These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Wyatt Stover The Pony Shop
2 Peter Swinand The Pony Shop
3 Andrew Flynn The Pony Shop
4 Henry Praznowski The Pony Shop
5 Chloe Yoder The Pony Shop
6 George Swinand The Pony Shop
7 Mitchell Madland The Pony Shop
8 Thomas Vantreeck The Pony Shop
9 Max Chilsen The Pony Shop
10 Francesca Swinand The Pony Shop
11 Kate Doelman The Pony Shop
12 Eamon Mcintyre The Pony Shop
13 Lily Zehfuss
14 Henri Zigmont
15 Leo Stover The Pony Shop
16 Pierce Norris The Pony Shop
17 Lydia Elbert The Pony Shop
18 Malena Riefe The Pony Shop
19 Josh Yoder The Pony Shop
20 Sophie Centofanti The Pony Shop
21 Hannah Breen
22 Harriff Riley
23 Zoe Centofanti The Pony Shop
24 Grace Praznowski The Pony Shop
25 Vivien Norris The Pony Shop
26 Catherine Hecht
27 Drummer Matteo
DNF Alexander Greco The Pony Shop

Men Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Evert Lindberg The Pony Shop
2 Aiden Riefe The Pony Shop
3 Patrik Kaufman Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
4 Finn Stover The Pony Shop
DNF Alex Tantasook

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Huizenga
2 Michael Dutczak
3 Andrew Giniat
4 Eric Drummer Velosmith Bicycle Studio
5 Brian Piotrowski xXx Racing
6 Paul Swinand The Pony Shop
7 Jared Verbeke
8 Tim Doelman
9 Drew Priestgrochowski Cut Cats Courier
10 Christopher Zigmont
11 Maxx Hall Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
12 Pj Cavoto jr PSIMET Racing
DNF David Lombardo True Veterinary Care Cycling p/b Gryphon Advisors

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Drew Priestgrochowski Cut Cats Courier
2 Maddoch Jim
3 Peter Rolewicz Club Bicicletta
4 Marc Royster Union Cycling Team
5 Tracy Dangott xXx Racing
6 Jef Mayer
7 Jess Riefe
8 Andre Odendaal Bonkers Cycling
9 Johnathan Crawford Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
10 Omar Patalinghug Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
11 Ben Siver Bonkers Cycling
12 Seth Gable Tuxedo Thunder Cycling
13 Jan Vanmieghem Union Cycling Team
14 Jake Buescher xXx Racing
15 Mark Witthoefft The Pony Shop
16 Justice Leppanen The Pony Shop
17 Matthew Flaherty Team Bicycle Heaven
DNF Jared Verbeke xXx Racing
DNF Courtney Tanner Union Cycling Team

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Stover The Pony Shop
2 Johan Konter Union Cycling Team
3 Drew Randall Spidermonkey Cycling
4 Matthew Grosspietsch xXx Racing
5 Andrew Waggoner
6 Edward Gross SRAM Factory
7 Andrew Stover The Pony Shop
8 Matt Holt LifeLine Racing Team
9 Eduardo Acosta
10 Bobby Kaufman
11 Aaron Smith West Town Bikes
12 David Harriff
13 Tom Perotti xXx Racing
14 David Altenburg xXx Racing
15 Paul Struebing
16 Kevin Mallory xXx Racing
17 Steve Kismohr
18 Masayuki Tsuchiya Spidermonkey Cycling
19 Antonio Gonzalez
20 John Lockwood Spidermonkey Cycling
21 William Barnes Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
22 Corey Brink Plus One Cycling

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Gordon
2 Chad Giese Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
3 Drew Randall Spidermonkey Cycling
4 Josh Davis
5 Brandon Hall Spidermonkey Cycling
6 Jeremy Bloyd-peshkin The Chainlink
7 Arturo Garza-gongora
8 Caspall Scott
9 Joseph Chada
10 Carl Norris Spidermonkey Cycling
11 David Altenburg xXx Racing
12 Chris Mcauliffe xXx Racing
13 Brian O'halloran xXx Racing
14 Michael Breen
15 Russ Hoefer Higher Gear Chicago Cycling Club
16 John Bayldon
17 Jason Glick
18 Matthew Harris Half Acre Cycling
19 Alexander Lou
20 Melissa Zammit
21 Dennis Spada
22 Dald Kaushel
23 Richard Moellering xXx Racing
24 Wilson Mark
25 Lawrence Berlin
26 Jay Kehoe
DNF Aaron Johnson MSN Pro Coaching
DNF Marc Samson

Women OPEN

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katie Isermann PSIMET Racing
2 Jessica Whiton
3 Rachel Wills Velosmith Bicycle Studio
4 Wendy Boehm
5 Kimberly Stover The Pony Shop
6 Christine Tejada The Pony Shop
7 Emily Blim Union Cycling Team
8 Ronit Bezalel
9 Olivia Beaty
10 Lauren Conroy BFF Bikes
11 Lisa Lim BFF Bikes
12 Wendy Boehm
13 Priscilla Liu
14 Lynne Kiesling BFF Bikes
15 Elizabeth Mckinley BFF Bikes
16 Kajal Joshi xXx Racing
17 Katie Kolon BFF Bikes
18 Marilyn Riefe
19 Miyuki Breen
20 Costello Crystal
21 Joy Doleman
22 Sarah Torri swinand
23 Graciela Val
DNF Meesa Maeng Union Cycling Team
DNF Trisha Mccullough xXx Racing

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