HPCX UCI C2 2007 Verge MAC Series Race #4 - ECCC Race #4 - NJ Cross Cup

Jamesburg, NJ

Sunday, November 11, 2007

HPCX UCI C2 2007 Verge MAC Series Race #4 - ECCC Race #4 - NJ Cross Cup Presented by Highland Park Hermes and Rutgers University Cycling Team Jamesburg, NJ Sunday, November 11, 2007
November 11, 2007; Jamesburg, NJ, USA: The best of the Verge MAC Series came to Jamesburg New Jersey on Sunday, November 11, for the second consecutive day of racing in America�s �Garden State�. And though the course could not have been more different from the previous day�s romp in the woods at the Beacon cyclocross, the results were the same -- nearly.

Georgia Gould (Luna Women�s MTB Team) again attempted the double by racing in both the Men�s 2/3/4 and Elite Women�s races. But, unlike yesterday�s performance when she roared through the Men�s field to win the 2/3/4 race, Gould was never a factor. Her tenth-place finish in the Men�s race fueled speculation that she was fatigued. But, the former Verge MAC champion proved that wasn�t the case a few hours later when she scored the hat trick of three wins in two days by again stomping the SRAM Elite Women�s race. Afterwards, Gould would say that the grassy, turny HPCX course didn�t offer the opportunities to pass that yesterday�s more varied Beacon course did. And 2/3/4 winner (and division points leader) Eric Linder of Hunt Valley Bikes/Marathon Roofing admitted that the front of the field was more aware of the threat that Gould represented.

In the Elite International Women presented by SRAM, Gould got a poor start. By halfway through the first lap, though, she and Maureen Bruno-Roy (Independent Fabrications/Wheelworks/SRAM presented by General Catalyst) had gapped the field. Bruno-Roy tried desperately to keep Gould bottled up, but once Gold hit the front the race was effectively over as she powered away to a 1:18 victory of Bruno-Roy. Anna Milkowski (Velo Bella/Kona) raced solo the entire race to finish third and an elated Erica Yozell (FORT Factory Team), who had already several smaller races this year, finished a career-best fourth after out-dueling points leader Rebecca Wellons (Ridley Factory Team) and Melanie Swartz (Velo Bella Kona).

In the Elite International Men presented by SRAM, Davide Frattini completed the sweep of Verge MAC�s New Jersey races for his New Jersey-based team of Colavita/Sutter Home presented by Cooking Lite in a race that unfolded like a grass-track criterium. Dan Neyens (Hagens-Berman Cycling Team) took the holeshot, but the field was grouped two, and sometimes three, wide. An early group of eight riders consisting of Neyens, Frattini, 21 year-old Adam McGrath (Maxxis/Litespeed), Charles Pendry (Inland Construction/BTD), two-time Verge MAC Champion and current 30+ National Champion Ryan Leach (GPOA - Cannondale) and all three of the RGM Watches - Richard Sachs entries: Justin Spinelli, Matt Krause and Jon Hamblen. Though constantly attacking, nobody was able to get an advantage and it was clear that drafting, in the elite men�s division at least, was playing an important role on this course and tipping the hand in favor of RGM Watches - Richard Sachs. Pendry was the first to lose contact with the lead pack, and then Neyens faded. With three-and-a-half laps to go, Spinelli and Leach lost contact. Spinelli�s teammates slowed the pace to allow the prior day�s second place finisher to bridge back to the lead group, but Leach was left to fend for himself. With three riders in the lead pack of five, RGM Watches - Richard Sachs took turns attacking. Jon Hamblen in particular kept pushing the pace, but still nobody could get the advantage. With one lap to go, McGrath was spit out the back of the lead group. And when the riders came back into view toward the finish, it was a two-man duel between Frattini and Hamblen. Heading in the last set of corners before the barriers just 200 meters from the line, Hamblen tried to pass Frattini. But the Italian rider squeezed him off and held on to win the sprint. Asked afterward if he was concerned about having so many teammates working against him and McGrath, Frattini replied, �Yes, but I made sure always to have second wheel. When someone attacked, I was each time the first one to cover.�

In the preceding Elite Masters race, Verge MAC points leader Roger Aspholm was again dominant, but the real story was that Aspholm�s Westwood Velo teammates Todd Cassan and Troy Kimball backed-up his win by finishing second and third to sweep the podium.

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to these results.

Elite Men                                28                starters
Place       U23  Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State
1                1:00:26   Davide        FRATTINI          Colavita/sutter home presented by Cooking light          Linden                 NJ
2                1:00:28   Jonathan      HAMBLEN
3                1:00:39   Matt          KRAUS             RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                              Arlington              MA
4           1    1:00:44   Adam          MCGRATH           Maxxis/Litespeed                                         Portland               OR
5                1:00:59   Justin        SPINELLI          KBS/Medifast Pro Cycling Team                            Nashua                 NH
6                1:01:26   Ryan          LEACH             GPOA-Cannondale                                          State College          PA
7                1:01:26   Weston        SCHEMPF           C-3 - Sollay.com
8                1:02:10   Charles       PENDRY            Inland Construction - BTD                                Hays                   NC
9                1:03:00   Tyler         WREN              Colavita/Sutter Home Professional Cycling Team           Philadelphia           PA
10               1:03:06   Nathan        WYATT             Carolina Fatz/Sram/Santa Cruz                            Asheville              NC
11               1:03:26   Adam          MYERSON           Nerac Pro Cycling                                        Dorchester             MA
12               1:03:38   Daniel        NEYENS            Hagens-Berman Cycling Team                               Seattle                WA
13               1:03:46   Bobby         LEA               Toyota-United                                            Mertztown              PA
14               1:03:52   Michael       YOZELL            FORT Factory Cyclocross Team                             Emmaus                 PA
15               1:04:04   Stephen       CUMMINGS          Indiana Regional Medical Center / EKR RACING             Pittsburgh             PA
16               1:04:49   Jonny         SUNDT             KBS Medifast                                             Charlotte              VA
17               1:04:51   Aaron         OAKES             Van Dessel                                               Hawthorne              NJ
18          2    1:05:16   Travis        LIVERMON          Cycling Spoken Here                                      Winterville            NC
19               1:05:22   J. Gabriel    LLOYD             CRCA/Remax                                               New York               NY
20               1:05:40   John          BURNS             Bikeman.com                                              Yarmouth               ME
21               1:06:52   Peter         RUBIJONO          Cambridge bike/Igleheart frames                          Boston                 MA
22          3    lap       McConnell     FRANKLIN          Middlebury College                                       Middlebury             VT
23               lap       Christopher   MCGILL            FORT Factory Cyclocross Team
24               lap       Joseph        REYNOLDS          Wissahickon                                              Folsom                 NJ
25               lap       J.p.          PARTLAND          High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen                      New York               NY
26               lap       Matthew       FERRARI           Mt Nittany Wheelworks                                    State College          PA
27               lap       Nicholas      SHAFFER           Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                            Phoenixville           PA
28               lap       Albert        PEDEMONTE         kissena cycling club                                     New York               NY

Elite Women                              27                starters
Place  U23  35+  Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State
1                39:44     Georgia       GOULD             LUNA Women's MTB Team                                    Fort Collins           CO
2                1:18      Maureen       BRUNO ROY         IF/Wheelworks/SRAM presented by General Catalyst         Arlington              MA
3                1:51      Anna          MILKOWSKI         Velo Bella-Kona                                          New Haven              CT
4                2:30      Erica         YOZELL MILLER     FORT Factory Team                                        Emmaus                 PA
5                2:39      Melanie       SWARTZ            Velo Bella - Kona                                        Reston                 VA
6                3:08      Rebecca       WELLONS           Ridley Factory Team                                      Woburn                 MA
7                3:14      Carolyn       POPOVIC           Team CICLE                                               Philadelphia           PA
8                3:14      Betsy         SHOGREN           FORT Factory Team                                        Morgantown             WV
9           1    4:17      Jennifer      MAXWELL           TEAM KENDA TIRE                                          Washington             DC
10          2    4:24      Marci         TITUS HALL        DeSalvo Custom Cycles                                    Groton                 MA
11          3    4:35      Brenda        BAHNSON           Independent Fabrication                                  Great Barrington       MA
12               5:08      Kathleen      BILLINGTON        Schick                                                   Norwalk                CT
13               5:22      Alie          KENZER            RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                              Medford                MA
14               5:22      Amy           WALLACE           RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                              Medford                MA
15          4    5:51      Kristen       KELSEY            Evolution Racing                                         Doylestown             PA
16               5:51      Arley         KEMMERER          Hub Racing                                               Riverdale              MD
17          5    6:01      Megan         BILODEAU          HUP United                                               Easthampton            MA
18               6:11      Amy           BREYLA            FORT Factory Team                                        New Castle             DE
19          6    6:11      Cheryl        SORNSON           Trek VW East Coast                                       Fairfield              PA
20               6:11      Kristine      CHURCH            Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                            Havertown              PA
21               6:26      Jessica       SINGERMAN         Wissahickon/Twin 6                                       Philadelphia           PA
22               7:41      Mandy         LOZANO            Vanderkitten Women's Professional Cycling Team           Charlottesville        VA
23          7    8:02      Lisa          VIBLE             C3-Sollay.com                                            Wilmington             DE
24          8    8:02      Diane         GRIM              C3-Sollay.com                                            Boyertown              PA
25          9    1L        Beth          MASON             C3-Sollay.com                                            Ft. Meade              MD
26               1L        Heidi         VON TEITENBERG    C3-Sollay.com                                            Baltimore              MD
27          10   1L        Tammy         EBERSOLE          Evolution Racing                                         Warminster             PA

B Men                                    48                starters
Place            Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State
1                40:03     Eric          LINDER            Hunt Valley Bikes / Marathon Roofing                     Baltimore              MD
2                st        John          BREWER            Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB                                    Arlington              VA
3                st        Jeff          BAHNSON           C2S/Henry's Bikes                                        Newark                 DE
4                40:30     Michael       JENKS             Highland Park Hermes                                     Highland Park          NJ
5                40:56     Jeremy        DUNN              Cambridge Bicycle presented by Igleheart Frames          Cambridge              MA
6                41:01     Ben           SHOWMAN           usma cycling                                             West Point             NY
7                41:11     Daniel        BRILL             Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         South River            NJ
8                st        Frank         ZGODA             Skylands Cycling                                         Sussex                 NJ
9                41:14     Dusty         LABARR            Joe's Bike Shop                                          Fort Collins           CO
10               41:31     Georgia       GOULD             Luna
11               st        Peter         BRADSHAW          Cambridge Bicycle presented by Igleheart Frames
12               41:42     Patrick       BRADLEY           Beacon
13               st        Michael       MIHALIK           Beaver Valley Velo                                       Aliquippa              PA
14               41:45     Thomas        WOOD              Philadelphia Cyclismo
15               41:50     Marc          VETTORI           C3-Sollay.com !                                          Elkton                 MD
16               42:01     Ethan         TOWNSEND          C3- Sollay.com                                           Wilmington             DE
17               42:06     Jim           MUDD              Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Baltimore              MD
18               42:14     Colin         SANDBERG          Meredith Group/GPOA Cannondale                           Philadelphia           PA
19               42:22     Nick          FISCHER           Freddie Fu
20               42:31     Matthew       BUDD              NYC Velo                                                 New York               NY
21               42:45     Michael       KUHN              Visit PA.com
22               42:49     Todd          KRUGER            Highland Park Hermes                                     Highland Park          NJ
23               st        Sean          MANNION           Verge Test Pilot                                         Carmel                 NY
24               st        Cary          FREIDRICK         Cambridge Bicycle presented by Igleheart Frames
25               43:20     Mark          VARESCHI          Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Highland Park          NJ
26               st        Joel          MOATS             Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Chambersburg           PA
27               43:55     Mark          ROMANOVSKY        Pawling Cycle and Sport                                  Fishkill               NY
28               44:04     Jim           VREELAND          Watchung Wheelmen/KendaUSA                               Piscataway             NJ
29               44:09     Chad          CULBERTSON        CRCofA / BM&G-Pete's Bikes                               Pennington             NJ
30               44:10     Charles       FLOREK            Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Highland Park          NJ
31               44:46     Ian           MATHIAS           Hunt Valley Bicycles / Marathon Roofing                  Baltimore              MD
32               44:56     Mark          RHONDORF          Colavita
33               st        Andrew        LONGIDVIEW        Skylands Cycling
34               st        Kevin         HORAN             Colavita                                                 Ny                     NY
35               45:20     Tom           MAINS             Van Dessel Factory Team                                  Hamilton               NJ
36               45:32     Wade          HESS              Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         Ocean View             NJ
37               45:37     Jason         PARKIN            CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Translations.com                        New York               NY
38               46:24     Eric          MORGAN            Wissahickon
39               47:10     Don           YUNGHER           Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Piscataway             NJ
40               47:16     Carl          MASLAG            Team Fitness Mission/Allwood Bicycles                    North Arlington        NJ
41               47:22     Ed            KRALL             Indiana Regional Medical Center
42               47:57     Robert        MAY
43               lapped    Ken           DEITCH            Human Zoom\Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Wynnewood              PA
44               lapped    Erik          KRISTIANSON       Skylands Cycling
45               lapped    Mark          ROBSON            NERAC.com
46               lapped    Joseph        MULLIGAN          Team Bikery

B Women,u19,45+                          20                starters
Place  45+  u19  Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State  Points
1                41:41     Elizabeth     HARLOW            Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Baltimore              MD     35
2                41:51     Kristy        SWOPE             CSE / CSS / Riptide Cycling                              Bethlehem              PA     30
3                42:12     Cecelia       PLEVA             CRCA/Radical Media                                       New York               NY     27
4                42:44     Nikki         THIEMANN          Human Zoom Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Philadelphia           PA     24
5                st        Kathrin       SCHUMACHER        CRCofA / BM&G - Pete's                                   Pennington             NJ     22
6                st        Kim           DUBECK            Beans Bikes                                              West Chester           PA     20
7                43:58     Amy           ELICH             Rutgers University Cycling Team                                                        19
8      1         lapped    Jill          WAGGETT           Guy's Racing                                             Hopewell               NJ     18
9                lapped    Brett         DOLLAR            GS Boulder                                               Lafayette              CO     17
10               lapped    Jennifer      PITT              Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Baltimore              MD     16
11     2         lapped    Karen         TOURIAN           Guy's Racing                                             Philadelphia           PA     15
12               lapped    Lauren        KLEIN                                                                      Brooklyn               NY     14
13               lapped    Diane         VETTORI           C3-Sollay.com !                                          Elkton                 MD     13
14               lapped    Lenore        PIPES             Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia           PA     12
15     3         lapped    Anne          ROCK              Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia           PA     11
16               lapped    Bess          ARENDALL                                                                   Brooklyn               NY     10
17               lapped    Liz           SEWARD            CRCA                                                                                   9
18          1    lapped    Nina          SANTIAGO          High Gear/Watchung Wheelmen                              Dover                  NJ     8
19               lapped    Fiona         DAVIS             Rutgers University Cycling Team                                                        7
20          2    lapped    Alicia        STYER             Velo Bella Kona                                                                        6

Masters 35+                              50                starters
Place       45+  Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State
1                43:43     Roger         ASPHOLM           Westwood Velo                                            Haworth                NJ
2           1    44:49     Todd          CASSAN            Westwood Velo                                            Nyc                    NY
3                st        Troy          KIMBALL           Westwood Velo                                            Randolph               NJ
4                st        Blair         SAUNDERS          Henry's                                                  Newark                 DE
5           2    st        Mark          KUTNEY            Van Dessel Cycles                                        Charlottesville        VA
6                st        Kristopher    AUER              C3-Sollay.Com                                            Baltimore              MD
7                45:43     Greg          FERGUSON          Fort Factory Team                                        Glassboro              NJ
8                45:46     Sean          KELSEY            Evolution Racing                                         Doylestown             PA
9                46:17     Kevin         MOLLOY            CRCA / EMPIRE CYCLING TEAM                               New York               NY
10               st        Mike          HEBE              GPOA-Cannondale
11               st        Gerry         PFLUG             Freddie Fu Cycling Team                                  Mount Pleasant         PA
12               46:44     Andy          GORSKI            NetApp - Viner p/b kinetic-koffee.com                    Allison Park           PA
13               46:55     Brian         WIECZOREK         Freddie Fu Cycling Team                                  Ligonier Township      PA
14          3    46:58     Christopher   LONG              Independent Fabrication/Gotham                           Woodside               NY
15               47:26     Matthew       HOWARD            GS Gotham/Toga                                           New York               NY
16               47:30     Charles       CHICHESTER        CRC OF A                                                 Titusville             NJ
17          4    st        Martin        JONES             Team Somerset/Van Dessel/Bike King
18               47:48     Glenn         TURNER            Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon                           Newtown Sq             PA
19          5    st        Gunnar        SHOGREN           Fort Factory Team Bi-atch                                Morgantown             WV
20               st        Roger         FOCO              Skylands Cycling                                         Glenwood               NJ
21          6    48:05     Jeff          CORDISCO          C3-Sollay.com                                            Kennett Square         PA
22               48:25     Michael       KOLB              Chrsitiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 Newark                 DE
23               st        Joseph        PICCILLO          Evolution Racing                                         Doylestown             PA
24               st        Kirk          REISINGER         Wissahickon                                              Schwenksville          PA
25               48:48     Kelly         CLINE             Wissahickon
26          7    48:53     Charles       MCDANIEL          Secret Henry's Team
27               49:05     Judd          MILNE             Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                                    Reston                 VA
28               49:15     Eric          SCHLAUCH          Team Somerset / Van Dessel                               Califon                NJ
29               49:57     Chris         FACAS             Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capital                       Hillsborough           NJ
30          8    50:01     Shawn         DOWNING           Chesapeake Wheelmen/King Pawn                            Baltimore              MD
31               51:11     Mike          JANCOLA           Guys Racing                                              Erdenheim              PA
32               51:21     N. Johan      ANESTAD           Evolution Racing                                         Quakertown             PA
33          9    51:31     Scott         WILSON            Evolution Racing                                         Warminster             PA
34          10   51:48     Kevin         BRECKENMAKER      Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Hershey                PA
35          11   st        Mark          DONTIGNY          Central Penn Racing/The Bicycle Shop                     State College          PA
36          12   lapped    David         LOWE              Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Bala Cynwyd            PA
37          13   lapped    Kevin         KIELTY            Skylands Cycling                                         Franklin               NJ
38          14   lapped    Kevin         SAINT CLAIR       Main Line Cycling - Bikyle                               Philadelphia           PA
39               lapped    Karl          RAHN              CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                                 Ny                     NY
40          15   lapped    Douglas       GRAY              1st State Velo
41          16   lapped    Mark          FEATHERMAN        Guy's Racing                                             Elkins Park            PA
42               lapped    Russell       KELLY             CRCA/Sakonnet Technology                                 New York               NY
43               lapped    Jay           DOWNS             Fort Factory Team
44          17   lapped    Tom           BOWMASTER         Liberty Cycle                                            Morristown             NJ
45          18   lapped    Thomas        PREHN             Rocky Mounts
46          19   lapped    Richard       SACHS             RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                              Chester                CT
47          10   lapped    James         GOULD
48          21   lapped    Jim           FEEHAN            Kissena                                                  Spring Lake            NJ

B Masters                                61                starters
Place       55+  Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State
1                43:32     Raymond       ZEIMET            Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Ewing                  NJ
2                st        Trevor        WILLIAMS          Guy's Bicycle Racing                                     Radnor                 PA
3                st        Michael       LYNCH             Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         Petersburg             NJ
4                44:30     Tim           BOWMAN            Trophy Bikes                                             Philadelphia           PA
5                44:47     Bob           BIESE             Team Vortex                                              Kutztown               PA
6                st        Barry         WAHNER            Well Adjusted Racing/Wahner Chiropractic                 Drexel Hill            PA
7                st        Mike          CZUPRYNA          Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 Newark                 DE
8                45:17     Douglas       DICKS             bennetts bikes                                           Staten Island          NY
9                st        Bruce         FREEHOFF          Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         Robbinsville           NJ
10               45:28     Mike          CONNAIR           First State Velo/Christiana Care Plus                    Elkton                 MD
11               st        Doug          SPITZ             3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                    Locust                 NJ
12               45:39     Larry         KAUFMAN           Van Dessel Factory Team                                  Trenton                NJ
13               45:50     Rolf          WINDH             Guy's Racing                                             Philadelphia           PA
14               46:05     Richard       BILSON            FORT Factory Team                                        Newtown Square         PA
15               46:41     Paul          WAHNER            Well Adjusted Racing/Wahner Chiropractic                 Drexel Hill            PA
16               46:50     Dennis        SMITH             Secret Henry's Team
17               46:55     Nathan        RUCH              Endure XC
18               47:14     Brad          CLARK             Endure XC
19               47:36     Brian         BURGESS           Team Beacon                                              Devon                  PA
20               47;48     Ken           COLEMAN           Housatonic Wheel Club                                    New York               NY
21               st        Kevin         KUZAS             Guy's Bicycle Racing
22               48:06     Chris         THALER            Evolution Racing                                         Dublin                 PA
23          1    48:18     Lawrence      DUDEK             Team Somerset                                            Skillman               NJ
24               48:28     Peter         RAIMONT           BVF
25               48:38     Todd          PETERSON          Team Bulldog/Campmor                                     Manville               NJ
26               48:43     Jim           WATKINS           Team Somerset                                            Skillman               NJ
27               48:57     Bob           KENNELLY          halters cycle                                            Lincroft               NJ
28               49:20     Charles       LAPUZINA          Kissena Cycling Club
29               st        Andrew        SINGSON           Highland Park Hermes
30               49:45     Justin        ROTH
31               st        Dusan         STRIKA            Kissena Cycling Team                                     Parlin                 NJ
32               st        David         STROKES           Kissena Cycling Club
33               st        Marc          BECHTOLD          PSRacing/Grohe                                           Moorestown             NJ
34               st        Thomas        BETHE
35               st        James         BERSTEN           Mid Atlantic masters
36               50:09     Robert        MAXTED            Endure XC
37          2    50:15     Nunzio        DIBIASI           Yellow Breeches Racing                                   Elizabethtown          PA
39               50:44     Frank         DIONISIO          Kissena Cycling Club                                     Stamford               CT
40          3    st        Bob           PERNA             beans bikes                                              West Chester           PA
41          4    lapped    Joe           SALING            Team Somerset Van Dessel                                 Bridgewater            NJ
42               lapped    Louis         D'AMELIO          Van Dessel Factory Team                                  Belle Mead             NJ
43               lapped    Christopher   VEGH              Endure XC
44               lapped    Gary          DUGOVICH          Beaver Valley Velo                                       Monaca                 PA
45               lapped    Craig         CALLAN            HP Hermes
46               lapped    Glen          CALHOUN                                                                    Robbinsville           NJ
47               lapped    Greg          CAMPI             3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                    Shrewsbury             NJ
48          5    lapped    R. Michael    WILLIAMS          Wilmington Velocity                                      Wilmington             DE
49               lapped    #N/A          #N/A              #N/A                                                     #N/A                   #N/A
50          6    lapped    Karl          DITTEBRANDT       kissena cycling club                                     Teaneck                NJ
51               lapped    Doug          HOVER             ysg racing
52               lapped    Mark          MCCABE            3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                    Rumson                 NJ
53               lapped    John          HARTMAN           Main Line Cycling
54          7    lapped    Bob           CARY              Skylands Cycling                                         Sussex                 NJ
55          8    lapped    Donald        SNOOP             Hang On Snoopy Racing                                    Monroe                 NY

C Men                                    77                starters
Place       u19  Time      First Name    Last Name         Team                                                     City                   State
1           1    35:09     Mathew        SPINKS            Skylands Cycling
2                36:41     Joseph        ZORN III          Christiana Care PT+ / FSVS                               Bear                   DE
3                st        Geoff         HOUSE             Housatonic Wheel
4                37:22     Andy          GLASER            Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Hillsborough           NJ
5                st        Daniel        KNEPPER                                                                    Chambersburg           PA
6                st        Will          CUKIERSKI         Rutgers University Cycling Team
7                38:13     Katriel       STATMAN           Bard College Cycling                                     Annandale              NY
8                          Erik          PETERSEN          Cambridge
9                38:18     Adam          DUNCAN            CRCA/Avenue A-Razorfish                                  Westfield              NJ
10               st        Matthew       HENNESSY          Team BBC                                                 Baltimore              MD
11               st        Richard       HOFBAUER          Westwood Velo                                            Hoboken                NJ
12               st        Brett         KIELICK           Drexel Cycling                                           Philadelphia           PA
13               st        Michael       TONKINSON                                                                  Brooklyn               NY
14               st        Ethan         ATKINS            CRCA
15               38:26     Eloy          ANZOLA            Kissena Cycling Club                                     Brooklyn               NY
16          2    38:42     Erik          KRISTIANSSEN      Skylands Cycling
17               st        Richard       KASSAN            Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Westfield              NJ
18               st        Tyler         BROWN
19               st        Blake         BEDOYA            Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Elmwood                NJ
20               st        Daniel        RYAN              Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 New Castle             DE
21               39:33     David         CASALE
22               st        Todd          MCLOUGHLIN        Kissena                                                  New York               NY
23               st        Jay           NOSSEN            Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Somerset               NJ
24               st        Mike          REARDON           Columbus Bike Racing Team                                Lumberton              NJ
25               st        Carey         JACKSON YONCE                                                              Philadelphia           PA
26               st        Noah          SCHWARTZ          Rutgers University Cycling Team
27               st        Ian           LANDAU            Kissena                                                  Brooklyn               NY
28               39:59     Cody          KAPETANAKIS       Black Bear Cycling
29               st        Aaron         HOUSE             Housatonic Wheel
30               st        Lars          JACOBSEN          Skylands Cycling                                         Hackettstown           NJ
31          3    st        Saverio       FIORINO           DL Racing
32               st        Benjamain     DAILEY            Brooklyn Velo Force
33          4    st        James         MCCABE            Colavita Racing/Efinger Sporting Goods                   Bridgewater            NJ
34               st        Robert        BOTTO             Trophy Bikes                                             Philadelphia           PA
35               st        David         BAKER                                                                      Hackettstown           NJ
36               st        Chad          CASSELMAN         NY Velocity/CRCA                                         Bronx                  NY
37          5    st        Ross          GORDON            Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                         Galloway               NJ
38               st        Joseph        GRIMM             Army                                                     Thiells                NY
39               st        Christophe    JAMMET            CRCA/ NYVELOCITY                                         New York               NY
40               st        Keith         PLUNKETT          South mountain cycles                                    Emmaus                 PA
41               st        Charles       CROCCO JR         Team Somerset                                            Flemington             NJ
42               41:41     Mchael        FENNEL
43               41:12     Mark          FITZWATER         secret henry's team                                      Newark                 DE
44          6    st        Zach          BENDER            GS Park Ridge / Team Cyclesport                          Glen Rock              NJ
45               st        David         KIM               Rutgers University Cycling Team                          Monroe                 NJ
46               st        Bren          MORAN
47               st        Greg          CAMPI             3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                    Shrewsbury             NJ
48               st        Kyle          CAROLL            Rutgers University Cycling Team
49               st        Chris         FLECKNEE          Halters Cycles/WWW.MTBNJ.COM
50               0:42:44   Joseph        GILCH             Rutgers University Cycling Team
51               st        Patrick       LITTLEFIELD       CRCA/Avenue A-Razorfish                                  Point Lookout          NY
52               st        Brooks        WARD              Bard College                                             Annandale              NY
53               st        Julian        NATISIN           cycle funattic                                           Easton                 PA
54               st        Lyle          TRUMBULL          Guys
55               st        Al            CURTIS
56          7    st        Dag           ANDERSON          Team Somerset                                            Bridgewater            NJ
57               st        Fred          BROWN             Halters Cycles/WWW.MTBNJ.COM                             North Brunswick        NJ
58               lapped    Brian         ROSENBLATT        Team Somerset                                            Whitehouse Station     NJ
59               lapped    Charles       GARDINER          Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Devon                  PA
60               lapped    Will          HOWKINSON         NYC velo
61               lapped    Steven        BURKE             Hunt Valley
62               lapped    Frank J.      SCHLIPF III       Guy's Racing Club                                        Bristol                PA
63               lapped    Chris         FELTMAN           NYC velo
64               lapped    Stephen       GUALANO                                                                    Easton                 PA
65               lapped    Joe           FAVARA            Hampton Velo                                             Macungie               PA
66               lapped    Scott         FEATHER           Vortex                                                   Emmaus                 PA
67               lapped    Tim           JOHNSON           NYC velo
68               lapped    Laurence      GITGER            Halters Cycles/WWW.MTBNJ.COM
69               lapped    Tyler         KRISTIANSSEN      Skylands Cycling
70               lapped    Anthony       ESPOSITO          Rutgers University Cycling Team
71               lapped    Todd          MOYER             No Budget Racing
72               lapped    Gary          SNYDER                                                                     New Hope               PA
73          8    lapped    Anthony       SKORCHOD          Gotham Cyclists
74               lapped    Morgan        STYER
75               lapped    Gordon        DEAL
76          9    lapped    Wyatt         SAINT CLAIR       Main Line Cycling - BiKyle                               Philadelphia           PA