These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

B Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nate Simms NAV
2 Jason Perry Cyclonauts Racers Inc.
3 Nicholas Robertson Unattached/
4 Thomas Despart CBRC
5 Jeff Johnson Bennington Cycle Club
6 Christopher Delisle CBRC
7 Scott Paine North Atlantic Velo/
8 Robert Thomas Secret Henry's Team
9 Danny Goodwin
10 Daniel Owen CBRC
11 Brendan Gallivan GallmanCorp/CBRC
12 Jason Haight Colavita Racing Inc./Colavita Racing
13 John Baker Putney/Westhill
14 Mark Robson
15 Brian Walak FTS/Dave's Bike Shop/
16 James Leone CBRC
17 Matt Delisa Unattached/
18 J Wozniak Team Rad Racing
19 Todd Crisafulli NAV
20 Robert Wuebker Unattached/
21 James Dutko Capital Bicycle Racing Club (CBRC)
22 Jacob Sisson Wildthyme/IF
23 Eric Schillinger CBRC
24 Rich Rutishauser
25 Stephen Edgar Finger Lakes Cycling Club
26 Jason Selwitz Pedros Adirondack Riders
27 John Ormsby

C Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danny Goodwin
2 Thomas Buttner Verge Sport/Test Pilot
3 J Wozniak Unattached
4 Jay Thomas CBRC
5 Robert Gray Unattached
6 Jeffrey Rosch Unattached
7 Gene Primomo CBRC
8 Randy Swift Unattached
9 Steven Hayes CBRC
10 Kevin Delaney FTS / Dave's Bike Shop
11 Joshua Arvidson Unattached
12 Walter Rowland Butler DFL Racing/ Gutterball Inc.
13 Michael Davis Unattached
14 Mike Morrett Unattached
15 Jeffrey Nebolini Hjolamenn
16 Jessica Hayes-conroy Unattached
17 Leah Valvo
18 Pat Rosier
19 Beth Herder

Elite Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cory Burns FiorDiFrutta
2 Dan Timmerman FiorDiFrutta
3 Ted King Priority Health
4 Alec Donahue Joe's Garage/Reynolds Composites
5 Justin Lindine Windham Mountain Outfitters
6 Matthew Dickinson Team Placid Planet
7 Nathaniel Ward Joe's Garage/Reynolds Composites
8 Jeffrey Leake Northampton Cycling Club/
9 Pierre Roussel
10 Aaron Oakes U of Massachusetts Amherst Cycling Club/
11 Shane Kramer Team Placid Planet
12 Matthew Purdy North Atlantic Velo
13 Jeremy Gardner Finger Lakes Cycling Club/
14 Willem Heydendael NAV/
15 Joe Cruz North Atlantic Velo/Mecury Web Solutions/
16 Robert Schmidt CBRC
17 Jon Rowe North Atlantic Velo/Mecury Web Solutions/
18 Chuck Quackenbush CBRC
19 Thierry Blanchet North Atlantic Velo
20 Karl Faruzel Secret Henry's Team/Soul Cycles
21 Bryna Nestor North Atlantic Velo
22 Jeffrey Nebolini Hjolamenn
23 Kate Scheider Williams College/North Atlantic Velo
24 Willem Heydendael NAV/

Elite Women

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bryna Nestor North Atlantic Velo
2 Kate Scheider Williams College/North Atlantic Velo
3 Hanna Walton Housatonic Wheel Club/
4 Kirsten Jeppesen Unattached/
5 Jenny Ives CBRC
6 Katie 'Doily' Dunn Tufts University

Jr Men 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Curtis White CBRC
2 Aaron House Housatonic Wheel Club
3 Jimmy Mucci FTS /Dave's Bike Shop
4 Thomas Mcguiness
5 Austin Huneck
6 Tommy Quackenbush
7 Seth Miller
8 Zach Goodness

Jr Men U19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Schmidt CBRC
2 Spencer Pero BCA
3 Seamus Powell
4 Benjamin Salibra Unattached

Masters 35/45/55

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Stotz Gearworks -- Spinarts
2 W Scott Wade Putney Bicycle Club/Putney/West Hill
3 Joel Danke Giant Squid all Stars/
4 M. Andrew Ruiz CCB/Volkswagen
5 Basil Moutsopoulos CRCA/Sakonnet Technology
6 Jan Wiejak Verge Sport/Test Pilot/
7 William Thompson Bethel Cycle Sport Club/
8 Michael Tucker Berkshire Cycling Association/
9 Eric Juzysta CBRC-Capital Bike Racing Club
10 Jason Clark CBRC
11 Edward Hamel Joe's Garage/Reynolds Composites
12 Dan Stasz Joe's Garage / Reynolds Composites
13 Karl Faruzel Secret Henry's Team/Soul Cycles
14 Steven Kane East End Cycling Team/Byron Lake
15 Michael Spangenberg Cyclonauts Racers Inc./
16 Thierry Blanchet North Atlantic Velo
17 Kent Webster Putney Bicycle Club/Putney/West Hill
18 Mark Shenstone Finger Lakes Cycling Club/ChrisCookies/Sw
19 Robert Dadekian Capital Bicycle Racing Club/CBRC
20 John Witmer GMBC/Catamount
21 Brian Sanders Mowhawk Valley
22 Stephen Edgar Finger Lakes Cycling Club
23 Ken Coleman Housatonic Wheel Club
24 Dave Beals CBRC
25 Paul Speranza Bean's Bikes/Tioga Velo Club
26 Brad Young Pedros Adirondack Riders
27 Eddie Luban Onondaga Cycling Club
28 John Jansen Unattached/
29 Kurt Scheerer Verge Sport/Test Pilot/
30 Tim Huneck Capital Bicycle Racing Club
31 Matt Daly Unattached
32 Thomas Emrich Genesee Valley Cycling Club/
33 Tim Leonard Schuss/MVBC
34 Bradford Herder BCA
35 David Valvo Full Moon Vistar
36 Jim Merrifield BCA/VOmax
37 Don Rice CCB/Volkswagen
38 David Burnside Genesee Valley Cycling Club/
39 Keith Gregory Team Fuji
40 Joshua Arvidson Unattached
41 Bob Ludecke laurel bike club
42 Clive Woakes Amherst Racing Club/
43 Arthur Goedeke CBRC
44 John Buser putney/westhill

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