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Turkey Hill Country Classic

Lancaster, PA

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Turkey Hill Country Classic Presented by MHC Sports Lancaster, PA Saturday, May 05, 2007
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

weather: sunny 73 windy variable 3-12 mph

Results powered by The Big Guy Group

PRO 1/2/3
PLACE        FIRST            LAST           TEAM                                                     CITY                STATE
1            Stephan          KINCAID        Rite Aid Pro Cycling                                     Pottstown           PA
2            Michael          CHAUNER        Pennsylvania Lightning                                   West Chester        PA
3            Peter            CANNELL        IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE                       Ashburn             VA
4            John             DELONG         Team Alliance Environmental                              Wyomissing          PA
5            Ryan             DEWALD         UCI ELITE
6            Ryan             MELE           TREK OF PITTSBURGH                                       Washington          PA
7            Kyle             WAMSLEY        Navigators Insurance                                     Topton              PA
8            Jared            BABIK          Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Pittsburgh          PA
9            Taylor           BROWN          PA LIGHTNING
10           Joe              WHITMAN        Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/HincapieBellefonte          PA
11           Kiel             CASARI         Metra/Wendy's/Ideal Tile                                 Holmdel             NJ
12           Tyler            WREN           COLOVITA
13           Keith            GERBER         Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon                           Brookhaven          PA
14           David            OSBORNE        IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE                       Olney               MD
15           Nathan           COLEMAN        IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE                       Baltimore           MD
16           Fred             REIDENBACH     IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE                       Emmitsburg          MD
17           Chris            LARSEN         ABRT/Latitude                                            Arlington           VA
18           Louis            SECRETO        Human Zone
19           Dave             BLACK          Pa Ren Faire
20           Bo               LEE            IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE                       Annandale           VA
21           Rich             ULIANA         Gotham Cyclists
22           Kyle             WAGNER         Lehigh University                                        Bethlehem           PA
23           Andrew           WULFKUHLE      C3/ADG                                                   Lancaster           PA
24           Steve            MAY            Vellum Cycles                                            Lebanon             PA
25           Justin           MALLEY
26           UNKNOWN
27           Alex             MEYER          Northeastern Hardware/CJCT                               Montclair           NJ
28           Joshua           TAYLOR         Rite Aid Pro Cycling                                     Alburtis            PA
29           Colin            SANDBERG       Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Philadelphia        PA
30           UNKNOWN
31           James W.         WAGNER                                                                  Bethesda            MD
32           Ramon            BENITEZ        IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE                       Glenwood            MD
33           Brad             VIERA          Rite Aid Pro Cycling                                     Lancaster           PA
34           Chris            RUHL           Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/HincapieQuakertown          PA
35           Michael          ATTIE          Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Philadelphia        PA
36           Michael          MILLER         Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/HincapieBirdsboro           PA
37           Steve            CUMMINGS       Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Pittsburgh          PA
38           Rich             STRAUB         Human Zoom-Pabst Blue Ribbon                             State College       PA
39           Matthew          PERRY          CHRIS CITY VELO
40           Tim              KARABIN        VELO IRON HILL
41           Andy             WALTERS        CL NOONAN/KAM
42           Geoff            SMITH          Watchung Wheelmen                                        Exton               PA
43           Arrn             WOLFE          CONT RD
44           Brian            TRDINA         Swashbuckler Brewing/                      Frederick           MD
45           Bobby            LEA            Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team                           Mertztown           PA
46           UNKNOWN
47           Jed              SCHOBER        GRETNABIKES                                              Lancaster           PA
48           Jeremy           WALKER         Cane Creek                                               Millersville        PA
49           Russell          BLAKE          Monstr Health Cycling Team                               Dover               PA
50           Turner           JOHNSON        Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Renfrew             PA
50           Todd             KRUGER         Highland Park Hermes                                     Highland Park       NJ
DNF          Greg             FERGUSON       Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Glassboro           NJ
DNF          Steve            GERGELY        Swashbuckler Brewing Company/             Manheim             PA
DNF          Michael          HEBE           Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Camp Hill           PA
DNF          Pedro            HIJAR          Evolution Cycling                                        Reston              VA
DNF          Michael          JENKS          Highland Park Hermes                                     Highland Park       NJ
DNF          Fred             BILLET         Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Langhorne           PA
DNF          Shane            KLINE          TEAM Fuji/Salamander                                     Bally               PA
DNF          Richard          KLOSINSKI      Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Marlton             NJ
DNF          Matthew          KUPSKY         Velocity Sports Performance/CCE                          Bridgeton           NJ
DNF          Chris            MCGILL         Evolution Cycling                                        Washington          DC
DNF          Nate             PIEKIELEK      Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           State College       PA
DNF          Mike             STUBNA         Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Pittsburgh          PA
DNF          Mark             WARNO          Evolution Cycling                                        Fairfax             VA
DNF          Dan              WILSON         Monstr Health Cycling                                    Wilmington          DE
DNF          Wayne            WORK           Swashbuckler Brewing/                      Lancaster           PA
DNF          Chad             YOUNG          Monstr Health Cycling Team                               Lancaster           PA
DNF          Brian            STONER         HUB
DNF          Brett            JACOBY         Gotham Cyclists
DNF          Kevin            FRYBERGER      HUMAN ZONE
DNF          Adam             PANTASTICO     METRO WENDY'S
DNF          Tucker           BROWN          PA LIGHTNING
DNF          Jackie           SIMES          PA LIGHTNING
DNF          Mark             LIGHT          LIBERTY CYCLE
DNF          Fred             BILLET         Meredith group-GPOA-cannondale                           Langhorne           PA

MEN CAT 3 - 4
PLACE        FIRST            LAST           TEAM                                                     CITY                STATE
1            Jeffrey          Schutt         WBI Investments powered by LIV Natural                   Blandon             PA
2            Austin           Frey           c3/adg                                                   Washington Boro     PA
3            Michael          Burrows        World Cup Ski & Cycle                                    Newark              DE
4            Andy             Johnson        Team Cycle Works                                         Lititz              PA
5            Matt             Spohn          Penn State Cycling / Dynaflow                            York                PA
6            Jacob            Mueller        Guys Racing                                              Skippack            PA
7            Brian            Smith          Monstr health cycling                                    York                PA
8            Zac              Felpel         Red Rose Rockets                                         Willow Street       PA
9            Emerson          Loustau        Philadelphia Ciclismo                                    Philadelphia        PA
10           Adam             Kahler         WBI Investments powered by LIV Natural                   Lewisburg           PA
11           Todd             Dowling        WBI Investments presented by LIV                         Lewisburg           PA
12           Timothy          Klotz          Monstr Health Cycling Team                               York                PA
13           Steve            Szwec          Bucknell Cycling                                         Yardley             PA
14           Morabito         Christopher    Cycledrome Bicycling Team                                Bethlehem           PA
15           Christopher      Mecray         CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear                   New York            NY
16           William          Tate           Penn State U Cycling                                     State College       PA
17           Ben              King           none                                                     Lancaster           PA
18           David            Krial          Bikeline/LWA                                             Coopersburg         PA
19           Mitch            Hunt           All about bikes racing                                   Norfolk             VA
20           Brandon          Lumm           Route 1 Velo / Capitol Hill Bikes                        Washington          DC
21           Tony             Baldo          Upstsate Velo-Sicklers                                   Laflin              PA
22           Ryan             Pomajevich     Gotham Cyclists                                          Schnecksville       PA
23           Justin           Brown          WBI Investments Cycing Team                              Holland             PA
24           Brad             Carpenter      Trizilla Triathalon Equipment                            Pittsburgh          PA
25           Richard          Maclaughlin    Chester County Velo - Iron Hill                          West Chester        PA
26           Joey             Piscitello     philadelphia ciclismo                                    Rydal               PA
27           Kyle             Eckley         Technocycle BRC/Dynaflo Racing                           Beech Creek         PA
28           Mark             Broadwater     Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV                             Cockeysville        MD
29           Andy             Ayers          Boston Scientific Cycling Club                           Lancaster           PA
30           Scott            Sanderson      Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Millerstown         PA
31           Nate             Goates         Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Shippensburg        PA
32           Nick             Price          Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC                           West Lawn           PA
33           Gregory          Vadas          ETS-Silver Cycles                                        Bethesda            MD
34           Ryan             Sohmer         Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Harrisburg          PA
35           William          Fissel         University of Delaware Cycling                           Newark              DE
36           Timothy          Gresh          Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/HincapieNew Holland         PA
37           Jeff             Dolan          Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                            Wallingford         PA
38           Graham           Coy            Tri-State Velo                                           Elverson            PA
39           Jonathan         Glick          Monstr Healthcare                                        Lancaster           PA
40           Matt             Swiatek        Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC                           Easton              PA
41           Paul             Runyon         Tri State Velo                                           Philadelphia        PA
42           Michael          Whitaker       Swahsbuckler Brewing/PA                     Lancaster           PA
43           Mike             Carney         Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Hummelstown         PA
44           Johann           Liljengren     Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Philadelphia        PA
45           Barton           Kirk           Technocycle BRC/Dynaflo Racing                           Pittsburgh          PA
46           Matthew          Neugebauer     Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 Wilmington          DE
48           Samuel           Kirk           TechnoCycle BRC                                          Paradise            PA
49           Jason            Thomas         Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Elizabethtown       PA
50           Paul             Plowright      Team Cycle Works presented by The Harp and Fiddle        York                PA
51           John             Barkley        Christiana Care PT+/First State Velo Sport               Wilmington          DE
52           Amos             Glick                                                                   Quarryville         PA
53           Edward           Klock-mccook   Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             King Of Prussia     PA
54           Brian            HOFFMAN        TRIZILLA
55           Todd             Schwartz       Guy's Racing                                             Meadowbrook         PA
56           Michael          Ciunci         Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery                  West Chester        PA
57           Andrea           Luebbe         Lehigh University Cycling Club                           Bethlehem           PA
58           Albert           Scharbach      Main Line Cycling / BiKyle                               Bryn Mawr           PA
59           Joe              Hess           GS Lancaster/Spinners Cycling                            Mount Joy           PA
60           Manuel           Caliz          Shirks Racing -Presented by Trek                         Ephrata             PA
61           Charles          Denton         Hunt Valley Bicycle Club                                 Columbia            PA
62           Shawn            Limbert        Penn State Cycling Club                                  Quakertown          PA
63           Deitch           Ken            Human Zoom\Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Wynnewood           PA
64           Daniel           Ryan           Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 New Castle          DE
65           Kenneth          Cohen          Christiana Care PT/FSVS                                  Wilmington          DE
66           Jon              Kokus          Team Cycle Works presented by The Harp and Fiddle        York                PA
67           Nicholas         Pandelidis     Boston Scientific                                        York                PA
68           Kevin            Wahila         Trizilla Triathalon Equipment Company                    Pittsburgh          PA
69           Brian            Wacik          Bike Line Racing                                         Allentown           PA
70           Sean             Mclaughlin     Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Fairview Village    PA
71           Charles          Alexander      WBI Investments                                          Lewisburg           PA
72           Phil             Falconer       Evolution Cycling Club                                   Lovettsville        VA
DNF          Richard          Mowry          Evolution Racing                                         Milford             NJ
DNF          Brian            Hoffman        Trizilla Triathlon Equipment Co                          Pittsburgh          PA
DNF          Michael          Rozelle        All About Bikes Racing                                   Norfolk             VA
DNF          Jason            Schiltz        Chester County Velo - Iron Hill                          Downingtown         PA
DNF          Jonathan         Adomsky        Technocycle BRC/Dynoflo Racing                           Doylestown          PA
DNF          David            Flesher        Dynaflo Racing/ Technocycle                              Langhorne           PA
DNF          Seth             Witman         Team Cycle Works presented by Harp & Fiddle              York                PA
DNF          Craig            Callan         Highland Park Hermes                                     Highland Park       NJ
DNF          Kyle             Centrella      Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery                  Douglassville       PA
DNF          Chris            Davis          Cycle Works presented by Harp & Fiddle                   Dover               PA
DNF          Mike             Devuono        The Philadelphia Ciclismo                                Philadelphia        PA
DNF          Mark             Farrell        SICKLERS RACING                                          West Pittston       PA
DNF          Brad             Ferguson       Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Wynnewood           PA
DNF          Eric             Fredericks     MLC - Bikyle                                             Wayne               PA
DNF          Patrick          Gellineau      Squiggle
DNF          Neil             Gussman        MainLine Cycling                                         Lancaster           PA
DNF          Gerhardt         Herbert        Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon                           Bryn Mawr           PA
DNF          Gale             Hess           International Christian Cycling Club                     East Petersburg     PA
DNF          Jonathan         Hostetter      Boston Scientific                                        Lancaster           PA
DNF          Jonathan         Kahler         Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                            Wynnewood           PA
DNF          Zac              Kephart        Spokes-N-Skis/Altoona Bicycle Club                       Duncansville        PA
DNF          Timothy          Arnold         Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Frenchtown          NJ
DNF          Ed               Krall          IRMC/                                          Pgh                 PA
DNF          David            Lauria         philadelphia ciclismo/villanova university               Drexel Hill         PA
DNF          Ryan             Linder-hess    Team Cycleworks                                          Lancaster           PA
DNF          Matthew          Berens         All American Bike Club                                   Laurel              MD
DNF          James            Martin         Guy's racing                                             Moorestown          NJ
DNF          Mark             Miller         ICCC                                                     Catonsville         MD
DNF          Andy             Munas          Dynaflo                                                  State College       PA
DNF          Peter            Muto           Gotham Cyclists                                          Fogelsville         PA
DNF          David            Berson         Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                             Phila               PA
DNF          Matt             Perry          Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery                  West Chester        PA
DNF          James            Best           Cycledrome Racing                                        Allentown           PA
DNF          Douglas          Riegner        TRIZILLA Triathlon Company                               Pittsburgh          PA
DNF          Jon              Beyer          WBI Investments powered by LIV Natural                   Princeton           NJ
DNF          Scott            Boland         Faulkner Honda Racing                                    Mechanicsburg       PA
DNF          Scott            Semmel         Gotham Cyclists                                          Breinigsville       PA
DNF          Trevor           Shattuck       Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Lutherville         MD
DNF          Joseph           Sigismondo     Hammer Nutrition                                         Washington          DC
DNF          Matthew          Smith          Swashbuckler/Pa Renaissance Faire                        York                PA
DNF          Christian        Smith          Evolution Cycling                                        Fairfax             VA
DNF          Adam             Snoke          Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery                  Mount Joy           PA
DNF          David            Stauffer       unattached                                               Lancaster           PA
DNF          Nathaniel        Thompson       ABRT/Latitude                                            Chestertown         MD
DNF          Erik             Turner         Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC                           State College       PA
DNF          Colton           Valentine      Breakaway Racing/Quaker City Wheelmen                    Wilmington          DE
DNF          Randy            Weiss
DNF          Kevin            Zutell         Swashbuckler Brewing/                      Lancaster           PA

PLACE        FIRST            LAST           TEAM                                                     CITY                STATE
1            Warren           HOLZMAN        Guys Racing Club                                         Philadelphia        PA
2            Ian              CRONIN         Guys Racing                                              Phila               PA
3            Douglas          KAUFFMAN       Shirk's Racing Presented by Trek Bikes                   Parkesburg          PA
4            Robert           SCHAFER        Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon                           Philadelphia        PA
5            Christopher      MILLER         Guy's Racing                                             Lansdowne           PA
6            Caleb            BONILLA        Pro Pedals                                               Galloway            NJ
7            Andrew           WEBSTER        Millersville Unversity                                   Millersville        PA
8            James            JOHNSON        AVC Team Hagerstown-Washington Co.                       Frederick           MD
9            Craig            SMITH          Quaker City Wheelmen                                     Philadelphia        PA
10           Alex             DOSSIN         NEBC/Cycle Loft                                          Chelmsford          MA
11           Dan              CONRAD         Bike Line                                                Lancaster           PA
12           Shawn            BEELER         N/A                                                      Elizabethtown       PA
13           Christopher      PAGODA                                                                  Conshohocken        PA
14           Benjamin         GREELAND       Bucks County Bicycle                                     Yardley             PA
15           Dereck           HOLT           Red Rose Rockets                                         Lancaster           PA
16           Bruce            BRODOWSKI      Cycle Sports/Zaveta Const.                               Langhorne           PA
17           Nick             DEANGELIS                                                               Lancaster           PA
18           Daryl            BENDER         International Christian Cycling Club                     Holtwood            PA
19           Mark             ALLAIN                                                                  Wyomissing          PA
20           Keith            MCELLHENNEY    International Christian Cycling Club                     Columbia            PA
21           Jose             TUYA           NCVC/Inova Health System                                 Washington          DC
22           Barry            KLEIN          Monstr Healthcare Cycling                                York                PA
23           Shane            MARCH          Team Chameleon/Black Creek                               Millersburg         PA
24           Joseph           KLEHA          World Cup Ski and Cycle Cycling Team                     Camp Hill           PA
25           David            KINSEY         Monstr Health Cycling                                    Landisville         PA
26           Michael          BOYER          Central Penn Racing                                      State College       PA
27           Scott            FEATHER                                                                 Emmaus              PA
28           Brian J          STONER         coles velo club                                          Chambersbrug        PA
29           Tom              RAMPULLA                                                                Malvern             PA
30           Anthony          SKOROCHOD      Gotham Cyclists                                          Wind Gap            PA
31           Kevin            FELLENBAUM
32           David            BAUMGARDNER    Tri State Velo                                           Newtown Square      PA
Harold           BASELICE       Cadence Cycling Club                                     King Of Prussia     PA
Glenn            BEARD          Iron Hill/WCCC                                           Wallingford         PA
Bruce            BRODOWSKI      Cycle Sports/Zaveta Const.                               Langhorne           PA
Bruce            BRONSDON       Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Harleysville        PA
Jared            BROOKS         Millersville University Cycling                          Conestoga           PA
Larry            CALABRO        abrt                                                     Edgewater           MD
Steven           ESWORTHY       Shippensburg U Cycling Club                              Shippensburg        PA
Ryan             HARDY          The Bicycle Place                                        Silver Spring       MD
Christopher      LAUDO                                                                   Strasburg           PA
Syd              LEA            T.E.A.M. Fuji
Gary             MORRIS         Cadence Cycling                                          Mount Laurel        NJ
David            NISSLEY        none                                                     Paradise            PA
J. Scott         RANDLES                                                                 Aberdeen            MD
Nicholas         WETZEL                                                                  Warrington          PA

PLACE        FIRST            LAST           TEAM                                                     CITY                STATE
1            Charles          GROSE          Elite Bicycles
2            Jeffrey          MILLER         Central Penn Racing                                      Lewistown           PA
3            Kevin            POWER          Van Dessel Factory Team                                  Ewing               NJ
4            Neal             STANSBURY      Tri-state velo                                           Orefield            PA
5            Aubrey           GORDON         liberity cycle                                           Reading             PA
6            Pete             THALLNER       Guy's Racing                                             Flourtown           PA
7            Joe              HAMILTON       Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery                  Spring City         PA
8            Robert           REUTHER        Iron Hill Brewery - CCV                                  West Chester        PA
9            Nao              YAMASHITA      Gotham Cyclists                                          Breinigsville       PA
10           Bill             BRESLIN        WWVC/3D Fitness - Whole Wheel                            Chantilly           VA
11           John             PAPROSKI       Elite Bicycles
12           Keith            WILSON         GS Lancaster/Spinners Cycling                            Elizabethwon        PA
13           Jesse            GYDOSH         upstate velo/sicklers                                    Forty Fort          PA
14           Robert           MOSKAL         Elite Bicycles
15           Ryan             MITCHELL       Elite Bicycles                                           Philadelphia        PA
16           Ted              INOUE          Liberty Cycle                                            New Hope            PA
17           Paul             DREES          Morgan Stanley / 24 Hr Fitness / Specialized
18           Michael          BOWE           Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Doylestown          PA
19           John             LUX            Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing                    Cornwall            PA
20           Keith            DAVIES         MAMBO KINGS
21           Ken              WAREHAM        GS Lancaster/Spinners Cycling                            Mount Joy           PA
22           William          JONES
23           Earl             BROWN          South Mountain Velo                                      Spring Grove        PA
24           Desmond          SLATTERY       Quaker City Wheelmen
25           Dean             SMITH          Morgan Stanley / 24 Hr Fitness / Specialized             Fleetwood           PA
26           Scott            GAMBLE         Chester County Velo - Iron Hill                          West Chester        PA
27           Carl             FRANZETTI      CRCA                                                     New York            NY
28           Brad             OBER           GS LANCASTER
29           Art              MILLER         International Christian Cycling                          Conestoga           PA
30           Tom              MCMENAMIN      Team Somerset                                            Titusville          NJ
31           Raymond          BRETTLE        Guys Racing                                              Elkins Park         PA
32           Douglass         GRAY           Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                                 Elizabethtown       PA
33           Glenn            SNYDER         Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale                           Pittsburgh          PA
34           John             SPITTAL        GS Lancaster/spinners cycling                            Elizabethtown       PA
35           Jay              LONGENECKER    International Christian Cycling Club                     Lancaster           PA
36           Mark             DONTIGNY       Central Penn Racing/The Bicycle Shop                     State College       PA
37           Bryan            STAHLEY                                                                 Alburtis            PA
38           Patrick          KELLY          guy's racing                                             Warminster          PA
39           Jeff             CORDISCO       CITY DKNY
40           Jim              GODSHALL       GUY'S RACING                                             Lansdale            PA
41           David            WHITNEY        Team Somerset                                            Green Brook         NJ
42           Raymond          ZEIMET         Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Ewing               NJ
43           Richard          LEIBFRIED      Elite Bicycles                                           Chester Springs     PA
44           Barry            HOLMAN         Team Fuji                                                Washington          DC
45           Tom              AGA            ABRT/Latitude                                            Galesville          MD
46           Paul             MCDONALD       Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction                         Doylestown          PA
47           Robert           VAILLANCOURT   GS Lancaster                                             Millersville        PA
48           Stephen          WATERS         Guys Racing Club                                         Oreland             PA
49           Jeff             MOORE          Tri-State Velo
50           Dwayne           CLINTON        GS Lancaster                                             Lititz              PA
51           Ken              WALSH          K2/Shirks                                                Bala Cynwyd         PA
52           Steve            OWENS          ABRT/Latitude                                            Friendship          MD
53           Kevin            GREENE         L`Equipe De Ville                                        Philadelphia        PA
DNF          Cecil            BERNARD        team aggress                                             Thiells             NY
DNF          Matthew          HARRINGTON     Main Line Cycling - BiKyle                               Chester Springs     PA
DNF          Christian        HUNOLD         Breakaway Racing                                         Philadelphia        PA
DNF          Joe              MANACCHIO      Mainline
DNF          David            NESBITT        Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                       Adamstown           MD
DNF          Kevin            SAINT CLAIR    Main Line Cycling - Bikyle                               Philadelphia        PA
DNF          Ivan             SOLERO         Main Line Cycling - BiKyle                               Wilmington          DE
DNF          Jim              VAN LEER       Prince William Elite Racing (POWER)                      Montclair           VA
DNF          Michael          LONG           ICCC
DNF          Darcom           LALEVIC        Quaker City Wheelmen
DNF          Thomas           NAGY           Elite Bicycles
DNF          Michael          Budjnoski      Morgan Stanley / 24 Hr Fitness / Specialized

PLACE        FIRST            LAST           TEAM                                                     CITY                STATE
1            Rich             CORDERO        Guys Racing                                              Morton              PA
2            Joseph           KENAS          Guy's Racing                                             Meadowbrook         PA
3            Stephen          DAHLEM         unattached                                               Philadelphia        PA
4            Skip             ROGERS         UPMC Cycling Performance                                 Cranberry Twp       PA
5            Ed               MORRIS         L'equipe de Ville                                        Philadelphia        PA
6            Robert           WELLMON        Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakaway                           Glenolden           PA
7            Martin           LORENZ         Guy's Racing                                             Jenkintown          PA
8            Gerry            WEINER         Guys Racing
9            Scott            HAVERSTICK     ERA Cycling                                              Washington Boro     PA
10           James            Weidner        Morgan Stanley/24 Hr Fitness/Specialized
11           Mark             HASTINGS       Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakaway
12           Paul             KORNET         Chester County Velo                                      West Chester        PA
13           Thomas           LICORISH       Guy's Racing                                             Quakertown          PA
14           David            NESLER         Main Line Cycling - BiKyle                               Newark              DE
15           Jonathan         CROTHERS       GS LANCASTER
16           Rob              LEA            T.E.A.M. Fuji
17           Jay              GAUNT          Main Line Cycling Club                                   Lock Haven          PA
18           William          CARE           ERA Cycling                                              Mount Gretna        PA
19           Jim              HARTNETT       SOUTHMOUNTAIN VELO
20           Andrew J.        BUCK           Bike Line / LWA                                          Dresher             PA
21           Michael          ELLIS          UPMC Cycling Performance
22           Michele          BOTE
23           John             HAMILTON       Main Line Cycling                                        Williamsport        PA
24           Bob              WALTERS        ABRT/Latitude                                            Severna Park        MD
25           David            KJELLQUIST     Main Line Cycling                                        Exton               PA
26           M Frank          WARNO          AABC                                                     Gaithersburg        MD
27           Jack             GARDNER        AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co                        Upper Marlboro      MD
28           Mike             BUDJNOSKI      Morgan Stanley/24 Hr Fitness/Specialized
29           Andy             HANSON         York County Social Cycling Union                         Glen Rock           PA
30           Eddie            LOEWENSTEIN    unattached
31           Philip           SENECHAL       Guy's Racing                                             Philadelphia        PA
DNF          Chip             BEREZNY        Bike Line/ LWA
DNF          Mike             BUDJNOSKI      Morgan Stanley/24 Hr Fitness/Specialized                 Harveys Lake        PA
DNF          William          GENTILE                                   Lebanon             PA
DNF          Neil             GUSSMAN        MainLine Cycling                                         Lancaster           PA
DNF          Tim              SPILLANE       Tri State Velo                                           Glenmoore           PA
DNF          Brian            SAYLOR         DYNAFLO

PLACE        FIRST            LAST           TEAM                                                     CITY                STATE
1            Sinead           Miller         UPMC Cycling Performance                                 Pittsburgh          PA
2            Colleen          Hayduk         Team Fuji / Salamander                                   Kutztown            PA
3            Colleen          Gulick         Team Fuji / Salamander                                   Spring City         PA
4            Melissa          Wills          Penn State Cycling                                       Hummelstown         PA
5            Kristy           Swope          Saucon Valley Bikes                                      Bethlehem           PA
6            Dana             Cuomo          Team Alliance Environmental                              State College       PA
7            Pam              GASS           SVVC
8            Suzanne          TEMPSICK       CRCA
9            Sarah            Iepson         Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Oaklyn              NJ
10           Pamela           SALTZGUEBER    PRIEMER BANK CYCLESPORT
11           Alison           Hirsch         Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia        PA
12           Lee-ann          Beatty         Meredith Group/GPOA/Cannondale                           Pittsburgh          PA
13           Barbara          Grabowski      Velo Bella/Kona                                          Pittsburgh          PA
14           Linsey           Norris         University of Delaware Cycling                           Newark              DE
15           Sally            Poliwoda       Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philaelphia         PA
16           Andrea           Walheim        Guys Racing                                              Philadelphia        PA
17           Emily            Mackay                                                                  Pittsburgh          PA
18           Rachel           Clattenburg                                                             Perkinsville        VT
19           Patricia         Marzi          Team Fuji/Salamander                                     Kutztown            PA
20           Leah             Roberts        Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia        PA
21           Naomi            Takahashi      Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia        PA
22           Jennifer         Kulicki        Boston Scientific                                        Elizabethtown       PA
23           Sheri            Rothermel      Susquehanna Valley Velo Club                             Williamsport        PA
25           Sheila           GUDISWITZ      Artemis
26           Hannah           Hayduk         Team Fuji / Salamander                                   Kutztown            PA
27           Jody             Twer           Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Hatboro             PA
28           Kristine         Jimenez        Penn State Cycling                                       Union               NJ
29           Angela           Sherbondy      Bucknell Cycling                                         Boise               ID
30           Andrea           Hogarth        Artemis                                                  Laurel              MD
31           Jenny            Sammons        Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Doylestown          PA
32           Cinh             TRAN           Artemis
33           Doreen           Crowle         Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Norristown          PA
34           Margaret         KILDY          Artemis
35           Anne             Rock           Sturdy Girl Cycling                                      Philadelphia        PA
dnf          Evelyn           EGIZI          Artemis
dnf          Tracy            Lea            T.E.A.M. Fuji
dnf          Madeleine        Cozine         Team Somerset                                            Titusville          NJ