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New Jersey Master's Road Championship

Ringoes, NJ

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Jersey Master's Road Championship Presented by Team Somerset Ringoes, NJ Saturday, June 16, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.


MEN 35+

1           Troy Kimball            Westwood Velo
2           Randy Lovelace          The Fitness Mission
3           Mark Pohndorf           Colavita Racing
4           Tom Pinneo              Van Dessel Factory
5           Steve Dioslaki          Metra/Ideal Tile/YSG
6           Dan Coleman             Colavita Racing
7           Kent Donahue            Riptide Racing
8           Eric Schlauch           Team Somerset
9           Shawn Teske             PSRacing/Grohe
10          Milo Bastianelli        Skylands Cycling
11          John Nyman              PSRacing/Grohe
12          David Kahl              Liberty Cycle
13          Steve Goldman           Westwood Velo
14          Peter Hardy             Team Somerset
15          Ryan Heminway           Pro Pedals
16          Kevin Power             Van Dessel Factory
17          Chris Foster            PSRacing/Grohe
18          Paul Ganun              3D Racing
19          Victor Rallo            3D Racing
20          Tom Shebell             3D Racing

MEN 45+

1           Larry Towner            Liberty Cycle
2           Bob Janssen             Team Express
3           Walter Risse            MLC/Bikyle
4           Kevin Haley             Skylands Cycling
5           Greg Cordsaco           Liberty Cycle
6           Larry Henderson         Skylands Cycling
7           John Lennox             Watchung/High Gear
8           Rich Abrahamian         Team Norwood Agcy
9           Terry Stone             Unattached
10          Mel Campbell            Westwood Velo
11          Pete Wilson             PSRacing/Grohe
12          Dave Buegler            Team Somerset
13          Joe Zuppa Jr.           Riptide Cycling
14          Jose Hernandez          Colavita Racing
15          Steve Cochrane          Mambo Kings
16          Unidentified
17          Mark Albert             Westwood Velo
18          Pat Kennedy             Liberty Cycle
19          Dana Fallon             Liberty Cycle
20          Brian Gristic           Skylands/ACT

MEN 55+

1           Dan Mitchell            Skylands Cycling
2           Bobby O'Hara            Colavita Racing
3           Jozef Urzedowski        Watchung/High Gear
4           Jan Faltyn              Watchung/High Gear
5           Greg Shutske            Team Somerset
6           Gerry Ryerson           Skylands Cycling
7           John Autore             Team Bikery
8           Thomas Lanza            Team Express Pro P
9           Joe Bielecki            Team Bikery
10          John Barrett            Team Somerset
11          Jim Kaeli               Colavita Racing
12          Jim Bonacorda           Cranford Bike Team
13          Robt. Malovany          Westwood Velo
14          Gary Pilling            Action Wheels
15          Rich Koppel             Team Bikery
16          Paul Lenkowski          Summit Cycling
17          Joe Buckley             Summit Cycling
18          Carmen Gaita            Team Bikery
19          Barry Nazarian          Team Bikery
20          Brent Knudson           Liberty Cycle

MEN 65+

1           Richard Bradley         Team Atlantic
2           Doug Mitchell           Team Atlantic


1           Jill Waggett            Guy's Racing
2           Brooke Wilson           Team Somerset
3           Katherine Russell       Team Somerset
4           Meredity Johnson        3D Racing
5           Karen Bechtold          PSRacing/Grohe
6           Cindi Steiner           Montclair Cyclists
7           Nicole Fedderson        3D Racing
8           Jan Curran              Riptide Cycling
9           Eliz. Daro-Kaftan       Team Somerset
10          Laura Carlson           Riptide Cycling
11          Barbara Shwecki         Team Somerset
12          Kelly Ann O'Connor      Team Somerset
13          Joanne Rude             Team Somerset


1           Susan Roche             Unattached
2           Elizabeth Bertolini     Liberty Cycle
3           Dawn Wylong             Team Somerset


1           Carol Lanza             Riptide Cycling