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Charge Pond Training Series

Plymouth, MA

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Charge Pond Training Series Presented by International Cycling Myles Standish State Park, Plymouth, MA Saturday, March 10, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.


FINISH  FIRST NAME   LAST NAME     TEAM                                         CITY             STATE  WK ONE
1       Sean         O'Rouke       Kenda Rally Racing                           Auburndale       MA     12
2       Graham       Garber        Legal Seafood                                Providence       RI     10
3       Sam          Morse         MBRC                                         Cohassett        MA     8
4       Mark         McCormack     Clif Bar                                     Foxboro          MA     6
5       Jeff         Craddock      CCB                                          Marston Mills    MA     4
6       Jon          Bold          Corner Cycle                                 Marston Mills    MA     1
7       Jerome       Townsend      CL Noonan                                    Princeton        MA     1
9       Sebastien    Dumont        Cape Cod                                     Dennis           MA     1
9       Jake         Keough        CL Noonan                                    Sandwich         MA     1
10      Unknown                                                                                         1
11      Roy          VanCleef      NEBC/Cycle Loft                              Brookline        MA     1
12      Brain        Hayes         Independent                                  Guilford         CT     1
13      Jon          Bruno         Independent                                  Boston           MA     1
Josh         Bardige       Velo Europa Cycle                            Brookline        MA     1
Ethan        Bernstein     Western Washington Velo                      Seattle          WA     1
David        Berryman      Independent                                  Somerville       MA     1
Chris        Coutu         Legal Sea Foods - Metlife -        Upton            MA     1
Andy         Durham        CCB                                          Andover          MA     1
Teresa       Garcia        Unattached                                   Providence       RI     1
Ralf         Geiben        Boston Bicycle                                                       1
Brandon      Hamiaham      Refund Now                                   Providence       RI     1
Andy         Hiller        Corner Cycle                                 Marion           MA     1
Kevin        Hines         Gearworks/Spin Arts                          Wareham          MA     1
Justin       Howe          NE Bicycle                                   Arlington        MA     1
Steve        Ivester       Gearworks/Spin Arts                          New Bedfora      MA     1
Eric         Jenson        Cape Cod                                     Falmouth         MA     1
Arnold       Kalbach       MBRC                                         Millis           MA     1
Nick         Keough        CL Noonan                                    Sandwich         MA     1
Luke         Keough        CL Noonan                                    Sandwich         MA     1
Rich         Korn          CCB                                          N Reading        MA     1
Sean         Langford      CCB                                          Middleton        MA     1
Thad         Lavallee      Van Dessel Factory                           Sharon           ma     1
Jon          Lowenstein    Arc En Cile                                  No Kingston      RI     1
Paul         Lynch         MBRC                                         Marshfield       MA     1
Giovanni     Marzot        NEBC/Cycle Loft                              Concord          MA     1
Corey        Masson        Team Velo                                    Concord          NH     1
Patrick      Moriarty      Velo Europa                                  Boston           MA     1
Emerson      Orente        Corner Cycle                                 Cohassett        MA     1
Zoe          Owers         Independent                                  Newton           MA     1
Gene         Petrella      CCB                                          Stoneham         MA     1
Brad         Sheehan       Legal Seafood                                Newton           MA     1
Adam         Sternfield    Boston Bicycle                               Brookline        MA     1
John         Stonebarger   MBRC                                         Plymouth         MA     1
George       Sykes         Corner Cycle                                 Falmouth         MA     1
Robin        Thurs                                                      Boston           MA     1
Mike         Weeks         Arc En Cile                                  Orleans          MA     1
Josef        Brandauer     International Bicycle Centers                Norwood          MA
Bill         Mark          Gearworks/Spin Arts                          Providence       RI


FINISH  FIRST NAME    LAST NAME      TEAM                   CITY              STATE  WK ONE
1       Eric          Jensen         Cape Cod               Falmouth          MA     12
2       Giovanni      Marzot         NEBC/Cycle Loft        Concord           MA     10
3       Andy          Durham         CCB/Volkswagen         Andover           MA     8
4       Andy          Hiller         Corner Cycle           Marion            MA     6
5       Matt          Miller         Organic Athlete        Jamacia Plain     MA     4
Fred          Abraham        Corner Cycle           Taunton           MA     1
Peter         Arnold         NorEast Cycling        Goffstown         MA     1
Matt          Aumiller       BC Cycling             Hyde Park         MA     1
Raniel        Babala                                Nashua            RI     1
Daniel        Baker          cape cod cyclist       Hyannis           MA     1
Kiernan       Boyle          Bike Zone              W. Barnstable     MA     1
Christopher   Carlson        Bates College          Washington        MA     1
Chad          Demarst        Corner Cycle           Sagamore          MA     1
William       Doonan         Minutemen              Blackstone        MA     1
Tom           Downey         Mass Bay Road          Plymouth          MA     1
Sebastien     Dumont         Cape Cod Cyclist       Dennis            MA     1
Lucas         Fortini        Corner Cycle           Kingston          RI     1
Andy          Fritsch        Cape Cod Cyclist       S. Harwich        RI     1
William       Gawron                                Braintree         MA     1
John          Gibbons        South Shore Racing     Boston            MA     1
Matt          Hardy          Northeast              Acton             MA     1
Morgan        Hiller         T3 S. Coast            Marion            MA     1
Mark          Januskiewicz   Sunapee/S&W Sport      Concord           MA     1
Daniel        Joakin         MBRC                   Centerville       MA     1
Jesse         Keough         Corner Zone            Sandwich          MA     1
Mike          Keough         Corner Zone            Sandwich          MA     1
Rich          Korn           CCB/Volkswagen         N. Reading        ma     1
Sean          Langford       CCB/Volkswagen         Middleton         MA     1
David         MaCutcheon     Mass Bay Road          Marshfield        MA     1
Daniel        McCabe         unattached             Whitman           MA     1
Sam           Milstan        Bates College          Lewiston          RI     1
Keith         Putnam         Cape Cod Cyclists      Marstons Mills           1
John          Reuter                                Lewiston          MA     1
Jen           Rhodes         Team International     Brookline         WA     1
David         Rioux          Boston Road Club       E. Freetown       NH     1
Stephen       Rock           Boston Road Club       Ballyjamesduff    CT     1
Scott         Roy            Mass Bay Road          Duxbury           RI     1
Ari           Schocket       Blue Hills             Walpole           MA     1
Mark          Schow          Bike Barn              Canton            MA     1
Mark          Stockwell                             Attleboro         MA     1
Matt          Theodore       Cape Cod               Mashpee           MA     1
Eric          Thorbahn       Blue Hills             Norwell           MA     1
Andy          Toplyn         Bates College          Lewiston                 1
James         Tosca          n/a                    Sandwich          MA     1
Jesus         Vazquez        Mass Bay Road          Hobrook           MA     1
Mike          Weeks          ARC En Ceil            Orleans           MA     1
Ian           Whittle        NEBC/Cycle Loft        Jamacia Plain     MA     1
Christopher   Bailey         Boston Road Club       Norfolk           MA

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