Tacchino Ciclicross

Leesburg, VA

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Tacchino Ciclicross
A BikeReg.com MABRA Cyclocross Series Event
Presented by
Squadra Coppi
Leesburg, VA
Saturday, November 04, 2006


November 4, 2006; Leesburg, Virginia, USA: The penultimate round of the 2006 BikeReg.com MABRAcross series took place in the beautiful and historic town of Leesburg, Virginia on Saturday, November 4. Promoted by the Squadra Coppi, a local club named in honor of the legendary Italian Fausto Coppi, the race was held in the pristine Ida Lee Park and Recreation Center less than a half-mile from the town center. While Catoctin Mountain served as a backdrop, the racers didn�t need any visual reminders about hills as the course featured two very long (for cyclocross), grassy and sometimes off-camber climbs. The repeated climbing was devastating for the slower classes, but even the elite racers characterized the course as �grueling�.

The featured Elite/Pro Men started fast, with a group of 8 getting away up �Mount Ida� on the first lap. One of the pre-race favorites, Greg Marini of Coffee Plus, was the first of the contenders to lose contact when he dropped his chain on the high-speed double barrier dismount on the first lap. Those barriers, placed on a long straight section of track, appeared to be relatively straight-forward -- but for some reason they played havoc with racers all day long. And before the end of this race, they would play a pivotal role again.

Within a few laps, the composition of the lead group had stabilized. Keck Baker (CVCC), Bryan Butts (SPBRC/Bianchi) and Nathan Deibert (Holmes Cycling) were in a three-on-two tag-team match with the FORT Frames duo of Gregg Wittwer and Weston Schempf, who kept taking turns attacking the group. Less than halfway into the one-hour race, Schempf put a gap on the rest of the group. �I put in an effort up the hill toward the finish line and saw that I got a gap, so I kept on going�, he said afterwards. Baker just barely hanging on and unable to work (he was eventually dropped late in the race), and Wittwer not about to chase down his own teammate, the responsibility fell to Nathan Deibert to lead the chase. He rode aggressively, but Schempf�s well-timed attack had given him an insurmountable lead and he won with about a 300 meter advantage. Behind him on the last, some of the best action of the day was unfolding as the man-on-man battle for second place between Deibert and Wittwer flew down the hill and toward the barriers just 500 meters from the end of the race. Wittwer drew gasps from the spectators as he flew across the dismount section visibly faster than any other racer had all day long, gapping Deibert. In desperation, Deibert tried to sprint back to Wittwer, but he accelerated too soon out of the next corner, causing him to fall when his rear wheel to lose traction. Wittwer had time to celebrate as he came across the line to give the FORT Factory Team a one-two finish.

For Velo-Bella Kona�s Melanie Swartz, most of the drama took place during the weeks prior to the race. Swartz is a former BikeReg.com MABRAcross champion who lives just 35 minutes away from Leesburg and is also a former member of the promoting Squadra Coppi club. She was also a front-row starter at last-year�s National Championships due to her placings in UCI races. At Leesburg, she attacked on the first lap of the Elite/Pro Women�s race and never looked back, winning by a wide margin. But in the two week�s leading up to the Leesburg race, Swartz and her Velo Bella Kona team had to choose between two of their major objectives for the year -- trying either to win the BikeReg.com MABRAcross series championship or scoring UCI points in New England for a better start position at the U.S. National Championships. At the end of the day, after the course had been knocked down and cleaned up, Melanie Swartz summed up her decision in one sentence, �Sometimes, supporting your local race is more important than UCI points.�

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. A Men 1 Weston Schempf Fort Frames 2 Greg Wittwer Fort Frames 3 Nathan Diebert Holmes Cycling/BodyLogicTherapy 4 Keck Baker Team Seigler/CVCC 5 Greg Marini Coffee Plus Inc. 6 Bryan Butts SPBRC/Bianchi 7 Mike Hebe GPOA-Cannondale 8 Mason Haymes Team Seigler/CVCC 9 Stephen DeLisle Fort Frames 10 Erik Leaver NCVC/Inova Health Systems 11 Adam Fung 12 Judd Milne Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 13 Bill Gros Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 14 Chip Sovek Potomac Velo Club A Women 1 Melanie Swartz Velo Bella/Kona 2 Marjan Huisang DC Velo/Martens Volvo 3 Lisa Vible ADG/Joe's Bike Shop 4 Jessica Hill Trail's End Cycling Co. 5 Beth Mason ADG/Joe's Bike Shop 6 Jennifer Bodine Artemis/GWU 7 Janet Olney ADG/Joe's Bike Shop 8 Jennifer Maxwell NCVC 9 Lorena Candrian SC Velo 10 Marisa Peacock Potomac Velo Club Masters 55+ 1 Fred Wittwer Charlottesville Racing Club 2 Rob Lea TEAM Fuji 3 James Carlson Potomac Velo Club 4 James Wagner DC Velo/Marten's Volvo 5 Ben Williams Snow Valley U19 Juniors 1 Nathaniel Wilson NCVC/Inova Health Systems B Men 1 Evan Ellicot DCMTB-City Bikes 2 John Brewer Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 3 Brian Fouche LSV/Kelly 4 Miles Smith C3/ADG/Joe's 5 Morgan Gerlak C3/ADG/Joe's 6 Jared Nieters Warrenton Cycling 7 Peter Nicoll Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 8 Steve Fife Rockville Harley Davidson 9 Mark Russell Unattached 10 George Milinkovic Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 11 Kyle Murphy The Bike Lane 12 Sam Thompson Unattached 13 Gordon Davies NCVC / Inova Health System 14 Joe Foley DCMTB-City Bikes 15 David Crouse Team Bike Lane 16 Gregory Sampson Unattached 17 James Revere Team Cobblestone 18 Mike Scardaville DCMTB-City Bikes 19 Garner Woodall Rockville Harley Davidson 20 Ken Woodrow Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 21 Scott Thompson Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 22 Kenneth McDowell XXXRacing 23 Steve Dontigny Team Bike Lane 24 Hawker Dawes Team Cobblestone 25 Karl Connolly LSV/Kelly 26 Ryan Newill Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 27 Joe Ashman Unattached 28 Peter Bell Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 29 Syd Lea TEAM Fuji 30 Steven Viers Unattached Masters 35/45+ 1 Richard Mihills Henry's Bikes 2 John Lux HVB/Marathon 3 Blair Saunders Henry's Bikes 4 Mark Kutney Van Dessel Factory Team 5 Chris Scott Unattached 6 Randall Root Team Snow Valley/Sibex 7 Fred Wittwer Charlottesville Racing Club 8 Joe Fritsch College Park Bikes 9 Ron Heubner Potomac Velo Club 10 Todd Pittman Lucky Lucy's 11 Bernie Schiao LSV/Kelly 12 Jim Bronson LSV/Kelly 13 Michael Kolb First State Velo Club 14 Roger Masse All American Bike Club 15 John Evanko Unattached 16 Karl Kensinger Unattached 17 Marc Gwadz DCMTB-City Bikes 18 Kevin Breckmaker Yellow Breeches Racing 19 Paul Incognito Mighty Spot Brand 20 Christopher Sellman C3/ADG/Joes 21 Mark Laser Yellow Breeches Racing 22 Mike Buchness Pedal Shop/Old Dominion Brewery 23 Leo Pizzini Henry's Bikes 24 Barry Hollman TEAM Fuji 25 Chris Schaefer Yellow Breeches Racing 26 Les Russell Yellow Breeches Racing 27 Micahel Birner All American Bike Club 28 William Browne Team n-teractive 29 Tony Billota Van Dessel Factory Team 30 Joel Gwadz DCMTB-City Bikes 31 Cary Hunter Potomac Velo Club 32 Norman Kreiselmeier Snake Bite Racing 33 Gary Kelley South Mountain 34 Brad Devries Squadra Coppi/IM Saab C Men 1 Kyle Rodland Charlottesville Racing Club 2 James Wittwer Charlottesville Racing Club 3 Ben Sandberg Two Roadies 4 Judd Walencikowski Unattached 5 Bruce Buckley The Bike Lane 6 John Neil UVA Cycling Team 7 Alex Monte-Sano Unattached 8 Trevor Shattuck Team BBC 9 Andrew Welch BRKNNCK 10 Steven Burke Hunt Valley Bicycles 11 Matthew Summers Team-N-Tieractive/Bike Doctor/Waldorf 12 Matthew Donahue DCMTB-City Bikes 13 Brian Bradley Lanterne Rouge 14 Sid Rappe PBR 15 Joseph Kotun Lanterne Rouge 16 Ryan Douglas Route 1 Velo 17 Jeff Anderson HPC/List 18 Jordan Cross Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 19 Darren Biggs PPTC/MORE 20 Gary Morris Lanterne Rouge 21 Eric Ciccoretti Unattached 22 Brian Geary All American Bike Club 23 Greg Hoffman Bike Doctor 24 Thom Moore Potomac Velo Club 25 Joe Penano 26 Christopher Gould Lanterne Rouge 27 Jeff Ehler Unattached 28 Mike Berube 29 Alven Williams Unattached 30 Dave Parramore Unattached 31 Todd Gue Downhill by Design/Bicycle Palace 32 Paul McIntyre 33 Bryan Burns Warrenton Cycling 34 James McNeely Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 35 Chad Foster Team ARMY 36 Joseph Malin Lanterne Rouge 37 Ka Chun Leung Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 38 Aaron Ghais All American Bike Club 39 Andrew Poulos 40 Jon Nguyen-Weaver Unattached 41 Owen Abbe Unattached 42 Gary Morris Lanterne Rouge 43 Ben Townsend Unattached 44 Damien Clark Blue Collar Velo Club 45 Robert Colby NCVC 46 Pat Burn 47 Joseph Ventosa Unattached 48 George Blakenship Unattached 49 Unknown 50 Brian Stoner Cole's Bicycle Velo Club 51 Matt Gayford Unattached 52 James Saunders Route 1 Velo B Women 1 Mary Fetrow Yellow Breeches Racing 2 Vera Ros Unattached 3 Toke Beellsma Unattached 4 Yo Kim Artemis 5 Tracey Lea Team Fuji 6 Christine Briseno NCVC 7 Anne Kingery Unattached 8 Lauren Miner Bike Doctor 9 Christine Kelley Team BBC 10 Tris Newbury DCMTB/City Bikes 11 Anna Noller Unattached U16 Juniors 1 Justin Mauch NCVC/Inova Health Systems 2 Jake Thompson Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 3 Tanner Browne Team-N-Tieractive/Bike Doctor/Waldorf