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Greenwich, NY, Sat May 21, 2016

Presented by Anthem Sports
USA Cycling Event USA Cycling Permit # No

Select Your Category

Category Distance Fee Prizes Field Limit
Men Pro/1/2 - by invitation only
Men Pro/1/2 - by invitation only 87 miles $95 150
Contact promoter
Women Pro/1/2/3 - by invitation only
Women Pro/1/2/3 - by invitation only 68 miles $95 100
contact promoter
Men Category 3
Men Category 3 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 200
Men Category 4
Men Category 4 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 200
Men Category 5 35+
Men Category 5 35+ 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 150
Men Category 5 45+
Men Category 5 45+ 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 150
Men Category 5 55+
Men Category 5 55+ 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 150
Women Cat 4
Women Cat 4 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 150
Masters Men 40+
Masters Men 40+ 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 100
Masters Men 50+
Masters Men 50+ 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 100
Masters Men 60+ / 65+
Masters Men 60+ / 65+ 68 miles $95 Awards (3) 100
Men 60+ race with Men 65+ for separate awards
Junior Boys 15-18
Junior Boys 15-18 68 miles $50 Awards (3) 100
Junior Girls 15-18
Junior Girls 15-18 68 miles $50 Awards (3) 25
Junior girls race with Women Cat 4
Special Registration
Herrington Hill
Herrington Hill $95
Meeting House Road
Meeting House Road $95
Waitlist - Men Cat 3
Waitlist - Men Cat 3 $10
Waitlist Men Cat 4
Waitlist Men Cat 4 $10
Waitlist - Men Cat 5
Waitlist - Men Cat 5 $10

Event Items

CampsiteWater is dependent on weather, if warm enough it will be turned on for bathrooms and warm showers. 30/50/110 amp hookups. Dump Station available at the end of event
Options Quantity Price Each
RV/CAMPER SITE - Friday-Saturday x $30.00
RV/CAMPER SITE -Saturday-Sunday x $30.00
TENT SITE - Friday-Saturday x $20.00
TENT SITE - Saturday-Sunday x $20.00

Show Event Notes Event Notes

12th Annual

Tour of the Battenkill Pro/Am

MAY 21, 2016

Greenwich, NY USA

The Tour of the Battenkill - the 'industry standard' for classic-style North American road racing.  

Founded in 2005.


Great American Cycling event:

No annual license required, no one-day licenses required, no insurance surcharges, no junior gearing, online waivers, helmet required when racing only. enjoy.






Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this a tough race?  Yes. You should start training today.  Please consider competing in one of the many great events in the Northeast ahead of the race as well.  Battenkill should not be your first race of the year.


2. Where does my entry fee go?  Road events like the Tour of the Battenkill have skyrocketed in recent years.  Police, professional staff, insurance, officials, and venues are all significant and increasing costs to any road cycling event.  All together, there are more than 500 people that are directly involved in the Battenkill weekend that are compensated in some way and their time is as valuable as yours.  We are also very proud to donate more than $15,000 each year to the many volunteer groups that engage the event and help to ensure rider safety along the course. 

It's a lot of work. If you think it's not worth the entry fee, then you probably shouldn't come. You'll regret it, though...


3. What is Great American Cycling?  Great American Cycling/Anthem Sports is the organization that produces the Tour of the Battenkill, Tour of the Catskills, and many other epic cycling events across the Northeast, with a participation base of more than 50,000 riders and racers since 2004.   


4. Why is this now an unsanctioned event?  Mass-participation events like the Tour of the Battenkill and others have evolved beyond the dated infrastructure that have traditionally operated to restrict the growth of events and the inclusion of a larger audience in the sport.  With the changing culture within competitive cycling, we are committed to bringing better value to participants in 2016 outside the confines of "sanctioning".  All Great American Cycling events will continue to provide a consistent level of support and service to the sport of cycling and its participants going forward. The benefits to racers include: no annual license ($70+), no one-day licenses required ($15+), no insurance surcharges ($4+), no junior gearing, online waivers, helmet required when racing only. 


5. Is the Pro/Am it still a race?  Yes, it's basically the same as it has been since 2005, though with subtle changes.


6. Are there any rules?  Of course.  Though we will have the freedom, now, to make small changes appropriate for the race (field sizes, for example), the Pro/Am will look very much like it has always has since 2005.  Race officials will enforce virtually all the traditional rules that are standard and expected within the sport.


7. So, it's pretty much the same as it always was?  Yeah, pretty much. It's a bike race. Enjoy.