These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carlos Casali Gates Carbon Drive
2 Patrick J gallegos 8 Sixteen Racing
3 Matt Miller Unattached
4 Joshua Vogt Cyclists for the Planet
5 Christoph Hurley Unattached
6 Ben Ollett Alpha Bicycle Company
7 Drew Sprafke RMR
8 Doug Hudson Feedback Sports Racing
9 Taylor Jung Gates Carbon Drive
10 Peter Lopez Frites En Mayo Velo Club
11 Doug Ferguson Unattached
12 Jordan Reigel Alpha Bicycle Company
13 Marc Stewart Boulder Cycle Sport
14 Steve Hageman BRC Real Estate
15 John Haley Frites En Mayo Velo Club
16 Anthony Pesce Team Evergreen Racing
17 Rebecca Blatt Unattached
18 Ronald Weber RRV
19 Scott Hendricks Unattached
20 Richard Visscher Frites En Mayo Velo Club

A Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jenny Gilkerson COMotion Sports
2 Sarah Rawley Unattached
3 Lynn Bush Tough Girl
4 Sheri Boltz Unattached

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carlos Casali Gates Carbon Drive
2 Emery Legg Swing Thai Cycling Team
3 Rich Digeronimo Feedback Sports Racing
4 Shawn Meredith Unattached
5 Cary Dunn OES/Bike Source
6 Nathan Collier Unattached
7 Walter Zitz Boulder Cycle Sport
8 Dan Orlinski Unattached
9 Adam Devoe
10 Michael Welker Primal Racing - 1st Bank
11 Steven Pon Unattached
12 Scott Larsen Routine Leg Works
13 Todd Hockenberry Team Evergreen Racing
14 Brad Woodard Team Body Sync
15 Sam Cohven Unattached
16 Todd Reisinger Green Mountain Sports Velo
17 Rob Zillioux Golden Bike Shop
18 Samer Khodor Natural Grocers Cycling Team
19 Alan Angelopulos Unattached
20 Jason Graidner Unattached
21 Scott Wilkonson Team Evergreen Racing
22 Aaron Macarelli Unattached
23 Stephen Haas Black Sheep Jr. Cycling
24 John Shearer Green Mountain Sports Velo
25 Jason Reynolds BRC Real Estate
26 David O'Brien Unattached
27 Mike Drummond Unattached
28 Robert Montgomery
29 Adam Williams Golden Bike CX
30 Jonathan Royal Unattached
31 Greg Scott Unattached
32 Scott Bristol Routine Leg Works
33 Christopher Kreider Natural Grocers Cycling Team
34 Shawn Pritchett Rocky Mounts~Izze
35 Bryant Gonsalves Unattached
36 Bryan Cook TLR Cycling
37 Stephen Vierling Unattached
38 Thomas Seybold Team Evergreen Racing
39 Bob Roman Green Mountain Sports Velo
40 Van Blackwood Unattached
41 Anthony Cyr Unattached
42 Philip Regnier Natural Grocers Cycling Team
43 Josh Kerven Unattached
44 Brian Berwick Unattached
45 Conner Mccormack Unattached
46 Greg Floyd Unattached
47 David Ross Unattached
48 Grant Mccormack Unattached
49 Ethan Fuld Unattached
50 Matt Sodnicar Pactimo Racing

B Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Nuffer Tough Girl
2 Betsy Mercer Unattached
3 Kim Gilbert Team Body Sync
4 Anaka Norfleet Giant Cycling World p/b RMSS
5 Summer Johnson Unattached
6 Paula Engie Unattached
7 Elysia Min Unattached
8 Christine Finson Unattached
9 Pamela Clair Unattached
10 Amanda Carlson Unattached
11 Alison Boder Unattached

Juniors 8-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Martin Prchal Unattached
2 Bryce Rodgers Unattached
3 Bailey Sells Unattached