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Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Jun 18, 2021 at 11:59 PM CT

Total Event Registration Limit: 100

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Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Pre 1980s $0 8:10 AM 1 hours Honorable mentions for best bike, best jersey 100 $0
  • Any bike Pre 1980s
1980-1990s bikes $0 8:11 AM 1.25 hours Toasts with wine and beer for a good look 100 $0
  • Any bike 1980-1990
1990-2000 bikes $0 8:12 AM 1.5 hours Beer, to be consumed at finish only 100 $0
  • Any bike made 1990 to 2000
2000+ Steel $0 8:14 AM 1:45 hours Wine, to be consumed on site after only :) 100 $0
  • Any bike made of steel, 2000 year or younger, or anyone wishing to ride with this group
Any other bike that wishes to ride $0 8:15 AM 1 hours coffee for entering 100 $0
  • This is a catch all for those with new bikes, or just want to show up and ride, have a drink after
Cruiser $0 8:16 AM .5 hours Grappa shots and grain alcohol at start for all 100 $0
  • Any bike to ride just for fun, if you have an old Dutch city bike or Schwinn cruiser great, if not, come anyway.
Kids fun ride $0 8:16 AM .75 hours Ice cream or dark chocolate after ride based on weather 100 $0
  • Any kid that wants to ride on bike path to Northwestern University, any bike, any jersey, just for fun.

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