Meet the Team

Steve Roszko

Position: CTO, co-Founder

Steve founded in 1999, followed by and, back when accepting credit cards on the internet was a hot new thing and race registration was powered by writing lots of stuff on paper and/or mailing physical objects to an event director.

Hobbies: Alpine skiing, trying to win bike races from 500m out, recovering from life-threatening injuries.

Claim to fame: Started a successful company focused on his hobbies while maintaining a full-time job and starting a family. He’s still standing!

Ross Krause

Position: CEO

Hobbies: Spending time with his wife and two sons, running up and down mountains, riding bikes uphill, getting the office excited about absurd athletic challenges, finding and eating delicious food.

Claim to fame: Ross is a former professional cyclist and winner of multiple New England trail running races.

Evan Huff

Position: Director of Business Development

Hobbies: Outdoor adventures with his wife, son, and dog. Searching for new roads and trails that almost always lead to a hike-a-bike section or dead end. Playing guitar for his son, his biggest fan.

Claim to fame: Looks really, really mad when he goes hard on a bike.

Uri Halevi

Position: Account Manager / Advertising Specialist

Hobbies: Racing bikes, talking about Toyota Previas on the internet, repairing Toyota Previas, not actually driving his Previa, getting hopelessly lost.

Never could catch or throw properly, but can push hard on pedals.

Claim to fame: Likely the worst sense of direction in the western hemisphere.

Stephanie Aldrich

Position: Account Manager

You'll find me ringing cow-bells at cyclocross races and eating cookies on bike-packing adventures. I'm better at cheering on the competition than racing and I once blacked-out during a 'cross race when my heart-rate averaged over 190bpm for 50 minutes, but still managed to finish...somehow

Claim to fame: Has been to more Jonas Brothers concerts than can be counted on her fingers

Patrick Sullivan

Position: Customer Support Specialist

Hobbies: Road trip adventure times with my brilliant wife and stepdaughter, timber framing, family goofballing, ski-yearn, and loving my bike-enabled countryside cruises.

Claim to Fame: Not at all dwelling on the fact that none of the 6 National Collegiate Road Cycling Championship medals I won are gold in color. Doesn't bother me at all. Barely ever think about it. Stars and stripes clash anyway. No, really. It's fine.

Colin Reuter

Position: Lead Software Engineer

Hobbies: Promoting bike races, participating in bike races, blogging about bike races, making websites about bike races, riding bikes. Washed up nordic skier who made it to the elite wave of the Birkie once. Tele skier who makes parallel turns more than he’d like to admit.

Claim to fame: Started in 2006, which led to worldwide mini-fame, coffee addiction and steadily decreasing sleep. Sold to Pioneer in 2011, got dream job, never did catch up on sleep.

Johnny Morin

Position: Customer Relations Specialist

Hobbies: Playing with his daughter, preferably on bikes. Hanging out with his wonderful wife, preferably on bikes. Adventuring in the woods with his dog, preferably on his bike. Running, but wishing he was on his bike. Raising money for charity, on his bike.

Claim to fame: Has raised over $450,000 for cancer research with Bikes Fight Cancer. "It's my only way to find a cure for this disease, because trust me, no one wants me as their DR".

Joe Ferraro

Position: Software Engineer

Hobbies: All things track & field such as coaching, going to meets, reading up on news in the world of track and browsing / buying new trainers & spikes coming out. Going on long bike rides right before sunset, listening to and discovering new music, playing cards with friends and family (mostly Pitch).

Claim to fame: Becoming a mid-distance coach for track & field. Known to get a running related injury every other week or so. Meeting all the members of Dance Gavin Dance twice.

Danny Maryanski

Position: Software Engineer II

Hobbies: Freerunning, parkour, tricking, and being upside down. Writing and producing music, trying to learn instruments. Programming games and trading bots.

Claim to fame: Can do a backflip.

Ryan Babler

Position: Quality Assurance and Project Manager

Hobbies: Colorado living, part time van lifer, hiking, camping and kayaking. Spending time in the mountains with his family, drinking coffee and baking all things sourdough.

Claim to Fame: DIY builder/remodeler extraordinaire.

Julia Renn

Position: Senior Product Designer

Hobbies: Hiking, trail running, yoga, backpacking, and collapsing her gear into tiny, perfectly sandwiching parcels that Tetris into her backpack like a work of modern art.

Claim to fame: In an affront to ultralight backpackers everywhere, Julia loves indulging in gourmet vegetarian meals on the trail. Armed with her dehydrator and a thru hiker’s appetite, she can either be found experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen or enjoying the fruits of her labors on the trail.

Seth Lowenstern

Position: Software Engineer III

Hobbies: Compound and recurve archery, hiking (especially in mountains), skiing when I can manage to be at the mountains while there is snow, biking, clay shooting, cooking and baking.

Claim to fame: Shoots in archery tournaments, usually without breaking any arrows.

Kelly Dwyer

Position: Customer Support Specialist

Hobbies: Travel, hiking, climbing mountains, and yoga. Bikes are pretty cool too.

Claim to fame: Gets up every morning before sunrise and practices yoga.