These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Juniors 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caleb Bernier Naults Cyclery
2 William Duclos
3 Shannon Flynn
4 Oliver French
5 Julianne Flynn
6 Jack Dovejass
7 Kristen Casazza

Juniors U19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Packard QuadCycles Junior Team
2 Chris Opie QuadCycles Junior Team
3 Patrick Douglass Cyclonauts
4 Andrew Grosenbaugh Corner Cycle Cycling Club
DNF Lucas Bernier Naults Cyclery
DNF Benjamin Lambert

Masters 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ciaran Mangan CCB/Volkswagen
2 Matthew Theodore
3 Roger Goulart Scottee's Westport Bike
4 Doug Aspinwall Joe's Garage
5 Eric Goodson Boston Road Club
6 Kevin Kerwood Joe's Garage
7 Gary David Minuteman Road Club
8 Thomas Needham HUP United
9 Nolan Watts NEBC/Cycleloft
10 Brian Mcinnis JRA Cycles
11 C Todd Lombardo International Bicycle/Global
12 Brian Medeiros Scottee's Westport Bike
13 Marvin Wang International Bicycle/Global
15 Chip Baker HUP United
16 Richard Perrotti, jr JRA Cycles
17 John Fice Boston Road Club
18 David King CCB/Volkswagen
19 Geoff Williams Refunds Now - Prov Velo Club
20 Eric Wemhoff NEBC/Cycleloft
21 Matt Williams circle69 Racing
22 Brian Anderson International Bicycle/Global
23 Derek Griggs Recycled Sports
24 Andrew Tucker NEBC
25 Steven Robbins Joe's Garage
26 John Fennel International Bicycle/Global
27 Ric Leeds Minuteman Road Club
29 Arryn Brezinski
30 Chris Mckernan Essex
31 Jody Adamonis NEBC
32 Dave Mccrimmon
33 Gregory Zysk Boston Road Club
34 Chris Miller HoDad
35 Scott Sweeney Minuteman Road Club
36 Michael Olbrys Minuteman Road Club
37 Adam Brodsky MBRC/ Bicycle Link
38 Bill Maidment QuadCycles
39 Robert Bauer Minuteman road Club
40 Art Baril Minuteman Road Club
41 Jay Mongillo Keltic
42 Arnold T. Kalmbach Bicycle Link /Mass Bay Road Club
DNF Bill Doonan Minuteman Road Club
DNF Hans Fernsebner JRA CYCLES
DNF Kevin Fogarty Hup United
DNF Matt Fowler Workers CompSolutions/Everactive
DNF John Johnson Connecticut Coast Cycling
DNF Eli Levine Boston Road Club
DNF Steven Tregay
DNF David Michaud MTB Mind
DNF Edward Dishong NHCC
DNF Edward Dishong NHCC

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeffrey Molongoski Joe's Garage
2 Ciaran Mangan CCB
3 Matt Hersey BIKEMAN.COM
4 Christopher Smith NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
5 Todd Bowden CVC Subaru
6 David Fredrickson
7 Steven Morse BIKEMAN.COM
8 Shawn Mottram Union Velo
9 Matthew Theodore
10 Mitchell Medeiros Scottee's Westport Bicycle
11 Paul Curley Gearworks/Spinarts
12 Ian Modestow Joe's Garage
13 David Stacey NEBC/Cycle Loft
14 Juan Dejesus Cyclonauts
15 Michael Cole Minuteman Road Club
16 Todd Paoletti Solano
17 Steven Tregay
18 Tim Klingenberge
19 Erik Sherwood

Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Belknad Bicycle Link/MBRC
2 Bob Bisson Gear Works
3 Don Seib NEBC
4 George Benington Linscott Peak Racing
5 Kevin Callahan Bicycle Link/MBRC
6 David Schachte Union Velo Single Speeders
7 Michael Bradford Naults Cyclery/
8 John Adamik Essex County Velo
9 George Gagnon Naults Cyclery/
10 Fran Boudreau NHCC
11 James English Minuteman Road Club
12 William Casazza BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farms-Ariza-
13 Barry Doubleday MBR
14 David King CCB/Volkswagen
15 Christopher Burke Prov Velo / Refunds Now
16 John Fice
17 James Paterson
18 Joe Rapuano Essex County Velo
19 Raymond Martin Union
20 Don Marsh Blues City VC
21 Daniel Russell Bicycle Link/MBRC
22 Michael Hamlet Minuteman Road Club
23 Ron Hines Quad Cycle
24 Stephen De ivester Gear Works
25 Colin Kernan Missing Link Bicycle Club
26 Richard Cormier
DNF Alan Douglass Cyclonauts Racers, Inc.

Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Cormier Naults Cyclery/
2 Ron Menner NEBC/ Cycle Loft /Devonshire Dent
3 Rick Hardy Boston Road Club
4 Bruce Kapsten ECV- Essex County Velo
5 Russell Brooks NaultS CYCLERY NAULTS.COM

Men 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Guenter Hofer B.O.B.
2 Brad Sheehan MetLife Cycling
3 Soren Klingsporn Signature Cycles/DKNY
4 Cort Cramer MRC
5 Chris Gagne Boston Road Club
6 Brian Keegan Noreast Cycling
7 Matt Budd Budd Bike Works
8 Shawn Mottram Union Velo
9 Jim Newton International Bicycle / Global
10 Ryan Kelly Noreast Cycling
11 Thomas Lebosquet JF/FT T/B Linnette's

Men 3/4 U35

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Corey Masson MetLife P/B Unlose.I
2 Cort Cramer MRC
4 Kevin Cummisford Boston Road Club
5 Richard Person Minuteman Road Club
6 Eric Silva Quad Cycles
7 Christian Eager QuadCycles
8 Christian Rynkiewicz Team Bicycle Alley
9 Dan Ouellette Gamache Cyclery
10 Shawn Stafford Allied Milk Cycling
11 John Wilde 1 BC
12 Stephen Wright Minuteman Road Club
13 Jackson Weber
14 Jason Rabidou
15 Corey Lowe Stage 1
16 Justin Cox HUP United
17 Joseph Tramontano Connecticut Coast Cycling
18 Michael Sabatini Boston Road Club
19 Scott Sulivan Millwork1
20 Peter Miller
21 Zachary Wills IBC racing
22 Derek Brinkerhoff Back Bay Bicycles
23 Justin Howe NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
24 Murat Tasan
25 Keith Kastelic
26 Edward Parsons NEBC
27 Jeremy Jo QuadCycles
28 Brian Campbell NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
29 David Loszewski HUP United
30 Patrck Kelly
31 David Chiu NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
DNF Thom Flanagan QuadCycles
DNF Peter Hurst Connecticut Coast Cycling
DNF Chuck Nguyen
DNF Jonathan Smits Team Bicycle Alley
DNF Ian Sutton QuadCycles

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Wilichoski
2 Greg Whitney Back Bay Bicycles
3 Michael Sabatini Boston Road Club
4 Joseph Tramontano Connecticut Coast Cycling
5 Dan Ouellette Gamache Cyclery
6 Matt Fowler Workers CompSolutions/Everactive
7 James English Minuteman Road Club
8 Corey Lowe Stage 1
9 Ian Sutton QuadCycles
10 Gregory Vigneaux Gearworks Cyclery
11 David Stallings Back Bay Bicycles
12 Matt Aumiller OrganicAthlete
13 Patrick Smith Comprehensive Racing
14 Curt Comber CCB/Volkswagon
15 Gary Passler
16 Kristopher Dobie
17 Dan Sirois
18 Christopher Owen
19 Glenn Ferreira QuadCycles
20 David Smallwood Boston Road Club
21 Derek Griggs Recycled Sports
22 Steen Sawyer Minuteman Road Club
23 John Mcgrath NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
24 Stephen Link HUPUNITED
25 Todd Keebaugh Essex County Velo
26 Alexis Arapoff
27 Peter Miller
28 Sean Godley Quad Cycles
29 Keith Kastelic
30 Leo Desforges Team BreakAway Boston
31 Thom Flanagan QuadCycles
32 Jonathan Smits Team Bicycle Alley
33 Robert Hale HUP United
34 Brian Quigley Colavita Racing Inc.
35 Chris Chapron MBT Mind
36 Paul Debitetto Minuteman Road Club
37 Curtis Singmaster Boston Road Club
38 John Jonner
39 Michael Brier Refunds Now
40 John Plump Minuteman Road Club
41 Shane Buker Harvard University Cycling Associ
42 Christopher Payton NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
43 Jan Wolfe
44 Mark Bernard Gamache Cyclery
45 Jeff Lippincott MRC
46 Tom Denormandie
47 Timothy Alty Cape Cod Cyclist
48 Steve Salo Back Bay Bicycles
49 Mattison Crowe HUP United/ Seven Cycles
50 Matt D'alessio Team BreakAway Boston
51 Glenn Ferreira QuadCycles
52 Matthew Miller OrganicAthlete
53 Erin Bennett Team Comp
54 Scott Thomas NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
55 Chris Feltman NYC Velo
56 Fred Hessler Boston Road Club
57 Tim Dodd NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
58 Michael Lowry Minuteman Road Club
59 Richard Gervais Back Bay Cycling Club
60 Clint Lundsford Independent Fabrication
61 Brian Rutledge
62 Curt Comber CCB/Volkswagon
63 Todd Prekaski Minuteman Road Club
64 David Deitch Novara Bicycles/REI Boston
65 Kurt Maw Comprehensive Racing / Salem Cycl
66 Eli Levine Boston Road Club
67 Chris French
68 Michael Wissell back bay bicycles
69 Anthony Szczesiul
70 Timothy Ryan MRC
71 Jerry Moffett
72 Todd Crumb Comprehensive Training Systems
73 John Weaver Mystic Velo Club
74 Chris Feltman NYC Velo
75 Scott Thomas NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
76 Lester Bethel NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
77 Joseph Klucevsek cape cod cyclist
78 Tom Ryder Cape Cod Cyclist
DNF Fred Delgrosso Quad Cycle
DNF Jason Devarennes NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
DNF Tyler Gannon Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Clu
DNF Peter Hurst Connecticut Coast Cycling
DNF Ron Menner
DNF Drew Davis QuadCycles
DNF John Gibbons NEBC
DNF Jeff Nolongoski Joe's Garage

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Karen Potter Zanconoto
2 Eve Mcneill Sunapee/S&W
3 Amanda Lawrence NAV
4 Teri Carilli NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
5 Michele Smith Independent Fabrication

Women 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Clara Kelly NEBC
2 Anna Barensfeld Minuteman Road Club
3 Julie Lefebvre International Bicycle/Global
4 Emily Curry Team Bike Alley
5 Michele Satrowsky Essex County Velo
6 Melissa Smith International Bicycle/Global
7 Shannon Madison NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
8 Giulia Righi International Bicycle/Global
9 Lynn Samartano Millway One Week Bike
10 Janet Ramos NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
11 Sally McInnis JRA Cycles
12 Emily Curley Gearworks/Spinarts
13 Christine Fort QuadCycles
14 Loraine Warner NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
15 Kathy Martin NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
16 Kristen Lukach NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
17 Kathy Graves NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
18 Caroline Cardiasmends NEBC
19 Carrie Fraga NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
20 Jamie Vaughn Naults Cyclery
21 Julie Lockhart NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
22 Karin Turer NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental
DNF Jill Meyer Paramount Bicycle Repair

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