Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 at 5:00 PM MT

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Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Fee
Packet Pick-Up Volunteer 8/21/21 $0 10:00 AM 7 hours 8 $0
  • Manage the packet pick-up and registration table for the day, between 10am-5pm.

    Largest surge is expected in the morning and early afternoon.
Start/Finish Venue Set-Up 8/20 and 8/21 $0 8:00 AM 4 hours 5 $0
  • Help set up the start finish, which will include setting up signs, podiums, tables, and fencing. Please be ready to do some lifting!

    Timing and date is subject to change.
Course Marking and Sweeping 8/21/21 $0 8:00 AM 6hrs hours 5 $0
  • Saturday before the race. Drive through course to put up signage and remove any egregious obstacles (fallen lock or a big rock in the road, etc.) from the course.
Race-Day Course Sweep Late Afternoon 8/22 $0 2:00 PM 8 hours 4 $0
  • Run a sweep of the course to clear signage and make sure riders have all finished safely. This is essentially a free entry for the event, but requires that you ride the course after others

    Timing TBD
Sold Out Aid Station #1: Haskill Basin 8/22/21 $0 5:00 AM 4 hours 2 $0
  • Early in course, so early morning set-up and early afternoon departure. Be prepared to heavy lift, including tables and food boxes.

    Timing TBD.
Aid Station #2: Base Lodge 8/22/21 $0 5:00 AM 4 hours 3 $0
  • Early morning set-up, early-late afternoon departure. Be prepared to do some heavy lifting, including tables and food boxes.

    Timing TBD.
Sold Out Aid Station #4: Upper Whitefish Lake Rd. 8/22/21 $0 9:00 AM 6hrs hours 2 $0
  • Late morning set-up/late afternoon departure. Be prepared to drive out to set-up and manage volunteer table/tent for several hours and do some heavy lifting of tables and boxes.
Sold Out Aid Station #3: Werner Peak Intersection 8/22/21 $0 9:00 AM 6hrs hours 2 $0
  • mid morning set-up, late afternoon/early evening departure.

    Be prepared to travel out to the Werner Peak and do some lifting of tables and boxes.
Start/Finish Area Venue Set-Up and Take Down 8/21-8/22 $0 12:00 AM 6 hours 6 $0
  • Help set-up and take down podiums, signs, tables, fencing, tents, lighting. Remove trash. Be prepared to do heavy lifting.

    Expect 4-6hrs or set-up and take down on 8/21 and 8/22

    Timing TBD.
Only 6 spots available!
Day-After Course Sweep 8/23 $0 8:00 AM 6 hours 4 $0
  • Sweep the course for any possible trash, garbage, etc. (although there shouldn't be any!)

    Timing TBD.
Only 4 spots available!
Race Day Start/Finish Line Managers 8/22/21 $0 6:00 AM 8 hours 5 $0
  • Manage start/finish line area. Keep area clear and monitor pedestrians and other park-goers to make sure area is clear.
Only 3 spots available!
COURSE MARSHALLS $0 6:00 AM 8 hours 30 $0
  • Manage intersections throughout course to safely direct riders on route. Stop and manage traffic as riders pass along course. Training will be provided.

    Morning/afternoon shifts TBD.
HOST HOUSING $0 12:00 AM 1 hours 500 $0

    Host riders from out of town for the weekend (or longer if both the rider and you agree to it).

Location & Contact

Location address:
510 Railway St, Whitefish, MT  59937
Event Phone Number:
(202) 320-5995
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