These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Master 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Lasley Spcx P/B R.K. Black
2 Sammy Davidson Soundpony P/B Triad Bank
3 Jess Parker Air Assurance
4 Christopher Siemens Air Assurance/ Rattlesnake Cafe
5 Robert Lemaster Soundpony P/B Triad Bank
6 Christopher Schmiedeke Team Shifterpods
7 Roger Williams Moveup Offroad
8 Jake Beeson
9 Christian Acker Usmes
10 David Larrabee Actionbikes
11 Doug Campbell Raging Bull Racing
12 Robert Downs A. Dugast Usa
13 William Gault Team Topeca
14 Drew Christopher Singlebarrel - Mosaic
15 Kevin Johnson Egencia
16 Bruce Edlund Bmc/Walmart Cycling Team
17 Chris Guidry Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank
18 Steven Price Colonel'S Bicycles
19 Heath Arning Phat Tire Race Team
20 Blake Kingfisher Bmc/Walmart Cycling Team
21 Kevin Snider Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank
22 Darryl Stillson Phat Tire Race Team
23 Joel Kantor Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank
24 Chris Duke Team Air Assurance
25 C C cancio Phat Tire Okie
26 Dean Parker 360 Racing
27 Kris Kahl Air Assurance Pb Avb
28 Justice Stone Pentabike Racing
DNF Paul Bonds The Meteor
DNF Ian Moore G.S. Tenzing

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joseph Schmalz Steve Tilford Foundation Racing
2 Garrick Valverde Steve Tilford Foundation Racing
3 Rob Sandusky Torchy'S Tacos/Bike Mart
4 Chris Drummond
5 Jacob Lasley Soundpony P/B Triad Bank
6 Chad Cook Dna Racing
7 Tyler Goodyear Phat Tire Race Team
8 Malachi Jackson Oklahoma Flyers
9 Tayton Parker Oklahoma Flyers
10 Austin Elser Steve Tilford Foundation Racing
11 Andrew Evans City Title Cycling Team
12 Donald Morgan Pentabike Racing
DNF Molly Cameron Point S Auto P/B Nokian Tyres
DNF Thomas Moritz Team Topeca
DNF Christian Acker Usmes

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Blackwell Soundpony Triad Bank
2 Henry Zoeller Oklahoma Flyers
3 Luke Reilly Oklahoma Flyers
4 Isaiah Culbreath Oklahoma Flyers
5 Christopher Morrison Bixby Bicycle Works
6 Cody Pollard Phat Tire Race Team
7 Mark Bayer Pegasus Cycling
8 Matt Gilhousen
9 Russell Bainbridge Celestial Cycles
10 Chris Guidry Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank
11 Mack Mckinney Dallas Bike Works
12 Jonathan Clark
DNF Ryan Drummond Soundpony Triad Bank

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Morrison Bixby Bicycle Works
2 Isaiah Culbreath Oklahoma Flyers
3 Carson Gant Matrix/Rbm
4 Todd Swain Bicycles Of Tulsa
5 Sean Kahl Sentir Racing
6 Austin Boardman Hodges Bend Racing
7 Leif Winters Oklahoma Flyers
8 Raleigh Redard
9 Jack Carlow Oklahoma Flyers
10 Jason Holland Team Air Assurance P/B Avb Bank
11 Edgar Lopez Sentir
12 Joseph Dufresne Team Pentabike
13 Aaron Bendure Soundpony
14 Trey Rozelle
15 Josh Collins Team Air Assurance Pb Avb Bank/Rattlesnake Cafe
16 Douglas Anderson Team Air Assurance
17 Kane Greenleaf
18 Aiden Wyant Oklahoma Flyers
19 Chase Cline Team Myside Fitness
20 Erick Winn Oklahoma Flyers
21 Kenny Stringfellow Janes Deli
22 Tanner Gibbs I Wanna Go Fast
23 Jonathan Clark Capital Co-Op Ok
24 James Weidman
25 Edward Mahoney
26 Camdon Goodyear Phat Tire Race Team
27 Luke Hydrick
28 Keith Winn 36P
29 Cash Stringfellow
30 Tate Beeson Oklahoma Flyers
31 Alex Dittmer
32 Kenny Stringfellow
33 Fuller Shannon Oklahoma Flyers
34 Willy Croff Oklahoma Flyers
35 Benny Croff Oklahoma Flyers
36 Thatcher Shannon Oklahoma Flyers
DNF Joncolin Senka

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Catherine Moore Bike Mart/ Liv
2 Oona Nelson Women'S Free State
3 Ariel Wyant Pandemonium Cycling P/B Hodges Bend
4 Elle Artison A Dugast Usa
5 Livia Gosnell Team Soundpony - Triad Bank
6 Lori Mccarty Soundpony Triad Bank
7 Corinna Redard Sentir Racing
DNF Aubrey Drummond

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sara Shannon Bikemart/Liv
2 Nicole Wyant Sentir Racing
3 Carrie Bransford Bikemart/Liv
4 Michelle Tischler Matrix Cycling Club
5 Micah Beeson Oklahoma Flyers
6 Katie Silva
7 Chandler Beeson Oklahoma Flyers
8 Johnson Sheryl Egencia
9 Addie Culbreath Oklahoma Flyers
10 Claire Bendure Soundpony
11 Kelsie Sullivan
12 Ramona Winters Oklahoma Flyers