These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Mckean Giordana Cliff Bar
2 Dakota Pittman American Classic
3 Joe Hathcock Carolina Bicycle Company
4 Keith Handlon HTR p/b Inside-Out Sports
5 Dennis Pike Tri-Cyclists BRC
6 Eric Webster Garneau Custom p/b Tyler's
7 Randy Jones Garneau Custom p/b Tyler's
8 Mark Overby Garneau Custom p/b Tyler’s
9 Kevin Watt Durham Cares
10 Justin Joyce Mock Orange Racing
11 Brent Lester Unattached
12 Sigurd Jost Carolina Masters Cycling
13 Andrew Stackhouse Pirate Race Productions
15 Dale Zuckert Inla nd Construction
16 Andrew Benbow Full Spectrum Racing

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Mckeithan Studio 7 Multisport
2 David Tallon Durham Cares
3 Justin Bristol Cycle-Smart Inc.
4 Brian Lefevre
5 Douglas Ahrens Studio7
6 Zachary Arensman Unattached
7 Burke Hutcheson Unattached
8 Matt Chambers mock orange racing
9 Jeremy Mcdaniel Moses Cone/ cycles de ORO
10 Tomas Kelemen
11 Gary Sterner Hup United
12 Brian Kalsbeek
13 Travis Beane Clemmons Bicycle Racing
14 Brian Opitz na
15 Aaron Kellogg Berger Hardware Bike
16 Don Rose
17 Eric Sauer GVC/Cycles de Oro
18 Gregory Starks
19 Larry Gibson Revolution Cycles
20 Tommy Mitchell
21 Jonathan Davis
22 Dallas Stephenson
23 Greg Sheehan Brawley Drafters
24 Hansen Su Unaffiliated
25 Dwayne Hunter Ken's Bike Shop
26 Julio Lopez
27 Evan Mcintosh Boone Velo
28 Justin Cooper Durham Cares
29 Steve Bevington
30 Todd Arensman Studio 7 multisport
31 Blake Pendleton na
32 Dc Alatorre
33 Joshua Motta Inland Construction
34 Matvey Farber
35 Wayne Lewis Vel 16 BSG
36 Michael Whaley
37 Gene Reda
38 Guilford York
39 Rodney Wise Cycletherapy
40 Corley Jones Gyros Cycling Club/Gyros Racing Team
41 Will Stanley
42 Daniel Travieso Full Spectrum Racing FSR
43 Robert Kristin Garneau Custom p/b Tyler's
44 David Rice Inland Construction/Back To Dirt
45 Henderson Mcginnis
46 Todd Hathaway Cross Creek Cycling Club
47 Daniel Allen Skeleton Crew
48 Ken Klatte Hoffenchard
49 Matthew Fitzgerald na
50 Charles Calkins Greensboro Velo Club / Cycles De Oro

Men Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Trevor Laffin NCCX
2 Simon Marland Boone Velo
3 Ethan Dellamaestra Storm Racing
4 Joe Wiswell Pirate Race Productions
5 Henry Davis KCOI U20
6 Megan Baxter Raleigh AllStars

Men Junior 15-18 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jack Thornton raleigh all stars
2 Spence Hutcheson Unattached

Men Masters 35+ 35-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jason Morgan NCCX
2 Randy Shields Carolina Masters Cycling Team
3 Timothy Hopkin NCCX
4 Marcus Jones Crosstown Velo
5 Matthew Canter Hearts Racing Club
6 Cecilio Cruz
7 Thomas Vandevender Motion Makers
8 Shawn Moore Fiets Maan Racing
9 Robb Peterson
10 Cameron Brantley Crosstown Velo
11 Watts Dixon
12 Jason Mccarter Louis Garneau p/b Tyler's
13 Todd Davis KCOI Boulevard
14 Gregory Bell Revolting Cogs
15 Robert Barnard Revolution Cycles NC
16 Michael Mclamb Tricyclists BRC
18 Brian Thomas Sandhills Cycling Club
19 James Clark Velosports Racing
20 Richard Melencio Mock Orange Racing
21 Robert Long
22 Paul Paisant Mock Orange Bikes
23 Wayne Dellamaestra
24 Eric Peterson
25 Paul Gamewell
26 Jim Smalley Cycletherapy
28 Brian Opitz na

Men Masters 45+ 45-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Colbert Mock Orange Bikes
2 Daryl Rains Mock Orange Racing
3 Scott Miller Saddleblock
4 Russell Mead Regulator Cycling
5 Kenneth Nelson Saddleblock
6 Todd Thornton raleigh all stars
7 David Moore Carolina Flyers
8 John Baxter Raleigh AllStars
9 William Macy Carolina Masters Cycling Club
10 Lonnie Brooks Moses Cone / Cycles DeOro
11 Mark Jordan Mock Orange Bikes
12 Austin Temple KensBike Shop
13 Dan Kirse
14 Ed Mckee Road Holland
15 Chris Verwoerdt
16 Earl Anderson unattached
17 Charles Calkins Greensboro Velo Club / Cycles De Oro
18 George Berger em:pwr cycling
19 Joe Collins Rogue Racing Project

Men Masters 55+ 55-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Ammon carolina master
2 Dale Bryant Sandhills Cycling club
3 Richard Jennings Mock Orange
4 David Stevens Raleigh All Stars
5 Chuck Gillis Garneau Custom p/b Tyler's
6 David Fuller Greensboro Velo/ Cycles de Oro
7 Kerry Shields Carolina Masters Cycling
8 Stephen Knight

Men Pro CX1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Myerson Time Factory Pro Team
2 Robert Marion American Classic/Kenda/Tomac
3 Scott Frederick Inland Construction
4 Lucas Livermon Mock Orange Racing
5 Will Black Moots
6 David Wilcox PEDRO'S
7 Christopher Michaels American Classic/Kenda/tomac
8 Michael Koballa back to dirt
9 Nathan Rice Gearhead Outfitters
11 Nathan Pfeifer
12 Byron Rice Inland Construction/Back To Dirt
13 Eric Marland Boone Velo
14 Charles Storm Inland Construction
15 Charles Von isenburg Mock Orange Racing
16 Joshua Stevens Garneau Custom p/b Tyler's Tap Room
17 Todd Hunter Garneau Custom p/b Tyler’s

Men Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Stackhouse Pirate Race Productions
2 David Moore Carolina Flyers
3 Todd Thornton raleigh all stars
4 Andrew Benbow Full Spectrum Racing
5 Burke Hutcheson Unattached
6 Michael Blankenship Hearts Racing Club
7 Ed Mckee Road Holland
8 Austin Temple KensBike Shop
9 Robert Pugh Fiets Maan Racing
10 Charles Calkins Greensboro Velo Club / Cycles De Oro
11 Matthew Jones
13 Chris Verwoerdt

Women Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Allison Arensman Studio 7 Multisport
2 Hannah Arensman Studio 7 Multisport
3 Genisis Dancer
4 Erica Chard ABRC
5 Lori Mclamb Tricyclists BRC
6 Kelly Hopkin NCCX
7 Sydney Cooke Performance Bicycle Racing
8 Sirena Lundsford City Loop Mafia
9 Lorri Warlick cycletherapy
10 Margaret Kristin Garneau Custom p/b Tyler's
11 Stephanie Cole Bike Depot
12 Milanne Wiegert Full Spectrum Racing
13 Kathleen Mckeithan Studio 7 Multisport
14 Arleigh Jenkins
15 Nicole Benbow Full Spectrum Racing

Women Women Pro CX1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Werner Carolina Masters Cycling
2 Katherine Shields Carolina Masters Cycling
3 Rip Nicholson Pirates Racing
4 Sara Tussey subaru/gary fisher
5 Lynn Pitson Carolina Masters Cycling
6 Melanie Black ABRC
7 Christine Putnam Ken's Bike Shop/ Heart's Racing
8 Julie Paisant Mock Orange Bikes
9 Sara Legrand PainPathways Cycling Team
10 Janet Trubey NCCX
11 Leah Mabry Cycletherapy