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Al Toefield Memorial Road Race

Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Al Toefield Memorial Road Race Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, July 21, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro-1-2-3  	(44 miles)

Rider			Team
1	Rashad Guerra		Affinity
2	Carlos Almonte		United
3	Arjan Planting		CRCA
4	Leigh Sorrells		Fior di Frutta/Masters
5	Ray Alba		Champion
6	Joe Salem		Fior di Frutta
7	Jermaine Burrowes	Team United Homes
8	Hammean Walker		USI
9	Curt Davis		Fior di Frutta
10	Chris Peck		Fior di Frutta
11	Brett Cleaver		CRCA/NY Sketches
12	Rob Brown		Major Taylor
13	Jon Clifton-Moore	Rush920
14	Patrick McNamara	Fior di Frutta/Ridgefield
15	Anthony Lowe		Princeton

Women		(37 miles)

RIDER			Team
1	Stacey Jensen		Kissena
2	Caitlin McVarish	CCC
3	Sharon Fletcher		Festo

Masters 35+	(34 miles)

Rider			Team
1	Joseph Zaverdas		East End/Kreb Cycle
2	Gerry Martinez		CRCA/Global Locate
3	Juan Pimentel		CRCA/Global Locate
4	Geoff Bickford		CRCA
5	Marcos Gratereaux	Miya Shoji
6	Charles Damsky		UNT
7	Tim Spence		CRCA/Global Locate
8	Richard Gonzalez
9	Thomas Cipolla		CTS
10	Anthony Maisto		Deno�s Wonder Wheel

Category 4  (27 miles)

1	Marc Adam		C's
2	Johan Burrowes		WS United
3	Karl Roesler
4	Raul Galliano
5	Carl Nelson		We Stand United
6	Russell Cadogan		Sid's
7	Herbert Quintero
8	James Hines		Kissena
9	Miguelangel Blanco
10	Daniel Inoa		The Forces

Category 5  (17 miles)

1	Aleksey Urosov		Propeller Racing
2	Miguel Flores
3	Joshua Storck
4	Akin Dorsett		Peddallers
5	Joe Steele
6	Jhovahn Gibbs
7	Michael Tabtabai	Kissena
8	George White
9	Peter Jarnebrant
10	Stephen Paige		USI

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