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Men Div 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kerry Werner Lees-McRae College 0:53:49
2 Josh Johnson Marian University 54:32
3 Rotem Ishay Fort Lewis College 54:50
4 Andrew Dillman Marian University 55:44
5 Skyler Trujillo Fort Lewis College 57:17
6 Joseph Maloney University of Wisconsin-Madison 57:56
7 Ryan Cleveland Fort Lewis College 58:46
8 Devin Clark Lindenwood University 58:55
9 Kolby Preble Fort Lewis College 59:19
10 Jason Blodgett Marian University 59:37
11 Brandon Feehery Lindenwood University 1:01:23
12 Cody Phillips Lees-McRae College 1:02:15
13 Robbie Jones Fort Lewis College 1:02:25
14 Daniel Gerow Marian University 1:03:17
15 Gunnar Bergey Lees-McRae College 1:03:30
16 Davis Bentley Lees-McRae College 1:03:49
17 Patrick Bradley Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway @1Lap
18 Alexander Martin University of Wisconsin-Madison @2Lap
19 Luke Woodard Virginia Polytechnic University @2Lap
20 Michael Sampson Fort Lewis College @2Lap
21 Zach Bender Lees-McRae College @2Lap
22 Tyler Cloutier University of Virginia @2Lap
23 Ben Stalker Fort Lewis College @2Lap
24 Kevin Burgess Lees-McRae College @2Lap
25 Brian Jorgensen Lees-McRae College @2Lap
26 Ivars Grinbergs University of Colorado-Boulder @2Lap
27 Logan Luker Cumberland University @2Lap
28 Vance Fletcher Marian University @2Lap
29 Mitchell Dutczak University of Illinois-Chicago @2Lap
30 Tyler Gorney Virginia Polytechnic University @2Lap
31 Zach Bodhane Colorado State University @2Lap
32 Greg Krieger Colorado State University @3Lap
33 David Yohe Marian University @3Lap
34 Alexander Meyer University of Wisconsin-Madison @3Lap
35 Will Massey Virginia Polytechnic University @3Lap
36 Justin Evans Appalachian State University @3Lap
37 Jon Hoopingarner Marian University @3Lap
38 Taylor Ladd Lindsey Wilson College @3Lap
39 Robert Ringle University of Wisconsin-Madison @3Lap
40 Daniel Williams Lindenwood University @3Lap
41 Tommy Schubert Cumberland University @3Lap
42 Bill Mulligan University of Wisconsin-Madison @3Lap
43 Stephen Smith North Carolina State University-Raleigh @3Lap
44 Baird Sills Appalachian State University @4Lap
45 Jonathan Freter Lindenwood University @4Lap
46 Paul Kumm Colorado State University @4Lap
47 Britton Kinnard Cumberland University @4Lap
48 Reed Bagley Lindsey Wilson College @4Lap
49 Jordan Haffener Kansas State University @4Lap
50 Thomas Pofahl North Carolina State University-Raleigh @4Lap
51 Nathan Labecki Marian University @4Lap
52 Clint Mitchell Colorado State University @4Lap
53 Patrick Steele Kansas State University @4Lap
54 Forrest Raynor North Carolina State University-Raleigh @4Lap
55 Jason Midkiff Appalachian State University @4Lap
56 William Greene Cumberland University @5Lap
DNF Kevin Fish University of Texas-Austin 0
DNF Patrick Dust Lindsey Wilson College 0
DNF Carter Luck Lees-McRae College 0
DNF Andrew Llewellyn Fort Lewis College 0
DNF Zachary Abulencia Lindsey Wilson College 0
DNF Miles Hubbard Appalachian State University 0
DNF Nicholas Reeves North Carolina State University-Raleigh 0

Men Div 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cory Rimmer Virginia Intermont College 0:47:38
2 Timothy Jenkinson Mars Hill College 48:31
3 Casey Hildebrandt Ripon College 48:47
4 Wesley Lamberson Union College-KY 50:44
5 Michael Michetti University of Wisconsin-Platteville 50:51
6 Cypress Gorry Brevard College 50:51
7 Lewis Gaffney Brevard College 50:54
8 Patric Rostel Colorado Mesa University 50:59
9 Andrew Lysaght Massachusetts Institute of Technology 51:27
10 Morgan Ryan Colorado Mesa University 52:13
11 Douglas Ansel University of Notre Dame 52:17
12 Cullen Easter Colorado Mesa University 52:18
13 Stephen Vogel Wake Forest University 55:07
14 Corey Davis Mars Hill College 55:08
15 Spencer Lowden Brevard College 55:23
16 Anders Nienstaedt Saint Olaf College 56:20
17 Benjamin Senkerik Ripon College 56:39
18 Zachary Semian Kutztown University of Pennsylvania 57:33
19 Caleb Welborn Brevard College 57:36
20 Eric Smith Ripon College 57:40
21 Mitch Nordahl North Dakota State University 59:11
22 Devin Wagner Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute @1Lap
23 Chad Capobianco Mars Hill College @2Lap
24 Keith Marek Brevard College @2Lap
25 Joe Near Massachusetts Institute of Technology @2Lap
26 Stephen Cochran Colorado Mesa University @2Lap
27 Tyler Hutchinson Mars Hill College @2Lap
28 Zachary Labry Massachusetts Institute of Technology @2Lap
29 Aaron Casey East Tennessee State University @2Lap
30 James Mccabe Wake Forest University @2Lap
31 Jake Possinger Mars Hill College @2Lap
32 Tony Kaatz Ripon College @2Lap
33 Ray Dangelmaier Union College-KY @2Lap
34 Matthew Warbrick Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute @3Lap
35 Alan Sparks East Tennessee State University @3Lap
36 Dakota Smith Virginia Intermont College @3Lap
37 R Maitland jones Mars Hill College @3Lap

Men UCI Elite

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Page ENGVT 0:58:31
2 Zach Mcdonald Team Rapha-FOCUS 59:18:00
3 Jamey Driscoll Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld 59:30:00
4 Daniel Summerhill UCI PCT: UnitedHealthcare 1:00:15
5 Tim Johnson Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld 1:00:39
6 Jeremy Powers Team Rapha-FOCUS 1:01:40
7 Ryan Trebon Cannondale/Clement 1:02:15
8 Troy Wells TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling 1:03:16
9 Jeremy Durrin JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing 1:03:27
10 Barry Wicks Kona 1:03:52
11 Isaac Neff Trek Cyclocross Collective 1:03:52
12 Brian Matter Racers Against Childhood Cancer 1:04:09
13 Justin Lindine Redline 1:04:12
14 Dan Timmerman Richard Sachs - RGM Watches - Radix/Connecticut Ya 1:04:18
15 Anthony Clark JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing 1:04:21
16 Adam Craig Giant Factory Off-Road 1:04:45
17 Spencer Paxson Kona Factory Team 1:04:57
18 Mitchell Hoke Kenda Felt 1:05:01
19 Tristan Schouten UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategie 1:05:03
20 Erik Tonkin Kona 1:05:07
21 Braden Kappius TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling 1:05:55
22 Taylor Carrington Turin Bikes - Carmichael Training Systems 1:06:00
23 Eric Thompson Plan C p/b Challenge Tires 1:06:27
24 Sean Babcock 0 1:06:43
25 Tim Allen Feedback Sports Racing 1:06:54
26 Jared Nieters SEAVS/Haymarket 1:07:20
27 Jake Wells Stan's NoTubes Elite 1:07:36
28 Allen Krughoff Donnelly Sports @2Lap
29 Mike Sherer UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategie @2Lap
30 Adam Myerson UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis @2Lap
31 Scott Chapin Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster/Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock @2Lap
32 Greg Wittwer Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/Bob's Red Mill Cycl @2Lap
33 William Iaia Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co @2Lap
34 Chris Jackson Castex Racing powered by Felt @2Lap
35 Daniel Chabanov Richard Sachs - RGM Watches - Radix/Connecticut Ya @2Lap
36 Craig Etheridge Donnelly Sports @2Lap
37 Robert Marion Carpe Diem Racing @2Lap
38 Nicholas Keough Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross /Corner Cycl @3Lap
39 Trevor Koss Magnus @3Lap
40 Corey Stelljes @3Lap
41 Brian Hludzinski Boulder Cycle Sport @3Lap
42 Michael Robson MOOTS @3Lap
43 Alex Work Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross @3Lap
44 Nicholas Lemke Scalo Veloce @3Lap
45 Shadd Smith KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tire @3Lap
46 Aaron Bradford Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross @3Lap
47 Kenny Wehn Stan's NoTubes Elite @3Lap
48 Stephen Cummings City Cycling LLC @3Lap
49 Schmitt Damian 0 @3Lap
50 Greg Krause 0 @4Lap
51 Jake Sitler Nuts About Granola @4Lap
52 Grant Holicky 0 @4Lap
53 Doug Schuler Boulder Cycle Sport @4Lap
54 Brett Pirie Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co @4Lap
55 Paul Mumford Chicago Cuttin Crew @4Lap
56 Brennan Wodtli All Access Racing @4Lap
57 Shawn Adams Cycle-Smart Inc. @4Lap
58 Bill Street KUHL @4Lap
59 Ben Stalker Fort Lewis College @4Lap
60 Matthew Allen Behind-Bars/LGR @4Lap
61 Jason Cemanski Cycle U / Apex Racing /Apex Racing Team @4Lap
62 Joshua Whitmore Team Athletix Benefitting Globalbike/Globalbike Ra @4Lap
63 Aaron Bouplon Boulder Running Company Cycling Team @4Lap
64 David Sheek SDG Felt @4Lap
65 Travis Braun Magnus @4Lap
66 Sean Leader 0 @4Lap
67 Donald Snoop jr Essex County Velo @4Lap
68 John Bailey Bailey Bikes @4Lap
69 Timothy O'shea 0 @4Lap
70 Travis Gruchow Magnus @5Lap
71 Josh Weis Colavita Racing Inc. @5Lap
72 Scott Shapiro Magnus @5Lap
73 Josh Bauer 0 @5Lap
74 Andrew Loaiza Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross @5Lap
75 Christopher Berge Magnus @5Lap
76 Buckley Birkholz @5Lap
DNF Spencer Powlison Evol Elite Racing
DNF Samuel Weinberg 0
DNF Christian Favata Favata's TRT Bicycles
DNF Kevin Bradford-parish
DNF Stephen Hyde Northampton Cycling Club
DNF Kevin Berger Team Wheel & Sprocket

Women Cat 1/2/3 Elite U23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaitlin Keough Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld 46:00:00
2 Emily Werner Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes @1Lap
3 Katherine Shields Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes @2Lap
4 Allison Arensman Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Training pb ABRC/Asheville @1Lap
5 Mollie Brewer 0 @2Lap
6 Erin Donohue Mock Orange Bikes @2Lap
7 Mckenzie Melcher The TEAM SoCalCross/The TEAM @2Lap

Women UCI Elite

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katie Compton Trek Cyclocross Collective 0:43:02
2 Jade Wilcoxson UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategie 44:22:00
3 Nicole Duke Cyclocrossworld 44:25:00
4 Georgia Gould Team LUNA Chix 44:44:00
5 Crystal Anthony Cyclocrossworld 45:16:00
6 Teal Stetson-lee Team LUNA Chix 45:19:00
7 Maureen Bruno roy Bob's Red Mill pb Seven Cycles 45:41:00
8 Meredith Miller California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized/Californi 45:43:00
9 Kaitlin Keough Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Cyclocrossworld 46:00:00
10 Arley Kemmerer Charm City Cycling LLC 46:47:00
11 Andrea Smith Ladies First/Minuteman Road Club 46:51:00
12 Elle Anderson Ladies First/Minuteman Road Club 47:02:00
13 Alice Pennington 0 47:07:00
14 Courtenay Mcfadden Cycling Northwest 47:57:00
15 Amanda Carey Volkswagen Boise Cycling 48:12:00
16 Ellen Noble Trek Cyclocross Collective 48:16:00
17 Corey Coogan cisek 48:38:00
18 Abby Strigel Trek Cyclocross Collective 49:12:00
19 Rebecca Blatt Van Dessel Factory Team 50:00:00
20 Christina Birch JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing 50:22:00
21 Erica Zaveta brevard college/Brevard College 50:37:00
22 Amanda Miller UCI CT/WPT: Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategie 50:46:00
23 Beth Ann orton 0 51:15:00
24 Kristin Weber Boulder Cycle Sport 51:16:00
25 Amber Markey 0 51:29:00
26 Stacey Barbossa Colavita Racing Inc. 52:22:00
27 Brianne Marshall NoTubes Endurance Racing 52:30:00
28 Katie Arnold Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/Bob's Red Mill Cycl 52:58:00
29 Allison Arensman Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech Training pb ABRC/Asheville @1Lap
30 Rebecca Gross Tough Girl Cycling @1Lap
31 Hannah Finchamp Team LUNA Chix @1Lap
32 April Morgan 0 @1Lap
33 Alyssa Severn My Wife Inc @1Lap
34 Kathleen Lysakowski Cycle Lodge @1Lap
35 Sunny Gilbert Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team/Michelob Ul @1Lap
36 Anna Dingman 0 @1Lap
37 Emily Zinn Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella/Naked Women's Ra @1Lap
38 Elizabeth So Les Petites Victoires @1Lap
39 Sarah Sturm Fort Lewis College @1Lap
40 Katie Melena Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross @1Lap
41 Emily Werner Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes @1Lap
42 Michelle Bishop North Point Women's Racing Team @1Lap
43 Brittlee Bowman Pedal Power Team-MA @1Lap
44 Corrie Osborne Team Extreme @1Lap
45 Ellen Sherrill Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross @1Lap
46 Jessica Kutz Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell/Riptide Cycling @1Lap
47 Heidi Curtes Twin Six @1Lap
48 Frances Morrison JAM Fund / NCC /Tenet Racing @2Lap
49 Mackenzie Woodring Einstein Racing @2Lap
50 Katherine Shields Mock Orange Racing/Mock Orange Bikes @2Lap
51 Marian Jamison smith 0 @2Lap
52 Erin Donohue Mock Orange Bikes @2Lap
53 Allyson Tufano Sportif Coaching Group/Western Howard County Cycli @2Lap
54 Christina Tamilio Ladies First/Minuteman Road Club @2Lap
55 Sierra Siebenlist Team Indiebike @2Lap
56 Jennifer Tillman C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co. @2Lap
57 Kathleen Wulfkuhle City Cycling LLC @2Lap
58 Kaylan Comer u-neak | DESIGNS/Central Velo Racing & Development @2Lap
59 Kristin Korevec MadCity Velo Club @2Lap
60 Deb Sweeney whitmore Team Athletix Benefitting Globalbike/Globalbike Ra @2Lap
61 Sarah Prater Speedway Wheelmen @2Lap
62 Mollie Brewer 0 @2Lap
63 Leslie Timm 0 @2Lap
64 Julie Phelps Big Ring Flyers @2Lap
65 Kristina Young 0 @2Lap
66 Jessica Hill The Pony Shop @2Lap
67 Jennifer Nowlin Peace Coffee Racing @2Lap
68 Mckenzie Melcher The TEAM SoCalCross/The TEAM @2Lap
69 Madelaine Melcher The TEAM SoCalCross/The TEAM @2Lap
70 Lindsay Knight 0 @2Lap
71 Breeze Brown Evol Elite Racing @3Lap
72 Erin Silliman ALAN North America Cycling @3Lap
DNF Bailey Semian Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
DNF Angelina Stevens Garneau Custom
DNF Shannon Gibson Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team
DNF Cassandra Maximenko 0
DNF Jessica D'amato Evol Elite Racing