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These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Elite Men
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Ryan Dewald EKRacing/Rite Aid Pro Cycling
2 Stephan Kincaid EKRacing/Rite Aid Pro Cycling
3 Kyle Hammaker Cadence
4 John Minturn GPOA
5 Colin Sandberg GPOA
6 Mike Kuhn Cadence/Visit PA
7 Wade Hess Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon
8 Brian Swehla Abington Wheel Wright Bikes
9 Erik Mitchell
DNF Reynolds Joe Wissahickon
Elite Women
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Carolyn Popovie
Juniors (U19)
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jordan Strober
2 Charles Hanlon
3 Ross Gordon Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon
4 Wyatt Saint clair Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
DNF Greg Rossi
Masters Men 35+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Kirk Reisinger Wissahickon
2 Mike Hebe
3 Joseph Piccillo Evolution Racing
4 Kelly Cline Wissahickon
5 Mike Jancola Guys Racing
6 Phillip Smith Pit Bike Maryland
7 Scott Wilson Evolution Racing
8 Kevin Saint clair Main Line Cycling - Bikyle
9 Mark Featherman Guy's Racing
10 Paul Wahner Well Adjusted Racing/Wahner Chiropractic
11 Barry Wahner Well Adjusted Racing/Wahner Chiropractic
12 N. Johan Anestad Evolution Racing
13 Bob Piacine Guys Racing Club
14 Werner Freymann Easy Riders Cycling
15 Brad Clarke
16 Nathan Ruch
17 Marc Bechtold PSRacing/Grohe
18 Scott Reynolds Guys Racing Club
19 Glenn Stephens Potomac Velo Club
DNF Bob Biese Team Vortex
DNF Brian Burgess Team Beacon
Men Category B
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Patrick Bradley Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon
2 Thomas Wood Philadelphia Ciclismo
3 Johann Liljengren Faulkner Honda Racing
4 Topher Valenti Bikesport
5 Emmerson Loustau Philadelphia Ciclismo
6 Matthew Harris Philadelphia Ciclismo
7 Christopher Pagoda Philadelphia Ciclismo
8 James Perren QCW
9 Erik Mitchell Quaker City Wheelmen/Team Breakaway
10 Brian Burgess Team Beacon
11 Ian Cronin Guys Racing
DNF Kevin Kuzas Guy's Racing
DNF Rob May
DNF Matthew Frey Philadelphia Ciclismo
Men Category C
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Justin Woulfe Tri State Velo
2 Jamie Bok
3 Fred Klenk
4 Carey Jackson yonce
5 Bren Moran
6 Robert Botto Trophy Bikes
7 Jamie Harris Philly Ciclismo
8 Nick Capriotti Loweriders
9 Edward Kallatch Bayside Velo/ Bike Doctor
10 Drew Eckstein
11 James Doherty unattached
12 Greg Johnson Philly Ciclismo
13 Josh Carter ?Cornballer!
14 William Bray
15 Peter Nelson
16 Christopher Stine Cedar Bike
17 Jason Gabriel Tri-State Velo
18 Mike Williams
19 Lyle Trubull
20 Harry Langdon
21 Peter Hall
22 Gunnar Bergey Bike Sport
23 Charles Hanlon
24 Andre Goldstein Guy's Racing
25 Ian Cronin Guys Racing
26 Julian Natisin cycle funattic
27 Greg Hoffman Bike Doctor
28 Charles Wahl Evolution Racing
29 James Innes Guys Racing
30 Scott Feather Vortex
31 William Perry
32 Josh Berk Abington Wheel Wright
33 Robert Sands Evolution Racing
34 Frank J. Schlipf iii Guy's Racing Club
35 J.c. Biello
36 Patrick Engleman Keswick Cycle/University of Pennsylvania
37 Gary Snyder
38 Jim Schutawie SV YMCA Tri Club
39 Eric Connelly
40 Warren Maruca
41 Stephen Gualano
43 Jordan Strober Pawling Cycle and Sport
DNF Frank Brydzinski
Women B
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Kristin Gavin
2 Doron Petersan NCVC/INOVA
3 Karen Tourian Guy's Racing
4 Jeanmarie Eschenbach MriPower