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16th Annual Jason Gundel Wilmington Classic

Wilmington, DE

Sunday, June 3, 2007

16th Annual Jason Gundel Wilmington Classic Presented by Team DRT/Deep Blue Wilmington, DE Sunday, June 03, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Category 5 - 10 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        William Kanteres          Rt 1 Velo/ Capitol Hill Bikes
2        James Drane               Immediate Mortgage- Artemis
3        John Spieker              Shore Velocity
4        Andrew Welch              unattached
5        Michael Morali            Charm City MD
6        John Shea                 Immediate Mortgage- Artemis
7        Ben Anemone               Bucks County
8        Chris Grudner             Team DRT/Deep Blue
9        Nick DeAngelis            Iron Hill Brewery
10       Colin Kennard             Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
11       Mark Kline                Iron Hill Brewery
12       Kyle Reed                 University of Delaware Cycling
13       Kirby Tirk                Iron Hill Brewery
14       Brian Windle              unattached
15       Edward Salas              ABRT/ Latitude
16       Jackson Barr              Bicycle Place
17       Noan Letwin               BBC
18       Jeff Lange                WWVC/ 3D Fitness &Health
19       Darryl Flaherty           unattached
20       Michael Simmons           West Chester Cycling

Women Category 4- 15 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        Susanna Matsen            Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
2        Lesley Golenor            HPC/ List
3        Jennifer Kraut            Team DRT/Deep Blue
4        Mary Fetrow               World Cup Ski & Cycle
5        Kristi Walters            Team DRT/Deep Blue
6        Cynthia Anderson          AMVC/ DND Inc.
7        Eva DuGoff                Rt 1 Velo/ Capitol Hill bicycles
8        Erin Silliman             Immediate Mortgage- Artemis
9        Jill Lewis                Team DRT/Deep Blue
10       Naomi Takahashi           Sturdy Girl Cycling
11       Lihn Tran                 Immediate Mortgage- Artemis
12       Andrea Hogarth            Immediate Mortgage- Artemis
13       Jody Twer                 Sturdy Girl Cycling
14       Patricia Marzi            Fuji/ Salamander
15       Emily Moy                 unattached
16       Leah Roberts              Sturdy Girl Cycling
17       Jennifer Kulicki          Boston Scientific
18       Dana Maglaris             Immediate Mortgage- Artemis
19       Rebecca Letwin            BBC
20       Michelle Young            Yellow Breeches
21       Jane Stewart              unattached
22       Margaret Beddall          NCVC/ Inova Health
23       Jo Johnson                Team DRT/Deep Blue
24       Theresa Figary            Quaker City

Category 4  -  20 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        Peter Custer              WWVC/ 3D Fitness & Health
2        Nathan Wilson             NCVC/ Inova Health
3        Matthew Neugebauer        Christiana Care PT/ FSVS
4        Bruno Neto                Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
5        Todd Kreiger              Team DRT/Deep Blue
6        Jason Hall                Squadra Coppi/ IM Saab
7        David Crouse              Bike Lane
8        Mike May                  Immedaite Mortgage - Artemis
9        Richard Steele            Iron Hill Brewery / West Chester
10       Ian Morrison              Bike Doctor
11       Andrew Schmidt            Bloomsburg university
12       John Hunter               Temple University Cycling
13       Sean Ross                 Squadra Coppi/ IM Saab
14       Brian Geary               All American
15       Christopher Newport       NCVC/ Inova Health
16       Alexander Botterfield     NCVC/ Inova Health
17       Matthew Berens            All American

Category 3 - 25 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        George Opria              VOS Racing
2        Stephen Koelbl            Warrington Racing
3        Josh Kahney               n-iteractive/ bike Doctor
4        Bill Breslin              WWVC/ 3D Fitness & Health
5        Paul Lengermann           NCVC/ Inova Health
6        Michael Burrows           World Cup Ski & Cycle
7        Mike Bradbury             Evolution
8        Steven Grant              NCVC/ Inova Health
9        Mike Esmonde              Rt 1 Velo/ Capitol Hill
10       Zack Allison              NCVC/ Inova Health
11       Eric Krause               All American
12       William Luecke            NCVC/ Inova Health
13       Geffrey Moy               unattached
14       Ryan Bloom                Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
15       Constantinos Tombras      Squadra Coppi/ IM Saab
16       Will Rowlette             Evolution
17       Dale Waters               Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
18       Charles Denton            Hunt Valley
19       Christopher Berbert       NCVC/ Inova Health
20       Russell Brown             Immediate Mortgage/ Artemis

Women Open - 25 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        Jacquelyn Crowell         Cycle Science
2        Leslie Jennings           ABRT/ Latitude
3        Marjan Huizing            Kenda Tire
4        Jennifer Bodine           ABRT/ Latitude
5        Jacqueline Paull          Watchung Wheelmen
6        Heidi Woolever            ABRT/ Latitude
7        Arley Kemmerer            Boston Scientific
8        Marni Harker              Kenda Tire
9        Susan Hefler              Warrington Racing
10       Michelle Hart             Annapolis

Women Category 3 - 25 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        Jennifer Rasmusson        HPC/ List
2        Peg Fontello              Team DRT/ Deep Blue
3        Christine Wehlburg        NCVC/ Inova Health
4        Sara Schewel              Human Zoom
5        Anna Kelso                HPC/ List
6        Mimi Newcastle            HPC/ List
7        Sara Zeigler              ABRT/ Latitude
8        Sally Poliwoda            Sturdy Girl Cycling

Category 1/2/3 - 30 miles
Place    Name                      Team
1        Josh Frick                Clean Currents p/b don Meyer
2        Ken Johnson               Battley Harley Davidson
3        Dave Fuentes              Battley Harley Davidson
4        Brian Butts               Clean Currents p/b Don Meyer Volvo
5        David Bozak               Clean Currents p/b Don Meyer Volvo
6        Sean Barrie               Battley Harley Davidson
7        Nathan Coleman            Immediate Mortgage/ Artemis
8        Evan Fader                Battley Harley Davidson
9        Ramon Benitez             Immediate Mortgage/ Artemis
10       Steve Lusby               Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
11       Mark Sommers              Clean Currents p/b Don Meyer Volvo
12       Jason Meidhof             NCVC/ Inova Health
13       Rick Norton               Kelly Benefit Strategies/ LSV
14       Ryan McKinney             Clean Currents p/b Don Meyer Volvo
15       Fredrik Andersson         NCVC/ Inova Health
16       Greg Abbott               NCVC/ Inova Health
17       Paul Mica                 NCVC/ Inova Health