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Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

NCVC�s Jeff Dickey sprinted ahead of a Team Nature�s Path and a Seigler Imports dominated field to win the premier race of the Casey Auto Group Criterium last Sunday in Newport News, VA. The James River Velo Sport sponsored the annual race around Todd Stadium that used to be called the Shamrock Criterium.

Many of the riders had a problem figuring out what happened in which race since many had entered more than one race. Most teams tried to organize some breaks in all the races.

Nature�s Path�s Chip Goble took second place in the premier category 1,2 and 3. His team-mate Bill Malone took fourth.

�Bill Malone and I both knew to ensure a top finish that we both needed to be in a break, Bill joined an early break which I bridged up to solo. The break worked well together and we quickly lapped the field,� said Goble.

�After we (the breakaway) lapped the main group, Mason (Haymes) attacked and lapped the field as well,� said Keck Baker. Haymes and Baker are from Seigler Imports and placed third and fifth. After racing a tough 30+ race, Baker said it was all he could do to finish due to severe cramping.

�VA Beach Velo/East Coast Bikes had a very good day,� said Rob Suydam about riding multiple races. �We were first and fourth in the 40+, fourth in the 30+ and swept the primes, and sixth in the 1,2. I was happy with my fitness as it appears to be coming along nicely. I did all three races and felt really good near the end.�

The category 3 race worked the same way as other races. The four man break failed to lap the field. On the last turn before the finish, a four-man break blew-up like the tire that crashed two of the riders.

3-Sports Mark Connelly slid around the crash then, from an almost dead stop, sprint the 300 meters to the finish ahead of Conte�s Philip Robb. Connelly thought he just placed second but Nature�s Path�s Malone solo attempt failed because of cramps.

�After taking a cool down lap, I thought to myself �I just completed a four man breakaway and came in second overall,� I was stoked!� Connelly said. So, of course, he was even more stoked to learn that he won.

The category 4s and 5s of Richmond Ciclismo, this year, saw many of its elite mentors become sick or miss racing for other obligations. Many of its members wanted to prove they could step up and moved up in categories. Its goal, to race and �put people on the podium� as a team.

�I thought the race was an excellent effort from a team aspect as well as individual, said Ciclismo�s sixth place finisher Scott Sheble. �We covered and controlled most of the breaks as well as the front of the pack.�

With at least six Ciclismo riders near the front with two laps to go, Ciclismo kept the tempo up leading Chuck Rushby to the front. It wasn�t enough to beat CRC�s Bill Scanlon.

The category 5s had some strong attacks through the race but nothing really created a gap. That race also ended in a Ciclismo driven pack sprint. Ciclismo�s Jeff Brandon lead most of the last lap and held on for third.

The combined women�s field showcased team�s who are pushing women�s racing. Seigler Imports, Conte�s and James River Velo Sport tried to dent TriPower�s dominance.

�The race started fast with everyone jockeying for good positions in the pack,� said Julie Kuliecza of Seigler Imports.

Kuliecza and TriPower�s Lisa Young slip ahead and almost lapped the field. Kuliecza added, �With the final lap approaching both of us tried to jockey for the best position for the final sprint. I could not shake Lisa off my wheel and as we came around the final corner.�

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Juniors 10-14 Team Age 1. Kyle Obrien Chesapeake Cycling club 14 2.Austin Fowler VBV 13 3.Charlie Mitchell Richmond Ciclismo 14 4. Zachery Kyler Tripower 5.Jacob King 6.Shane Hockenberger JRVS/Casey Auto 13 7.Mac Kehoe JRVS/Casey Auto 14 8.Spencer Good JRVS/Casey Auto 9.Justin Conner Richmond Ciclismo 11 10. Emily Kehoe JRVS/Casey Auto 12 11.Zoe Haufler Richmond Ciclismo 13 12. Doreste Monica Juniors 15-18 1.Brandon Libbey Fat Frogs 16 2.Ian Marcuse Richmond Ciclismo 16 3.Mark Edwards Tripower 15 4.Elliot Hofshulte Fat Frogs 15 5.Scott Riley Team Cobblestone 16 6.Fat Frogs Fat Frogs 15 7.Nicholas Ducharme-Barth Bikeworks/Swansea Velo 16 8.Tyler Karnes Snow Valley 15 9.Steven Simon Hilton Cycling Club 15 10. Craig Fletcher JRVS/Casey Auto 15 Masters 50+ 1.Glenn Eyler HLHAP 53 2. Wesley Wilmer East Coasters/BRBC 50 3. Mark Plourde JRVS/Casey Auto 51 4.Dennis Rainear Team Natures Path 54 5.Bernie Sanders Van Dessel Factory 56 6.Dave Olds JRVS/Casey Auto 53 7.Steve Simet JRVS/Casey Auto 51 8.Pete Delisle Contes 50 9.Ken Sheck Fat Frogs 52 10.Tony Bilotta Van Dessel Factory 51 11.Mike Libbey CRC 50 12.Pete Swan NCVC 59 13.Bill Conocenti Tripower 53 14.Jordan Davis Fat Frogs 57 15.Dan Trisic Team Natures Path 50 Masters 40+ 1.Bill Collins VBV 43 2.Mark King CRC 46 3.Roger Friend Monticello Velo Club 46 4.Gene Fowler VBV 42 5. Wesley Wilmer EastCoasters/BRBC 50 6.Eric Koehn Team Oceanfront 41 7.Jeff Lawson Tripower 48 8.James Estes Hilton Cycling 40 9. Steve Simet JRVS/ Casey Auto 51 10.John Heath 42 11.Harlon Ward Hilton Cycling 47 12.Rick Young JRVS/Casey Auto 41 13.Mark Connelly 3 Sports/Endure 47 14.James Schaefer Cycor/Contes 15.Tom String Hilton Cycling 44 Masters 30+ 1. Roger Friend Monticello Velo 46 2. Keck Baker Seigler Imports 30 3.Mark King CRC 46 4.Robert Suydam VBV 40 5.Matt Mega Richmond Ciclismo 35 6.Dan King 3 Sports 39 7.Franlin Rutledge VBV 33 8.Mark Lee JRVS/Casey Auto 37 9.Chris Jones Warrenton Cycling Race Team 33 10.Chris Bruce CRC 37 11.Harlan Ward Hilton Cycling 47 12.Gene Fowler VBV 42 13.Rob Dinterman VBV 36 14.Joshua Goyet Virginia Beach Wheelman 30 15.James Schaefer Cycor/ Contes 45 Women 1,2,3 1.Lisa Young Tripower 3 2.BJ Samuel Tripower 3 3.Laura Weislo Capitol Cycling Club 1 4.Pam Zimmerman JRVS/Casey Auto 3 5.Sally Snead Team Seigler Imports 3 6.Rachel Warner CRC 3 Women Cat 4 1.Julie Kuliecza Team Seigler Imports 2.Sharon Jones JRVS/Casey Auto 3.Eli Hunt JRVS/Casey Auto 4.Alison Kinsler 3 Sports 5.Laura Cook Tripower 6.Robin Taylor Tripower 7.Sally Tempest Tripower 8.Sarah Sinclair Team Seigler Imports 9.Amy Black Cycor /Contes 10.Susann Magner 11.Meredith Kienel Cycor/Contes 12.Danielle Craven Fat Frogs 13. Allison Fox Team Seigler Imports Women 40+ 1.Ann Hardy 3 Sport 44 2.Karen Hansen Cycor /Contes 41 3. Glenda Craddock Fat Frogs 44 4.Wendy Connor Richmond Ciclismo 45 Cat 1,2,3 Men 1. Jeff Dickey NCVC 2 2.Chip Goble Team Natures Path 2 3.Mason Haymes Seigler Imports 2 4.Bill Malone Team Natures Path 3 5.Keck Baker Seigler Imports 2 6.Bill Collins VBV 1 7.Shawn Tunstall Seigler Imports 3 8.Steven Bednash Atlantic Velo 2 9.Jon Gaudio Seigler Imports 2 10.Matt Mega Snow Valley 11.Rob Dinterman VBV 2 12.Nick Cossa Evolution 13.John Schindler Richmond Ciclismo 2 14.Chris Jones Warrenton Cycling Race Team 2 15.Chris Nusbaum JRVS/Casey Auto 3 Cat 4 Men 1.Bill Scanlon CRC 2.Chuck Rushby Richmond Ciclismo 3.Mark Edwards Tripower 4.Arthur Marks Tripower 5.Jeff Craddock Fat Frogs 6. Scott Sheble Richmond Ciclismo 7.Wes King Team Natures path 8.Ed Fisher Shore Velocity 9.Matt Vetro JRVS/Casey Auto 10.Gilbert Craven Fat Frogs 11. Rick Young JRVS/Casey Auto 12.Jerry Gunn Richmond Ciclismo 13.Dewy Reynolds Bikeworks 14.Nick Blend Team Natures path 15.Patrick Jacques Coastal Carolina Velo Cat 3 Men 1.Mark Connelly 3 Sports 2.Phillip Robb Contes 3.Jonathan Nisbet Virginia Beach Wheelmen 4.Dan King 3 Sports 5.Mike Hosang Tripower 6.Jay Cummins AVC-State Farm Cycling Team 7.Pete Whitlock Seigler Imports 8.Dave Olds JRVS/Casey Auto 9.Charles Barker Chesapeake Cycling Club 10.Mark Lee JRVS/Casey Auto 11.Christian White Fat frogs 12.Frank Deal JRVS/Casey Auto 13.Aaron Cho JRVS/Casey Auto 14.Joshua Goyet Virginia Beach Wheelmen 15.Jim Fisher Team Cobblestone Cat 5 Men 1.Stanton Smith 2. Joseph Panella 3 Sports 3.Jeff Brandon Richmond Ciclismo 4.Matthew Hennessy 3 Sports 5.Robert Carrico Richmond Ciclismo 6.Julian Spooner Richmond Ciclismo 7.Caleb Walton Blackwater Bikeshop 8.Jeff Greene Chesapeake Cycling Club 9.Edward Mcnelis 3 Sports 10.Dave Scheessele Hilton Cycling Club 11.Robert Stambaugh Coastal Carolina Velo 12.Scott Weatherwax JRVS/Casey Auto 13.Paul Capozzoli 3 Sports 14. ???????? 15.Paul Calland Blackwater Bikeshop