These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
B Masters (3/4/5)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Paul Novotasky jr. unattached
2 Scott Struve Stage 1 Fusion THINK Cannondale Midd
3 Christopher Jordan Union Velo Fall
4 Jonathan Johnson bike works /swansea velo Attl
5 Bill Doonan NEBC/Cycleloft Blac
6 Maximino Veiga TARGETRAINING / FASTAR Danb
7 Eric Derivera Unattached
8 Jeff Magee Cyclonauts Rcers Sund
9 Steven Abbott thread city cyclers Will
10 Jay Mongillo CCC / Keltic Construction Clin
11 John Laupheimer NEBC/CycleLoft West
12 Skip Kuzel Cox Communications Leba
B Race (4 laps)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Peter Smith Essex County Velo
2 Hunter Pronovost Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC
3 Corey Masson
4 Joe Cruz North Atlantic Velo / Soul Cycles
5 Jason Perry Cyclonauts Racers
6 Kenny Ambach Cyclonauts Racers
7 Ronnie Steers Gamache Cyclery
8 'rolls' Royce Yeomans Cyclonauts Racers
9 Juan Dejesus Cyclonauts Racers Elite B Team
10 Sam Stevens Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield-CCCC
11 Carl Asikainen
13 Steven Morison Ata Cycle
14 Tyson Parody NCC/
15 Doug Mckeon Cyclonauts Racers
C Race (4 laps)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Timothy Mather Pig Iron Sports
2 Doug Guertin Cyclonauts Racers
3 Steve Rossi Cyclonauts Racers
4 Dan Ouellette Gamache Cyclery
5 Eric Silva QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
6 Christian Eager QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
7 Chris Butler Butler Furniture/Gear Works
8 Eric Martin QuadCycles/Arlington Bicycle Club
9 Dave Terrell
10 Sam Dodge Stage 1 Fusion THINK Cannondale
11 George Pawle Cyclonauts Racers
12 Drew Procyk Mystic Velo
13 Kenneth Han Quad Cycles
14 Mark Mishane CCC Keltic
15 Steven Robbins NCC
16 Brad Paquin Stage 1
Elite Men (5 laps)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Ethan Gilmour K2 Bike-Okemo
2 Christopher Peck Fiordifrutta
3 Daniel Coady NCC
4 Christopher Jones Target Training
6 Joel Biederman Cyclonauts Racers
7 Brian Keegan NorEast Alternative
8 Paul Curley Gearworks
9 Curt Davis Fiordifrutta
10 Matthew Jamieson Exudus Road Racing
11 Christopher Burke Providence Velo
Masters 35+ (4 laps)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Todd Bowden CVC/ Vernon Cycle
2 Christopher Adeletti Cyclonaut Racers
4 Wayne Cunningham NEBC/Cycle Loft
5 Curtis Eastin Target Training
6 Alan Douglass Cyclonauts Racers
7 Joe Sconzo CVC/ Vernon Cycle
8 Scott Livingston Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.
Masters 45+ (4 laps)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Michael Bernard Gearworks Spinarts
2 Christopher Burke Providence Velo
3 Paul Lynch MBRC
4 Bob Bisson Gearworks Spinarts
5 William Thompson Bethel Cycle - MCRA
6 Peter Crowley NCC /
7 William Keith Bethel/Cannondale
8 James Themig Mystic Velo MCRA
9 Curtiss Burwell jr Laurel Bicycle Club
10 Robert Newton Benidorm/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club
Women Open (3 Laps)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Catherine Dudley Putney/West Hill
2 Erin Duggan Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC (road)
3 Mary Lynn Wikar FTSI Daves
4 Lesli Stevens Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - CCCC
5 Katie Dunn Tufts University
6 Kate Scheider Williams College