These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ian William
2 Clarence Beltz
3 Cooper Scharfe Missoula Bicycle Works
4 Alex Musco
5 Luca Musco

Junior Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elise Baker MT Alpha Cycling
2 Elsa Westenfelder MT Alpha Cycling
3 Ellen Davis

Men 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Troy Kindred Open Road
2 John Bardsley Missoula Bicycle Works
3 Andrew Wilcox Missoula Bicycle Works
4 Trent Baker Missoula Bike Source
5 Scott Lenaberg
6 Karl Westenfelder Missoula Bike Source
7 Vince Archer
8 Rob Gillespie Missoula Bike Source
9 Jeff Bookwalter
10 Keller Davis
11 Selden Daume Fair Ends
12 Simone Musco Missoula Bike Source
13 Jason Mcmackin Bistronaut Bicycling
14 Peter Lambros Missoula Bicycle Works
15 Scott Doherty

Men 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Funsch
2 Bill Schultz Ride Biker Alliance
3 Donald Bauder Fathead Cycling
4 Blaire Fischer Big Sky Bikes
5 Fred Michini Missoula Bicycle Works
6 Edward Stalling

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jesse Doll Missoula Bike Source
2 Ian Foster Big Sky Bikes
3 Shaun Radley The Cycling House
4 Doug Shryock Big Sky Bikes
5 Dave Hartman Hellgate Cyclery
6 Jesse Carnes Missoula Bicycle Works
7 Todd Cross Missoula Bicycle Works
8 Cory Kaufman The Cycling House
9 Jeff Knight Missoula Bike Source
10 Rob Amrine The Cycling House
11 Eddie Joy Hellgate Cyclery
12 Nick Franczyk Missoula Bicycle Works
13 Josh Tack The Cycling House
14 David Cresap
15 Jeff Seaton Hellgate Cyclery

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Charles Stuart
2 Nick Silverman The Cycling House
3 Andrew Plant Open Road
4 Austin Wright
5 Cody Stekly
6 Will Bradley
7 Jeff Brooks Hellgate Cyclery
8 Riley Egger Big Sky Bikes
9 Matthew Johnson
10 Brian Bonham
11 Graham Meng The Cycling House
12 Jack Metcalf
13 Joey Early
14 Zach Millar The Cycling House
15 Tim Marshall The Cycling House
16 Reed Sonsalla Open Road
17 Gus Senard
18 Norman Singley TNR
19 Grant Lason Missoula Bicycle Works
20 Jon Schnick
21 Brandon Sheehan
22 Judson Harris FED EX
23 John Stegmaier
24 Andre Harris Missoula Bicycle Works
25 Michael Manhardt
26 Tucker Costain
27 Ryan Mrkich Open Road
28 Peter Leclaire Missoula Bicycle Works
29 Michael Kelly
30 Ryan Alexander payne

Women 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Musco

Women 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tina Mainey Missoula Bicycle Works

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caroline Lurgio MT Alpha Cycling
2 Kristine Akland MT Alpha Cycling
3 Alisa Wade Missoula Bike Source
4 Jaime Terry MT Alpha Cycling
5 Katie Monaco Open Road
6 Alicia Leggett University of Montana
7 Natalie Wagenbrenner MT Alpha Cycling
8 Meg Fisher Hagens Berman
9 Jenna Lyons MT Alpha Cycling

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elie Meierbachtol Hellgate Cyclery
2 Molly Blair Missoula Bike Source
3 Colleen Bue
4 Bonnie Corbin
5 Sara Hooker The Cycling House
6 Emily Walter The Cycling House
7 Lara Nokleby MT Alpha Cycling
8 Lindsay Lombardo MT Alpha Cycling
9 Annette Stahelin
10 Cassie Nelson
11 Jeannie Pagel FED EX