Augusta Cross Week Two

Augusta, NJ

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Augusta Cross Week Two Presented by Team Bulldog and Skylands Cycling Augusta, NJ Saturday, November 10, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

1    37:03.8   Ed          Burgess          Hammer Nutrition                     Newburgh       NY
2    38:14.5   Patrick     Kennedy          Liberty Cycle                        Denville       NJ
3    38:43.3   Tom         Perkins          Bicycle Depot                        Highland       NY
4    38:48.2   Ken         Coleman          Housatonic                           New York       NY
5    40:42.3   David       Daniel           Black Bear Cycling                   Stockholm      NJ
6    43:43.1   Stephen     Cannavale        Unattached                           Caldwell       NJ
7    43:46.1   Thaddeus    Newnam           Unattached                           Pottstown      PA
8    45:21.3   Eric        Thomas           Unattached                           Whippany       NJ
9    43:12.6   Gerry       Remsen           Skylands Cycling                     Wharton        NJ
DNS       Kris        Weber            Team Bulldog/Campmor                 Andover        NJ

1    41:26.9   Gerry       Reyerson         Skylands Cycling                     Sparta         NJ
2    41:35.4   Russ        Padgett          Cycle Funattic                       Pen Argyl      PA
3    37:34.6   Donald      Snoop            Hang on Snoopy Racing                Monroe         NY
4    41:23.6   Bob         Cary             Skylands Cycling                     Sussex         NJ

1    47:14.4   Anthony     Skorochod        Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing       Wind Gap       PA

1    40:44.7   Leah        Oppenheimer      Colavita Racing                      Newfoundland   NJ

Cat 4
1    36:19.0   Erik        Wilburn          Army Cycling                         West Point     NY
2    36:54.8   Edward      Haack            CycleCraft Racing Team               Mamaroneck     NY
3    37:55.2   Todd        McLoughlin       Kissena                              New York       NY
4    38:24.8   Frederick   Klenk            Unattached                           Titusville     NJ
5    38:35.9   Adam        Duncan           CRCA/Avenue A-Razorfish              Westfield      NJ
6    40:41.2   Kevin       Kall             Tri Kal Racing                       Dunellen       NJ
7    40:47.7   Ryan        Heerschap        Team Bulldog/Campmor                 Parsippany     NJ
8    41:24.1   George      V lahogiannis    Team Fitness Mission                 Rutherford     NJ
9    41:57.2   Al          Curtis           Bethel Cycle                         New Milford    CT
10   42:53.9   Michael     Urban            Unattached                           clifton        NJ
11   36:34.7
12   37:45.7   Ritz        Yap              Team Excel Multisport Racing         Wayne          NJ
DNF       Doug        Spitz            3D/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery            Locust         NJ
DNF       Ben         Harris           CRCA/Johathon Adler                  New York       NY
DNS       Bill        Labance          Skylands Cycling                     Vernon         NJ

Cat 1,2,3
1    43:51.8   Keith       Licata           Team Bulldog/Campmor                 Andover        NJ
2    44:20.2   Brian       Lariviere        Team Bulldog/Campmor                 Rockaway       NJ
3    46:24.3   Matt        Majka            Team Bulldog/Campmor                 Branchville    NJ
4    47:11.6   Peter       Baiamonte        Brooklyn Velo Force                  Brooklyn       NY
5    47:50.0   Ed          Burgess          Hammer Nutrition                     Newburgh       NY
6    51:25.1   Paul        Dericks          Victory Cycling Club                 Denville       NJ
dnf       David       Kahl             liberty cycle                        West Milford   NJ
dns       Sean        Mannion          Verge Sport/Test Pilot               Carmel         NY
dns       Noah        Meineke          Team Bulldog/Campmor                 Denville       NJ
dns       Ben         Harris           CRCA/Johathon Adler                  New York       NY