These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Parker Bloom 41m 39s
2 Monte Dirks 42m 55s
3 Quinn Desrochers 44m 5s
4 Terry Mckall 44m 37s
5 Scott Theede 45m 13s
6 Craig Penner 45m 15s
7 Liam Rourke 46m 2s
8 Isaac Young 46m 19s
9 Albie Malan 46m 21s
10 Jeffrey Stern Love Rocks p/b Skratch Labs 46m 45s
11 Patrick Humenny 47m 3s
12 Ryan Dercksen 47m 24s
13 Darcy Beer 48m 47s
14 Jon Guenter 49m 55s
15 Bill Algeo 51m 21s
16 Josh Drury 51m 56s
17 Dave Chen 52m
18 Teagan Algeo 52m 56s
19 Karl Jansen 52m 56s
20 Gary Underdahl 53m 9s
21 Tyler Bargen 53m 10s
22 Ben Fransoo 53m 13s
23 Ron Nuefeld 53m 16s
24 Matthew Fillion 53m 26s
25 Lyle Wiens 53m 29s
26 Darryl Dyck 53m 43s
27 Mike Carroll 53m 50s
28 Alexander Singbeil 54m 39s
29 Derek Bergen 57m 22s
30 Sam Nayet 41m 54s
31 Sam Stevens 42m 18s
32 Rudy Clifford 42m 20s
33 Kurt Bredeson 42m 29s
34 David Ristau 43m 10s
35 Chewynn Masurmadiros 43m 47s
36 Chris Yorke 43m 50s
37 Dave Van heyst 44m 19s
38 Matthew Gervais 44m 29s
39 John Malcolm 44m 31s
40 Giles Smalley 44m 31s
41 Chris Somers 44m 47s
42 Lindsay Geisel 45m
43 Stephanie Regis 45m 12s
44 Kevin Kilbrei 45m 37s
45 Brad Gauthier 45m 44s
46 Brent Martin 47m 7s
47 Murray Braun 47m 13s
48 Michael Enns 47m 22s
49 David Van den bosche 47m 31s
50 Darrin Desmedt 47m 35s
51 Daniel Friesen 47m 37s
52 Char Hiebert 47m 38s
53 Johanna Burdon 48m 15s
54 Mark Campbell 48m 16s
55 Patrick Friesen 48m 33s
56 Lesley Brown 48m 40s
57 Quinton Gowler 48m 51s
58 Ted Didora 49m 52s
59 Jeremy Wells 49m 52s
60 Dan Chafe 50m 8s
61 Cheryl Conklin 50m 17s
62 Katherine White 50m 50s
63 Nik Pham 51m 5s
64 Jordan Cruise 51m 22s
65 Michael Glover 51m 28s
66 Megan Van heyst 51m 32s
67 Shelagh Graham 52m 4s
68 Andreas Bludau 52m 46s
69 Karen De blonde 53m 9s
70 Louis Stevens 53m 14s
71 Rosemarie Froese 53m 35s
DNF Ryan Stelzer DNF
DNF Kurtis Dyck DNF
DNF Justin Dueck DNF
DNF Travis Malcolm DNF
DNF Ari Robinson DNF
DNF Ken Stojack DNF
DNF Peter Dueck DNF
DNF Mark Reimer DNF
DNF Luke Enns DNF
DNF David Gerrard DNF
DNF Bethany Rempel DNF
DNF Erich Seggewiss DNF
DNF Robert Helms DNF
DNF Matt Enns DNF
DNF Chris Harrington DNF
DNF Andrea Tetrault DNF
DNF Aric Hartley DNF
DNF Brent Topilko DNF
DNF Gillian Cooper DNF