These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men SS

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Barry Wicks Kona
2 Adam Craig
3 Ryan Trebon Kona
4 Tim Jones
5 Ryan Weaver River City Bicycles
6 Matthew Slaven Kona
7 Tommy Tuite Veloshop
8 Ian Brown River City Bicycles
9 Davie Yeater River City Bicycles
10 John Walrod River City Bicycles
11 Carl Decker Giant
12 Peter Zlatnik Bike Gallery
13 Geoff Huber Life Cycle Bike Shop/Kona
14 Steve Wasmund Cutthroat Racing
15 Dylan Vanweelden Yakima Bike Vigilantes
16 Jeff Curtes
17 Scott Ramsey Vanilla Bicycles
18 Kevin Stroede Vanilla Bicycles
19 Louie Fountain
20 Matthias Behrends Sycip Racing
21 Erik Tonkin Team S&M
22 Nat Pellman
23 Chuck Warrington Artisan Family Racing
24 Bryce Young Bingham's
25 Jake Rosenfeld
26 Brad Urban Veloshop
27 Wille Yli-luoma
28 Churchill Scott Desalvo Custom Cycles Racing
29 John Rollert
30 Joshua Hutchens Cyclepath
31 John Mccaffrey
32 Keven Mowen Rivendell
33 Joel Grover Bike Gallery
34 Brian Nilsson Yakima Products/Super Relax
35 Johnny Vergis Cyclepath
36 Drew Kinney Team Wreck
37 Brian Fornes K.I.S.S.
38 Paolo Dabbeni Italia
39 Andrew Yee Cyclocross Magazine
40 Tony Tapay Showers Pass
41 John Dorfer Veloshop
42 Jack Fraser Team Slacker
43 David Bisers Veloshop
44 Jess Graden Veloshop
45 Ryan Richardson CBC Racing/KISS Kross
46 Isaac Harris Veloshop
47 David German Sunset Cycles
48 Edwin Brown Artisan Family Racing
49 Brian Schultz Existential Velo
50 Michael Curtes Big Ring Racing
51 Dirty Dave Team Rubicon
52 Jim Miller Cyclepath
53 Dan Cheever Evil
54 Clint Culpepper Team Beer
55 Brian Flaherty KISSKross
56 Jeff Standish Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
57 Joe Partridge Founder's Ales
58 Scott Calrk Visenka
59 Brian Garretson Veloshop
60 Ryan Ferro
61 Timothy Mason PDX-FXD
62 Drew Ross
63 William Clanton
64 Andrew Wilson Veloshop
65 Sacha White Vanilla Bicycles
66 Inglis/brooks Inglis/Retrotec
67 Chris Wells sycip/retrotec
68 Andy Jacques-maynes Challenged Athletes Foundation
69 Brian Ellin
70 Mark Hildebrandt Pereira Cycles
71 John Howe Team Beer
72 Jim Jonke
73 Boone Tompkins BMF
74 Tad Bamford Veloshop
75 Jacob Furnace Eddy Merkain
76 Chris Distefano
77 Erik Tonkin Team S&M
DNF Andy Mckerrow Bike Gallery
DNF Doug Moak
DNF Paul Anderson Half Fast Velo
DNF Paul Laak woodlawn Velo
DNF #156
DNF Tim Butler River City Bicycles
DNF Ryan Miller Cutthroat Racing/Singlephile
DNF David Ross
DNF Pat Schott Black Market Racing
DNF Dan Peterson byrne invent/jet city velo

Women SS

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wendy Williams River City Bicycles
2 Emily Vanmeter River City Bicycles
3 Sue Butler River City Bicycles
4 Laurel Gitlen Gentle Lovers
5 Melissa Sanborn Wenzel Coaching
6 Alice Pennington Desalvo Custom Cycles Racing
7 Kate Scheider FTS/North Atlantic Velo
8 Bridgette Stoick River City Bicycles
9 Tina Brubaker Vanilla Bicycles
10 Linda Eckhart Visenka/Desalvo
11 Megan Weaver River City Bicycles
12 Colleen Flaherty FTS
13 Betsy Platt River City Bicycles
14 Sarah Sturdy Tireless Velo
15 Colleen Mcclellahan Sorella Forte
16 Alix Kerl Surly
17 Sarah Tisdale Sorella Forte
18 Kendra Wenzel Wenzel Coaching
19 Jennifer Schweitzer Eddy Merkin
20 Jennifer Herald Eddy Merkin
21 Elicia Cardenas Veloshop
22 Kate Weck River City Bicycles
23 Tacia Miller Cyclepath
24 Holly Kotsovos Tireless Velo
25 Danielle Booth

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