These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Spencer Petrov Masters Cycling Systems LLC.
2 Matt Weeks Lake Effect Cycling Team
3 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Eric Lundgren JBV Coaching
5 Chris Mayhew JBV Coaching
6 Ryan Gamm Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
7 Jason Mott Team Hungry
8 Enzo Allwein Team Handmade
9 Samuel Kieffer Think Green-Pedal the Planet
10 Zachary Young Lionheart Junior Racing
11 Alex Hackney Team Dayton Bicycling
12 Brennan Foster Red Zone
13 Callum Ingram The November Bicycles
14 Alexander Christian Lionheart Junior Racing
15 Justin Miller Team Six One Four
16 Doug Carraway Veloscience Cycling Team
17 David Rohrer Team Athens
18 Christopher Chou Team Yacht Club
19 Matt Stierwalt Team Hungry
20 David Rich Team Dayton Bicycling
21 Matthew Lester Queen City Wheels
23 James Oloughlin Team Hungry
24 Jerry Hayes Rogue Racing Project 513
DNF Dylan Rockwood Lionheart Junior Racing
DNF Zachary Ross Team Handmade

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Stierwalt Lionheart Junior Racing
2 Lucas Kalbfell
3 Lewis Gatch Lionheart Junior Racing
4 Rob Bruyer Zephyr Wheel Sports
5 Liam Hughes Veloscience Cycling Team
6 Rob Luikart Paradise Garage Racing
7 Jacob Krynock Lionheart Junior Racing
8 Daniel Hershberger Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
9 Joseph Mccracken Element Cycles
10 Mark Jones Team Louisville
11 Travis Iles Team Six One Four
12 Maxx Bowman Lionheart Junior Racing
13 Kevin Severs Element Cycles
14 John Lewnard University of Cincinnati
15 Nelson Gaker Darkhorse Racing
16 Trey Roark Bishop Bicycles
17 Nathan Fortner Reser
18 Nathan Doyon 0
19 Patrick Byma Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
20 Owen Busch Lionheart Junior Racing
21 Andrew Fredrick Roll: Racing
22 Jon Wolery The Ritual
23 Chris Salsman Team Louisville
24 Brent Beadles Clemson University
25 Joseph Weisgerber Lionheart Junior Racing
26 Sean Cooney Team Hungry
27 Dustin Weida Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
28 Noah Hutson Team Jeni's
29 Maxwell Savage Lionheart Junior Racing
30 Adam Wintz 0
31 Jeff Borisch Queen City Wheels
32 David Stanley Darkhorse Racing
33 Michael Riley Element Cycles
34 Kevin Wellendorf 0
35 Frank Dejulius 0
36 Dale Craft Lost Weekend Records
37 Troy Burt
38 Kyle Zander Team Six One Four
39 Charles Barilleaux Darkhorse Racing
40 Chris Romie
41 Cody Smith 0
42 Chase Widener Lionheart Junior Racing
43 Jarrod Wilder 0
44 Corey Atchison Qwik Fix
45 Aaron Saez 0
46 Seth Nuckols Darkhorse Racing
47 Richard Mckenzie Zephyr Wheel Sports
48 Tom Lewnard Queen City Wheels
49 Will Smotherman 0
50 Andrew Rudy Bishop Bicycles
51 James Holley 0
52 Matthew Mcvicker Team Bike Ohio
53 Grant Sharp Element Cycles
54 Joe Smotherman 0
55 Mark Hatten Breakaway Quickdirt
56 Fin Vieh Lionheart Junior Racing
57 Clay Bond 0
58 Dale Eads
59 Steve Fronk
60 Brett Hungerford Element Cycles
61 Michael Whitaker Gravity Spa
62 Doug Hogue Element Cycles
63 Tyler Myers 0
64 Todd Mees 0
DNF Gunnar Mcafee Lionheart Junior Racing
DNF Michael Weisgerber Rogue Racing 513
DNF Chris Lenahan Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brad Beadles
2 Steve Coss
3 David Haslam St. Louis Triathlon Club
4 Christopher White Whirlybird Granola
5 Christopher Keyser
6 Kevin Kalbfell
7 Fiona Vieh

Men 10-14 Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gabriel Dobrozsi Lionheart Junior Racing
2 James Haubner Lionheart Junior Racing
3 Bartek Kawalkowski Lionheart Junior Racing
4 Gianni Allwein Team Handmade
5 Christopher Mckenzie Lionheart Junior Racing
6 Jonathan Hills Lionheart Junior Racing
7 Faith Montreuil Red Zone Cycling
8 Rosalyn Willey Lionheart Junior Racing
9 Ian Burt Lionheart Junior Racing
10 Olivia Rademacher Lionheart Junior Racing
11 Michaela Schulze Lionheart Junior Racing
12 Alexa Stierwalt Lionheart Junior Racing
13 Mia Bell Lionheart Junior Racing
14 Mari Grassi Lady Gnar Shredders
15 Marcela Palek Lionheart Junior Racing
16 Mercer Luniewski Lionheart Junior Racing
17 Conner Wilson Lionheart Junior Racing
18 Alexis Hills Lionheart Junior Racing
19 Braiden Collier
20 Christian Burt Lionheart Junior Racing
21 Emmett Bicknell Lionheart Junior Racing
22 Ben Wilson Lionheart Junior Racing
23 Gabby Fronk Lionheart Junior Racing
24 Jacob Ciminillo Lionheart Junior Racing
25 Braeden Lonergan Lionheart Junior Racing
26 Andrew Bicknell Lionheart Junior Racing
27 Meriele Green Lionheart Junior Racing
28 Samantha Taylor Lionheart Junior Racing
29 Julia Duenkelsbuhler Lionheart Junior Racing
DNF Preston Luniewski Lionheart Junior Racing
DNF Charlie Luniewski Lionheart Junior Racing
DNF Ian O'laughlin Hungry
DNF Noah Schlaudecker Hungry

Men 35+ Masters

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Weinert Wolverine Sports Club
2 Robert Kendall Better Cycling of Louisville
3 John Gatch Team Hungry
4 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Larry Hughes Veloscience Cycling Team
6 Andy Bracke Queen City Wheels
7 Daniel Ott Darkhorse Racing
8 Peter Hills Team Dayton Bicycling
9 Cory Muth
10 Dan Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
11 Brian Ohara Veloscience Cycling Team
12 Callum Ingram The November Bicycles
13 Jeff Schlaudecker Team Hungry
14 Paul Neff Queen City Wheels
15 Scot Herrmann Team Dayton Bicycling
16 Brian Bors Team Athens
17 Annajean Dallaire Better Cycling of Louisville
18 Nick Tinsler Darkhorse Racing
19 Erik Albers Speedway Wheelmen
20 David Hart Zephyr Wheel Sports
21 Patrick Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
22 Steven Gers
23 Andy Perrino Bio Wheels Racing
24 Joseph Hatley 0
25 Alan Willey Queen City Wheels
26 Corey Green Element CX
27 Scott Young 0
28 Eric Boltz Zephyr Wheel Sports
29 Tim Lagrange 0
30 Joseph Mcafee Queen City Wheels
31 Matthew Bell Darkhorse Racing
32 Lance Brown Darkhorse Racing
33 Chris Taylor Zephyr Wheel Sports
34 Andrew Allwein 0
35 Rick Maier Team Dayton Bicycling
36 Rick Voithofer Team Six One Four
37 David Spurlock Roll: Racing
38 Christian Ambjorn Reser Bicycle
39 Joseph Lawhorn Team Dayton Bicycling
40 Lyle Dailey Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
41 Maciej Kawalkowski Queen City Wheels
42 Rod Thompson Queen City Wheels
43 David Nissen Queen City Wheels
DNF Marc Jurewicz Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNF James Oloughlin Team Hungry
DNF Mike Otting Queen City Wheels

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Geraldine Schulze Team Hungry
2 Jenna Blandford VO2
3 Elli Sigmond Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Mary Penta 859 Cycling
5 Natalie Smith Team Six One Four
6 Cooper Ambjorn Team Hungry
7 Karin Reed Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Julie Herrmann Team Dayton Bicycling
9 Elizabeth Schlaudecker Team Hungry

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erika Bohn Element Cycles
2 Natalie Smith Team Six One Four
3 Emma Hayes Lionheart Junior Racing
4 Sancier Flavia Secret Cycling
5 Celeste Taylor 0
6 Kari Hutson Team Jeni's
7 Sydney Lach Bishop Bicycles
8 Lauren Maier Team Dayton Bicycling
9 Tiffanie Hills Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Heather Maier Team Dayton Bicycling
11 Lauren Bair Element Cycles
12 Shawna Rockwood Bishop Bicycles
13 Missy Marty 0
14 Amber Payne 0
15 Ellen Foster 0
16 Amie Miller 0
17 Liz Mease
18 Dana Mees 0
DNF Brianna Elsmore Team Six One Four