These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Fisher Crossniacs
2 Craig Faulkner Crossniacs
3 Jesse Rients Trek Cyclocross Collective
4 Owen Thoele Angry Catfish
5 Olivier Vrambout The Bikery Du Nord
6 Aaron Swanson
7 Pat Lemieux St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
8 Paul Krumrich
9 Joshua Roeser Crossniacs
10 Lance Beuning Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
11 Ezra Taylor Kenwood Racing
12 Kent Throlson Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
13 Fred Mills Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
14 Matthew Allen Behind-Bars/LGR
15 Barry Tungseth Silver Cycling
16 Isaac Young
17 Caleb Donaldson Omnium Racing
18 Adam Staufenberg Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
19 Daniel Strese Flat City Cycling Club Inc.
20 Brendan Bellew Angry Catfish
21 David Olheiser
22 Drew Wilson
23 Innokenty Zavyalov Omnium Racing
24 Ryan Carlson Twin Six
25 Dan Wheeler Gopher Wheelmen
26 Josh Bauer
27 Bart Hollaren Peace Coffee Racing
28 Brian Kozicki Top Natchez Racing
29 Adam Rambow Crossniacs
30 Taylor George Crossniacs
31 Andy Reichert Birchwood/GIS
32 Kevin Brandt
33 Samuel Bramel Gopher Wheelmen
34 Tim Werts
35 Eric Boyles Behind-Bars/LGR
36 Mitchel Bruns
37 Ryan Marsel Behind-Bars/LGR
38 Lewis Perna Team Rio Grande
39 Matt Leizinger Sweet'n Salty Cycling
40 Ryan Cate
41 Matthew Prior
42 Buckley Birkholz
43 Tim Gut Angry Catfish
44 Chris Rogers Balance Cycling/Erik's Bike Shop
45 Daniel Jacobsen Omnium Racing
46 Chris Gibbs
47 Reece Oleson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
48 Andrew Kruse Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
49 Andrew Barlage Omnium Racing
50 Stephen Wilson
51 Barry Schmitt
52 Mitch Nordahl Team Plan C
53 Dustin Skarda
54 Daniel Boyles Behind-Bars/LGR
55 Andrew Krosbakken Great Plains Cycling Club
56 Christian Huseby Omnium Racing
57 Peter Behm St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
58 Tyler Johnson
59 Ted Clausen
60 Aaron Smith
61 Aaron Collins Top Natchez Racing
62 Gregorio Ramirez

Men Cat 1/2/3/4 Master 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Smith Hup United
2 Brian Koeneman Team Wheel & Sprocket
3 Daniel Casper
4 Ladric D'schommer-grant Crossniacs
5 Wallace Alexander Kenwood Racing
6 William Kuster
7 Mark Mlinar St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
9 Paul Schoening Team Plan C
10 Thomas Macdonald Kenwood Racing
11 Jim Bell Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
12 Jeffrey Hilligoss Angry Catfish
13 Scott Robertson G.S. Circo Azzurro
14 Jon Friedell Kenwood Racing
15 Mark Rathbun Minnesota Cycling Team
16 William Dick Top Natchez Racing
17 Drew Hobrook Freewheel
18 Paul Inkala
19 Dag Selander
20 Eric Swenson Crossniacs
21 Mark Hooley Synergy
22 Todd Trembley
23 Peter Leugers
24 Chris Sur
25 Mike Larson LCR
26 Michael Cisek Team Plan C
27 Mark Kowaliw MBRC/Flanders
28 John Thompson St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
29 Mark Overgaard Gopher Wheelmen
30 Michael Lyner Chilkoot Velo
31 Sean Burns Kenwood Racing
32 Matt Huron Kenwood Racing
33 Robert Vigil MCT Tonka
34 Robert Ogren Kenwood Racing
DNF Mark Skarpohl Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
DNF Michael Pederson Hup United
DNF Thomas Manderfeld Revolution Cycle/Twin Six
DNF Daniel Cleary
DNF Dan Inderieden
DNF Thomas Thornquest Kenwood Racing
DNF Michael Phillips Curt Goodrich Racing Team
DNF Charles Townsend St Paul Bicycle Racing Club
DNF Steve Laurel
DNF Bruce Porter St Paul Bicycle Racing Club

Men Cat 2/3/4 Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ethan Furois Gopher Wheelmen
2 Colin Catlin Gopher Wheelmen
3 Grant Halsey Gopher Wheelmen
4 Brian Gaines Gopher Wheelmen
5 Michael Gaines Gopher Wheelmen
6 Kelly Catlin
7 Nick Gordon Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
8 Wyatt Furois Gopher Wheelmen
9 Adam Vail Minnesota Junior Cycling Inc.
10 Dylen Wetteland Gopher Wheelmen
11 Andrew Shuros

Women Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Linda Sone Cycle-Smart Inc.
2 Corey Coogan cisek
3 Jeanne Fleck Velo Duluth
4 Jennifer Nowlin Peace Coffee Racing
5 April Morgan
6 Carol Seipp Silver Cycling
7 Terra James Sweet'n Salty Cycling
8 Gwen Jorgensen
9 Megan Barr Birchwood/GIS
10 Lindsey Hillesheim Squadra Coppi
11 Kris Brazil
12 Heather Edwards-thoerner Birchwood/GIS
13 Meredith Rambow Birchwood/GIS
14 Heather George Birchwood/GIS
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