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Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Jul 28, 2023 at 5:00 PM PT

Total Event Registration Limit: 25

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Pre-Event Tasks
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Packet Pickup: Friday In Oakridge $0 2:00 PM 5 hours 4 $0
  • Help check riders in. Hand out rider plates, gear and socks at packet pickup. Location Oakridge Greenwaters Park
Event Day Tasks Saturday
Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Parking Am $0 6:00 AM 5 hours 2 $0
  • Parking is across HWY 58 in the Industrial area. Please bring a folding chair and park cars and after than monitor the area for any suspicious activities. Thank you so much for the support
AM Venue Set-up $0 6:00 AM 3 hours 2 $0
  • Assist with setting up tents, tables, and signage in the area off of Pine Street for the start and finish of this event. Dress for the weather and meet at the Black Events Trailer in the morning.
Registration and Packet Pickup $0 6:30 AM 3 hours 3 $0
  • Help check riders in. Hand out rider plates, gear and socks at packet pickup. Location Oakridge: Greenwaters Park in Oakridge
Welcome back to Oakridge Crew $0 10:00 AM 6 hours 4 $0
  • Welcome riders and help rack bikes in the bike corral area. Set up is 10 am, with riders returning starting at 10:30-4pm. If we fill all spots we will split the shift
Aid Station 1/3 $0 8:00 AM 5 hours 2 $0
  • Support aid Alpha at the Sasquatch Duro. This is the first and final aid for all routes
Only 2 spots available!
Sign pickup $0 1:00 PM 85 miles 1 $0
  • Drive the route at 1 pm and pickup mile markers and signs placed every 5 miles. Donation of 250.00 to the Local NPO of your choice Must have a 4x4 pickup or subaru
Only 1 spot available!
Aid Station Bravo (Aid 2) big and monster $0 8:30 AM 5 hours 2 $0
  • Please refer to the course map online. Detailed instructions sent 1 week from the event. Aid 2 for big and Aid 2 for monster squatch after the course split
Only 2 spots available!
Bike Sweep Little Squatch Route $0 8:00 AM 6 hours 3 $0
  • Follow last riders on the shorter route. Please bring your phone and write down the last 2-3 riders plate numbers. Dress for the most extreme weather! Bring Extra Food! (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Bike Sweep Big Squatch Route $0 8:00 AM 8 hours 3 $0
  • Follow last riders on the longer route. Big day in the saddle for 45 miles for a few riders! (SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Bike Sweep Monster Squatch Route from mile 15 aid 1 $0 8:00 AM 69 miles 2 $0
  • Follow last riders on the longer route from aid 1 with shuttle to Mile 15. 69 mile ride(SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW)
Moto Sweep Monster Squatch $0 8:00 AM 84 miles 1 $0
  • Drive or Ride your way behind the final Monster Squatch Rider. Please send picture of Drivers license and current insurance. Gas will be reimbursed
Timing Chip Collection $0 12:00 PM 4 hours 2 $0
  • Cheer riders as they finish and remove the red timing chip from their bike. Riders will want you to take the chip as there is a cost for missing chips. Final details emailed a week before the race.
Venue Tear Down $0 3:30 PM 2 hours 2 $0
  • Put equipment away after final rider finishes. Must be able to lift 30-40 lbs.
Only 2 spots available!

Location & Contact

Location address:
48362 OR-58, Oakridge, OR  97463
Event Phone Number:
(541) 225-7946
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