These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior Men 10-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gage Hecht
2 Logan Ramsay Unattached
3 Sam Brown Mountain Pedaler/Squirt Lube
4 Benjamin Goff Two Rivers Cycling

Junior Men 13-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gage Hecht
2 Stephen Haas Black Sheep Junior Cycling
3 Cormac Dunn Team 5280
4 Liam Dunn Team 5280
5 Daniel Mckelvy

Junior Men 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Tannyhill RMCEF-Westside

Junior Women 10-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cierra Oliver Comotion Sports / Yeti CX Team

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zane Godby Team 5280
2 Ross Holbrook Studio 1 Dental
3 Courtney Gregory Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
4 Matthew Pronovost Moots
5 Casey Hill One-Day License
6 Damien Fraser Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
7 Nick Truitt One-Day License
8 Martin Guess RM Elite Cycling
9 Mark Wisner Boulder Cycle Sport
10 Charlie Merrill Unattached
11 Eric Hanzel Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
12 Sam Johnson Unattached
13 Kervin Quinones VeloNews
14 Steve Hageman RRV
15 Michael Hanna Primal/HART
16 Jeff Hall Green Mountain Sports Velo
17 Bill Teasdale Blue Sky Velo
18 Russell Harding Unattached
19 Doug Schuler Boulder Cycle Sport
20 Joel Mischke Basalt Bike & Ski
21 Erik Ramirez Unattached
22 David Walker VeloNews
23 Drew Sprafke Green Mountain Sports Velo
24 Drew Christopher Primal/HART
25 Maxwell Burnell Ridge View Academy/Youth Riders
26 Brandon Eifrid Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
27 Andrew Wagner Front Rangers Cycling Club
28 Paul Furrey High Country Racing Team
29 Neil Miner Unattached
30 William Baker Unattached
31 Mark Gouge VeloNews
32 James Walter Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies
33 Thomas Needy
34 Gabe Murray Black Sheep Junior Cycling
35 Jay Kocks Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
36 Leslie Handy Unattached
37 Daimeon Shanks Team 5280
38 Brian Woodard Team Body Sync
39 Ryan Hughes RM Elite Cycling
40 Kyle Thomas Unattached
41 Brian Milnick Green Mountain Sports Velo

Men 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tim Faia RMCEF-Westside
2 Chris Phenicie Green Mountain Sports Velo
3 Ross Delaplane Green Mountain Sports Velo
4 Dennis Farrell
5 Michael Robson Moots
6 Jeffrey Hartman Unattached
7 Ward Baker Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
8 Jeff Cospolich CM Cycling
9 Mike Hogan Unattached
10 Brian Hludzinski Boulder Cycle Sport
11 David Overstreet CM Cycling
12 Ryan Mcfarling Unattached
13 Brian Maslach CM Cycling
14 Jeff Wardell
15 Gregory Keller Boulder Cycle Sport
16 Shawn Lortie Unattached
17 Clay Harris RRV
18 Kirk Olson Cyclists for the Planet
19 Mark Thompson CM Cycling
20 Matthew Opperman Pro Peloton Racing
21 Brian Krombein Green Mountain Sports Velo
22 Peter Swenson One-Day License
23 Frank Overton One-Day License
24 Stephen Oliver Comotion Sports / Yeti CX Team
25 Jared Shuttleworth RRV
26 Brett Batchelder Unattached
27 Darron Cheek High Country Racing Team
28 Evan Wasserman High Country Racing Team
29 Scott Forrest Unattached
30 Dan Farrell Blue Sky Velo
31 Chad Demoss Newton Running/Sierra Nevada
32 Alison Dunlap Unattached
33 Sean Steeves Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport
34 Kyle Boschen
35 Carlos Vulgamott Unattached
36 Bryan Harwood Blue Sky Velo
37 Sean Hampton
38 Travis Lukens RMCEF-Westside
39 Jimmy Archer One-Day License
40 Carlos Casali Primal/HART
41 Alec Uitti Newton Running/Sierra Nevada
42 Blaine Haskell Green Mountain Sports Velo
43 Brian Woodard Team Body Sync
44 Leslie Handy Unattached
45 Carl Boni Blue Sky Velo
46 Brad Grohusky Unattached
47 John Shippey Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
48 Steve Capstick Blue Sky Velo
49 Thomas Eng 8 Sixteen Racing

Men 35+_4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Timothy Shea Unattached
2 Scott Ellis Green Mountain Sports Velo
3 Matt Robinson Cyclists for the Planet
4 Scott Mitchell RMRC p/b Turin
5 Brent Anderson Swing Thai Cycling Team
6 Eric Thompson One-Day License
7 Wade Wilderman One-Day License
8 John Haley Boulder Cycle Sport
9 John Brunner Unattached
10 Doug Ferguson Unattached
11 David Burns Unattached
12 Adam Devoe Unattached
13 Josh Teplitzky Team Evergreen Racing
14 Brian France Team Evergreen Racing
15 Naz Alvarez Unattached
16 Bob Prieto Blue Sky Velo
17 Brad Schneider Pikes Peak Velo Racing
18 Chris Shotwell Unattached
19 Doug Richards Blue Sky Velo
20 Brad Woodard Team Body Sync
21 Mike Dixon One-Day License
22 Walter Knapp Boulder Cycle Sport
23 Peder Horner
24 John Clune Boulder Cycle Sport
25 Paul Danek Twin Peaks Racing
26 Rob Gilbert Twin Peaks Racing
27 Robert Stanley Echelon Spokes & Slopes Racing
28 Devin Bateman Unattached
29 Patrick Crawford Blue Sky Velo
30 Adam Moskowitz Team Evergreen Racing
31 Brian Graves Frites En Mayo Velo Club
32 Jeff Lifgren One-Day License
33 David Kilmoyer Blue Sky Velo
34 Jim Hebert Green Mountain Sports Velo
35 Chad Meinert Crossniacs
36 Robert Brudenell De Natuurlijke Weg Wielerteam
37 Douglas Gordon
38 Cory Shaddox
39 Scott Shalder One-Day License
40 Gerry Reynolds Crossniacs
41 Toby Ford Blue Sky Velo
42 Brian Moroney Blue Sky Velo
43 John Tannyhill
44 Anthony Thorton One-Day License
45 Jay Duclo One-Day License
46 Matthew Jimerson Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport
47 Ryan Cantrell Unattached
48 Marcus Georgepous One-Day License
49 Scott Bristol Crossniacs
50 Richard Beutner
51 Bobby Knight Boulder Cycle Sport
52 Richard Visscher Frites En Mayo Velo Club
53 Phil Murray Blue Sky Velo
54 David Hohensee Team Evergreen Racing
55 Scott Bates Frites En Mayo Velo Club
56 Jerry Bailey Unattached
57 Jonathan Lane
58 Larry Gruel Unattached
59 Tom Davis One-Day License

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chad Burns
2 Bill Frielingsdorf Unattached
3 Zach Lee Pro Peloton Racing
4 Michael Christopher Primal/HART
5 Christopher Bosch Unattached
6 Josh Whitney Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
7 Zachary Rudolph VeloNews
8 Grant Bovee Primal/HART
9 Ruben Vigil Fort Collins Cycling Team
10 Jess Schaper Unattached
11 Andrew Hemesath Unattached
12 William Davis One-Day License
13 Kit Recca Front Rangers Cycling Club
14 James Sharpe Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
15 Aaron Vaughn Fort Collins Cycling Team
16 Wesley Smith Blue Sky Velo
17 Lance Panigutti Without Limits Racing/BMC
18 John paul Robb Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport
19 Jordan Kincaid-smith Black Sheep Junior Cycling
20 Jp Hutchens One-Day License
21 Adam Mickiewicz Unattached
22 Eric Rubottom Unattached
23 Cory Bolen Boulder Cycle Sport
24 Samuel Phillips Black Sheep Junior Cycling
25 Jakob Peterson Primal/HART
26 William Capron Unattached
27 Ciro Zarate Unattached
28 Bryce Christensen RMRC p/b Turin
29 Ryan Lewandowski Blue Sky Velo
30 James Huang Unattached
31 Charles Garabedian Unattached
32 Manthony Carcella VeloNews
33 Brendan Billingsley Unattached
34 Andy Harmon Blue Sky Velo
35 Sam Gordon Unattached
36 Chris Taylor Comotion Sports / Yeti CX Team
37 Lucas Clarke Primal/HART
38 Bryce Bingham One-Day License
39 Frank Herbst RMRC p/b Turin
40 Josh Gray Boulder Cycle Sport
41 Michael Welker Primal/HART
42 Greg Harris Primal/HART
43 Ryan Hillard Boulder Cycle Sport
44 Jordan Sher Primal/HART
45 Dan Maduff Green Mountain Sports Velo
46 Carlos Rueda RMRC p/b Turin
47 David Waugh Twin Peaks Racing
48 B.j. Goodheart Team Evergreen Racing
49 Adrian Gram Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
50 Brian Baugh One-Day License
51 Ryan Chambers Unattached
52 Ben Rossetter One-Day License
53 Michael Duarte Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport
54 Anthony Thorton One-Day License
55 Zeb Zimmerman Boulder Cycle Sport
56 Rob Lovell One-Day License

Men 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rod Yoder Green Mountain Sports Velo
2 Gary Thacker Chipotle/Titus
3 Karl Kiester Great Divide Brewing Cycling Team
4 Russell Kappius Boulder Cycle Sport
5 Tim Godby Unattached
6 Harold Stephenson Boulder Cycle Sport
7 Craig Hofer Green Mountain Sports Velo
8 Brook Watts Great Divide Brewing Cycling Team
9 Joseph Paulson Vic's Espresso
10 Andy Fox Team Evergreen Racing
11 Emery Legg Swing Thai Cycling Team
12 Charles Brown Unattached
13 Bruce Hodgkins
14 Mark Gouge VeloNews
15 Tim James Alpha Bicycle Team
16 Jeff Payne Alpha Bicycle Team
17 Paul Humiston Alpha Bicycle Team
18 Peter Marshall Alpha Bicycle Team
19 Robert Balgley Pro Peloton Racing
20 Bill Herwig Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies
21 Chris Jezek Unattached
22 John Mansell Unattached
23 Brian Dunn Great Divide Brewing Cycling Team
24 Russell Asleson Unattached
25 Keith Sanders Unattached
26 Michael Schaub Green Mountain Sports Velo
27 Kevin Barker Green Mountain Sports Velo
28 Lee Waldman Green Mountain Sports Velo
29 Al Marvin Alpha Bicycle Team
30 Doug Squires Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
31 Scott Hendricks Unattached
32 Michael Beck Crossniacs
33 David Chapman Unattached
34 Carl Brackpool Boulder Cycle Sport
35 Doug Oates Twin Peaks Racing
36 Mark Taylor BPN
37 Richard Squires Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
38 Michael Cimbura Subaru - Vista Auto Group

Men 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gary Thacker Chipotle/Titus
2 Russell Asleson Unattached
3 Galen Classen
4 Kevin Healy Pikes Peak Velo Racing
5 Rick Abbott
6 Al Marvin Alpha Bicycle Team
7 Chris Porter Team Evergreen Racing
8 Larry Varys
9 Cory Kramer Team Evergreen Racing
10 George Scott Swift Cycling
11 Tim Holbrook Unattached
12 Loren Hettinger Schwab Cycles Racing Team
13 Tim Carter One-Day License
14 Lewis Howd COBRAS
15 Chris Canfield Blue Sky Velo
16 Steven Kahn Blue Sky Velo

Men Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jake Wells Mafia Racing
2 Yannick Eckmann Team 5280
3 Matthew Pacocha VeloNews
4 Brandon Dwight Boulder Cycle Sport
5 Troy Heithecker Team Rio Grande
6 Alex Howes Unattached
7 Robin Eckmann Team 5280
8 Chuck Coyle Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
9 Tim Allen One-Day License
10 Spencer Powlison Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
11 Peter Webber Boulder Cycle Sport
12 Jan Koles RMCEF-Westside
13 Dean Haas Team 5280
14 Skyler Trujillo Black Sheep Junior Cycling
15 John Bezecny One-Day License
16 Bryan Mickiewicz Unattached
17 John Salskov Unattached
18 Michael Friedberg Unattached
19 Derek Strong Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies
20 Jody Proctor
21 Darian Founds Unattached
22 Corey Piscopo Moots
23 Luke Jay Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
24 Aaron Bouplon Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
25 Mike Sutter Horizon Organic PB
26 Kenny Deemer Green Mountain Sports Velo
27 Lew Perna Schwab Cycles Racing Team
28 Amuthee Huffstetter Twin Peaks Racing
29 Darryn Biggerstaff Unattached
30 Corey Carlson Team Rio Grande
31 Joseph Saperstein Team Rio Grande
32 Michael Hauger Natural Grocers p/b XP Companies
33 Lane Miller Louisville Cyclery
34 Jp Hutchens One-Day License
35 Joel Budacki Subaru - Vista Auto Group
36 Chad Edwards Twin Peaks Racing
37 Mason Rickard Green Mountain Sports Velo
38 Dave Messenheimer Unattached

Women 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elizabeth Winfield Unattached
2 Sy rae Weikle Tough Girl
3 Leila Worth Sports Garage
4 Laura Mizener Rocky Mounts/Izze Racing
5 Kayla Thomason Blue Sky Velo
6 Cindy Milnick Fort Collins Cycling Team
7 Darcy Tiglas Fort Collins Cycling Team
8 Cindy Klyn Boulder Cycle Sport

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eleanor Needy Title Nine
2 Tina Clark Fort Collins Cycling Team
3 Kathryn Eastley Without Limits Racing/BMC
4 Jenny Abraham One-Day License
5 Tara Vessella Boulder Cycle Sport
6 Kim Baugh One-Day License
7 Brianne Marshall One-Day License
8 Arianne Caporiccio RRV
9 Laurel Rathbun Team 5280
10 Laura Wisner Boulder Cycle Sport
11 Megan Forbes One-Day License
12 Heidi Hittner One-Day License
13 Hannan Grant-boyajian Boulder Cycle Sport
14 Tanya Griffith Unattached
15 Lilly Hansing Title Nine
16 Michelle Vercellino Blue Sky Velo
17 Jennifer Dziuvenis Boulder Cycle Sport
18 Melaine Smith One-Day License

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alison Dunlap Unattached
2 Nicole Duke Unattached
3 Alison Powers Unattached
4 Megan Taylor Comotion Sports / Yeti CX Team
5 Rebecca Much Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team
6 Margell Abel Tough Girl
7 Lindsey Bishop Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
8 Kristal Boni Blue Sky Velo
9 Kate Scheider Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
10 Lynn Bush Tough Girl
11 Lauren Costantini Blue Sky Velo
12 Kimberly Nuffer Tough Girl
13 Erin Kummer Unattached
14 Jane Finsterwald Mafia Racing-Pabst-Felt
15 Brenda Moczygemba Tough Girl
16 Kristen Peterson One-Day License
17 Susan Prieto Blue Sky Velo
18 Michele Bliss Chipotle/Titus
19 Mary Boschen Unattached
20 Cindy Klyn Boulder Cycle Sport