These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Barry Wicks Kona
2 Mike Sherer The Pony Shop
3 Brian Conant The Pony Shop
4 Isaac Neff KCV Cycling Club
5 Scott Mclaughlin SRAM Factory
6 James Lalonde Planet Bike
7 David Sachs Vision Quest
8 Eric Sondag The Pony Shop
9 Kevin Klug The Pony Shop
10 Robert Downs Planet Bike
11 Jason Rassi Wild Card Cycling
12 Teodoro Ramos Iron Cycles
13 Jeremey Rodriguez Twin Six
14 Dave Norton The Bonebell
15 Brian Parker xXx Racing
16 Benjamin Popper
17 Michael Seguin xXx Racing
18 Frederic Moreau
19 Brandon Leach Unattached
20 John Lionberger MS Racing Inc.
21 John Villena Rhythm Racing
22 William Pankonin xXx Racing
23 John Kurtz Flatlandia Cycling Team
24 Newt Cole Ritte Racing
25 David Pilotto Flatlandia Cycling Team
26 Kevin Clark Half Acre Cycling
DNF Tim Boundy Verdigris Cycling
DNF Mike Conroy Mox Multisport
DNF Daniel Eiten Illinois Valley Cycling Association
DNF Henry Loud ReCycling Team
DNF Jeffrey Wat Burnham Racing

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brandon Leach Unattached
2 Jason Rassi Wild Card Cycling
3 Jeffrey Wat Burnham Racing
4 Luke Seemann xXx Racing
5 Mike Conroy Mox Multisport
6 Brandon Elliott Iron Cycles
7 John Kurtz Flatlandia Cycling Team
8 John Whipple Team TATI
9 John Lionberger MS Racing Inc.
10 Austin Warner Roscoe Village Bike Racing
11 Frederic Moreau Unattached
12 Newt Cole Ritte Racing
13 Eric Christ Bicycle Heaven
14 Chris Padfield ReCycling Team
15 Andrew Yeoman Team Pegasus
16 Chris Kinonen xXx Racing
17 Maxwell Riordan Chicago Cuttin Crew
18 Christopher Sherpitis Unattached
19 Thomas Briney xXx Racing
20 William Pankonin xXx Racing
21 David Cushman Roscoe Village Bike Racing
22 Michael Seguin xXx Racing
23 Alex Meininger POny Shop
24 Kansas Waugh CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
25 Lucas Guyton DICE
26 Justin Somerville Bicycle Heaven
27 Chris Hammer Wheel Fast Racing
28 Michael Stanley Verdigris Cycling
29 Forest Hynes Johnny Sprockets
30 Erik Herro Team Pegasus
31 Mark Feary The Pony Shop
32 Robert Thomas Half Acre Cycling
33 Brandon Scheiner Team Pegasus
34 Keith Snoop
35 Michael Gipson Team Pegasus
36 Mike Morell Chicago Cuttin Crew
37 Gage Rodriguez EXPO
38 Jacob Teitelbaum Iron Cycles
39 David Kockler Flatlandia Cycling Team
40 Erik Martin Dogfish Racing Team
41 Joshua Shough Flatlandia Cycling Team
42 Kyle Williams Iowa City Cycling Club
43 Paul Kardosh Mox Multisport
44 Benjamin Van couvering Team Pegasus
45 Sage Brown Team Pegasus
46 Jared Craft PSIMET Racing
47 Jason Roggenbauer Wheel Fast Racing
48 Michael Campbell Iron Cycles
49 Adrian Redd Unattached
50 Michael Kirby xXx Racing
51 Michael Wakeley Blue Competition Cycles
52 James Brady The Pony Shop
53 William Jackson Unattached
54 Daniel Houle Team TATI
55 Charles Aldous Flatlandia Cycling Team
56 David Dokko xXx Racing
57 Timothy Strege Half Acre Cycling
58 Joel Roth Team TATI
59 Mark Zalewski Morris Trucking Velo
60 Gavin Gould Half Acre Cycling
61 Nicholas Gajewski Rhythm Racing
DNF Sean Mccann Unattached
DNF Matthew Walker Team Pegasus
DNF Sean Piper Burnham Racing

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chase Negley Iron Cycles
2 Brad Flachsbart Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
3 Brian Hague Beverly Bike/VeePak
4 Tim Holt Unattached
5 Bryan Lee Unattached
6 Alex Nemeth Tower Racing
7 Kyle Hagerman Team Pegasus
8 Nico Cabrera Chicago Cuttin Crew
9 Michael Beebe Iron Cycles
10 Paul-brian Mcinerney Half Acre Cycling
11 Brian Morrissey xXx Racing
12 Nicholas Venice xXx Racing
13 John Hoffman Duplicraft / Main Street Bicycles
14 Michael Sommer bad influence cycling
15 Dominic Casey Iron Cycles
16 Tobie Depauw Unattached
17 Jonathan Fairman Unattached
18 Larry Stoegbauer xXx Racing
19 Andrew Peterson Mox Multisport
20 Christopher Kleingartner
21 Michael Welch Unattached
22 Geoffrey Scott Spidermonkey Cycling
23 Michael Keach Unattached
24 Liam Lair Johnny Sprockets
25 Jeffrey Perkins Chicago Cuttin Crew
26 Justin Merkey Rhythm Racing
27 Cameron Pease Duplicraft / Main Street Bicycles
28 Michael Dutczak South Chicago Wheelmen
29 David Capretto Team TATI
30 Kevin Pietka Project 5 Racing
31 Ken Hoepker Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
32 Christopher Mcmahon Unattached
33 Mark Tank Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
34 Dominic Bosco Unattached
35 Tim Homola Village Cyclesport Racing
36 William Barnes xXx Racing
37 Sasha Reschechtko Team TATI
38 Bryan Fuller Bicycle Heaven
39 Dan Mallek Village Cyclesport Racing
40 Drew Kushnick Spidermonkey Cycling
41 Charles Meyer xXx Racing
42 Chris Enockson Team Bicycle Heaven
43 Adam Wachendorf Iron Cycles
44 Michael Catano Johnny Sprockets
45 Frank Snyder Unattached
46 Anthony Rienks Beverly Bike/VeePak
47 Jon Kiner Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
48 Daniel Pollard Spidermonkey Cycling
49 Jim Eledge Bloomington Cycle Racing Team
50 Lew Chin Rhythm Racing
51 Chris Fellows WORS
52 Loren Bo Team TATI
53 Steve Biedron Mox Multisport
54 Otto Hansen Team TATI
55 Cory Kazonovitz Bicycle Heaven
56 Scott Larson Super Awesome Party
57 John Mahr Wheel Fast Racing
58 William Swearingen Turin Bicycle/Barker+Nestor
59 Alex Koch Unattached
60 Blaine Reed Endure It Sports
61 Stephen Miwa South Chicago Wheelmen
62 Cory Norris Unattached
63 Steven Dickerson Turin Bicycling Society
64 Jonathan Markel Unattached
65 Scott Van maldegiam Spin Doctor Cyclewerks
66 Joshua Herting Phenom Security Integrators
DNF Shawn Delk Project 5 Racing
DNF Manuel Tenorio Johnny Sprockets

Men Cat 4b

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Demey Unattached
2 David Hudson xXx Racing
3 Andrew Haala Team Beer'd
4 Edwin Bagley Iron Cycles
5 Eric Grzeskowiak Unattached
6 Evan Kuchar xXx Racing
7 Bryan Witry Spidermonkey Cycling
8 Simon May Team Pegasus
9 Nathan Schneeberger Johnny Sprockets
10 David Hallander xXx Racing
11 Omar Patalinghug Unattached
12 Jesse Young Unattached
13 J Tati Team TATI
14 Rob Capps Unattached
15 Chernoh Sesay Unattached
16 Henry Heisler Iron Cycles
17 Will Frame Unattached
18 Brett Williams Unattached
19 Timothy Lim Unattached
20 Nick Diedrich Unattached
21 Richard Baisa South Chicago Wheelmen
22 Andy Baran Team TATI
23 Chad Beert Unattached
24 Alex Grant Vision Quest LLC
25 Brent Knepper Glenview Cycle
26 Bill Driegert Unattached
27 Josh Kline Unattached
28 Hayes Sanborn Unattached
29 Phil Reynolds Unattached
30 Blayne Greiner xXx Racing - Athletico
31 Jacob Fraser Mox Multisport
32 Moshe Siegel Roscoe Village Bike Racing
33 Daniel Stranahan Unattached
34 Gary Covell Unattached
35 Thomas Reineking Bicycle Heaven
36 Bryan Lee Unattached
37 Chris Fellows WORS
38 Colin Cicchetti Unattached
39 Paul Goc Team TATI
40 Elizabeth So Team TATI
41 Chad Mcgehee Unattached
42 Greg Mercer Unattached
43 Amy Comstock Team Mox
44 Mcgrath John Unattached
45 Tony Giron Loyola Bike Club
46 Dave Knauff Turin Bicycle/Barker+Nestor
47 David Torpe Unattached
48 Matthew Learn Unattached
49 Todd Williams Unattached
50 Jesse Plotsky Johnny Sprockets
51 James Benthusen Give bikes 3
52 Kenneth Mitchell Spidermonkey Cycling
53 Kevin Huizenga Unattached
54 Amos Willis Unattached
55 Emily Riehl Team TATI
56 Simon Meistininkas
57 Jonathan Cain higher gear/ team gear head
58 Steven Blum Iron Cycles
59 Emmanuel Dimalante Unattached
60 James Reineking Bicycle Heaven
61 Michael Schietinger Unattached
62 John Dufford Unattached
63 Jacob Thom Half Acre Cycling
64 Rodrigo Aviles Unattached
65 Nicholas Puaca Unattached
66 Andy Ho Unattached
DNF Andrew Zens Spidermonkey Cycling
DNF Jes Cisneros Duplicraft / Main Street Bicycles
DNF Greg Teiber Unattached

Men Cat1/2/3/4 Ss

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Lalonde Planet Bike
2 Avi Neurohr Chicago Cuttin Crew
3 Ara Oggoian Bicycle Heaven
4 Thomas Flynn
5 Peter Chrapkowski
6 Eric Pompeo Bellum Racing
7 Mark Scaife Unattached
8 Steve Forss Kegels
9 Pat White Bellum Racing
10 Michael Feller
11 Michael White Bellum Racing
12 Duane Higgs Village Cyclesport Racing
13 Joshua Arends Half Acre Cycling
14 Paul Michna Unattached
15 Steven Schilling Team Mack Racing Assn
16 Russ Stewart
DNF Sasha Reschechtko Team TATI
DNF Joshua Shough Flatlandia Cycling Team
DNF Molly Shough Flatlandia Cycling Team
DNF Brandon Elliott Iron Cycles

Men Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chase Osborne ISCorp Cycling Team
2 Luke Arrigoni Village CycleSport Racing
3 Jacob Thom Half Acre Cycling
4 Hanna Goc Team TATI
5 Noah Anderson Spin Doctor Cyclewerks
6 Mitchell Dutczak south chicago wheelman
7 Ryan Mccann Mox Multisport

Men Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gage Rodriguez EXPO
2 David Lombardo Verdigris Cycling
3 Nathan Labecki Unattached
4 Ryan Oconnell Expo Racing
5 Michael Dutczak South Chicago Wheelmen
6 Christopher Osborne ISCorp Cycling Team
7 Corrie Osborne Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
8 Jacob Schilling Team Mack Racing Assn
9 William Varney Tati Cycles
10 Mauro Fisher Unattached
11 Michael Miwa
12 Sarah Mythen xXx Racing

Men Masters 30-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Louis Kuhn The Pony Shop
2 Tim Boundy Verdigris Cycling
3 Brandon Elliott Iron Cycles
4 Scott Arrigoni Verdigris Cycling
5 Walid Abu ghazaleh The Pony Shop
6 Mark Johnson Meade's Bikes/Tempo Velo
7 Cory Hickman South Chicago Wheelmen
8 Brian Karlow Verdigris Cycling
9 Christando Lombardo Verdigris Cycling
10 Jonathan O\'connell Unattached
11 John Gatto Twin Six
12 Eric Drummer Unattached
13 Ted Burger Flatlandia Cycling Team
14 Alex Meininger Pony Shop
15 Benjamin Demong ABD Cycling Team
16 Cliff Golz The Pony Shop
17 James Nowak ABD Cycling Team
18 John paul Mccarthy SRAM Factory
19 Michael Beebe Iron Cycles
20 Gregory Anderson Spin Doctor Cyclewerks
21 Ben Jenkins Bicycle Heaven
22 Kenneth Benavides North Branch Cycling
23 Roman Mandzij The Pony Shop
24 Paul Kardosh Mox Multisport
25 Jacob Teitelbaum Iron Cycles
26 Matthew Bennett Verdigris Cycling
27 Martin Michalowicz The Pony Shop
28 Andy Swims Team Bicycle Heaven
29 Evan Kuchar xXx Racing
30 David Pilotto Flatlandia Cycling Team
31 Brian Morrissey xXx Racing
32 Steven Brawley Unattached
33 Kevin Flowers Bellum Racing
34 Jason Addante ABD Cycling Team
35 Brad Dash Twin Six / ABD
36 Harlan Thompson Unattached
37 Nick Amlot xXx Racing
38 Scott Starbuck The Pony Shop
39 Chris Strahm Roscoe Village Bike Racing
40 Michael Catano Johnny Sprockets
41 Jon Halterman Effetto Coniglio-Wheel Fast
42 Henry Heisler Iron Cycles
43 David Reed EMC2 / Elmhurst Masters CC
44 Kevin Mulcahy Unattached
45 Matthew Haiduk Bicycle Heaven
46 Chris Fellows WORS
47 William Olderr Flatlandia Cycling Team
48 Christopher Berthold Unattached
49 Keith Ortiz Unattached
50 Alexander Tweedie Roscoe Village Bike Racing
51 Robert Murray Beverly Bike/VeePak
52 Richard Potter Half Acre Cycling
53 Craig Abrams Unattached
54 Neil Sauter Pony Shop
55 Sean Mccann Unattached
56 David Gosse Mox Multisport
57 Justice Leppanen Unattached
58 Robert Higgins Johnny Sprockets
59 Blaine Reed Endure It Sports
60 Jonathan Markel Unattached
61 Mark Smith Unattached
62 Paul Anderson
63 Chris Shaffer
DNF Steve Biedron Mox Multisport
DNF Brent Wegscheid Johnny Sprockets

Men Masters 40-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Conant The Pony Shop
2 Bryan Rheude The Pony Shop
3 Christando Lombardo Verdigris Cycling
4 Wayne Simon Verdigris Cycling
5 Bob Karlow Verdigris Cycling
6 Erik Enyedy Verdigris Cycling
7 Mike Norman The Pony Shop
8 Jon Suyko The Pony Shop
9 Brad Keyes CarboRocket
10 James Nowak ABD Cycling Team
11 Steel Bokhof Turin Bicycling Society
12 John paul Mccarthy SRAM Factory
13 Chris Henning Northbrook Bicycle Club Inc.
14 Kevin Flowers Bellum Racing
15 Peter Rolewicz Start2Finish
16 David Schrauth 2CC/Second City Cyclists
17 Dean Hewson Unattached
18 Nicholas Venice xXx Racing
19 James Linn Turin Bicycle/Barker+Nestor
20 Richard Prodans Colavita Racing
21 Andrew Hines Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
22 Pat White Bellum Racing
23 James Brady The Pony Shop
24 Jeff Sympson
25 Duane Higgs Village Cyclesport Racing
26 Paul-brian Mcinerney Half Acre Cycling
27 Larry Stoegbauer xXx Racing
28 Mike Grimm Flatlandia Cycling Team
29 Robert Higgins Johnny Sprockets
30 Timothy Denman Village Cyclesport Racing Ltd
31 Dan Mallek Village Cyclesport Racing
32 Paul Michna Unattached
33 Tim Gallagher Unattached
34 J Tati Team TATI
35 Shon Zeller Bellum Racing
36 Edward Dutczak South Chicago Wheelmen
37 Mark Harris Northbrook Bicycle Club Inc.
38 Peter Di teresa Team TATI
39 Todd Lemmon Vision Quest
40 Robert Paetsch Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club
41 Eric Shivvers Half Acre Cycling
42 Jeff Provisor North Branch Cycling Club
43 Colin Donlan Vision Quest LLC
44 Kevin Convey None
45 Robert Haffey Unattached
46 Troy List DICE
47 Thomas Finnegan DICE
48 Steven Schilling Team Mack Racing Assn
DNF Brian Boyle South Chicago Wheelmen
DNF Jay Corgiat ABD Cycle Club
DNF Thomas Dvoratchek
DNF Rich Delgado Village Cyclesport Racing
DNF Jim Groenhof Unattached
DNF Scott Starbuck The Pony Shop

Men Masters 50-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Ross Unattached
2 Allan Thom Half Acre Cycling
3 Josh Mallan POny Shop
4 Gregory Anderson Spin Doctor Cyclewerks
5 John Bucksbaum Vision Quest LLC
6 Mark Mcneill North Branch
7 Edward Bartley Tower Racing
8 Douglas Mclerran PYOC
9 John Craychee Unattached
10 William Waters South Chicago Wheelmen
11 Joel Roth Team TATI
12 Thomas Carlson
13 John Duncker Unattached
14 Fred Faller Unattached
15 Robert Antinelli COLAVITA/BACI presented by COOKING LIGHT
16 Gary Whalen Flatlandia Cycling Team
17 Thomas Kramer Unattached
18 George Lambros Flatlandia Cycling Team
19 Daniel Madsen ABD Cycling Team
20 Richard Kryszak South Chicago Wheelmen
21 John Amato The Pony Shop
22 Albert Weigel velo club roubaix / E.A.D.
23 Gerry Voelliger DICE
24 Walter Stoops ABD Cycling Team
25 Fred Mcdonald Flatlandia Cycling Team
26 Russ Udowitz Unattached
27 John Deifel Project 5 Racing
28 Thomas Clarke Unattached
29 Jim Davis
30 Ronald Sloan Unattached
DNF William Keith Unattached
DNF Tim Homola Village Cyclesport Racing
DNF Stan Avedon xXx Racing
DNF Ken Schiffman Flatlandia Cycling Team

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Holly Klug The Pony Shop
2 Jessica Hill The Pony Shop
3 Robin Williams Mercy-Specialized
4 Christine Raymo SRAM Factory Team
5 Brittany Barran-stanley Verdigris Cycling
6 Julia Daher xXx Racing
7 Corrie Osborne Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
8 Jessica Prinner ABD Cycling Team
9 Lindsay Freeborn Unattached
10 Leah Sanda Flatlandia Cycling Team
11 Wendy Gaddey Alberto's Sport
12 Courtney O'neill xXx Racing
13 Rachael Gatto Twin Six
14 Amy Comstock Team Mox
15 Jerel Lynn waide Project 5 Racing
16 Pascale Petro Project 5 Racing

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amelia Moore xXx Racing
2 Christina Peck Chicago Cuttin Crew
3 Nancy Heymann Alberto's Sport
4 Eleanor Blick Unattached
5 Marie Couris Verdigris Cycling
6 Katie Isermann Iron Cycles
7 Kate Carolan Half Acre Cycling
8 Rebecca Welbes Unattached
9 Erica Gaddy Team Mox
10 Erin Finnegan Vision Quest Coaching
11 Tamara Fraser xXx Racing
12 Katie Tomarelli Half Acre Cycling
13 Natalie Evans xXx Racing
14 Jamie Gavinsmyth Chicago Cuttin Crew
15 Elizabeth So Team TATI
16 Amber Kardosh Mox Multisport
17 Kristina Young Iron Cycles
18 Sandra Samman xXx Racing
19 Jennifer Mosley Half Acre Cycling
20 Ronit Bezalel Half Acre Cycling
21 Jacqueline Spiller Unattached
22 Lindsay Knight Team TATI
23 Molly Shough Flatlandia Cycling Team
24 Eve Gaus Half Acre Cycling
25 Sue Wellinghoff xXx Racing
26 Emily Riehl Team TATI
27 Mara Baltabols Bicycle Heaven
28 Vanessa Buccella Spidermonkey Cycling
29 Erin Mendoza Vision Quest
30 Tammi Longsjo The Pony Shop
31 Cheryl Scigousky Unattached
32 Erica Chianese Half Acre Cycling
33 Sarah Lu Half Acre Cycling
34 Mary Roe Tower Racing
35 Jennifer Kick Half Acre Cycling
36 Grace Chappell Unattached
37 Colleen Jarema Unattached
38 Kristi Hanson Unattached
39 Sarah Cummins Unattached
40 Ann Moffett Team Pegasus
41 Denise Lau Team TATI
42 Elizabeth Pultorak Team Pegasus
43 Jen Somerville Bicycle Heaven
44 Ariel Trader knauff Half Acre Cycling
45 Kathryn Maser Team Pegasus
46 Carolyn Golz The Pony Shop
47 Anna Bacsik Unattached
48 Kathy Austin Unattached
49 Sophia Panos Iron Cycles
50 Martinique Haller Half Acre Cycling
DNF Diana Dimas Iron Cycles