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Ronde van Mullica

Mullica Township, NJ

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Ronde van Mullica
Presented by
Team Express Racing
Elwood,Mullica Township, NJ
Sunday, April 02, 2006

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Pro 1 2 3 58 miles 1.Brandon Haines -Morgan Stanley 2.William Short -Alliance Environmental 3.Steve Ward -Colavita 4.Mark Light -Alliance Environmental 5.Bruce Donaghy 6.Neal Stansbury -Tri State Velo 7.? 8.Elliott MCallister -Human Zoom 9.Karl Rahn -Axis 10.Steve Dioslaki -Ideal Tile 11.Tom Lyons 12.Glenn Schneider -Colavita 13.Dan Stewart 14.Ryan Oelkers-Cadence 15.Stephan Kincaid-Meredith Group 16.Bill Elliston -Target Training 17.Dave Martin--NE Hardware 18.Brett Acoby-Gotham 19.Shawn Teske-Peddlers 20.Darco Lalevic -Breakaway Cat 3-4 38 miles 1.Chad Totaro-Human Zoom 2.Brian Kall-Breakaway 3.Colton Valentine-Snow Valley 4.Eric Schildge-3d 5.A Ritz-QCW 6.Mike Bowe-Premier 7.Chris Skinner-Beacon 8.Pablo Arias-3d 9.Dave Lowe-Human Zoom 10.Randall Henderson-Cycle Sports 11.Mark Zach-wheelman 12.Darren Lange-3d 13.Steve Sambrano-MLC 14.Larry Detris-Cyclodrome 15.Donnell Hudson-QCW 16.MIKE Csuy-Ciclismo 17.Rob Blainsdell-East Coast 18.Bruce Freehoff-Beacon 19.Andrew Kriele-CJCT 20.Joe Yacona-Peddlers 35 Plus 38 miles 1.Shawn Ricci-PSCC 2.Rich Ross-Mambo Kings 3.David Hudson-Mambo Kings 4.Steve Cochrane-Mambo Kings 5.Ted Inove-K2 6.Robert Ryan-Hunterdon Velo 7.? 8.John Paproski-k2 9.Scott Holder-Summit 10.Pat Kelly-Guys 11.Greg Danielwicz-Bucks County 12.Robert Moskal-Elite 13.Dan Coleman-Colavita 14.Dave Whitney-Somerset 15.John Nyman-PSCC 16.George Reeves-PSCC 17.William Jones-tsw 18.Kent Donahue-YSG 19.Chris Foster-PSCC 20.John Manailovich-Act 45 Plus 38 miles 1.Larry Towner -Liberty 2.John Bertolini-Liberty 3.Don Clapp-Bikery 4.Scott Hodder-3d 5.Pat Kennedy-Liberty 6.Bob Kehl-Guys 7.Dana Fallon-Bikery 8.Gary Berbaum -Bikery 9.Brian Gristick-Skylands 10.Rich Cordero-Guys 11.Steve Cochrane-Mambo 12.Joe Manacchio-mlc 13.Tom Simpson-Summit 14.Jim Wiley-Morgan Stanley 15.Robert Kowal-Somerset 16.Joe Zuppa-YSG 17.Dan Mitchell-Skylands 18.Joey Piscatello-Cadence 19.? 20.Mike Leshner Women 28 miles 1.Brooke Wilson-Somerset 2.Jacquelline Paull -Alliance 3.Caroline Hacker-TSV 4.Michelle Suplick-TSV 5.Suzanne Tempstik-3d 6.Anne Malovin-TSV 7.Kelly Bethaney-Tsv 8.Elaine Molinaro-Bikery 9.Ellen Moses-CRCA 10.Dara Harclih-Sturdy Girl 11.Sally Poliwoda-Sturdy Girl 12.Nina Santiago-Skylands 13.Allison Fischer-East Coast 14.Nancy Heller-TSV 15.Barbara Schweky-Somerset 16.Jody Twer-Sturdy Girl 17.Naomi Tarahaski-Sturdy Girl 18.Erica Zaweta-primirer 19.Kristi Roberts-crca 20.Drara Sosnowski-east coast velo Cat 5 38 miles 1.John Lockburner-Pro Pedals 2.Rich Schweizer 3.Jeff Johnson-YSG 4.Ryan Pettit-Pro Pedals 5.Doug Spitz-3d 6.Dave Beaudry-Pro Pedals 7.Frank Null-clavita 8.Steve Moore-Pro Pedals 9.Rich Owens-Pro Pedals 10.Steve Baumbach-Cyclodrome 11.Chris Yanovich-Action 12.Alex Welsh 13.Tom Grothes-Pro Pedals 14.Chris Null-Colavita 15.Mike Nastuk 16.Charles Crocco-Somerset 17.Geoffery Clark-PSCC 18.Mike Jenks-Highland Park Hermes 19.Joe Pereka-ABC 20.Matt Tonielli-Beacon Thanks to all that attended this years race.I would personally like to thank all of the race volunteers for making this race extremely safe. Without you these events could not be possible. Thank you for your time and patience.