These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

9-14 Juniors

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Henry Flentye The Pony Shop
2 William Flentye The Pony Shop
3 Oscar Ihnen Lionhearts Junior Racing
4 Henry Cummings Midwest Devo
5 William Hoffman Midwest Devo
6 Topher Dolinski Midwest Devo
7 Dylan Skinner Lionhearts Junior Racing
8 Josie Masters Lionhearts Junior Racing
9 Magdalena Rucker Lionhearts Junior Racing
10 Juliette Dennedy Lionhearts
11 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
12 Arlie Moore Midwest Devo
13 Gavin Fronk Lionhearts
14 June Fisher Midwest Devo
15 Elliott Ingemann-petersen Midwest Devo
16 Henry Watenpool Midwest Devo
17 James Chamberlain Midwest devo
18 Charlotte Pryor Midwest Devo
19 West Moore Midwest Devo
20 Eva Sherman Midwest Devo
21 William 2 sherman Midwest Devo
22 Alex Alvarado Midwest Devo
23 Hattie Ihnen Lionhearts Junior Racing
24 Jenson Tamaddoni Midwest Devo
25 Eliza Bales Midwest Devo
26 Emelia Brown Midwest Devo
27 Zoe Minner Lionhearts
28 Owen Hoffman Midwest Devo
29 Anderson Mihay
30 Patrick O'leary
31 Ellie Minner Lionhearts
32 Aaron Boehman J's Youth Cycling
33 Owen Witt Method Tool Limited
34 Grace Helvie Midwest Devo
35 Hadley Thompson Midwest Devo
36 Harrison Mrzlack Midwest Devo
37 Ella Pryor Midwest Devo
38 Henry Dirks Midwest DEVO
39 Elodie Holt Midwest Devo
40 Adam Boehman J's Youth Cycling
41 Drake Mrzlack Midwest Devo
42 Whittaker Thompson Midwest Devo
43 Timothy Kurtzman Lionhearts Juniors
44 Evvie Thompson
45 Macy Masters
46 Sloan Bales
DNF Roland Hermann Devo
DNF Carter Johnston Midwest Devo

M & W 1/2/3 Masters SS U19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Dillman
3 Tom Scott
4 George Frazier Bear National Team
6 Dylan Schroeder
7 Calvin Conaway Midwestdevo
10 Alec Clements
13 Eric Anderson TREK / BGI
14 Chris Bowman N/A
15 Michael Mcshane Be Real Sports
16 Bryan Boggs Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ Labs
17 Thomas Minner ZWS / Brilliant Advice
18 Mike Minichiello Dash Racing
19 Brett Conaway Midwest Devo
20 Bo Sherman Autotrader p/b Kelly Blue Book
21 Ryan Haden Mirror Twin Cycling
22 Brandon Grant Licking Valley Velo
23 Emily Payonk
24 Shelby Gibbs Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
25 Neal Ward Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
26 Elizabeth Defauw MARIAN UNIVERSITY
27 Ava Shipman Midwest Devo
28 Alexa Stierwalt MARIAN UNIVERSITY
31 Courtney Cushard Rise Above Cycling p/b Rockwell Brewing Company
32 Scott Helvie Bicycle Garage Indy
33 Callah Robinson MARIAN UNIVERSITY
34 Melissa Kurzhals
36 Janet Sherman Shamrock Cycles
DNF Elle Artison Planet Bike
DNF Kevin Clark Against The Grain Cycling

M & W 4/5 Masters SS Jr 1518

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Derek Elliott Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
2 Chris Jolivette
3 Eric Hall
4 Logan Evans Stage 1 / Airline Cycles
5 Marc Oleary
6 Tommy Goetz
7 Joe Mercer Midwest Devo Support
8 Keyton Brewer LubrisynHA
9 Bobby Lee
10 Philip Pryor Midwest Devo Support Crew
11 Jack Weber Miami University
12 Claire Thonnerieux Lionhearts Junior Racing
13 Alex Kalan
14 Isabela Fronk Lionhearts
15 Michael Tamaddoni Midwest Devo Support Crew
16 Paul Moore Midwest Devo
17 Erica Minner
18 Mike Thonnerieux
19 Matt Widhalm Wild Ham Racing
20 Leslie Mcshane
21 Evie Alvarado Midwest Devo
22 Mike Witt True North Cycling
23 Isabel Confer Midwest Devo
24 Marissa Doner Midwest Devo Support Crew
25 David Savage Ice Cream Endurance
26 Abi Moore Midwest Devo
27 Ella Pryor
28 Sally Holt Midwest Devo Support
29 Andrew Hughes
30 Ian Mihay
DNF Andrew Alvarado Midwest Devo Support Crew

Men 3/4 Masters Jr 1518

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Brown Midwest Devo
2 Blake Stevens Midwest Devo
3 Jack Helvie Midwest Devo
4 Gareth Davies Nova RT
5 Blake Dawson Fort-Wayne outfitters
6 Levi Hall Fort Wayne Outfitters and Bike Depot
7 John Lewnard Queen City Wheels
8 Henry Flentye The Pony Shop
9 Jude Serrani nine13 sports p/b Singleton Coaching
10 Jake Fiddler Dash Racing
11 Jonathan Edwards Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
12 Bryan Gehrum Queen City Wheels
13 Charlie Laman Wheels in Motion
14 Neal Ward Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
15 Nicholas Leonard Rise Above
16 Tyler Conant Dash Racing Indy
17 Ryun Mielke
18 Patrick Mercer Midwest Devo
19 Phil Gardner The Post Racing
20 Jeff Thompson Midwest Devo Support Crew
21 Brian Mcnely Bicycle Face Racing
22 Ethan Clements Midwest Devo
23 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
24 Michael Liechty
25 Kevin Steward
26 Mark Shearing Shake 'n Bake
27 John Yoder Awesome Racing Collective p/b Springhetti Dentistry
28 Geoffrey Chandler Speedway Wheelmen
29 Kevin Clark Against The Grain Cycling
30 Logan Evans Stage 1 / Airline Cycles
31 Larry Lenne Team Heroes
32 Todd Wingler Elevate Endurance
33 Alan Clements Midwest Devo Support Crew
34 Steven Cook Queen City Wheels
35 David Alexander Purdue Cycling Club
36 Keith Woods Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
37 Jack Hale Midwest DEVO
38 Greg Dartt Queen City Wheels
39 Derek Groves Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cyclesports
40 Timothy Gavin Team Heroes
41 Kevin Wagner Flirtin' with Disaster Racing
42 Michael Conaway Shamrock Cycles
43 Randy Witte Bicycle Station
44 Jackson Strutz Midwest Devo
45 Lyle Dailey ZWS / Brilliant Advice
46 Dustin Bales Midwest Devo Support Crew
47 Collin Shipman Midwest Devo Support Crew
48 Philip Pryor Midwest Devo Support Crew
49 Cody Benham 3 rivers velo sport racing
50 Michael Tamaddoni Midwest Devo Support Crew
51 Ryan Hermann Midwest Devo Support Crew
52 Tommy Goetz
53 Jason Cummings
54 Tripp Holt Midwest Devo Support
55 Rowan Marsh Midwest Devo
56 Andrew Alvarado Midwest Devo Support Crew
57 Chuck Warren Ronin Velosports
58 Johnny Balding Ronin Velosport
59 Quinn Peconga Midwest Devo
60 James Dennedy Ghisallo Cycling Team
61 Bob Boehman J's Cycling Team
62 Andrew Boehman J's Youth Cycling
63 John Gardner J's Bikes Racing
64 David Nissen Queen City Wheels
DNF Paul Neff Autotrader P/B Kelley Blue Book
DNF Zachary Ballinger
DNF Tim Odonnell