hamblen and Schempf. Frattini recovered to join the race long duel between Canadian Nathan Chown (Handlebars C.C. Kona Canada) and Michael Gallegher (U.S. Army). Using his road skills, Frattini outsprinted both of them to finish fifth and keep his Verge MAC Season Championship aspirations alive.

"White and Frattini were the strongest riders here," said Donahue after the race. "They should have won based on UCI points. But keeping air in the tires is part of cyclocross too."

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men
Place  U23       Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                0:55:45   Alec          DONAHUE          Joe's Garage                                             Hadley               MA
2                0:55:56   Charles       PENDRY           Inland Construction - BTD                                Hays                 NC
3                0:55:56   Jon           HAMBLEN          RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                              Winston Salem        NC
4                0:55:57   Wes           SCHEMPF          C3-Sollay                                                                     PA
5                0:56:28   Davide        FRATTINI         Colavita/sutter home presented by Cooking light          Linden               NJ
6                0:56:28   Nathan        CHOWN            handlebars CC/kona Canada                                St.catharines        ON
7                0:56:28   Michael       GALLEGHER        US Army Cycling                                          Chambersburg         PA
8                0:56:48   Jacob         FETTY            Myogenesis/TheBikeGame dot Com/HAMBLEN RULES             Athens               GA
9                0:56:50   Ryan          LEACH            GPOA-Cannondale                                          State College        PA
10               0:57:04   Stephan       KINCAID          EKRacing/Rite Aid Pro Cycling                            Pottstown            PA
11               0:57:25   Stephen       CUMMINGS         Indiana Regional Medical Center / FUJI BIKES!            Pittsburgh           PA
12               0:57:34   Bill          ELLISTON         Indiana Regional Medical Center/Fuji                     Easton               PA
13               0:57:37   Tyler         WREN             Colavita / Sutter Home Presented by Cooking Light        Philadelphia         PA
14               0:57:48   Nathan        WYATT            Carolina Fatz/Sram/Santa Cruz Bicycles                   Asheville            NC
15               0:57:53   Greg          WITTWER          FORT Factory Team                                        Richmond             VA
16               0:58:16   Peter         RUBIJONO         Cambridge bike/Igleheart frames                          Boston               MA
17               0:59:06   Todd          CASSAN           Westwood Velo                                            NYC                  NY
18               1:00:00   Ernesto       MARENCHIN        asylum cycles                                            Stow                 OH
19               1:01:00   Michael       YOZELL           FORT Factory Cyclocross Team                             Emmaus               PA
20               1:01:28   Gregory       LINDSTROM        Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Mount Wolf           PA
21               1:02:04   Andrew        WULFKUHLE        C3/                                            Lancaster            PA
22               -1        Nicholas      SHAFFER          Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                            Phoenixville         PA
DNF                        Matt          WHITE            FiordiFrutta                                             Hadley               MA
DNF                        Steve         TILFORD          KCCX/Verge/Eriksen Cycles                                Topeka               KS
DNF                        Chris         MCGILL           FORT Factory Team                                        Washington           DC
DNS                        Matthew       FERRARI          Mt Nittany Wheelworks                                    State College        PA

Elite Women
Place  U23  35+  Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                40:00     Maureen       BRUNO ROY        IF/Wheelworks/SRAM presented by General Catalyst         Arlington            MA
2                40:34     Catherine     WALBERG          Team Kenda Tire                                          Topeka               KS
3                41:02     Betsy         SHOGREN          FORT Factory Team                                        Morgantown           WV
4                41:19     Erica         YOZELL MILLER    FORT Factory Team                                        Emmaus               PA
5                41:57     Melanie       SWARTZ           Velo Bella - Kona                                        Reston               VA
6                42:36     Cheryl        SORNSON          Trek VW East Coast                                       Fairfield            PA
7                43:33     Lisa          VIBLE                                              Wilmington           DE
8                44:41     Beth          MASON                                              Ft. Meade            MD
9                44:55     Jessica       SINGERMAN        Wissahickon/Twin 6                                       Philadelphia         PA
10               45:10     Diane         GRIM                                               Boyertown            PA
11               45:35     Tammy         EBERSOLE         Evolution Racing                                         Warminster           PA
12               46:27     Amy           BREYLA           FORT Factory Team                                        New Castle           DE
13               48:18     Kristine      CHURCH           Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                            Philadelphia         PA
DNF                        Lesley        CHOWN            St.Catharines C.C.                                       St.catharines        ON
DNS                        Jennifer      MAXWELL          TEAM KENDA TIRE                                          Washington           DC
DNS                        Arley         KEMMERER         Hub Racing                                               Palmerton            PA

Elite Masters 35+/45+
Place  45+       Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                43:40     Greg          FERGUSON         Fort Factory Team                                        Glassboro            NJ
2                          Troy          KINNGOLD         Westwood Velo                                            Randolph             NJ
3                44:06     Gerry         PFLUG            Freddie Fu Cycling Team                                  Mount Pleasant       PA
4                44:12     Mike          HEBE             GPOA-Cannondale                                          New Cumberland       PA
5                44:26     Blair         SAUNDERS         Henry's                                                  Newark               DE
6                44:43     Kris          AVER                                               Baltimore            MD
7                44:49     Gunnar        SHOGREN          FORT Factory Team                                        Morgantown           WV
8                45:01     Ralf          WARMUTH          Westwood Velo                                            Highland Park        NJ
9                45:05     Brian         WIECZOREK        Freddie Fu Cycling Team                                  Ligonier Township    PA
10               45:09     Dave          WEAVER                                                                    Towson               MD
11               45:25     Glenn         TURNER           Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon                           Newtown Sq           PA
12               45:34     Mark          KUTNEY           Van Dessel Cycles                                        Charlottesville      VA
13               45:36     Christopher   LONG             Independent Fabrication/Gotham                           Woodside             NY
14               45:43     Andy          GORSKI           NetApp - Viner p/b                    Allison Park         PA
15               45:48     Chris         NEWELL           Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Reisterstown         MD
16               46:13     Bernie        SHIAO            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling             Sparks Glencoe       MD
17               46:33     Michael       KOLB             Chrsitiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 Newark               DE
18                         Jeff          CORDISCO                                            Kennett Square       PA
19               46:37     Judd          MILNE            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                                    Reston               VA
20               46:41     Daniel        BRILL            Cape Atlantic                                            South River          NJ
21               46:43     Michael       BIRNER           All American Bicycle Center                              Woodbine             MD
22               46:53     Sean          MEALEY           Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    York                 PA
23               47:24     Charles       ERNDL            Human zoom cycling                                       Point Pleasant       NJ
24               48:11     Kelly         CLINE            Wissahickon                                                                   PA
25               48:15     Kevin         FRYBERGER        Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Devon                PA
26               48:18     Mark          DONTIGNY         Central Penn Racing/The Bicycle Shop                     State College        PA
27               48:20     David         LOWE             Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Bala Cynwyd          PA
28               48:29     Karl          KENSINGER        NCVC/Inova Health System                                 Arlington            VA
29               48:39     Kevin         BRECKENMAKER     Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Hershey              PA
30               50:04     Roger         MASSE            All American Bicycle Club                                Bethesda             MD
31               -1        Jay           DOWNS            FORT Factory team                                                             PA
DNF                        Kirk          REISINGER        Wissahickon                                              Schwenksville        PA
DNF                        James         PERREN           Breakaway Racing/QCW                                     Philadelphia         PA
DNF                        Todd          CASSAN           Westwood Velo                                            NYC                  NY

B-Master Men/55+
Place  55+       Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                40:40     Karl          CONNOLLY         Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling             Baltimore            MD
2                40:42     Fred          WITTWER          Van Dessel Factory Team                                                       VA
3                41:20     Shawn         DOWNING          Chesapeake Wheelmen/King Pawn                            Baltimore            MD
4                41:24     Henry         TREMPER          FSUS                                                     Arden                PA
5                42:00     Trevor        WILLIAMS         Guy's Bicycle Racing                                     Radnor               PA
6                42:03     Bernard       MCDONALD         C3/                                            Baltimore            MD
7                42:20     Raymond       ZEIMET           Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Ewing                NJ
8                42:26     Paul          WAHNER           Well Adjusted Racing/Wahner Chiropractic                 Drexel Hill          PA
9                42:28     Barry         WAHNER           Well Adjusted Racing/Wahner Chiropractic                 Drexel Hill          PA
10               42:41     Leo           PIZZINI          Henry Bike                                               West Grove           PA
11               42:50     Rolf          WINDH            Guy's Racing                                             Philadelphia         PA
12               42:58     Thor          ENGBLOM          NCVC/Inova Health System                                 Frederick            MD
13               43:18     David         TROOP            First State Velo Sport                                   Cochranville         PA
14               43:37     James         PERREN           Breakaway Racing/QCW                                     Philadelphia         PA
15               43:42     Chris         SCHAEFER         Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Enola                PA
16               44:07     Dennis        SMITH            Secret Henry's Team                                                           DE
17               44:00     Steven        DONTIGNY         Team Bike Lane                                           Falls Church         VA
18               44:33     Rob           LEA              TEAM FUJI                                                Taneytown            MD
19               44:35     Nunzio        DIBIASI          Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Elizabethtown        PA
20               45:00     Brian         RIFE             Faulkner Honda                                           Camp Hill            PA
21               45:02     Kevin         KUZAS            Guy's Racing                                             Merion Station       PA
22               45:14     Mark          LASER            Yellow Breeches Racing, baby!                            Carlisle             PA
23               46:02     Scott         REYNOLDS         Guys Racing Club                                         Pipersville          PA
24               46:14     Christopher   STINE            Cedar Bike                                               Kingston             PA
25               46:30     Lauri         WEBBER                                                                    Newark               DE
26               47:03     Mark          WANCO            World Cup Ski and Cycle cycling team                     New Cumberland       PA
27               47:10     Bob           PERNA            beans bikes                                              West Chester         PA
28               48:00     Michael       TAYLOR           Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Mechanicsburg        PA
29               49:19     Mark          HEEB             yellow breeches racing                                   Carlisle             PA
30               -1        Dave          BAUMGARDNER      Tri-State Velo                                           Newtown Square       PA
31               -1        Gary          KELLEY           Beans Bikes                                              Carlisle             PA
DNF                        Norman        BRACH                                              Sykesville           MD
DNF                        Brian         STONER           cole's velo cycling club                                 Chambersburg         PA

B Men
Place            Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                38:07     John          BREWER           Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB                                    Arlington            VA
2                          Patrick       BRADLEY          Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         Richwood             NJ
3                          Ethan         TOWNSEND         C3-                                           Wilmington           DE
4                          Kevin         KRALIK           Guys Racing                                              Philadelphia         PA
5                          Jeff          BAHNSON          C2S/Henry's Bikes                                        Newark               DE
6                38:33     Carey         FRIDRICH                                                                  Cambridge            MA
7                          Michael       MIHALIK          Beaver Valley Velo                                       Aliquippa            PA
8                39:18     Eric          LINDER           Hunt Valley Bikes / Marathon Roofing                     Baltimore            MD
9                39:20     Jim           MUDD             Hunt Valley Bikes / Marathon Roofing                     Baltimore            MD
10               39:41     Marc          VETTORI !                                          Elkton               MD
11               39:51     Nathan        GOATES           Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Shippensburg         PA
12               40:02     Chad          CULBERTSON       CRCofA / BM&G-Pete's Bikes                               Pennington           NJ
13               40:05     Tom           MCDANIEL         Secret Henry's team                                                           DE
14               40:14     Ben           MILLER           Penn State University                                    State College        PA
15               40:18     Don           KESSEL           Holmes Cycling/BodyLogicTherapy                          New Cumberland       PA
16               40:21     Joel          MOATS            Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Chambersburg         PA
17               40:59     Dan           CONRAD                                                                    Lancaster            PA
18               41:30     Mark          VARESCHI         Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Highland Park        NJ
19                         Chris         RUHL             Penn State University                                    Quakertown           PA
20               41:44     Shawn         STAFFORD         Bike Line                                                Lancaster            PA
21               42:01     Matthew       PANAS            the Bare Wall                                            Camp Hill            PA
22               42:34     Justin        WOULFE           Tri State Velo                                           Philadelphia         PA
23               43:02     Trevor        SHATTUCK         Hunt Valley / Marathon Roofing                           Lutherville          MD
24               43:43     Dan           BONORA           Faulkner Honda Racing                                    York Haven           PA
25               44:02     Marty         MCKEON           Guys Racing                                              Lancaster            PA
26               46:31     Mark          BOWMAN           South Mountain Cycles                                    Emmaus               PA
27               47:02     Luke          ST.CLAIR         Penn State University                                    Pine Grove Mills     PA
28               -1        Stephen       GUALANO                                                                   Easton               PA
DNF                        Ian           MATHIAS          Hunt Valley Bicycles / Marathon Roofing                  Baltimore            MD
DNF                        Luke          SANDUSKY                                                                  Towson               MD
DNF                        Mike          LAUB             Mountainside                                             Harrisburg           PA
DNF                        Norman        BRACH   !                                          Sykesville           MD

C Men/U19 Men
Place  U19       Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                32:51     Matthew       SPINKS           Skylands Cycling                                         Layton               NJ
2                33:09     Sam           OKEEFE                                             Baltimore            MD
3                33:21     Andy          GLASER           Rutgers University Cycling Team                          New Brunswick        NJ
4                33:31     Joseph        ZORN III         FIRST STATE VELO SPORT                                   Bear                 DE
5                34:00     Syd           LEA              Team Fuji                                                Taneytown            MD
6                34:23     Matthew       HENNESSY         Team BBC                                                 Baltimore            MD
7                34:28     Brett         KIELICK          Drexel Cycling                                           Philadelphia         PA
8                34:39     Ken           WOODROW          Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                                    Arlington            VA
9                34:51     Eric          CHESSLER         Race Pace/Velo Club Of Baltimore                         Reisterstown         MD
10               34:52     Kyle          FRIIS            Bucknell Cycling                                         Brookeville          MD
11               35:22     Kevin         DILLARD                                            Washington           DC
12               35:29     Les           RUSSELL          Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Carlisle             PA
13               35:40     Michael       BESHORE                                                                   York                 PA
14               35:50     Mark          GINN                                                                      Landenberg           PA
15               35:59     John          HEFFNER                                                                   Pittsburgh           PA
16               36:02     Ross          GORDON           Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         Galloway             NJ
17               36:06     Joseph        GILCH            Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Glendora             NJ
18               36:14     Luke          ST.CLAIR         Penn State University                                    Pine Grove Mills     PA
19               36:23     Gary          STERNBAR                                                                  Lewisburg            PA
20               36:35     David         KIM              Rutgers University Cycling Team                          North Brunswick      NJ
21               36:36     Tyler         BROWN            Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 Elizabettown         PA
22               36:40     Steven        BURKE            Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Baltimore            MD
23               36:41     Devon         HALLEY           Carnegie Mellon University                               Cranberry Twp.       PA
24               36:46     Clayton       CHILES           Penn State University Cycling                            State College        PA
25               37:02     Jim           DOHERTY                                                                   Perkasie             PA
26               37:05     Josh          CARTER           �Cornballer!                                             Allentown            PA
27               37:10     Matthew       BRANCHEAU        Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling             Baltimore            MD
28               37:22     Keith         PLUNKETT         South mountain cycles                                    Emmaus               PA
29               37:29     Jake          DAVIDSON         Intense Cycles/Bean's Bikes/Hayes Brakes/ODI/Evomo       West Chester         PA
30               38:34     Alvin         WILLIAMS                                                                  Herndon              VA
31               38:57     Todd          EROH             Big Ring Velo                                            Winfield             PA
32               39:40     Boyd          GARRISON         Pro Pedals                                               Dorchester           NJ
33               39:57     Joe           FAVARA           Hampton Velo                                             Macungie             PA
34               39:57     Craig         HISE             Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Mechanicsburg        PA
35               39:57     Michael       GIANCOLI         Hub United                                               Shippensburg         PA
36               39:57     Robert        SANDS            Evolution Racing                                         Warminster           PA
37               40:07     Brent         SHULTZ           Mountainside Ski & Sports                                Harrisburg           PA
38               40:31     Brent         DILELLA          Penn State Cycling Club                                  Southampton          PA
39               41:16     Gary          SNYDER                                                                    New Hope             PA
40               41:22     Phillip       ESEMPIO          Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Racing              Easton               PA
41               42:24     Bill          POWELL                                                                    West Grove           PA
42               42:31     Joseph        ORSINI                                                                    York                 PA
43               -1        Leon          CHON             Prince William                                           Manassas             VA
44               -1        Brian         STONER           cole's velo cycling club                                 Chambersburg         PA
45               -1        Ryan          SHANK            Drexel U                                                 York                 PA
46               -1        Stephen       GUALANO                                                                   Easton               PA
47               -1        Hans          BAKERMANS        World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team                       Boiling Springs      PA
48               -1        Bradley       BECHTEL                                                                   Harrisburg           PA
DNF                        Frederick     KLENK            G.E. Mitchell Cabinetry                                  Titusville           NJ

B Women, 45+ & U19
Place  U19  45+  Time      First Name    Last Name        Team                                                     City                 ST
1                37:34     Nikki         THIEMANN         Human Zoom Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Philadelphia         PA
2                37:41     Elizabeth     HARLOW           Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Baltimore            MD
3                38:40     Jill          WAGGETT          Guy's Racing                                             Hopewell             NJ
4                38:46     Christine     FENNESSY         South Mountain Cycles                                    Emmaus               PA
5                39:05     Kristin       GAVIN                                                                     Philadelphia         PA
6                39:21     Kathrin       SCHUMACHER       CRCofA / BM&G - Pete's                                   Pennington           NJ
7                40:38     Tracey        LEA              TEAN FUJI                                                Taneytown            MD
8                40:39     Lindsey       HILLESHEIM       Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                                    Arlington            VA
9                40:44     Kimberly      DUBECK           Bean's Bikes                                             West Chester         PA
10               41:26     Jean          COLSANT          Squadra Coppi                                            Arlington            VA
11               42:07     Karen         TOURIAN          Guy's Racing                                             Philadelphia         PA
12               42:15     Kera          DAILY            Mountainside Ski & Sports                                Harrisburg           PA
13               42:36     Nicole        SHUE             Velo Bella - Kona                                        Wash                 DL
14               42:55     Susan         NEGLIA                                                                    Lincoln Univ.        PA
15               43:17     Anne          ROCK             Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia         PA
16               -1        Hillary       STYER            Velo Bella - Kona                                        Gettysburg           PA
17               -1        Jill          WIEST            Mountainside Ski and Sports                              Lykens               PA
18               -1        Kathleen      WULFKUHLE                                            Lancaster            PA
19               -1        Heidi         GINN                                                                      Landenburg           PA
20               -1        Alicia        STYER            Velo Bella - Kona                                        Gettysburg           PA
DNF                        Janice        MORRIS           Mountainside                                             Mechanicsburg        PA