These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sina Solouksaran Unattached
2 Vincent Davis Racer X Cycling
3 Nicholas Gilroy Rodeo Adventure Labs
4 Dan Orlinski Feedback Sports Racing
5 Shawn Meredith RMR
6 Alan Angelopulos Old School Industries
7 Clay Harris Unattached
8 Joshua Peter "Define Cycles
9 Aaron Vaughn Rally Sport Cycling Team
10 Jeremy Ostrowski Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing
11 Nic Handy Alpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
12 Omar Dickenson Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie
13 Tony Romagna Racer X Cycling
14 Scott Forrest Unattached
15 Charley Dean Lee's Cyclery-Trek Bikes
16 John Drake Local Velo
17 Matt Morgan Green Mountain Sports
18 Doug Schuler Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo
19 Gus Greivel Great Divide Brewing Company
20 Jonathan Bravman Team Cycleton
21 Michael Schaub Feedback Sports Racing
22 Robert Brown Great Divide Brewing Company
DNF Russell Griffin Team Cycleton

A Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Melanie Carter Feedback Sports
2 Kate Yancey Stages Cycling
3 Tracy Yates Unattached
4 Sarah Ginsbach Unattached
5 Hannah Caproon COS Racing
6 Kaya Musgrave Avout Racing
7 Amy Direen Paradise Garage Racing
8 Megan Hottman Bike Ambassadors

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 George Poggemeyer Avout Racing
2 Will Doherty Unattached
3 Dan Wisdom Feedback Sports Racing
4 Zach Johnson Unattached
5 Christopher Burnham SKLZ-Swami's Cycling Team
6 David Hornick Team Adrenalin Cycles
7 Dave Muscianisi Unattached
8 Brian Baker Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo
9 Nick Kosovich Sonic Boom Racing p/b Lucky Pie
10 Brian Dunn Great Divide Brewing Company
11 Ryan Stewart Team Cycleton
12 Tom Wagner Radio Free Denver Cycling Club
13 John Fallon "Define Cycles
14 Jeff Leischner Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc
15 Jeffrey Lifgren Unattached
16 Alan Podczervinski Feedback Sports Racing
17 Lukas Bouvrie Twin Peaks Racing
18 Steve Hageman Meat Shop Racing
19 Christian Williss Tender Belly/Oskar Blues Cyclocross
20 Robert Whittier xXx Racing
21 Benjamin Meiser Feedback Sports Racing
22 Chris Shamis Green Mountain Sports
23 Erin Witter Old School Industries
24 Jason Kolar Team Cycleton
25 Robert Campbell Racer X Cycling
26 Ken Depinto ChristianCycling
27 Scott Musgrave Avout Racing
28 Tom Keller Old School Industries
29 Rashid Farooqui Rally Sport Cycling Team
30 Rick Abbott Excel Sports Boulder
31 Lee Waldman Feedback Sports Racing
32 Peter Lopez Radio Free Denver Cycling Club
DNF Ryan Campbell Avout Racing
DNF Emery Legg Great Divide Brewing Company

B Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stacey Richardson Unattached
2 Julia Snieder Unattached
3 Jennifer Holden Unattached
4 Julie Pierce Unattached
5 Kate Fossell Veloforma
6 Jennifer O'Brien Unattached
7 Kristi Linquist Unattached
8 Erin Johnson Team Ten20
9 Holly Eike Unattached
10 Missy Simpson Unattached
11 Amanda Stone Unattached
12 Laura Mizener Cross Propz Racing
13 Clio Castruccio Unattached
14 Sally Higgins Cross Propz Racing
15 Gyspy Garcia ColoBikeLaw + Adventure Cycling
16 Kari Santos Unattached
17 Kara Janke Unattached
18 Michelle Hancock Naked Women's Racing
DNF Kristen St peter Unattached
DNF Ann Morrison Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo

C Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Langan Avout Racing
2 Jason Reynolds Redspoke Racing p/b Remax Pros.
3 Gregory Orticelle pedal RACING
4 Nathaniel Vacura Avout Racing
5 Blair Simpson Unattached
6 Zacharey Elzi Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
7 Michael Welker Primal-Audi Denver
8 Eric Ford Unattached
9 Garrett Herfkens Unattached
10 Steven Harlan Racer X Cycling
11 Joseph Coffey Radio Free Denver Cycling Club
12 Parker Crowe Unattached
13 Chris Watts Redspoke Racing p/b Remax Pros.
14 Todd Gray Unattached
15 Jim Hamilton Thump Cycling p/b Denver Fit Loft
16 Tom Gulden Unattached
17 Daniel Tybor Racer X Cycling
18 Peter Wessling Unattached
19 Shawn Bard Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc
20 Sean O'neill Avout Racing
21 Scott Beck Racer X Cycling
22 Patrick Charles Rodeo Adventure Labs
23 Jim Bergman Feedback Sports Racing
24 Brett Kreyche Unattached
25 Sarah Ginsbach Unattached
26 Stephen Vierling Prestige Imports/Porsche/Audi Race Team
27 Darren Riethmiller Unattached
28 Jackson Voss Avout Racing
29 Robert Rowland ColoBikeLaw + Adventure Cycling
30 Jay Allin pedal RACING
31 David Fitzpatrick TLR Cycling
32 Caleb Schroder Unattached
33 Scott Bristol WTE Racing
34 James Barnes Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo
35 Doug Squires Unattached
36 Adam Eichberg Radio Free Denver Cycling Club
37 Adam Levy Unattached
38 Kevin Stakelin Rodeo Adventure Labs
39 Jay Kenney Feedback Sports Racing
40 Tim Downing Louisville Cyclery
41 John Roemer Unattached
42 James Kennedy Unattached
43 Brett Uyeshiro Unattached
44 Matthew Knoeder Unattached
45 Edward Cookson Unattached
46 Adam Moskowitz WTE Racing
47 Brent Brown Racer X Cycling
48 Christopher Dunn Modern Market Racing p/b GR Capital Partners
49 Noah Schabacker Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo
50 Scott Miner Unattached
51 Mike Eichner Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo
52 Benjamin Andre Unattached
53 Gary Mullins pedal RACING
54 David Kelble Unattached
55 Scott Enger Green Mountain Sports
56 Aaron Fullerton Unattached
57 Blake Hemming Unattached
58 David Martinez pedal RACING
59 Steven Acarregui Twin Peaks Racing
DNF Chad Mcdaniel Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo
DNF Jim Thomas Unattached
DNF Justin Blumenthal Unattached

Single Speed

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Mcgee Feedback Sports Racing
2 Andrew Sprafke RMR
3 Owen Lin Single Barrel CX
4 Tate Graves Team Vegan
5 Brian France Racer X Cycling
6 Alan Podczervinski Feedback Sports Racing
7 Richard Grubin Unattached
8 Matt j Anderies Avout Racing
9 Adam Moskowitz WTE Racing
10 Scott Bristol WTE Racing
11 Kiya Kelley Unattached
DNF Brent Brown Racer X Cycling