Univest Gran Prix

Souderton, PA

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Univest Gran Prix
Souderton, PA
September 18, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

France's Bonsergent beats Hurricane, Field to Win Univest GP

Hurricane Ivan changed, but did not stop the Univest Grand Prix. The storm
hit the Philadelphia region early on Saturday morning and as reports of
washed out roads and flooding came in, the race organizers decided to cancel
the opening 100 kilometer loop of the race course, and hold the entire
event, now 130 kilometers, on the grueling 4.8 kilometer finishing circuit.

The Belgian, French and Dutch teams clearly felt at home
in the torrential conditions, and with the wind gusting at 20 �30 mph, they
went on the attack.  Aggressive moves by Pascal Leivens and Kevin Maene of
the Belgian team, the Belgian-based American Brian Sheedy of the Cycling
Center, Frank Kantem of the Netherlands, and Stephane Bonsergent of France
ignited the race. Sheehy eventually escaped alone at kilometer 50, was
joined by Bonsergent at kilometer 62, and dropped by the Frenchman at
kilometer 76.  Bonsergent forged on alone, building up a 1:30 lead with 40
kilometers to the finish, scooping up all of the Sprinter and Climber points
along the way.

With 24 kilometers to go, Leivens jumped from the chasing
group that included three of his teammates, and bridged to Bonsergent. The
classic French/Belgian match-up came onto the finishing straight 20 seconds
of a rapidly closing Maene. With Belgian pressure coming up from behind,
Bonsergent lead out the sprint, and found the strength to hold off Leivens
in a photo finish.

"I've won five races this year, but this one is the most
beautiful victory" stated the Frenchman after the finish.

Pl.Last Name            First Name    Team                                    Time Behind
1  BONSERGENT           Stephane      France /Alderfer Auction Compan         3:19.05
2  LIEVENS              Pascal        Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp         same time
3  MAENE                Kevin         Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp         0.18
4  ROTH                 Ryan          Jet Fuel Coffee                         0.50
5  KWANTEN              Frank         Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shops              same time
6  LANGE                Michael       Sharper Image/Colavita-Mathis B         1.00
7  HUYVAERT             Tom           Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp         1.32
8  WENGER               David         Sharper Image/Colavita-Mathis B         1.34
9  LANGLEY              Russ          Team Snow Valley                        2.58
10 SHEEDY               Brian         ABC-Cycling Center                      3.02
11 TOORTELBOOM          Frederik      Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp         same time
12 HANSEEUW             Jelle         Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp         3.07
13 HENRY                Tim           Jittery Joe's                           3.11
14 VOIGT                Mike          ABC-Cycling Center                      same time
15 VAN PELT             Jurgen        Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shops              same time
16 ERDELYI              Jonathan      Velocity Sports/CCE                     same time
17 POSSONI              Morris        Italy/Doylestown Hospital               same time
18 PAPP                 Joseph        America's Cycling Team-UPMC             3.54
19 PELTONEN             Garrett       Endeavor Cycling Team                   same time
20 HUGHES               Cameron       Subway-Express                          same time
21 ROSENBARGER          Jake          Jittery Joe's                           same time
22 SIMON                Yoann         France /Alderfer Auction Compan         same time
23 LANNOO               Andy          Belgium/Etta Maes Antiques Comp         same time
24 SMITH                Bryan         Endeavor Cycling Team                   4.29
25 BAPTISTE-BERAUD      Jean          France /Alderfer Auction Compan         4.43
26 HUIZINGA             Jenning       Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shops              same time
27 DE VRIES             Roel          Holland/Yum Yum Bake Shops              6.42
28 FREYRE               Eneas         America's Cycling Team-UPMC             7.25
29 PEACOCK              Reid          Velocity Sports/CCE                     same time
30 BORONOW              Eugene        GS Mengoni                              same time
31 JUNGELS              David         France /Alderfer Auction Compan         same time

Pl.  Last Name           First Name     Team                                        Time Behind
1    KELLY               Kori           Genesis Scuba                               57:05
2    VAN GUILDER         Laura          Genesis Scuba                               2.55
3    POWERS              Catherine      LaGrange                                    same time
4    O'CONNOR            Brooke         Colavita Olive Oil                          same time
5*   RAMIREZ             Cassandra      Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri-State         same time
6    MILLER              Ann Marie      Verizon                                     same time
7    LAMBDEN             Katherine      CRCA                                        same time
8    SHIMADA             Hiroko         Velo Bella fed by Caruso Tratto             same time
9    LASASSO             Kristen        CRCA/ Aquafina                              same time
10   FOURNIER            Sami           Velo Bella fed by Caruso Tratto             5.10
11   MASSARO             Marcie         Tri-State Velo/ Amoroso                     same time
12   CARAVELLA           Sarah          Team Cadence                                6.09
13   GENEST              Alicia         Laurel Bicycle Club                         same time
14   PEIL                Jessie         Velo Bella fed by Caruso Tratto             same time
15   BEGOSH              Elizabeth      Velo Bella Fed by Caruso Tratto             same time
16   MALDONADO           Lynda          Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri State         same time
17   SALIGMAN            Laury          Revolution/ Rock Creek Racers               same time
18   SOSNOWSKI           Diana          East Coast Velo                             same time
19   HACKER              Caroline       Evolution Racing                            same time
20   CASTOR              Diane          Tri State Velo / Amoroso                    same time
21   FISCHER             alison         East Coast Velo                             8.46
22   SUPLICK             Michelle       Wissahickon                                 8.55
23   EBERSOLE            Tammy          Evolution Racing                            18.18
*Best Local Rider