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Sterling Road Race

Sterling, MA

Saturday, May 8, 2004

Sterling Road Race
Sterling, MA
Saturday May 8, 2004

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Finish Time           LAST NAME        FIRST NAME          TEAM

Masters 35+
1      1:52:28        BENITEZ          Ramon               Artemis
2                     BUCKLEY          Todd                Arc-en-Ciel Racing Team
3                     JENSEN           Eric                Team Cape Cod/Pedro's/K2/Wheelworks
4                     COHEN            eric
5      1:52:45        RUIZ             M. Andrew           CCB/international
6                     YABROUDY         Bill                AFD/OSVC
7                     HOLM             Arik Jon            Union Velo Masters Team
8                     RUSK             randy               Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team
9                     WIRTZ            Brian               Bethel Cycle Sport Club
10                    SULLIVAN         Michael             Bicycle Link/MBRC
11                    RUANE            Patrick             Sunapee Banagans
12                    PFEIFLE          Hank                Maine Masters Racing
13                    STOTZ            mark                Cyclonauts
14                    MORSE            sam                 Bicycle Link/MBRC
15                    ABRAMSON         Stuart              Portland velo club
16                    Piergentil       Fabio               Union Velo
17                    MASSUCCO         Dan                 MRC
18                    BEDARD           Charlie             Sunapee/Banagans
19                    LUZIO            Mark                Arc en Ciel
20                    GROESBECK        Tim                 CCB
21                    MARRO            eric                BOB/Nault's Cyclery
22                    JENNINGS         Frank               TEAM Gearworks/Spinarts
23                    GRENIER          John                Maine Master's Racing
24                    PODGORSKI JR.    Art                 Cyclonauts Racers inc.
25                    KELLOGG          David               Arc En Ciel
no     show           RENNIE           Robert              NorthEast Bicycle Club
no     show           THOMPSON         Bruce               CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           Adams            Robert
no     time           ANDERSON         Paul                Arc En Ciel
no     time           BABINGTON        Jonathan            AFD/OSVC
no     time           BARTH            Jerrold             CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           BERNARD          Gregor              B.O.B./Naults Cyclery
no     time           BISSON           Robert              Gearworks/Spin Arts
no     time           Blondin          Brian
no     time           Boudreau         Francis
no     time           BURSTEIN         Robert              G.S. Europea
no     time           BUSSE            Jay                 Union Velo
no     time           CLAUSEN          Jay                 Sunapee-Banagans
no     time           COLLARD          Normand             NEBC/CycleLoft
no     time           Collins          Daniel              MBRC
no     time           CORRIVEAU        JOHN                BOB/NAULT'S
no     time           COWMAN           Terry               Essex County Velo
no     time           CUNDIFF          Gary                CAPE COD PEDROS/K2/WHEELWORKS
no     time           CURLEY           Paul                Gearworks/Spinarts
no     time           DARIAS           Juan                Union Velo
no     time           DEGRACE          Robert
no     time           DENNY            thomas
no     time           DOHERTY          Mark                Sunapee-Banagans Bike Club
no     time           DOMNARSKI        Matthew             Cyclonauts Racers
no     time           ELIASSON         Mikael              CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           FORTIER          chester             C.S.Ardargna
no     time           GOEBEL           Ken                 Quaker City Wheelmen - Thread City Cyclers
no     time           HITCHCOCK        Carl                Portland Velo Club (PVC)
no     time           HOLMES           William             Boston Road Club
no     time           HUNT             Jeff                CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           Hurley           Bill                Boston Road Club
no     time           JACOBS           Ron                 Bicycle Link/Mass Bay road Club
no     time           JOHNSON          David               Maine Masters Racing/M2R
no     time           KOTCH            Rick                Union Velo Club
no     time           Kramer           Robert              MBRC
no     time           LELLMAN          Joseph              NCC /
no     time           LYMAN            David               Union Velo Club
no     time           MACLEOD          John                Arc en ciel Racing Team
no     time           MAHAN            Anthony             Uniol Velo Club
no     time           MANNION          Tom                 CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           MCKONE           John                CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           MILLET           Ronald
no     time           MOSHER           John                NEBC/Cycleloft
no     time           Myers            Mike                Cyclonauts
no     time           NAIMIE           Christopher         Banagans
no     time           NORTON           Michael             Cyclonauts Racers
no     time           O'CONNELL        Dan                 Union Velo Club
no     time           OFFICER          Tom                 Richard Sachs/CYBC
no     time           PARKER           terrence            Eurotek/Boston Scientific
no     time           PETRELLA         Gene                Gearworks/Spin Arts
no     time           PEZZELLI         Peter               Cox Communications Cycling Team
no     time           Pruidhomme       Martin              CCB
no     time           QUINN            Peter               Union Velo
no     time           ROCHE IV         John W              Team B.O.B/Skofield Builders
no     time           ROLDAN           Bob                 euroTEK/BostonSci/Farina's
no     time           RUSNAK           David               Gearworks
no     time           RUTLEDGE         Brett               MBRC/ Missing Link
no     time           Sawyer           Bill                Gearworks
no     time           SCHACHTE         david               Union Velo
no     time           SCHULTZE         Tobi                Bicycle Link / MBRC
no     time           SCHWARTZ         david               union velo
no     time           SHANSTROM        Ted                 Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team
no     time           SHEA             Timothy             BOB
no     time           SKOFIELD         DUANE               BOB/Nault's Cyclery
no     time           SPANGENBERG      mike                bca/tosk
no     time           STEVENS          Tom                 Gear Works/Spin Arts
no     time           STONEBARGER      John                Bicycle Link/Mass Bay Road Club
no     time           STUART           MATTHEW             POWDER RIDGE CYCLING TEAM
no     time           SUPRENANT        Mark                CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           THEMIG           James               Mystic Velo Club
no     time           THOMPSON         Mark                Sunapee-Banagans
no     time           THOMPSON         William             Bethel Cycle
no     time           Virello          Mark
no     time           VOSBURGH         Steve               CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           WANG             marvin              Velo Europa/ International Bicycle Center

Men 3/4
1      2:10:17        JENNINGS         Keith               Louis Garneau Racing
2                     WALCH            Toby                Portland Velo Club
3                     GOSSELIN         Tom                 Maine Cycling Club/ Rainbow Bike
4                     KUETER           Chris               North Atlantic Velo
5                     VAILLANCOURT     Dan                 Louis Garneau Racing
6                     WOLFE            Kyle                Essex County Velo
7                     DRISCOLL         Jamey               NECSA/ACT
8                     GREEN            Christopher
9                     KRISCH           luke                Louis Garneau Racing
10                    KNAUFF           Jason               Essex County Velo
11                    SHEEHAN          Brad                NHCC/Team NH
12                    CLEMENT          Tim                 Dartmouth College
no     show           KATZ             Matthew             Davis Bike Club
no     show           LEBLANC          Arthur              Sunapee-Banagans Bike Club
no     show           MOLLOY           aaron               NHCC/Team NH
no     show           MORGAN           Peter               TEAM BERLIN BIKE
no     time           ABBOTT           Gregory             NCVC/Edge Technologies
no     time           ACCAPUTO         Massimiliano'Max'   Exposition Wheelmen
no     time           ANTONELLI        Alan                Team Casterama
no     time           BARTICK          Gregory             Tokeneke Road Club
no     time           BATTAGLIA        Richard             Boston Road Club/ATA Cycles
no     time           BEERMAN          Jason
no     time           BERGER           todd                big shark racing
no     time           BROWN            Justin              Boston Road Club
no     time           BROWN            Richard             NHCC/Team NH
no     time           BUTLER           Dan                 Boston Bicycle Club
no     time           CAMPBELL         Stew                NHCC/Team NH
no     time           CARR             Adam      
no     time           CESARE           Marc                CRCA/SanchezMetro
no     time           CHAN             Harold    
no     time           CLARK            Brian               Exposition Wheelmen
no     time           COLEMAN          Benjamin   International Ltd.
no     time           COLFER           Damien              NHCC/Team NH
no     time           COLLINS          scott               team casterama
no     time           Dorman           Stuart              BRC/ATA cycles
no     time           DOUD             Tim                 CCB/Volkswagen
no     time           DUTKA            Mark                Mystic Velo
no     time           ECKENROTH        Brian
no     time           EK               Brad                NHCC/Team NH
no     time           ELFELT           John
no     time           EVERARD          Ian                 Velo Europa Cycle Sport / International Bicycle Center
no     time           EVERARD          Paul                Velo Europa/International Bicycle Centers
no     time           FLEMING          Ryan                Peerless Insurance/HNECC
no     time           FOLEY            JOHN                Team Bicycle Alley/
no     time           FORD             David               N. Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web
no     time           Garber           Graham              Powder Ridge
no     time           HACKETT          John Michael        Unattached
no     time           HALL             greg                laurel
no     time           HARWOOD          Noah                NECSA/Mike Fraysse Sports
no     time           HENDERSON        Steven              Laurel Bicycle Club
no     time           HERRMANN         Ariel               Essex County Velo
no     time           HIGHT-HUF        Nick                ECV
no     time           JACKOWITZ        dan                 Berlin Bicycle
no     time           JANKOVSKY        Joe                 BRC/Vintage/ATA
no     time           JURGA            Stan                Essex County Velo
no     time           KARAM            Jeffrey             Portland Velo Club
no     time           KENNEY           eric                boston bicycling club
no     time           KETOLA           Jeremiah            Alotek Contractors LLC
no     time           KIMELBERG        David               Quad Cycles
no     time           KOEPPEL          Nathaniel  International Ltd.
no     time           KOHNLE           Chris               NECSA/ACT
no     time           KOSKI            Brian               Stage 1/Mercury
no     time           LABADIE          Craig               Quad Cycles
no     time           LAPIO            David               Providence Velo Club
no     time           LESMERISES       bob                 white mountain velo
no     time           LINDSEY          Roger               Essex County Velo
no     time           MANVILLE         Juston              C.S. Ardagna
no     time           MEAGHER          Michael             CCB
no     time           Medeiros         Justin              CCB
no     time           MIDDLETON        Thomas              MBRC/Bicycle Link
no     time           MOON             Matt                Louis Garneau Racing
no     time           NAUTH            Roger Jai           Quad Cycles
no     time           Nordell          Alvin               NCC/ Bike Reg
no     time           PARRILLO         David               cox communication team
no     time           PECH             Matthew             Dartmouth College Cycling
no     time           PISCOPO          Corey               NHCC/Team NH
no     time           PURWIN           Oscar               NHCC/Team NH
no     time           RAMIREZ          Jorge               Team Bike Alley
no     time           REGAN            Joseph              Bethel
no     time           RHODES           Peter               C.S. Ardagna
no     time           RODRIGUES        joe                 Cyclonauts/Bicycle Alley
no     time           ROSE             David
no     time           ROSSMAN          Matt                Dartmouth College
no     time           ROY              Matthew             Essex County Velo
no     time           SEARS            Jason               Essex County Velo
no     time           SHEAHAN          Mike                Team Cape Cod Pedro's/K2/WheelWorks
no     time           SHINALL          Ron                 VeloBrew
no     time           STETSON          Peter               Portland Velo Club
no     time           SULLIVAN         Brendan             VeloEuropa/International Bicycle Center
no     time           THEMIG           Ryan                Essex County Velo
no     time           THEODORE         Matthew             Pedros/K2/Wheelworks/E-caps
no     time           THOMPSON         Douglas             Mystic Velo Club
no     time           TOWER            Jonah               Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           TRAPOTSIS        Art                 Boston Road Club
no     time           TURNER           Nick                Boston Road Club
no     time           WALSH            patrick
no     time           WELLER           Stephen             Essex County Velo
no     time           WICKMAN          Mike                Peerless/HNECC
no     time           ZOCCHI           Michael             Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           ZOLTANI          Zombor              LSV/Kelly

Men 4
1      1:33:37        Harris           Gerald              Boston Road Club
2      1:33:44        HOFER            guenter
3      1:34:35        SINCLAIR         Ian                 Northeast Bicycles Road Club
4                     MAROWITZ         Frank               NHCC/Team NH
5                     MARZOT           Giovanni            NEBC/Cycle Loft
6                     Wood             Brian               Northeast Bicycle Road Club
7                     SULLIVAN         Adam                Squadra Casterama
8                     CARRIER          Scott               CCB/Volkswagon
9                     HURD             Jayson              Arc-En-Ciel
10                    SMITH            Peter               ECV (essex county velo)
11                    BOURQUE          Justin              BikeBarn Racing
12                    Rice             Zachary             Suam Yankee ERC
13                    GREENBACHER      Darius              NCC /
14                    ALEXANDER        Rob                 euroTEK/BostonSci/Farina's
15                    GOGUEN           patrick             nebc
16                    FRANCIS          Thomas              BRC/ATA Cycles
17                    MORIN            richard             union velo
18                    HIRTLE           John                Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
19                    GRIEVES          Jim
20                    BELL             Peter
21                    HASLETT          Bill                Dartmouth College Cycling
22                    KARDASHIAN       Kirk                North Atlantic Velo / Mercury Web Solutions
23                    MION             Paolo               CCB/Volkswagen
24                    BENNETT          mike                quad cycles
25                    LANGLOIS         Daniel              Circle A Cycles
no     show           BEAULIEU         stuart              salem cycle club
no     show           BROWN            Wade                Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     show           GIBELEY          jeff                CCB/Volkswagen
no     show           GILBERT          Andrew              Minuteman Road Club
no     show           GNIAZDOWSKI      Steven              SAAB of Halfmoon/Slingerlands-CBRC
no     show           MITCHELL         Rod                 AFD-OSVC
no     show           ROY              Scott               Bicycle Link MBRC
no     time           ARCIERO          Michael             Cox Communications Cycling Team
no     time           AVRIL            Nicolas             Unattached
no     time           BARLOW           Ryan                NECSA
no     time           BARLOW           wayne               coyote hill
no     time           BAYBUTT          Stephen             NHCC
no     time           BERRY            Shaun               Boston Road Club ATA Cycles
no     time           BOETTNER         Fritz               Portland Velo Club
no     time           BRADY            john                BRC/ATA
no     time           BREWER           Chris     
no     time           BUCKLEY          Brad                NEBC/Cycle Loft
no     time           BUTTON           keith               NHCC/Team NH
no     time           CAPIZZO          sean                Squadra Castorama
no     time           CARNEY           Ryan                New Hampshire Cycling Club
no     time           Cinci            Gustavo             Unattached
no     time           CLANCY           Brian               Eastern Bloc Cycling Club, Inc
no     time           CLAUS            Michael             Portland Velo
no     time           COLE             Michael             Minuteman Road Club
no     time           CONVERY          Pat                 NEBC/Cycle Loft
no     time           CORSILIA         Andrew              Northeast Bicycle Road Club
no     time           COYNE            Richard
no     time           DAVIS            Drew                Quad Cycles
no     time           DIXON            Jeffrey             Southern Maine Cycling Club
no     time           FRASER           Glen                NHCC/Team NH
no     time           FROST            Greg                Velo Europa Cycle Sport
no     time           GOLDMAN          Charles             Portland Velo Club
no     time           HAMEL            Kenneth             AFD/OSVC
no     time           HANRAHAN         Brendan             Circle A Cycles
no     time           Heyne            Jeffrey             NEBC/Cycleloft
no     time           HUGHES           Jerome              REI/Team Novara
no     time           Hurley           Bill                BRC/ATA Cycles
no     time           JOHNSON          Zach                Essex County Velo
no     time           JUTZ             Roger               EUROTEK CYCLING
no     time           KELLEY           Augustus            Boston Road Club
no     time           KELLOGG          Eben                North Atlantic Velo
no     time           LOBOZZO          jayson              portland velo club
no     time           LOMBARDO         C Todd              Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           LYNCH            Paul 'Kieran'       Colavita Bolla Racing
no     time           MARTIN           Geoff               NEBC/Cycle Loft
no     time           MCKERNAN         chris               essex county velo
no     time           MILLER           David               Circle A Cycles
no     time           MOLLER           Matt                Circle A Cyclers
no     time           MONTERROSO       JOSE                UNION VELO CLUB
no     time           NGUYEN           Chuck               Providence Velo Club
no     time           NIEHOFF          Paul
no     time           NILSSON          Michael             Union Velo
no     time           OLBRYS           Michael             NEBC/Cycle loft
no     time           O'NEILL          Daniel              New Hampshire Cycling Club
no     time           ORSINI           Thomas              Gearworks Cyclery
no     time           OWEN             Christopher         NCC /
no     time           PASKIND          JEREMY              Capital Velo Club (CVC)
no     time           PINKOS           David               Team Bicycle Alley
no     time           REHM             Christopher         Team Bicycle Alley
no     time           RING             Carl                NHCC/Team NH
no     time           SCHWARZENTRUBER  Brian               Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           SCOTTO           Tom                 Quad Cycles
no     time           SEIFER           Jeffrey             BRC / ATA Cycles
no     time           SHEDD            David               SMCC
no     time           Smith            Kyle
no     time           SMITH            David               RackSmith
no     time           SMITH            Shane               NHCC/Team NH
no     time           SMITH            Steve               Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           STOKES           Ken                 Quad Cycles
no     time           THOMAS           James               Gearworks Cyclery Leominster
no     time           THOMPSON         Andy                Team Bicycle Alley
no     time           TOWER            Jonah               Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           VICKERY          Brian               Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     time           WILSON           Matt                NAV/Mercury Web Solutions
no     time           WIRTANEN         Jim                 BRC/ATA Cycles

Men 5 (18-34)
1      1:00:22        BOULE            Ben                 Boston Road Club/ATA
2                     CORNETT          Brendan             Maine Cycling Club/Rainbow Bike
3                     RUSSELL          matthew             University of New Hampshire Cycling
4                     PRONOVOST        Hunter              Grouppo Sportivo Europeo
5                     RUSIECKI         Brian               Gearworks
6                     PARSONS          thom                ECV
7                     Myette           Mathew              Cyclonauts
8                     Adams            Mark
9                     HELMING          Matthew
10                    AWERBUCH         Jonathan            Dartmouth Cycling Team
11                    HUGHES           Jason               BH VELO
12                    LIGGETT          Keith
13                    FEDORCZUK        Brian
14                    WHITEHEAD        Yuri                Housatonic Wheel Club
15                    SEATON           Dan                 New Hampshire Cycling Club
17                    GOUGH            Robert
18                    Thompson         Andrew
19                    MCQUADE          P.J.
20                    FRIDRICH         Cary                Colby College
21                    WARRINGTON       Paul
22                    BERARD           Stephen             Arc-en-Ciel
23                    SULLIVAN         scott               Circle A Cycles
24                    PETERSON         David               Boston Road Club
25                    JUSSAUME         Tim                 Bikeworks/Swansea Velo Club
26                    GRENIER          Dan
27                    MORIARTY         Adam
28                    O'BRIEN          Shaun
29                    KEELY            Josue
30                    MAYNARD          roark
31                    TOMCZYK          Greg
32                    KATPALLY         Satish              Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
no     show           BAVINEAU         Marc                Essex County Velo
no     show           COOK             Michael             Minuteman Road Club
no     show           DONGOSKI         Rob                 Minuteman Road Club
no     show           DUARTE           Vincent
no     show           JOHNSON          Ben                 Essex County Velo
no     show           LOMBARDO         Gary                Northeast Bike Club
no     show           LUND             Daniel              Essex County Velo
no     show           MCDONALD         Brian               BRC
no     show           PERSON           Richard             Minuteman Road Club
no     Time           HUGHES           Joseph              REI/Novara
no     Time           JUSSAUME         Joseph              NEBC/Cycle Loft
no     Time           KOBS             Erik                MIT Cycling
no     Time           LARIVIERE        Michael
no     Time           MORAN            Wally               Tokeneke Road Club
no     Time           Noreng           Trygre
no     Time           NUTTOLI          Enrico
no     Time           TODD             Nick
no     Time           VON DAUBER       Jeffrey             Northeast Roadmasters
no     Time           WENDLER          Peter               Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club

Men 5 (35+)
1      58:30:00       RISO             Daniel              euroTEK/BostonSci/Farina's
2                     ARNOLD           Peter
3                     DODD             Tim
4                     ROOT             Greg                Team Bike Alley
5                     Gadbois          Alex
6                     BEARD            Daniel
7                     BUSER            john                putney/westhill
8                     SCHEER           Eric
9                     KENNEDY          Ross                Northeast Bicycle Club
10                    LAMANNA          david               gearworks
11                    ROVEZZI          Michael             MRC
12                    MURPHY           Paul                Gear Works
13                    Melville         Dana
14                    MORROW           Darrell             NEBC/Cycle Loft
15                    TWEED            Chris               Boston Road Club / ATA Cycles
16                    DEVINE           David               Union Velo
17                    KOTOWSKI         Vincent
18                    WASHBURN         Dana                euroTEK/BostonSci/Farina's
19                    MYERS            Richard
20                    TROISI           Mike                Gear Works Cyclery
21                    NEUMANN          Lawrence            Euro Tek/Boston Sci/Farina's
22                    VANRANDWYK       Michael             Team Bicycle Alley
23                    BYRNE            Mike
24                    CAISSIE          Dan                 Bicycle Alley
25                    HEALER           Scott
26                    HJORTSHOJ        Julian              NEBC/Cycle Loft
27                    KELLEY           Stephen             Vortex Racing
no     show           CIOFFI           Eric                NEBC
no     show           CONDON           Michael             MRC
no     show           Healer           scott
no     show           JALBERT          Gary                Eastern Bloc Cycling Club Inc
no     show           JOHNSON          Stephen             Tokeneke Road Club
no     show           LUNDIN           David               Team Bicycle Alley
no     show           MARINO           Dennis
no     show           MELTZER          Stephen             Minuteman Road Club
no     show           OBRIEN           Timothy             MRC
no     show           PATNAUDE         David               Minuteman Road Club
no     show           REID             Mark                Minuteman Road Club
no     show           SCORNAVACCA      Jeff                MRC
no     show           WHELAN           Kevin               Minuteman Road Club
no     time           BOUDREAU         Paul                Gear Works Cyclery
no     time           CAIN             Kevin
no     time           CARNEY           Jeffrey             Sunapee-Banagan's Bike Club
no     time           HAYS             Kevin               Portland Velo Club/Cyclemania
no     time           HEELEY           Donald              N/A
no     time           MANNING          Tim
no     time           OAKES            Robert              NEBC/Cycleloft
no     time           PAGE             William             NEBC/Cycle Loft
no     time           SKIRKEY          William
no     time           TULLY            Dan
no     time           YOUNG            Kevin               Gear Works

Pro 1/2
1      2:59:02        MILNE            shawn               FiordiFrutta
2                     SOMME            Stig                Jet Fuel Coffee
3                     RANDELL          Andrew              Jet Fuel Coffee
4                     FAULKNER         Nat                 Trek/VW/Doriti Gelati
5                     HAMBLEN          Jon                 Fior di Frutta
6      2:59:33        DAVIS            Curt                Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team
7      3:02:51        YEZEFSKI         Todd      
8                     ROTH             Ryan                Jet Fuel Coffee
9                     PLANTE           Scott               Trek/VW/Doriti Gelati
10                    WONG             Philip              Fiordifrutta
11                    ROZDILSKY        Chris               CRCA/SAKONNET TECHNOLOGY
12                    HULT             Peter               Fiordifrutta
13                    DILLON           Joshua F.           Louis Garneau Racing
15                    HOSMER           Seth                Ibex/FitWerx
16                    Bruno            Jonathon            Essex County Velo
17                    CAHILL           Sean                US Armed Forces
18                    SVATEK           Matthew             Sharper Image/Mathis Brothers Furniture
19                    KOKINDA          nate                Essex County Velo
20                    Nealy            Sean                Galaxy Sports
21                    BEILBY           Ian                 Louis Garneau Racing
22                    STILER-COTE      oliver              Fior di Frutta/Wheelworks
23                    BARTON           Mike                Ibex / Fitwerx
24                    HANSEN           Matt                Jet Fuel Coffee
25                    NATHE            Mark                Ibex / FitWerx
26                    SOUCY            zach                Ibex/Fitwerx
27                    LOFTUS           Matthew             NCC /
28                    PETERS           Justen
29                    PARKE            Damon               Louis Garneau Racing
30                    Ruiter           Eugene              Galaxy Sports
31                    MONTELLO         greg                Essex County Velo
32                    HACKLER          Kurt                IBEX/Fitwerx
33                    WILLIAMSON       Bret       Rover
34                    HUSEBY           Johannes            FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team
35                    HULT             Rob                 FiordiFrutta
36                    UNKERT           Timothy             Unnattached
37                    WENZEL           A. Zane             Team Horst Sports / GS Fiorenzo Magni
38                    Feldman          Myhunda             Louis Garneau Racing
39                    Leyere           John
40                    MCGINLEY         MICHAEL             CVC
41                    DILLE            Ken                 Essex County Velo
42                    SUMMERS          Wade                Benidorm / Eastern Bloc
43                    HURLEY           Conor               Trek/Doriti/Gellanti
44                    CARLSEN          kirk                Peerless/HNECC
no     show           HODGES MYERSON   Adam                Sharper Image - Mathis Brothers
no     show           KOTYK            Paul                Jet Fuel Coffee
no     time           BAILEY           Bobby      Rover Cycling Team
no     time           BRENNAN          Peter               Trek/DoritiGelati
no     time           BROWN            Lincoln    - LandRover
no     time           CASSIDY          Dan                 Fiordifrutta
no     time           Charles          Aidan               Cupita Velo
no     time           CODY             Michael             NCC /
no     time           DESROSIERS JR    Jean Paul  - Landrover
no     time           Donahue          Alec
no     time           FANTANO          Ron                 CVC
no     time           FITCH            Neil                Fastsplits Cycling Team
no     time           FLEMING          Eric                Essex County Velo
no     time           GIRARD           Brian               Stage 1/Mercury/fusionTHINK
no     time           HOLLENBACH       Jake       International Ltd.
no     time           HUSK             jon        International Ltd.
no     time           KATZ             Mathew              Louis Garneau Racing
no     time           Keller           Breeze              Colavita-Bolla / Team Toast
no     time           KING             Brian      landrover
no     time           KNIGHT           Andrew              Louis Garneau Racing
no     time           MILLER           Kevin               Jet Fuel Coffee
no     time           Morell           Matt                Ruchsmith - Land Rover
no     time           Paggioli         Mark                Capital Velo
no     time           PECK             Christopher         Fiordifrutta
no     time           ROGERS           Nate                Colavita-Bolla / Team Toast
no     time           ROSZKO           Steve               NCC /
no     time           SAKALOWSKY       Eric                ECV
no     time           Vaughan          Brian
no     time           White            Matthew
no     time           WIEDITZ          Thorben             Jet Fuel Coffee
no     time           YOUNG            David      Rover/1ktogo

Women 1/2/3
1      1:51:37        DICKEY           mackenzie           Team Bicycle Alley
2                     OWERS            Zoe                 New Hampshire Cycling Club/Team New Hampshire
3                     Franscone        Pauline             Arc en Ciel
4                     BUHR             Tami                NEBC/Cycle Loft
5                     GAGNON           Elisa               CRCA/Aquafina
6                     Bresnick         Sarah               Verizon
7                     STOVER           Marianne            Independent Fabrication/SMRT Inc.
8                     FOLEY            Darcy               Dansko Wheelworks
9                     WELLONS          Rebecca             Gearworks/Spin Arts
10                    WALLACE          Amy                 Dartmouth
11                    Aunave           Marielle
12                    PECK             Heather             IF/SMRT Inc
13                    EATON            Kristina            Dartmouth Cycling
14                    Lawrence         Amanda              CCB/Volkswagen
15                    LUDTKE           Leslie              New Hampshire Cycling Club/Team NH
16                    BAHNSON          Brenda              Independent Fabrication/SMRT Inc.
17                    TOFFOLON         Leah                unattached
18                    HURLEY           Michelle            Dansko Wheelworks
19                    Litka            Kerry               Dansko Wheelworks
20                    CHANG            KELLY               VERIZON WIRELESS
21                    DIEHM            Erin                NEBC/Cycle Loft
22                    MERTENS          Perri               Boston Road Club
23                    FOULKES          Sarah               Gearworks/Spinarts
25                    Genest           Alicia              Laurel Bike Club/Vericon
no     show           Miller           Ann Marie           Verizon Wireless
no     time           Claud            Jennifer            Mass Bay Road Club
no     time           Cushman          sarah               Mid State Cycling Club/ Gear Works
no     time           HAYES            Jane                Bicycle Link MBRC
no     time           MACLEAN          Susan               Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team
no     time           MAXWELL          Lisa                Independent Fabrication/SMRT Inc.
no     time           MONAGLE          Julie               Verizon Wireless-Wheelworks
no     time           Nevins           Brenda              Laurel Bicycle Club
no     time           RHODES           Jennifer            dansko wheelworks
no     time           SMITH            Michele             Independent Fabrication/SMRT Inc.
no     time           WALHART          Tara                Dansko/Wheelworks
no     time           WHITE            Stephanie           Dansko/Wheelworks
no     time           WILSON           Martha              Dansko Wheelworks

Women 4
1      1:03:30        Bruno            Maureen             Dansko/Wheelworks
2                     BEVER            Caitlin             MIT Cycling
3                     MILLER           Jennifer
4                     WEGNER           Elisabeth           unattached
5      1:04:00        COLE             EMILY               New Hampshire Cycling Club
6                     PADDEN           Cindy               Sunapee-Banagans Bike Club
7                     ULMER            wendy               Team BBC
8                     ROTHFUSS         Cris                NEBC/Cycle Loft
9                     Moseley          Stacey              CCB/Volkswagen
10                    DUNN             Lisa                bethel cycle
11                    KINGSLEY         Karla               Dartmouth College
12                    MICHALAK         Melanie             MIT Cycling
13                    PEARCE           Helen               NEBC/CycleLoft
14                    TITUS HALL       Marci
15                    VANDER VEER      Daria               Exposition Wheelmen
16                    HENDERSON        Jessica             Powder Ridge Cycling Club
17                    OSBORN           Kristen             NEBC/Cycleloft
18                    CUNNINGHAM       Jean                NEBC/Cycle Loft
19                    FRANZEN          Karen               Capital Velo Club/Pig Iron
20                    Farb             Constance           CCB/Volkswagen
21                    MCELROY          Lisa
22                    DAVIS            Ashley              NCC
23                    GARANT           Lauren              Vortex Racing
24                    SMITH            Melissa             Dansko/Wheelworks
no     show           BUSSELL          sarah               Minuteman Road Club
no     time           COYNE            Lesley
no     time           DUMONT           Natalie
no     time           FARAGO           Katherine           NEBC/Cycleloft
no     show           FARLEIGH         Jenna               Dartmouth Cycling Club
no     time           HARNEY           Christine
no     time           HARWOOD          Charlotte
no     show           KADLICK          Margaret            Minuteman Road Club
no     show           LAMPILA          Linda               Minuteman Road Club
no     show           LUTHER           Linda               NHCC/Team NH
no     show           MENKE            Rebecca             Dansko Wheelworks
no     time           MURROCK          Anne                Dansko-Wheelworks
no     time           PACIK            Danielle            Sunapee Banagans
no     show           PATEK            Emily               Maine Cycling Club/Rainbow Bicycles
no     time           PAYNE            Cheryl              Union Velo Cycling Club
no     time           SESTOKAS         Janet               NEBC Cycle Loft
no     time           Snooks           Allison