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Lime Rock Circuit Race

Lakeville, CT

Sunday, May 9, 2004

Lime Rock Circuit Race
May 9, 2004
Lakeville, CT

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Bethel Cycle has brought back bike racing to Lime Rock Park in the scenic
Litchfield Hills.  188 racers enjoyed the technical twisty course.  In the
highlight Pro 1/2/3 Race local amateur squad FiordiFrutta came out in force
and battled a composite team from Holland visiting for the Tour of Connecticut.
FiordiFrutta's Shawn Milne won with a strong sprint finish.  A rare Team Time
Trial event closed the day of racing which showcased team strength.
FiordiFrutta won the event, and the $500 prize, with a smoking 30 mph average
speed for three laps (4.5 miles).  Team Holland was second followed by Bethel Cycle.

Note: Due to limitations of scoring equipment we are only able to report the
results that were compiled by USCF officials.

Place  Last            First        Team

1      milne           shawn        FiordiFrutta
2      Fualkner        Nat          Galaxy
3      Cornelissen     Bjorn        Team Holland
4      Stenekes        Roland       Team Holland
5      Freyre          Enaes        Team Holland
6      Gray            Stephen      Bethel Cycle Sport Club
7      Powers          Jeremy       Jelly Belly
8      Bodin           Scott        Bethel Cycle Sport Club
9      Davis           Curt         Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team

Master Men 35-44
1      D'Onoofrio      Ted          Benidorm Bikes
2      Bodin           Scott        Bethel Cycle Sport Club
3      Wirtz           Brian        Bethel Cycle Sport Club
4      Gray            Stephen      Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5      Foley           Rich         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
6      Summers         Wade         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
7      Cohen           Brian        Powder Ridge Cycling Team

Master Men 45+
1      Townend         Bruce        TOSK
2      Morgan          John         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
3      Siebert         Paul         TOSK
4      Pelican         Greg         Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5      Toplitz         Steve        Amherst
6      Sanderson       Jeff         Zephyr
7      Gilboe          William      Essex Brass / Trek

Cat 4
1      Moody           Joseph       Mountclair Cyclists
2      walsh           patrick
3      Leach           Chuck        Housatonic Wheel Club
4      goguen          patrick      nebc
5      Rossman         Matt         Dartmouth College
6      Dugan           Will         Tosk/BCA
7      Helming         Matthew      Louis Garneau Racing
8      Miller          David        Circle A Cycles

Cat 5
1      Von Dauber      Jeffrey      Northeast Roadmasters
2      Olsen           Greg
3      Arcari          Tom
4      Steidinger      Adam
5      Pyun            Jin
6      Bousfield       Jeff
7      Sommers         Scott
8      Ferraro         Jeff