These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jesse Swift Gates Carbon Drive
2 Chris Phenicie Feedback Sports Racing
3 Carlos Casali Gates Carbon Drive
4 Jay Luke Unattached
5 Drew Sprafke RMR
6 Clay Harris RRV
7 Jonathan Coln Rocky Mounts~Izze
8 Christoph Hurley Unattached
9 Greg Gorrell Feedback Sports Racing
10 Ben Ollett Alpha Bicycle Company
11 Dan Schuetz Rocky Mounts~Izze
12 Peter Lopez Frites En Mayo Velo Club
13 Derek Strong Gates Carbon Drive
14 Scott Peterson Team Small Batch
15 Rebecca Blatt Unattached
16 Shawn Meredith Unattached
17 Scott Larsen Routine Leg Works
18 Scott Mitchell RMRC p/b Turin
19 Jamie Kripke Unattached
20 Carlos Vulgamott Unattached
21 Marc Stewart Boulder Cycle Sport
22 Steven Pon Unattached
23 Jerry Natale PSIMET/Zilla Racing
24 Michael Catterall BRC Real Estate
25 Leslie Handy Unattached
26 Ben Quinn Unattached
27 Kevin Chadwick Green Mountain Sports Velo
28 Peter Rosato Rocky Mounts~Izze
29 Stephen Vierling Unattached
30 Reed Maxwell BRC Real Estate
31 Cary Dunn OES/Bike Source
32 Scott Hendricks Unattached
33 Nick Kosovich Team Evergreen Racing
34 Ted Pazur Unattached
35 Bob Brown Great Divide Brewing
36 Chris Grobe Unattached DSQ

A Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jenny Gilkerson COMotion Sports
2 Ariana Dittmer COMotion Sports

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Schuetz Rocky Mounts~Izze
2 Jeff Leischner Natural Grocers Cycling Team
3 David O'Brien Unattached
4 Cormac Dunn Unattached
5 Nathan Collier Unattached
6 Todd Hockenberry Team Evergreen Racing
7 Adam Devoe
8 Michael Welker Primal Racing - 1st Bank
9 Sean Malone Boulder Cycle Sport
10 Duane Marlatt Groove Subaru Cycling
11 Scott Mitchell RMRC p/b Turin
12 Dan Drunski Unattached
13 Stephen Haas Black Sheep Jr. Cycling
14 Ryan Eggen Happy Coffee Cyclocross
15 Robert Montgomery
16 Sean Fey Team Adrenalin Cycles
17 Bill Manning Unattached
18 Lee Waldman Green Mountain Sports Velo
19 Jason Gardner Unattached
20 Ryan Hillard Boulder Cycle Sport
21 Jason Barker Velo-One Cycling
22 Liam Dunn Unattached
23 John Shearer Green Mountain Sports Velo
24 Naz Alvarez Unattached
25 Rebecca Blatt Unattached
26 Chris Shamis Green Mountain Sports Velo
27 Bryant Gonsalves Unattached
28 Mike Drummond Unattached
29 Mark Mills Team Body Sync
30 Paul Sasseville Boulder Cycle Sport
31 Matthew Jimerson Team Adrenalin Cycles
32 Adam Williams Golden Bike CX
33 Jim Mason
34 Bruce Goshorn Unattached
35 Nathan Wyant Unattached
36 Scott Hendricks Unattached
37 Bob Roman Green Mountain Sports Velo
38 Stefan Muenck RRV
39 Toby Turnage Unattached
40 Neil Benton Unattached
41 Van Blackwood Unattached
42 Philip Regnier Natural Grocers Cycling Team
43 Anthony Cyr Unattached
44 Matthew Grandsaert Boulder Cycle Sport
45 Tom Grimaldi Unattached
46 Thomas Seybold Boulder Cycle Sport
47 Nathan Reindel Unattached
48 Conner Mccormick Unattached
49 Neal O'connor Unattached
50 Josh Curbin Unattached
51 Jayson Denney Happy Coffee Cyclocross
52 Brandon Vail Unattached
53 Ryan Murphy Routine Leg Works
54 Dinh Le Team Body Sync
55 Chad Staker Unattached
56 Michael Spak Schwab Cycles Racing Team
57 Nicholas Horgt Unattached
58 David Horst Team Evergreen Racing
59 Logan Rainard Unattached
60 Dale Hentzell Sports Optical Racing Team
61 James Kennedy Unattached
62 Thomas Kissinger Boulder Cycle Sport
63 Melissa Archey Unattached
64 Grant Mccormick Unattached
65 Bruce Feinberg Unattached
66 Alex Voller Unattached
67 Glenn Drueky Unattached DSQ
68 Rob Bell Unattached DSQ
69 Frank Herbst Unattached DSQ

B Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Betsy Mercer Unattached
2 Anne Whetzel Rocky Mounts~Izze
3 Anaka Norfleet Giant Cycling World p/b RMSS
4 Jennifer Barbour NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
5 Evelyn Calhoun COMotion Sports
6 Pamela St.clair Unattached
7 Deborah Pulley NewHope360/Trek/GS Boulder
8 Amanda Carlson Unattached

Juniors 8-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Casali P2P / Westside Cycling
2 Martin Prchal Unattached