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Sterling, MA
Saturday, November 24, 2007
BAYSTATE CYCLOCROSS Round 5 ot THE VERGE NEW ENGLAND CYCLOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES In memory of Stefan Hesselberg Presented by Spin Arts, Gear Works Cyclery, Mid State Cycling Club Sterling, MA Saturday, November 24, 2007
STERLING, Mass (November 24, 2007) _ Under crystal blue skies with dry but chilly weather, the Bay State Cyclocross welcomed New England cyclocrossers to the wintry weather that many have been awaiting all season.

Elite Men.

On the first lap, a trio of Massachusetts-based riders pulled away and spent the next 55 minutes cheerfully hammering on each other, like a lovably dysfunctional family sitting down to a cyclocross feast. Jeremy Powers (Cyclocrossworld.com), Jesse Anthony (Jamis) and Tim Johnson (Leer-Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld) appeared equally matched.

From the swoopy turns - each with varying recipes of thawed to frozen grass as the late November sun got lower; to the garden-level barrier grotto, with its steep off-camber entry and exit; to the grassy, leaf covered run-up, with an eye-watering descent leading to the waist-high Horse Jump; the trio continually battered each other, seeking advantage.

The key turned out to be the run-up - and Powers's willingness to attempt to ride it, even though his success rate would have discouraged many.

On the first lap, Johnson charged into the lead and rode to within a yard of the top, then stalled and fell. Next lap, the lead trio had formed - with U23 star Jamie Driscoll (Fiordi-Fruita) close behind. This time Powers sprinted into the run up - and fell at the top, allowing Anthony and Johnson to get a gap that took Powers spent the next lap closing.

Next lap, Powers tried again on the run-up - and made it - picking up an instant gap that Anthony and Johnson slowly pulled back. For the next 40 minutes, the three seemed to call a truce on the run-up, dismounting a conservative three or four bike lengths from the top.

In the final lap, Powers and Anthony gapped a fading Johnson. It looked like a match sprint as the two circled the running track. If Anthony could get to the run up first, he could block Powers from attempting to ride it. If Powers got a clear line, he could ride it and get a substantial gap with less than a lap to go. But his record for riding it was one-for-two and his eyes were blurry from the cold.

Anthony hammered down the track's back stretch, but Power's attacked and led into the climb. He nearly stalled with his front wheel inches from the crest, but muscled over the top while Anthony ran. By the time he dropped into the descent, he had five bike lengths, which he increased by the finish. Anthony held on to second - and his Verge series leader's jersey. Johnson rolled in third and Mark McCormack outsprinted Driscoll to take fourth.

Elite Women:

The Verge New England series has been dominated this season by Lyne Bessette (Cyclocrossworld.com). This week, Anna Milkowski (Kona-Velo Bella) ruled while Bessette raced in Europe. After Amy Wallace (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches) took the hole shot, Milkowski and Rebecca Wellons (Ridley) took over on the run-up and spent two laps working together to open a gap while throwing in brief attacks. Milkowski appeared to have more power, and was able to match Wellons on the technical sections.

But Milkowski avoided pulling Wellons around the course and waited for an opening.

Two laps in, she got the chance when the two bumped wheels coming out of an off camber left-hand turn. The brief collision forced Wellons to put a foot down and Milkowski got a gap she never relinquished, setting off on a long-time trial that was almost Bessette-like.

Wellons, who said after that she was feeling run-down from a long season, kept Milkowski within sight but was never able to close the gap. Wallace spent almost the entire race in No Man's Land, finishing a strong third.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men                                  37                  starters
Place    U23  Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             1:00:01   Jeremy             POWERS              cyclocrossworld.com                            Niantic                CT
2             1:00:14   JESSE              ANTHONY             JAMIS BICYCLE                                  BEVERLY                MA
3             1:00:41   TIM                JOHNSON             CANNONDALE/LEER/CYCLOCROSSWORLD                MIDDLETON              MA
4             1:02:22   Mark               MCCORMACK           Clif Bar                                       Foxboro                MA
5        1    1:02:22   Jamey              DRISCOLL            FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team                Jericho                VT
6             1:02:36   Adam               MYERSON             NERAC PRO CYCLING                              Dorchester             MA
7             1:02:36   Troy               WELLS               Team CLIF BAR Cyclocross                       Durango                CO
8             1:03:01   Justin             SPINELLI            Richard Sachs/RGM Watches                      Nashua                 NH
9        2    1:04:35   Nicholas           KEOUGH              Jittery Joe's/Sonic Cyclocross                 Sandwich               MA
10            1:04:35   Matt               KRAUS               RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                    Arlington              MA
11            1:05:31   Daniel             NEYENS              Hagens-Berman Cycling Team                     Seattle                WA
12            1:05:31   Nathaniel          WARD                Joe's Garage                                   Albany                 NY
13       3    1:06:02   Kevin              WOLFSON             Dartmouth Cycling                              Belmont                MA
14            1:06:25   Justin             LINDINE             Targetraining / Fastar                         Maplecrest             NY
15            lap       Bill               ELLISTON            Indiana Regional Medical Center/Fuji           Easton                 PA
16       4    lap       Dylan              O'SULLIVAN          Housatonic Wheel Club U23                      Worcester              MA
17            lap       Peter              RUBIJONO            Cambridge bike/Igleheart frames                Boston                 MA
18            lap       Adam               SULLIVAN            NBX/Narragansett Beer Cyclocross               East Greenwich         RI
19            lap       Corey              DEARBORN-BOILARD                                                   Bradford               NH
20            lap       Alex               WHITMORE            Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames           Somerville             MA
21       5    lap       Toby               MARZOT              Fiordifrutta                                   Hanover                NH
22            lap       John               BURNS               Bikeman.com                                    Yarmouth               ME
23       6    lap       Morgan             MACLEOD             Mechanical Services/CycleMania                 Orrs Island            ME
24            lap       Daniel             COADY               WeLoveBicycles.com                             Easthampton            MA
25       7    lap       Eric               THOMPSON            Lees-McRrae College BOBCATS Oi Oi Oi           Banner Elk             NC
26       8    lap       Jerome             TOWNSEND            Ridley Factory Team                            Princeton              MA
27            lap       Todd               WHEELDEN            KONA/Portland Velo Club                        Kents Hill             ME
28            lap       Aaron              OAKES               Van Dessel                                     Hawthorne              NJ
29            lap       GABRIEL            LLOYD               CRCA-REMAX                                     NYC                    NY
30            lap       Rickey             VISINSKI            Spiuk / First Endurance / Crank Bros           Bridgeport             CT
31       9    lap       Greg               CARPENTER           DEVO/NSO/Giant                                 Canton                 CT
Elite Women                                19                  starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             36:28     Anna               MILKOWSKI           Velo Bella-Kona                                New Haven              CT
2             36:43     Rebecca            WELLONS             Ridley Factory Team                            Woburn                 MA
3             37:45     Amy                WALLACE             RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                    Medford                MA
4             38:16     Cris               ROTHFUSS            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Medford                MA
5             38:19     Karen              POTTER              Zancanato/MTB-Mind.com                         Shrewsbury             MA
6             38:20     Kathy              SARVARY             Gearworks/Spin Arts Cycling Team               Lunenburg              MA
7             38:20     Melanie            SWARTZ              Velo Bella - Kona                              Reston                 VA
8             38:34     Sally              ANNIS               NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dental               Nashua                 NH
9             38:56     Sara               CUSHMAN             Gear Works/Spin Arts                           Jamaica Plain          MA
10            39:35     Perri              MERTENS             Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart Frames             Norfolk                MA
11            39:55     Erin               DUGGAN              Ridley Factory Team                            Avon                   CT
12            39:59     STEPHANIE          WHITE               VELABELLA-KONA                                 Bedford                MA
13            40:14     Megan              BILODEAU            HUP United                                     Easthampton            MA
14            40:34     Susan              MACLEAN             Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team              Plaistow               NH
15            41:07     Hannah             KIRSHNER            Circle A Cylocross/the Hub                     Providence             RI
16            41:17     Brenda             BAHNSON             Independent Fabrication                        Great Barrington       MA
17            43:28     BETH               MASON               C3SOLLAY.COM                                   FT MEADE               MD
18            44:23     Laura              JENSEN              Benidorm/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club             Windsor                CT
U19 Juniors                                7                   starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             39:14     Gavin              MANNION             Hot Tubes Junior Development Team              Dedham                 MA
2             40:08     Luke               KEOUGH                                                             Sandwich               MA
3             40:29     Simon              LAMBERT LEMAY       Hottubes cycling                               Longueuil              PQ
4             43:05     COLLIN             HUSTON              CAPE ABLE BIKE                                 KENNEBUNK              ME
5             45:30     GABE               ANTHONY             ECV                                            BEVERLY                MA
6             45:31     Ryan               PACKARD             QuadCycles                                     Arlington              MA
7             lap       Gavin              MANNION             Hot Tubes Junior Development Team              Dedham                 MA
U15 Juniors                                18                  starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             15:19     Tommy              GOGUEN              Minuteman Road Club                            Hopedale               MA
2                       Curtis             WHITE               CBRC/Capital Bicycle Racing Club               Delanson               NY
3                       Aaron              HOUSE               Housatonic Wheel Club                          Gt. Barrington         MA
4                       Nate               MORSE               CLNoonan/Coast to Coast/KAM                    Cohasset               MA
5                       Austin             VINCENT             Unattached                                     Weatogue               CT
6                       Jimmy              MUCCI               Berkshire Bike & Board                         Pittsfield             MA
7                       Peter              GOGUEN              Minuteman Road Club                            Hopedale               MA
8                       Sean               SUPRENANT           CCB/Volkswagen                                 Milford                NH
9                       Wes                DUNN                Team Harborside Cycle                          Gloucester             MA
10                      Abigail            CALLAHAN            BicycleLink/MBRC                               Norwell                MA
11                      Richard            VINCENT             Unattached                                     Weatogue               CT
12                      IAN                KEOUGH                                                             Sandwich               MA
13                      Joseph             TOTH                Capital Bicycle Racing Club                    Stephentown            NY
14                      Emily              CURLEY              Gearworks/Spinarts                             Taunton                MA
15                      Christopher        GOGUEN              Minuteman Road Club                            Franklin               MA
16                      Luke               CALLAHAN            MBRC/Bicycle Link                              Norwell                MA
2/3 Men                                    74                  starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             47:24     JOHN               PETERSON            bikebarnracing.com                             EASTON                 MA
2             47:53     BRAD               PERLEY              LEES MCRAE                                     KENNEBUNK              ME
3             48:08     Jonathan           AWERBUCH            Dartmouth College                              Hanover                NH
4             48:31     Hunter             PRONOVOST           Anthem-CCCC                                    Cheshire               CT
5             48:31     Ryan               KELLY               Housatonic Wheel Club                          Dover                  NH
6             48:46     Todd               ROWELL              NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Arlington              MA
7             49:03     James              TOSCA               Corner Cycle                                   Sandwich               MA
8             49:03     Tyson              PARODY              BikeReg.com                                    Keene                  NH
9             49:03     Christopher        CONSORTO            LEES MCRAE                                     Banner Elk             NC
10            49:03     Thom               PARSONS             Team International Bicycle Centers             Somerville             MA
11            49:03     Benjamin           COLEMAN             BikeReg.com                                    Burlington             VT
12            49:03     MARC               BAVINEAU            ECV                                            GLOUCESTER             MA
13            49:03     Isaac              ST. MARTIN          Noreast Cycling                                Candia                 NH
14            49:29     Ryan               RUMSEY              Bikeman.com                                    Portland               ME
15            49:29     Kenny              AMBACH              Cyclonauts Racers/Zanconato Custom Cycles      Sterling               MA
16            49:44     Sean               MANNION             VERGE SPORT/TEST PILOT                         Carmel                 NY
17            49:44     Pete               SMITH               Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames           Merrimac               MA
18            49:44     Scott              ROSENTHAL           Hup United/Zanconato Custom Cycles             Jamaica Plain          MA
19            49:44     Jason              SEARS               MIT Cycling/FXDD                               Cambridge              MA
20            50:00     ISAAC              HOWARD              REVOLUTION CYCLES                              Concord                NH
21            50:10     Scott              BROOKS              NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Westford               MA
22            50:11     Gary               DOUVILLE            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Goleta                 CA
23            50:19     Jeremy             GARDNER             VeloSportivo / Syracuse Bicycle                Brooktondale           NY
24            50:19     Joshua             BARTLETT            NorEast Cycling p/b Timberland Outdoor PerformaWindham                NH
25            50:19     Cary               FRIDRICH            Cambridge Bicycle presented by Igleheart FramesCambridge              MA
26            50:32     Christian          EAGER               QuadCycles                                     Somerville             MA
27            50:32     Christopher        BAILEY              Boston Road Club                               Norfolk                MA
28            50:35     Brian              RUTTER              Laughing Dog Bicycles                          Belchertown            MA
29            50:46     Mike               ZANCONATO           Hup United/Zanconato Custom Cycles             Worcester              MA
30            51:00     Kevin              SWEENEY                                                            Somerville             MA
31            51:00     Brian              KEEGAN              Nor'East Cycling                               Bristol                NH
32            51:00     TED                WILLARD             LIQUID FITNESS                                 LAGUNA NAVEL           CA
33            51:00     Cort               CRAMER              Minuteman Road Club                            Watertown              MA
34            51:00     unknown            rider
35            51:00     Guenter            HOFER                                                              Nashua                 NH
36            51:28     James              NEWTON              INTERNATIONAL BICYCLES CENTERS                 Chestnut Hill          MA
37            52:04     Corey              MASSON              VeloEuropa-Cyfac                               Concord                NH
38            52:06     Colin              REUTER              crossresults.com                               Somerville             MA
39            52:18     William            PALM                MIT Cycling/FXDD                               Cambridge              MA
40            52:34     Mark               VARESCHI            Rutgers University Cycling Team                Highland Park          NJ
41            52:34     Gonzalo            ESCOBAR             Lees-McRae Bobcats RArrrrrr                    Banner Elk             NC
42            52:34     Michael            BLANCHARD           Fitchburg Cycling Club                         Lunenburg              MA
43            52:34     Ronnie             STEERS              Gamache Cyclery                                Townsend               MA
44            52:34     STUART             JENSEN              Eastern Bloc Cycling Club                      WINDSOR                CT
45            52:34     Eric               SILVA               QuadCycles                                     Somerville             MA
46            53:00     Ryan               BARLOW              Colorado State University                      Lyme                   NH
47            53:00     Miro               KOULNIS             BikeReg.com                                    Worcester              MA
48            53:17     Cory               JOHANNESSEN         Harvard University                             Roslindale             MA
49            53:17     Garett             BURKE                                                              Boston                 MA
50            53:17     John               BROUSSARD           NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Wilmington             MA
51            53:29     Donald             SNOOP               VERGE SPORT/TEST PILOT                         Monroe                 NY
52            53:34     TOM                BUTTNER             VERGE SPORT/TEST PILOT                         CORNWALL ON HUDSON     NY
53            53:41     Russell            KELLY               CRCA/Sakonnet Technology                       New York               NY
54            53:45     David              BAXTER              NBX bikes/Apex Tech                            Cranston               RI
55            54:02     Erik               OSBORN              BIKEMAN.COM                                    Portland               ME
56            54:02     Eric               WEMHOFF             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Lexington              MA
57            54:21     Ben                CORBALIS            Lees-McRae College                             Attleboro              MA
58            54:57     ERIK               MITCHELL            QUAKER CITY WHEELMAN                           PHEONIXVILLE           PA
59            55:04     Dan                SEATON              NorEast Cycling/Hammer Nutrition               Portsmouth             NH
60            55:31     C. Greg            ROBIDOUX            INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTER                   Maynard                MA
61            lap       Drew               DAVIS               QuadCycles                                     Sudbury                MA
62            lap       Michael            BERLINGER           adidas Cycling                                 Ayer                   MA
63            dsq       BRENDAN            CORNETT             CYCLOMANIA                                     Lewiston               ME
3/4 Women                                  32                  starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             40:41     Michelle           KERSBERGEN          Joe's Garage                                   Florence               MA
2             41:16     REBECCA            BLATT               KENDA TIRE                                     HARTFORD               CT
3             41:16     Christina          TAMILIO             Minuteman Road Club/Landry's Bicycles          Brighton               MA
4             42:01     Rebecca            ZANCONATO           Hup United/Zanconato Custom Cycles             Worcester              MA
5             42:06     Cathy              ROWELL              NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental/MCRA         Bedford                MA
6             42:35     Shannon            MADISON             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Somerville             MA
7             42:35     Julie              LEFEBVRE            INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                  Somerville             MA
8             42:35     Susanne            DELANEY             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Portsmouth             NH
9             42:35     Jessica            KATES               Keltic Construction                            Norwalk                CT
10            42:35     Stacey             MOSELEY             unattached                                     Westerly               RI
11            42:35     NICOLE             CHRETIEN            unattached                                     NASHUA                 NH
12            44:40     Jennifer           RHODES              INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                  Brookline              MA
13            45:01     SARAH              HART                COLBY COLLEGE                                  WATERVILLE             ME
14            45:01     LYNN               SAMARTANO           PROVIDENCE VELO                                Providence             RI
15            45:01     Melissa            SMITH               University of New Hampshire                    Durham                 NH
16            45:01     MARY               FUCHS               EASTERN BLOC                                   HARTFORD               CT
17            45:01     Carrie             LEMIEUX             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Arlington              MA
18            46:38     Kerry              COMBS               Hup United/Zanconato Bicycles                  Beverly                MA
19            46:38     Dawn               ROBERTS             Cyclonauts                                     South Hadley           MA
20            46:38     Michele            HARRISON            Essex County Velo                              Beverly                MA
21            47:43     Kristi             HENNE               Lees-McRae Bobcats RArrrrrr                    Banner Elk             NC
22            lap       Sally              MCINNIS             JRA Cycles                                     Maynard                MA
23            lap       Jennifer           MUTO                North Atlantic Velo/Classbook.com              Charlestown            MA
24            lap       Lauren             TRACY               Team Vortex                                    Schnecksville          PA
25            lap       DIANE              TOWER               MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB                            HUDSON                 MA
26            lap       SHANNON            ROGERS              KCOI BOULEVARD                                 Kansas City            MO
27            lap       Sonya              CATES               MIT Cycling/FXDD                               Cambridge              MA
28            lap       Julie              LOCKHART            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental / MCRA       Dunstable              MA
29            lap       LINDA              SHELBURNE           CAPE COD CYCLIST                               Sandwich               MA
4 Men                                      80                  starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             35:07     Jacob              MORRISON            t3 southcoast cycling                          Wareham                MA
2             35:07     Peter              SULLIVAN            Cycle-Smart                                    Carlisle               MA
3             35:50     Stephen            WRIGHT              Minuteman Road Club                            Holliston              MA
4             35:50     Geoffrey           HOUSE               Housatonic Wheel Club                          Great Barrington       MA
5             35:50     Brad               JURGA               Minuteman Road Club                            Shirley                MA
6             36:23     Matthew            THEODORE            Cape Cod Cyclist/E-caps                        Mashpee                MA
7             36:23     Morgan             HILLER              CL Noonan/Coast to coast/KAM                   Marion                 MA
8             36:36     Andy               WEIGEL              T3 southcoast cycling                          Rochester              MA
9             36:36     Jason              MORIARTY                                                           Stafford               CT
10            37:01     Erik               PETERSON            Cambridge/Igleheart                            Boston                 MA
11            37:19     Richard            PERSON              Minuteman Road Club                            Hudson                 MA
12            37:19     Byron              Lewis               unattached                                     Monson                 MA
13            37:19     Michael            COOK                Minuteman Road Club                            Blackstone             MA
14            37:45     Paul               DOLAN               VeloEuropa-Cyfac                               New Milford            CT
15            37:45     Jonah              Addley              UHATT                                          S. Stratford           VT
16            38:04     John               MCGRATH             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Westford               MA
17            38:04     Thayne             NORD                Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames           Cambridge              MA
18            38:04     Deke               ANDREW              Portland Velo Club / Cyclemania                Portland               ME
19            38:04     John               ROTHEMICH                                                          Slatersville           RI
20            38:04     Jay                LADIEU              team psycho                                    Waltham                MA
21            38:04     Keith              LIGGETT             Cyclonauts                                     Enfield                CT
22            38:04     Paul               RICARD              INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS                  Woburn                 MA
23            38:04     Manny              GOGUEN              Minuteman Road Club                            Hopedale               MA
24            38:04     Jason              RABIDOU                                                            Worcester              MA
25            38:04     Matt               AUMILLER            OrganicAthlete                                 Hyde Park              MA
26            38:04     Tim                JANSON              RPI Cycling                                    Bolton                 MA
27            38:04     Zachary            Rogers              GP Velotech                                    Kansas City            MO
28            38:04     Cimarron           WORTHAM             MIT Cycling/FXDD                               Cambridge              MA
29            38:34     Nicholas           Mashburn            Cambridge                                      Cambridge              MA
30            38:34     Nathan             PFEIFER                                                            Cambridge              MA
31            38:34     Ian                SUTTON              QuadCycles                                     Allston                MA
32            38:34     Vinnie             GALATRO             Keltic Construction                            Norwalk                CT
33            38:34     Steven             ROBBINS             NCC- Northampton Cycling Club                  Belchertown            MA
34            38:34     Joe                TRAMONTANO          Connecticut Coast Cycling                      Milford                CT
35            38:34     Joseph             HUGHES              SLF                                            Worcester              MA
36            40:01     Paul               Nixon               MBRC                                           Plymouth               MA
37            40:01     Sean               TRINQUE             Union Colege Cycling                           Pascoag                RI
38            40:01     Brian              CROTEAU             Noreast Cycling                                Dover                  NH
39            40:01     Richard            KASSAN              Rutgers University Cycling Team                Westfield              NJ
40            40:01     Sven               LOHSE               VeloEuropa-Cyfac                               Sterling               MA
41            40:01     John               FOLEY                                                              Wrentham               MA
42            40:01     Jim                Airgood             HUP United/ Seven Cycles                       Henniker               NH
43            40:38     Daniel             MARCY               GMBC/Catamount                                 South Burlington       VT
44            40:38     Zachary            WILLS               velo europa- cyfac                             Cambridge              MA
45            40:38     Sam                Dodge               unattached                                     Danbury                MA
46            40:38     Scott              SWEENEY             Minuteman Road Club                            Stow                   MA
47            40:38     Mattison           CROWE               HUP United/ Seven Cycles                       Watertown              MA
48            40:38     Bill               MAIDMENT            QuadCycles                                     Winchester             MA
49            40:38     Guilherme Issao    FUJIWARA            MIT Cycling/FXDD                               Cambridge              MA
50            40:38     Glenn              FERREIRA            Tufts                                          Westford               MA
51            40:38     David              PATNAUDE            Minuteman Road Club                            Hopkinton              MA
52            40:38     Richard Scott      SANDERSON           Coyote Hill                                    Hanover                NH
53            40:38     Ryan               RETELLE             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Milford                NH
54            41:19     John               NAEGLE              QuadCycles                                     Somerville             MA
55            41:19     Christian          RYNKIEWICZ          Team Bicycle Alley                             Worcester              MA
56            41:19     Kurt               MAW                 Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycle             Salem                  MA
57            41:19     Thomas             Bohne               Cambridge                                      Harvard                MA
58            41:19     John               TORREY              cyclonauts                                     Agawam                 MA
59            41:19     unknown            rider
60            41:19     Timothy            METZGER             NorEast Cycling                                Hampton                NH
61            41:19     Wentwoth           Knipe               Lees-McRae College                             Sheffield              MA
62            43:13     Nick               LOOMIS              MIT Cycling/FXDD                               Cambridge              MA
63            43:13     Rick               Tobin               Tobin Building and Remodeling                  Franklin               MA
64            43:24     Spencer            SKERRY              Fitchburg Cycling Club                         Shirley                MA
65            43:24     Patrick            MCCUE               Minuteman Road Club                            Cumberland             RI
66            43:24     Matt               SALMON              Cyclonauts Racers                              North Grafton          MA
67            43:24     Clint              LUNSFORD            IF Factory / Lloyd Graves                      Somerville             MA
68            43:24     David              POWELL              Cyclonauts Racers                              Longmeadow             MA
69            43:24     Peter              MILLER                                                             New London             CT
70            43:24     Ben                Ryan                MRBC                                           Scituate               MA
71            43:24     Michael            BRIER               Refunds Now                                    Providence             RI
72            43:24     Ron                MENNER              NEBC/ Cycle Loft /Devonshire Dental            Brookline              NH
73            43:24     Robert             WILSON              NCC - Northampton Cycling Club                 Amherst                MA
74            43:24     Brian              RUTLEDGE                                                           Roxbury Crossing       MA
75            43:24     Ron                GOGUEN              Minuteman Road Club                            Hopedale               MA
Masters 35+                                65                  starters
Place    45+  Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             39:31     Jonny              BOLD                Corner Cycle                                   Marstons Mills         MA
2        1    39:31     Colman             O'CONNOR            Bicycle Link/MBRC                              Roslindale             MA
3             39:31     Michael            YOZELL              FORT Factory Cyclocross Team                   Emmaus                 PA
4             39:31     Mark               STOTZ               Corner Cycle                                   Easthampton            MA
5        2    39:31     John               MOSHER              Corner Cycle                                   Boxboro                MA
6        3    39:31     Kevin              HINES               Corner Cycle                                   E. Wareham             MA
7             39:31     Curtis             BOIVIN              Refunds Now                                    Providence             RI
8             40:39     Sean               GROOM               Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                          Bloomfield             CT
9        4    40:39     Mark               GUNSALUS            bikebarnracing.com                             Dudley                 MA
10            40:39     Alan               STARRETT            Bikeman.com                                    Portland               ME
11            40:39     Arik Jon           HOLM                Union Velo                                     Westborough            MA
12            40:39     Kurt               PERHAM              Cycle-Smart/Boulder Cycle Sport                Brunswick              ME
13            40:49     Pascal             BUSSI�RES           Louis Garneau Custom Team                      Quebec                 PQ
14            40:49     Greg               FERGUSON            Fort Factory Team                              Glassboro              NJ
15       5    41:44     Sam                MORSE               Corner Cycle                                   Cohasset               MA
16            41:51     Brant              HORNBERGER          BikeReg.com                                    Leominster             MA
17       6    42:10     Michael            BERNARD             gearworks spinarts                             Millbury               MA
18            42:10     Brian              CANTELE             EBCC/Benidorm Bikes                            Litchfield             CT
19            42:24     JOHN               FOLEY               MTBMIND.COM                                    STURBRIDGE             MA
20            42:24     Christopher        LONG                IF                                             WOODSIDE               NY
21       7    42:24     Bob                BISSON              Gear Works/Spin Arts                           Fall River             MA
22       8    42:24     Paul               CURLEY              GEARWORKS/SPIN ARTS                            Taunton                MA
23       9    42:24     CHRIS              BURKE               BIKEWORKS                                      Pawtucket              RI
24            42:24     Mike               SPANGENBERG         CYCLONAUTS RACERS                              Shaftsbury             VT
25            42:24     Bo                 FULLER              NBX/Narragansett Beer                          N. Kingstown           RI
26            42:24     Judd               MILNE               Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                          Reston                 VA
27       10   42:24     Keith              BUTTON              noreast cycling                                Nottingham             NH
28       11   42:24     Chris              BORRELLO            Gear Works/Spin Arts                           North Dighton          MA
29       12   42:24     Paul               LYNCH               bicyclelink/mbrc                               Marshfield             MA
30       13   42:24     Tim                GROESBECK           CCB                                            Sharon                 NH
31            42:24     Mark               SUPRENANT           CCB/Volkswagen                                 Milford                NH
32            42:24     Wade               SUMMERS             Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp          Southington            CT
33       14   43:54     Eric               MARRO               BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales       Nashua                 NH
34            43:58     Steven             MORSE               BIKEMAN.COM                                    Pawtucket              RI
35            43:58     Carl               RING                NHCC/Team NH                                   Rumney                 NH
36            43:58     David              FREDRICKSON                                                        Westwood               MA
37            43:58     Matthew            DOMNARSKI           Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.         Ware                   MA
38            43:58     Ian                MODESTOW            Joe's Garage                                   Florence               MA
39            43:58     Brian              PIERCE              Bikeman.com                                    Westborough            MA
40            43:58     Mike               ROWELL              NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Bedford                MA
41            43:58     Matthew            MYETTE              Cyclonauts Racers/Zanconato Custom Cycles      Sutton                 MA
42            43:58     Wayne              CUNNINGHAM          NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Wayland                MA
43            45:06     Jerry              CHABOT              TheJonathanPage.com                            Bolton                 VT
44       15   45:06     Timothy            SHEA                BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales       Amherst                NH
45            45:06     Matt               HERSEY              bikeman.com                                    Waltham                MA
46       16   45:06     Steve              ARSENAULT           Team Andy                                      Keene                  NH
47       17   45:06     Paul               NYBERG              Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.         Avon                   CT
48            45:06     Gary               ASPNES              Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.         Rockville              RI
49            45:06     Dave               BARR                Fitchburg Cycling Club                         Ayer                   MA
50            45:06     Christopher        SMITH               NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental              Woburn                 MA
51       18   45:06     David              GOODWIN             NCC / BikeReg.com                              Amherst                MA
52            45:06     Geoff              WILLIAMS            Refunds Now / Providence Velo Club             Riverside              RI
53       19   45:06     Tom                STEVENS             Gear Works/Spin Arts Cycling Team              Lancaster              MA
54       20   45:06     Andrew             DURHAM              CCB/Time                                       Andover                MA
55            45:06     Martin             VALIQUETTE          EnCoeur                                        Magog                  PQ
56            lap       Paul               WEISS               PORTLAND VELO CLUB                             Cumberland             ME
57       21   lap       Steven             KANE                Byron Lake/East End Cycling Team               Brightwaters           NY
58            lap       Robert             BAUER               Minuteman road Club                            Natick                 MA
59            lap       TIMOTHY            CROWLEY             VORTEX                                         Marlborough            MA
60       22   lap       David              BELKNAP             Bicycle Link/MBRC                              Dedham                 MA
dsq      dsq  dsq       David              LEEDBERG            GearWorks / Spin Arts                          North Chelmsford       MA
Masters 55+             20                 starters
Place         Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             36:34     David              RATH                GMBC/Catamount                                 Williston              VT
2             37:04     Edward             HAMEL               Joe's Garage                                   Southampton            MA
3             38:31     Dave               BEALS               CBRC                                           Niskayuna              NY
4             39:08     Michael            MCCUSKER            NCC/bikereg.com                                Buckland               MA
5             39:49     Jerry              WHITE               Essex County Velo                              Bedford                NH
6             39:49     Phillip            BANNISTER           Putney/West Hill                               Putney                 VT
7             39:49     Steven             ABBOTT              cyclonauts                                     Willington             CT
8             39:49     Richard            SACHS               RGM WATCHES - RICHARD SACHS                    Chester                CT
9             39:49     Garabed            MINASIAN            BOB cycling/stoneyfield                        Nashua                 NH
10            39:49     Jim                QUINN               The Bicycle Link/MBRC                          Weymouth               MA
11            39:49     Terry              COWMAN              Essex County Velo - MCRA                       Manchester             MA
12            41:54     Richard            COSTA               Cyclonauts Racers Inc.                         Brimfield              MA
13            41:54     Jim                DOWLING             Maine Cycling Club/Rainbow                     Buckfield              ME
14            41:54     Bob                LUDECKE             laurel bike club                               Milldale               CT
15            41:54     James              THEMIG              Mystic Velo MCRA                               Niantic                CT
16            41:54     David              HOLMANDER           NHCC/Team NH/MCRA                              Epsom                  NH
17            41:54     Rick               HARDY               Boston Road Club                               Needham                MA
18            41:54     Russell            BROOKS              NaultS CYCLERY NAULTS.COM                      Derry                  NH
19            41:54     Vincent            DONOHUE             worcester cycling club                         Worcester              MA
3/4 Masters                                56                  starters
Place    45+  Time      First Name         Last Name           Team                                           City                   State
1             34:50     Todd               BURNS                                                              Nantucket              MA
2             35:19     Roger              GOULART             Scottee's Westport Bicycle                     New Bedford            MA
3        1    35:36     Kevin              CALLAHAN            Bicycle Link/MBRC                              Norwell                MA
4        2    35:36     Mitchell           MEDEIROS            scottee's westport bicycle                     New Bedford            MA
5             36:19     Chris              BROWN               Corner Cycle                                   Falmouth               MA
6             36:45     Gary               DAVID               Minuteman Road Club                            Stow                   MA
7        3    36:45     Doug               OWEN                Lees-McRae Bobcats RArrrrrr                    Banner Elk             NC
8             36:45     Michael            COLE                Minuteman Road Club                            Marlborough            MA
9             37:04     Doug               ASPINWALL           Joe's Garage                                   Easthampton            MA
10            37:04     Darius             GREENBACHER         Joe's Garage Racing Team                       Northampton            MA
11            37:04     Charles            BOURDAGES           Haymarket square wheelmen                      Kittery                ME
12            37:34     Steven             Lombardo            Cyclonauts                                     Springfield            MA
13       4    37:34     James              PATERSON                                                           Cambridge              MA
14            37:34     Anders             LARSON              Bikeman.com                                    South Portland         ME
15            37:34     Kevin              KERWOOD             Joe's Garage                                   Florence               MA
16            37:34     Chip               BAKER               Sycip Racing                                   Needham                MA
17       5    37:34     David              FAGNANT             unattached                                     Cumberland             RI
18            37:34     Robert             CARMEN              Team International Bike Club, Boston           Simsbury               CT
19       6    38:22     George             GAGNON              Naults.com                                     Merrimack              NH
20       7    38:22     Peter              CROWLEY             NCC/Northampton Cycle Club                     Pelham                 MA
21       8    38:22     Theo               KINDERMANS          cyclocrossworld.com                            Waltham                MA
22       9    38:22     James              MCDONALD            NCC (Northampton Cycling Club)                 Northfield             MA
23       10   38:33     Derek              GRIGGS              Recycled Sports                                Seabrook               NH
24            38:33     Matt               SPENCE              Onion River Sports                             Montpelier             VT
25            39:01     Christopher        CYR                 Bikeman.com                                    Yarmouth               ME
26       11   39:01     James              HOARD               NBX/Narragasett Beer                           Saunderstown           RI
27       12   39:01     David              KING                CCB/Volkswagen                                 Boxford                MA
28       13   39:01     Bill               DOONAN              Minuteman Road Club                            Blackstone             MA
29       14   39:01     Thomas             HURLEY              T3 South Coast Cycling                         Mattapoisett           MA
30            39:01     J Craig            ROTH                Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart Frames             Boston                 MA
31       15   39:01     Patrick            SMITH               Comprehensive Racing                           Salem                  MA
32            39:38     John               Fennel              Team International Bicycle Centers             Summerville            MA
33       16   39:38     Don                RICE                CCB/Volkswagen                                 Rensselaer             NY
34       17   39:38     Jay                MONGILLO            Keltic Construction / Zanes Cycles             Clinton                CT
35       18   39:38     Paul               Hayes               unattached                                                            CT
36            40:19     Michael            LOWRY               Minuteman Road Club                            Medfield               MA
37            40:19     Richard            Wolfe               unattached                                                            MA
38       19   40:19     Kenneth            HAMEL               AFD/BIKEMAN.COM                                Coventry               RI
39       20   40:19     Matt               CARPENTER           Team Edge                                      Canton                 CT
40       21   40:19     John               BEAUPRE             Team Bums                                      Boylston               MA
41            40:19     Brian              Mcinnis             unattached                                                            MA
42            40:19     Eli                LEVINE              Boston Road Club                               Andover                MA
43       22   40:19     Adam               BRODSKY             MBRC/ Bicycle Link                             Scituate               MA
44       23   40:19     David              MICHAUD             MTBMind                                        Seabrook               NH
45       24   40:19     Peter              ARNOLD              NorEast Cycling                                Goffstown              NH
46       25   40:19     Jesus              VAZQUEZ             www.Bikebarnracing.com                         Holbrook               MA
47       26   40:19     Marc               Tatter              unattached                                     Barrington             RI
48       27   40:19     Joe                RAPUANO             Essex County Velo                              Atkinson               NH
49            42:13     Robert             DAVENPORT           Usquepaugh Velo                                Richmond               RI

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