These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Beginner Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amy Lundstrom
2 Lynda Palubeski
3 Carrie Deaver B.B.
4 Aimee Furber
5 Dara Gaskin Bend Bike 'N Sport


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Su Clearchoice/Hutch's/Bend Dental
2 Colin Dunlap Sunnyside Sports
3 Cole Sprague
4 Mitchell Stevens Sunnyside Sports
5 Griffin Reinecke Bend Bike 'N Sport

Men 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Engel Bend Bike 'N Sport
2 Karsten Hagen ZteaM
3 Dan Wolnick
4 Mike Albright Redline
5 Jim Juenger Sunnyside Sports
6 Ted Ford
7 Jay Palubeski
8 Todd Randy
9 Chad Sage Sunnyside Sports
10 Michael Mara Desert Orthopedics
11 Marc Fortier
12 Justin Serna Guinness
13 Sal Collura Slocum
14 David Baker Sunnyside Sports
15 George Wescott
16 Jeff Clausen
17 Gary Klinger
18 Dan Davis
19 Tim Schauer Specialized River City Bicycles
20 Thane Jennings Sunnyside Sports
21 Scott Meredith
22 Mark Reinecke Bend Bike 'N Sport
23 Pat Hansen Desert Orthopedics
24 Walter Mcknight
25 Greg Freyberg
26 Jim Rantala
27 Mike Reightley
28 Brian Schiller Guinness
29 Brian Smith
30 Amory Cheney
31 Jeff Monson
32 Alan Commet
33 Tad Hodgert
34 Matthew Lasala Bend Bike 'N Sport
35 Ambrose Su Clearchoice/Hutch's/Bend Dental

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Trebon Kona
2 Chris Sheppard Rebound Physio/Santa Cruz Bicycles
3 Jonathan Page Planet Bike
4 Ben Thompson Desalvo Custom Cycles Racing
5 Cody Peterson Hutch's
6 Schmitt Damian Sunnyside Sports
7 James Williams Cannondale Factory
8 Brig Brandt Rebound SPL
9 Eric Martin
10 Bart Bowen Rebound Sports Performance
11 Scotty Carlile TAI Cycling/GenR8
12 Matt Fox Sunnyside Sports
13 Karl Vanderwood Montana Velo
14 Timmy Evans Rebound
15 Bruce Cole baker
16 Patrick Jackson
17 Luke Mason Sagebrush Cycles
18 Ian Eglitis Capitol Subaru Cycling
19 Max King Rebound
20 Mike Schindler Sunnyside Sports
21 Jesse Bolling
22 John Frey Hutch's
23 Lev Stryker CogWild/Therapeutic Assoc.
24 Kendal Johnson Sagebrush Cycles
25 Gary Thompson
26 Fred Boos Athletic Club of Bend
27 Erik Bergstrom Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
28 Jeff Dengel
29 Tim Jones
30 Erik Long Sagebrush Cycles

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mike Brown Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
2 Doug Laplaca Bend Bike 'N Sport
3 Steven Heinrichs
4 Andrew Sargent
5 Henry Abel
6 Ben Bronson
7 Chad Lowe Guinness
8 Marcus Biancucci
9 Michael Lirette
10 David Keller RAC
11 Shane Johnson Trinity Bikes
12 Brian Nelson
13 Austin Boswell
14 Darren Smith Bend Bike 'N Sport
15 David Krause Bloom Racing
16 Brennan Wodtli
17 Eric Meglasson No Dope
18 Cameron Coker MM & I
19 Sean Kiger Bend Bike 'N Sport
20 Aaron Skillings RAC
21 Cedric Kohler
22 Vince Sabotin Santa Clara Velo
23 Conner Burck Greenridge Physical Therapy
24 Brett Golden
25 Christopher Ragusa CCB Racing
26 Steve Langenderfer Gr??ndelbr??isers/Stewie Bicycles
27 Joe Gardepy
28 Mark Miskowiec Sunnyside Sports
29 Byron Roe Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
30 Ralph Sweeney RAC
31 Justin Yax
32 Nolan Restivo
33 Robert Declerk
34 Michael Dennis Desert Orthopedics
35 Aaron Edwards Bloom Racing
36 Justin Graybeal Bicycle
37 Sean Haidet Bend Bike 'N Sport
38 Matt Hickey
39 Karsten Maudslien
40 Mark O'Brien
41 Aaron Tarnow
42 Kyle Wuepper Bend Bike 'N Sport


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Serena Bishop gordon Sunnyside Sports
2 Suzanne King Sunnyside Sports
3 Lea Julson Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
4 Veronica Vega Sunnyside Sports
5 Karen Kenlan Bend Bike 'N Sport
6 Stephanie Uetrecht
7 Kelsey Kelley Team Awesome
8 Joanne Stevens Sunnyside Sports
9 Ina Mclean Bend Bike 'N Sport
10 Mary Skrzynski
11 Erica Wescott
12 Laura Hagen
13 Jenny Vannoy
14 Nicholle Kovach
15 Amber Clark Team Beer
16 Kelly O'Brien
17 Janel Livingston
18 Jill Ballantyne
19 Sandy Giliard
20 Renee Scott Sunnyside Sports

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