These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Olejniczak Project Echelon Racing
2 James Halverson MNJRC
3 Josh Bauer
4 Nicholas Lemke KUHL Cycling Team
5 Dominic Talerico Wolf Tooth Components
6 Joseph Dundee
7 Eli Shank Versus Race Team
8 Matt Christiansen Burleigh county factory race team
9 Samuel Bramel North Star Development
10 Keir Stiegler Top Natchez
11 Ethan Nelson SPBRC
12 Brian Jones Beyond Category Coaching
13 Adam Froemming MBRC Flanders
14 Satchell Mische richter
15 Charles Spanjers Berd Spokes
16 Aaron Drevlow Donkey Label Racing
17 Ruben Dayton-brantmeier Minnesota Junior Cycling
18 Andrew Nelson
19 Tim Werts THC*
20 Alex Walsh
21 Logan Hahn MBRC Flanders
22 Anders Hopkins Fulton Racing
23 Barry Tungseth THC
24 Brian Koeneman Donkey Label
25 Isaiah Wang Northstar Devo
26 Kyle Rickert Donkey Label
27 Daniel Novak TACOCAT
28 Gregory A donofrio
29 Matt Leizinger Fulton Racing
30 Christoph Bruhn Holiday Camp Cycling Club
31 Cole Stiegler Top Natchez
32 Kyle Schwarting
33 Eamon O hail satan
34 John Hammje Top Natchez Racing p/b TNR Tape
35 Lee Penn Taco Cat
36 Jeff Frane Fulton Racing
37 Matthew Bossart Fulton-Behind Bars
38 Jenny Beckman
39 Rebecca Ireland The Fix
40 Robert Ogren NorthStar Development
41 Eddie Karow LCR MISPHITS
42 Carol Seipp Orion Racing p/b Borah Teamwear
43 Grayson Rickert Donkey Label
44 Nicholas Barth Bent Crank Racing
45 Eric Pirius
46 Jack Sullivan THC*
DNF Brian Hawthorne MBRC/Flanders
DNF Ted Clausen LCR
DNF Celia Gonzalez


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Beck
2 Michael Gromley Midtown
3 Robbie Halvorson
4 David Winecoff Midtown
5 Luke Dean Elson Endurance
6 Jon Friedell
7 Quincy Long
8 Khanh Truong
9 Rebecca Ireland The Fix
10 Robert Ogren NorthStar Development
11 Ted Clausen LCR
12 Peter Anderson
13 Nicholas Barth Bent Crank Racing
14 Megan Erickson NorthStar Development
15 Julia Hoffmann
16 Ruth Petri MNJRC
17 James Berg Midtown
18 Caleb Petri MNJRC
19 Amanda Harvey Corpse Whale Racing
20 Adam Orcutt Team Pactimo
21 Max Dingemans Desinated Drivers; The Livesaving Nerds
22 Hai Truong MNJRC
23 Lisa Britton THC/Girl Fiend
24 Christine Danielson West River Racing
25 Macy Bauers
26 Oliver Kozicki Top Natchez Racing p/b TNR Tape
27 Brian Kozicki Top Natchez Racing p/b TNR Tape
28 Maddie Goodson mgoods


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jay Henderson THC*
2 Aaron Drevlow Donkey Label Racing
3 Adam Froemming MBRC Flanders
4 Jarad Watts Chapeau Cycling Club
5 Nathaniel Halverson MNJRC
6 Trace Jocewicz iii Gray Duck Racing
7 Jared Verbeke Donkey Label Racing
8 Cole Stiegler Top Natchez
9 Anthony Hirschman
10 Logan Hahn MBRC Flanders
11 Paul Schoening Team Pactimo
12 Andrew Crane
13 Zach Bordeau Gray Duck Racing
14 Christopher Erickson Erik's Bike Shop
15 Dave Fetters
16 Dominic Howes 110 Racing
17 Brian Kozicki Top Natchez Racing p/b TNR Tape
18 Tim Kohls
19 John Hammje Top Natchez Racing p/b TNR Tape
20 Christoph Bruhn Holiday Camp Cycling Club
21 Jesse Moeckly Chapeau Cycling Club
22 Alan Klein Midtown
23 Jeff Hilligoss Angry Catfish
24 Jason Prudhom Kolektiv
25 Levi Mills Piecycle Club
26 Ryan Fahrmann Peace Coffee Racing
27 Dave Damminga Beyond Category Coaching
28 Sam Jasper Beyond Category Coaching
29 Elliot Stephenson
30 Brian Hawthorne MBRC/Flanders
31 Mark Rathbun
32 Adam Riggall
33 Maddy Pesch Stamina Racing Collective
34 David Winecoff Midtown
35 Michael Halverson MNJRC
36 Ben Tramm West River Racing
37 James Van sloun West River Racing
38 Michael Gromley Midtown
39 Gabrielle Russell
40 Eliott Schloetel
41 Anna Truong Stamina
42 Jon Friedell
43 Kim-eng Ky Stamina racing collective
44 Nate Zumach Friends of Chaous (LaCorvus)
45 Joshua Cowdrey
46 Ted Clausen LCR
47 Sarah Engen
48 Tom Bengel grand performance cyclocross/donkey label
49 Andrew Amundsen
DNF Anthony Lane Convoy
DNF Blake Weiss NorthStar Development
DNF Madilynn Garcia Stamina Racing Collective
DNF Jessica Santiago Corpse Whale Racing
DNF Tiana Johnson [email protected]
DNF Jennifer Huster [email protected]