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The Houston Grand Criterium

Houston, TX

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Houston Grand Criterium Presented by Texas Sports Federation Houston, TX Sunday, May 13, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

FirstName        LastName       TeamName

Women's Open
1     Cristin          Walker         Northwest Cycling Club
2     Daniele          Staskal        Austin Flyers
3     Shelby           Reynolds       Sugar Cycles
4     Kristen          Andreasen      Sugar Cycles
5     Julia            Kastner        Team Bikesport
6     Kim              Ciolli         Solar Eclipse
7     Laura            Hiatt          Austin Flyers
8     Angela           Clark          Sugar Cycles
9     Lori             Barrett        Velossimo Racing
10    Laura            Meichan        Sugar Cycles
11    Joyce            Baysinger      Sugar Cycles
12    Mandi            Rogers         The Woodlands Cycling Club
13    Brittany         Sanders        Unattached
14    Amy              Taylor         Sugar Cycles
15    Aimee            Cormier        Sugar Cycles
16    Helen            Tarr           Sugar Cycles
17    Amanda           Kuhl           Southern Elite
18    Audrey           Carmical       Austin Flyers
19    Melissa          Brown          AG Cycling
20    Holly            Marrs          The Woodlands Cycling Club
21    Milissa          Day            Unattached
22    Lisa             Hartman        Sugar Cycles
23    Tania            Hendry         The Woodlands Cycling Club
24    Kathryn          Baumeister     Team West End

Men's Cat 3
1     Joseph           LaFico         Gulf Coast Cycling Association
2     Chris            Lowry          Sugar Cycles
3     Chris            Prince         Team Bike Lane
4     Henk             Calderon       Southern Elite
5     Marc             Bergeron       Team Hotel San Jose
6     Richard          Lamb           Southern Elite
7     Eric             Randolph       Gulf Coast Cycling Association
8     Eric             Kuhl           Southern Elite
9     Damen            Sistrunk       Northwest Cycling Club
10    Lance            Cizek          Team Tilson Homes
11    David            Barron         Bike Barn (Texas)
12    Rod              Dittrick       Bike Barn (Texas)
13    carmi            Schulman       Southern Elite
14    Michael          Rossi          Team Bikesport
15    Robert           Sisk           Team Bikesport
16    Dana             Chamness       Northwest Cycling Club
17    Bennett          Brown          Southern Elite
18    Frank            Karbarz        Gulf Coast Cycling Association
19    Alan             Ting           Northwest Cycling Club
20    Blake            Rich           Southern Elite
21    Trey             Copeland       Southern Elite
22    Pedro            Martinez       Southern Elite
23    Ryan             Dionne         Gulf Coast Cycling Association
24    Felix            Guardado       Unattached
25    Clinton          Buss           Bike Barn (Texas)
26    Daniel           Ramos          Unattached
27    Rudolph          Thomas III     Unattached
28    George           Chapman        Texas Wheels Cycling Club
29    James            McCowen        Southwest Cycling Club Racing
30    Melissa          Brown          AG Cycling
31    Michael          Shepherd       Northwest Cycling Club
32    Kevin            Burandt        The Woodlands Cycling Club
33    Jose             Caballero      Gulf Coast Cycling Association
34    Kevin            Lynch          The Woodlands Cycling Club
35    Terry            Dupler         Team Tilson Homes
36    Robert           Coreale        Bike Barn Racing Team
37    Bradley          Gunter         Gulf Coast Cycling Association
38    Jose             Hernandez      Unattached
39    Robert           Daniel         Team Hotel San Jose

Men's Ages 35+ Cat 4/5
1     Jesse            Johnson        Unattached
2     Andy             Andreasen      Sugar Cycles
3     Kiet             Tran           Unattached
4     Lynn             McMahon        Unattached
5     Robert           McCallum       Unattached
6     Matt             McCullough     GS Tenzing
7     Todd             Liebel         Woodlands Cycling Club
8     Cruz             Rivas          Unattached
9     Paul             Hurdlow        Team Six
10    Douglas          Lee            Unattached
11    Alisdair         Craig          Bike Barn (Texas)
12    Mark             Landeck        Team Tilson Homes
13    Todd             Burgess        Freedom Chevrolet/Joes Pro Bikes
14    S Mathew         Womack         Texas Eagles Cycling Club
15    Paul             Forderhase     Unattached
16    Richard          Lizama         Bike Barn (Texas)
17    Steve            Quick          Sugar Cycles
18    David            Lawrence       Unattached
19    Troy             Woods          Unattached
20    Terrell          Teutsch        Bike Barn (Texas)
21    Marcus           Arredondo      Wolfpak Racing
22    John             Smith          Unattached
23    Keith            Gumney         Team West End
24    Greg             Smith          Unattached
25    Brian            Freeze         Team Tilson Homes
26    James            Murff          Team Hotel San Jose
27    Tom              Goebel         Southwest CycleSport/HealthCoach
28    James            Ruberti        Southern Elite
29    Andreas          Starz          Pearland Cycling Club
30    James            Trimble        Unattached
31    Timothy          Arnold         Northwest Cycling Club
32    John             Bergeron       Gulf Coast Cycling Association
33    Brit             Perkins        Unattached
34    Luis             Gonzalez       Team Bikesport
35    Steve            Martin         Unattached
36    Barry            Klunder        Team Bicycles Inc.
37    Mike             Healey         AT&T
38    Steven           Bigby          Wolfpak Racing
39    J Kelly          Strader        Unattached
40    James            Corry          Texas Eagles Cycling Club
41    Alejandro        Limon          Rosen USA
42    Erick            Rivas          Bike Barn (Texas)
43    James            Smith          Pearland Cycling Club
44    Eric             Solberg        The Woodlands Cycling Club
45    Randy            Pospichel      Southwest Cycling Club Racing
46    Jeffrey          Gardner        Gulf Coast Cycling Association
47    Jeff             Mason          SWCC
48    Ken              Paschall       Team Tilson Homes
49    Jim              Davis          Unattached
50    Olaf             Jardas         Unattached
51    Scott            Schaefer       Southern Elite
52    Chris            Langley        Unattached
53    Greg             Binion         Unattached
54    Michael          Shaddock       Southwest Cycling Club Racing
55    Rich             Schmidt        Pearland Cycling Club
56    Quentin          Dyson          Southern Elite
57    Sean             Gore           Southern Elite
58    Euan             Mackay         Sugar Cycles
59    Robert           Lowley         Unattached

Men's Ages 35+ Cat 1/2/3
1     Edwardo          Rodrigo        Orven
2     Kevin            Kremke         Bike Barn (Texas)
3     Richard          Lamb           Southern Elite
4     Ryan             Crane          Gulf Coast Cycling Association
5     Andrew           Weathers       Gulf Coast Cycling Association
6     Blake            Rich           Southern Elite
7     Dwight           Lopez          Unattached
8     David            Parker         Solar Eclipse
9     Brett            Faulk          Sugar Cycles
10    Lance            Cizek          Team Tilson Homes
11    George           Chapman        Texas Wheels Cycling Club
12    Scot             Orgish         Northwest Cycling Club
13    Bryan            Baker          GS Houston/GS Cavasos
14    Craig            Fitzgerald     The Woodlands Cycling Club
15    Chad             Smith          Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
16    James            Quinn          Southern Elite
17    Rudolph          Thomas III     Unattached
18    Brian            Handal         Great American Travel
19    Gordon           Wilkinson      The Woodlands Cycling Club
20    David            Barron         Bike Barn (Texas)
21    Damon            VanZandt       Gulf Coast Cycling Association
22    Robert           Coreale        Bike Barn Racing Team

Junior Open
1     Cody             Foster         Southern Elite
2     Alan             Ting           Northwest Cycling Club
3     Henk             Calderon       Southern Elite
4     Carmi            Schulman       Southern Elite
5     Eric             Rasche         Northwest Cycling Club
6     Trent            Boyd           Unattached
7     Jameson          Tomlin         Unattached
8     Michael          Pincus         Pearland Cycling Club
9     Ryan             Eisenman       Unattached
10    Ian              Mumm           Vision Tech
11    Martin           Reirsgard      Northwest Cycling Club
12    Timothy          Tirado         Unattached
13    Christine        Tirado         Unattached

Men's Cat 5
1     Leonard          Gremillion     Unattached
2     Matthew          Morgan         Team Tilson Homes
3     Steve            Quick          Sugar Cycles
4     Nicholas         Osborne        Unattached
5     Kiet             Tran           Unattached
6     Jonathan         Sanchez        Unattached
7     Mark             Saucedo        Team Hotel San Jose
8     Marcus           Arredondo      Wolfpak Racing
9     Gordon           Yang           Unattached
10    Tony             Phongsy        Unattached
11    Tran             Robin          Unattached
12    Lynn             McMahon        Unattached
13    Robert           Biard          Unattached
14    Henry            Martinez       Peak Fitness Racing
15    Ross             Dix            Unattached
16    Kevin            Fujii          Unattached
17    John             Hanna          Southwest Cycling Club Racing
18    Kevin            Roberts        Southwest Cycling Club Racing
19    Eric             Attayi         Unattached
20    Hill             Swift          Unattached
21    Gary             Rogers         Bike Barn Racing Team
22    Shane            Baldon         Unattached
23    Tony             Phongsy        Unattached
24    Brian            McGrath        Cougar Cycling
25    J Kelly          Strader        Unattached
26    Terrell          Teutsch        Bike Barn (Texas)
27    Johannes         Kubik          Unattached
28    Chris            Dawson         Unattached
29    John             Powell         Gulf Coast Cycling Association
30    Ben              Emata          Southwest Cycling Club Racing
31    Michael          Powers         Unattached
32    Brian            Hiatt          Southwest Cycling Club Racing
33    Alan             Charley        The Woodlands Cycling Club
34    Todd             Merry          ACME Bicycle Company
35    Douglas          Jones          Unattached
36    Jim              Davis          Unattached
37    John             Purse          Sanders Clinic/PowerBar
38    Roger            Burger         ACME Bicycle Company
39    Mark             Hernandez      ACME Bicycle Company

Men's Cat 4
1     Euan             Mackay         Sugar Cycles
2     Rich             Schmidt        Pearland Cycling Club
3     Ronald           Strange        Team Tilson Homes
4     John             Rosie          Sugar Cycles
5     McLean           Worsham        Wichita Falls Bicycling Club
6     Todd             Burgess        Freedom Chevrolet/Joes Pro Bikes
7     Graydon          Thorne         The Woodlands Cycling Club
8     Reed             Olmstead       Team Tilson Homes
9     James            Murff          Team Hotel San Jose
10    Matt             McCullough     GS Tenzing
11    Jack             Gutweiler      Team Bikesport
12    J                Andrews        Sugar Cycles
13    Shawn            Harris         The Woodlands Cycling Club
14    Robert           Smith          Gulf Coast Cycling Association
15    Carlos           Salas          Pearl Izumi Team Texas
16    Mark             Landeck        Team Tilson Homes
17    Joshua           Foster         Sugar Cycles
18    John             Myhre          Bicycle Heaven Racing Club(BHRC)
19    Justin           Burger         Unattached
20    Alisdair         Craig          Bike Barn (Texas)
21    Robert           Mercado        Austin Flyers
22    Stephan          Sanchez        Southern Elite
23    Eric             Solberg        The Woodlands Cycling Club
24    Adrian           Snell          Unattached
25    Ian              Mumm           Unattached
26    Brad             Winn           Team Tilson Homes
27    Michael          Shaddock       Southwest Cycling Club Racing
28    James            Smith          Pearland Cycling Club
29    Jason            Danvir         Sugar Cycles
30    Cruz             Rivas          Unattached
31    Daniel           Valaperta      Camino Real Cycling Team
32    Randy            Pospichel      Southwest Cycling Club Racing
33    Jorge            Moya           Sugar Cycles
34    Andres           Gonzalez       Unattached
35    Jean Paul        Legault        Camino Real Cycling Team
36    Sean             Walters        Unattached
37    Barton           Beddingfield   Team Bikesport
38    Eric             Comeau         Unattached
39    Trent            Boyd           Unattached
40    Clark            Whitley        Sugar Cycles
41    Brandon          Ewers          The Woodlands Cycling Club
42    James            Corry          Texas Eagles Cycling Club
43    gary             mishoe         The Woodlands Cycling Club
44    Andy             Andreasen      Sugar Cycles

Men's P/1/2
1     Edwardo          Rodrigo        Orven
2     David            Wenger         AG Cycling
3     Joshua           Carter         ABD Cycling
4     William          Ross           Team Hotel San Jose
5     Thomas           Kubicek        Team Tilson Homes
6     Brent            Turner         Bike Barn (Texas)
7     Billy            Kurtz          Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
8     Edgar            Trevino        Orven
9     Zach             Fiocca         Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
10    Andrew           Willis         Team Hotel San Jose
11    Joshua           Kerkhof        Team Lone Star Bicycles
12    Gregory          Bauer          Team Tilson Homes
13    Brandon          Cowart         Bike Barn (Texas)
14    Nathan           Miller         Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
15    Edward (Nick)    Lewis          Camino Real Cycling Team
16    Brett            Faulk          Sugar Cycles
17    Kenny            York           Bike Barn Racing Team
18    Sam              Childs         Team at&t-Brain and Spine Cycling
19    Mario            Nadar          Orven
20    Karl             Stover         Dent Wizard
21    David            Golden         Team Hotel San Jose

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