3 Days of Asbury Park p/b Second Life Bikes- Roller Race #2

Asbury Park, NJ, Sat Feb 10, 2018

Presented by Second Life Bikes
  • Online Registration Deadline: Friday, Feb 9, 2018 at 11:59 PM ET

Select Your Category

Category Start Fee Prizes Field Limit
Open Men
Open Men 6:30 PM $12 TBD 12
Open to all riders of all ages
Only 3 spots available!
Open Men Waitlist
Open Men Waitlist 5:55 PM $20 N/A 6
Open Women
Open Women 6:15 PM $11 TBD 12
Open to women of all ages
Only 9 spots available!
Juniors 6:00 PM $0 Hopefully 12
Junior boys and girls
Only 10 spots available!
Atlantic Bicyle Club Championships
Atlantic Bicyle Club Championships 6:00 PM $5
ABC members racing other ABC members
The Peddler of Long Branch Championships
The Peddler of Long Branch Championships 6:00 PM $5
Peddler riders racing against other Peddler riders
SLB Community
SLB Community 6:00 PM $5 Photo w/ Nellie
Second Life Bikes Famiy racing against other SLB ers
Formula Femme Championships
Formula Femme Championships 6:00 PM $5
Formula Femme team members racing each other

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