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Charm City Cross
Sunday, September 25, 2005

Charm City Cross
presented by Team BBC and Charm City Cyclocross
Druid Hill Park, Baltimore - Maryland

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Total starters: 217 Men's A 1 Ryan Leech Fort/GPOA ! 2 Greg Marini Coffee Plus Inc 3 George Menard Hunt Valley 4 Andrew Wulfkuhle ALAN Mid-Atlantic 5 Jordan Kahleberg ALAN Mid-Atlantic 6 Chris Newell Hunt Valley Bicycle Club/HVB 7 Myrm Baker VergeSport TestPilot 8 Stephen De Lisle Hilton Cycling Club/Team Contes 9 Christopher Case University of Texas 10 Greg Ferguson Fort/GPOA ! 11 Glenn Turner Evolution Cycling 12 Greg Wittwer FORT-GPOA 13 Weston Schempf FORT-GPOA! 14 Sean Galegher Hunt Valley Bicycles 15 Kris Auer ALAN Mid-Atlantic 16 Donald Snoop Jr VergeSport TestPilot 17 Michael Coffman 18 Chris Baker WMW/Thomas Racing 19 Chris Heln Evolution Cycling 20 Jon Hansen Richmond Cielismo DNF Dan Wilson Henrys Bikes Women's A 1 Sami Fournier Velo Bella 2 Melanie Swartz Squadra Coppi 3 Heidi von Teitenberg Alan Mid-Atlantic 4 Kristy Scheffenacker Velo Bella 5 Beth Mason NCVC/Edge Technologies 6 Tammy Ebersole Evolution Racing 7 Kathy Watts Wildware Backcountry Women 35+ 1 Sami Fournier Velo Bella 2 Kristy Scheffenacker Vello Bella 3 Beth Mason NCVC/Edge Technologies 4 Tammy Ebersole Evolution Racing 5 Kathy Watts Wildware Backcountry Masters 35+ 1 Richard Mihills Henry's Bikes 2 Michael Davis n-tieractive.net/Bike Doctor-Waldorf 3 Kirk Reisinger Club Wissahickon 4 Mike Hebe 5 John Lux hunt valley bicycles/HVB 6 Andres Wright NCVC/Edge Technologies 7 Marc Gwadz City Bikes 8 William Davis NCVC/Edge Technologies 9 Marc Vettori Spot Brand | Secret Henry's Team 10 Erik Leaver NCVC/Edge Technologies 11 Todd Pittman 12 Robert Lyon III HUNT VALLEY BICYCLE CLUB Steven Dontigny Evolution Cycling 14 Mike Birner All American Bicycle Center 15 Bo Lee Whole Wheel/Velo Club 16 Barry Holman Team Fuji 17 Robert Campbell NCVC/Edge Technologies 18 Rolf Windh Gor's Racing 19 James Revere Team Cobblestone/Nature's Path 20 Christopher Merriam Team Fuji 21 Chip Lortz Lateral Stress Velo 22 Judd Milne Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 23 Chip Sovek Potomac Velo Club 24 David Jablonski Husker Road Club 25 Christopher Salice LSV/Kelly 26 Paul Incognito Q-akes City Wheelmen 27 Kevin Kuzas Guy's Racing 28 Marc Frazer LSV/Kelly 29 David Manhardt Henry's Bikes 30 Jim Gross Peak Fitness 31 Warren Buscemi LSV/Kelly 32 Kelly Cline Wissahickon 33 David Crouse The Bike Lane 34 Patrick Cusack Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Shop 35 Scott Seifert 36 Todd Wichman All American Bicycle Club 37 Thori Wolfe 38 Scott Flynn Snow Valley Masters 45+ 1 Randall Root Team Snow Valley/SIBEX 2 Mark Kutney Charlottesville Racing Club 3 Bernie Shiao LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies 4 Eric Marshall Squadra Coppi 5 Mark Laser Yellow Breeches Racing 6 John Rogers DC Velo/Martens Volvo 7 Scott Wilson Evolution Racing 8 Dennis Smith First State Velo Sport (FSVS) 9 Jim Bronson LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies 10 Brad Devries Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 11 Ad Bax Artemis 12 Kevin Breckenmaker Yellow Breeches Racing 13 Charles Mcdaniel Wooden Wheels 14 Karl Kensinger Alan Mid-Atlantic 15 Kurt Mikeska Woden Wheels 16 Mike Mcconnell Chesapeake Wheelmen/ King Pawn 17 Gary Kelly South Mountain Velo 18 Gustavo Sanchez Evolution Racing 19 Mike Connair First State Velo Sport 20 Steve Heede Hunt Valley Bicycles 21 Christopher Houston Yellow Breeches Racing 22 Alan Romefelt LSV - Kelly DNF Joseph Kotun Lanterne Rouge DNF Roger Masse All American Bicycle Club DNF Christopher Long Independent Fabrication/Gotham DNF Rick Tucker LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies DNF Mike Kennedy Boise Cycling Club DNF Brad Lang Team Cobblestone/Nature's Path Masters 55+ 1 Fred Wittwer Charlottesville racing club 2 Donald Morrison Wissahickon 3 Nunzio Dibiasi Yellow Breeches Racing 4 John Hostetter Jr ALAN MID ATLANTIC 5 James Carlson Potomac Velo Club 6 Ben Williams Team Snow Valley 7 James Wagner DC Velo/Martens Volvo Men's B 1 Adrian Lobito 2 Chad Totaro Besc/Breakaway Bikes 3 James W. Wagner 4 Adam Szczepanski Bike & Blade - Serfs 5 Sean Mealey Hunt Valley Bicycles/HVB 6 Emerson Loustau 7 Vincent Mok 8 Daniel Brill Team Beacon 9 Mario Sanchez Rockville Harley 10 Montana Norvell Wissahickon Cyclery 11 Anthony van Lierop HVB 12 Steve Fife Rockville Harley 13 Chris Nystrom ALAN Mid-Atlantic 14 Jonathan Nathanson Evolution Cycling 15 Alec Riendeau Highland Park Hermes 16 Scott Wayne First State Velo Sport 17 Mike Kennedy Boise Cycling Club 18 Jonathan Houghton 19 Michael Kirk Wooden Wheels Racing 20 John Hostetter III ALAN Mid-Atlantic 21 Matt Michel Boone Velo 22 Bernard Mcdonald LSV/Kelly 23 Wave Hess Team Beacon 24 Eric Morgan Wissahickon 25 Fredrik Andersson NCVC/Edge Technologies 26 Bradley Evans Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 27 Joern Diedrichsen LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies 28 Matt Bergerson 29 Christopher Sellman Lateral Stress Velo/Kelly 30 Peter Whitlock NCVC/Edge Technologies 31 Greg Foster Western Maryland Wheelmen 32 Drew Guldalian Wissahickon Cyclery 33 Chris Cusack Rockville Harley 34 Noel Zamot Chain Reaction 35 Timothy Cusick 36 Peter Lindeman NCVC/Edge Technologies 37 Ryan Newill Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 38 Carlos Goncalves All American Bike Club 39 Andrew Malizio All American Bike Club 40 Michael Doolan VCB/Race Pace Legg Mason 41 Robert Holt Evolution Cycling/Team DLS 42 Eric Lowenstein Highland Park Hermes 43 Greg Dorsey 44 Edward Christie Unattached 45 Larry Mauch Evolution Cycling / Team DLS 46 Cary Hunter Potomac Velo club 47 David Barber LSV/Kelly Benefit Strategies 48 Peter Anderson Team SpeeDH 49 Christopher Berbert 50 Chris Harshman Team Snow Valley p/b Seal-On 51 Jared Nieters Mountain's Edge Cycling Team 52 Sean Pfaff LSV/Kelly 53 Luke Sauder Hunt Valley Bicycles/HVB 54 John Trumpfheller Cycle Escape 55 FJ Hughes Unattached Women's B 1 Krista Schultz Hunt Valley Bicycle/HVB 2 Marilyn Galegher Hunt Valley Bicycle/HVB 3 Karen Tourian Club Wissahickon 4 Christine Lynch Alan Mid-Atlantic 5 Christine Kelley 6 Pamela Mauch 7 Mary Fetrow Yellow Breeches Racing 8 Rachel Zilbering Yellow Breeches Racing 9 Kathleen Fite Alan Mid-Atlantic 10 Mary Zadnik Newell Hunt Valley Bicycle/HVB 11 Diane Koher Team BBC Men's C 1 Michael Rea Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor 2 Mike O'Hara LSV/Kelly 3 Fredrik Andersson NCVC/Edge Technologies 4 George Milinkovic Squadra Coppi 5 Peter Nicoll Squadra Coppi/International Saab 6 Evan Fader Dynoflo 7 Brian Bradley Lanterne Rouge 8 Kevin Dillard NCVC/Edge Technologies 9 Chris Schafer Charm City Cross 10 Timothy Whittemore All-American Bicycle Ctr 11 Richard Bilson Tri-State Velo 12 Kyle Drummond 13 Yoav Gery NCVC/Edge Technologies 14 Judd Walencikowski 15 Mark Lorie LSV/Kelly 16 Jeremy Joyce 17 James Ambagis Fort Frames 18 David Covell Guy's cycling club 19 Ron Herman LSV/Kelly 20 John Brewer Orbital Sciences Corporation 21 Nick Laughton 22 William Schieken 23 Peter Bell 24 Sean Woosley 25 Sean Tracy Mountains Edge Cycling Team 26 Kemal Turner BPVC 27 Torrence Adams Hunt Valley Bicycles 28 Mark Fitzwater Wooden Wheels 29 Ted McDaniel Wooden Wheels 30 Harry Fang Bicycle Place Velo Club 31 John Maisto Bicycle Place Velo Club 32 Jeff Erler 33 Jeff Ramage DNF Joseph Kotun Lanterne Rouge DNF Henry Tremper First State Velo Sport DNF James Wagner DC Velo/Martens Volvo Juniors 1 Nick Box Artemis 2 Zach Adams Yellow Breeches Racing 3 Morgan Gerlak Alan Mid-Atlantic 4 Michael Garretson Yellow Breeches Racing 5 Tony Goncalves All American Bicycle Club 6 Justin Mauch Evolution Cycling / Team DLS 7 Ridge Lortz Lateral Stress Velo 8 Nathan Wilson NCVC/Edge Technologies 9 Jeff Bahnson Secret Henry's Team

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