These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Open Wave 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Vahlberg
2 David Holden Vertical Earth
3 Patrick Humenny Purcell Outdoors
4 Clay Allred U of I - Vandals
5 Matthew Pollard Palouse Bicycle Racing
6 Brabdt Souvenir U of I - Vandals
7 Brian Fuller Hedon Speed
8 Jason Remington Unattached
9 Bruno Mclaughlin School of Cross
10 Dhaulagiri Feriansyah U of I - Vandals
11 Lisa Sunderman Zuster

Open Wave 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryder Fleming School of Cross
2 Brandon Wagner
3 Evan Schweifler School of Cross
4 Linus Bauer Palouse Bicycle Racing
5 Carson Dahl School of Cross
6 Nicholas Sackman
7 Robert Liddicoat Vertical Earth
8 Colin Priebe
9 Greg Kjeldgaard
10 Cason Lam
11 Mark Evans Zoot
12 Randy Fleming Emde Sports
13 Kip Omine School of Cross
14 David Graves
15 Marshal Hunter School of Cross
16 Thomas Leach Emde Sports
17 Brent Roberts Two Wheeler Dealer
18 Aiden Mcardle School of Cross
19 Bruno Mclaughlin School of Cross
20 Ian Wyatt School of Cross
21 Robert Kuntz Palouse Bicycle Racing
22 William Kerr Palouse Bicycle Racing
23 Harrison Omine School of Cross
24 Erik Carlson
25 John Speare School of Cross
26 Michael Lynn
27 Daniel Hesskamp
28 Chris Nickle School of Cross
DNF Matthew Clarke School of Cross

Open Wave 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ivy Audrain
2 Anne Fleming Emde Sports
3 Jayne Mclaughlin Zuster
4 Molly Obetz 2 Wheeler Dealer
5 Ellie Lewis
6 Naomi Humenny Purcell Outdoors
7 Heather Lamson Purcell Outdoors
8 Audrey Pollard Palouse Bicycle Racing
9 Maddie Speare School of Cross
10 Lisa Sunderman Zuster
11 Jennifer Fletcher 2 Wheeler Dealer
12 Sheila Heyns Palouse Bicycle Racing
13 Keely Hamilton
14 Amanda Roggenbauer School of Cross
15 Sandra Townsend
16 Tiffany Letnes School of Cross
17 Zoe Wu
18 Amanda Carson
19 Linnea Sunderman School of Cross

Open Wave 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Nickle School of Cross
2 Kieran Long PBR
3 Jaxson Hamilton School of Cross
4 Audrey Pollard Inland NW
5 Aiden Mcardle School of Cross
6 Marshal Hunter School of Cross
7 Elizabeth Roggenbauer School of Cross
8 Ryder Duvall
9 Harrison Omine School of Cross
10 Erik Roggenbauer School of Cross
11 Mason Lytle School of Cross
12 Keiton Long PBR
13 Keely Hamilton Purcell Outdoors
14 Kjersten Koggenbauer School of Cross
15 Otto Burns
16 Henry Klesch School of Cross
17 Rafe Carlson School of Cross
18 Laura Pollard PBR
19 Gunnar Lynn PBR
20 Anna Lynn PBR
21 Amelia Crooks School of Cross
22 Hudson Omine School of Cross
23 Kael Olson
24 Neel Clarke School of Cross
25 Malachi Cooley School of Cross
26 James Webster School of Cross
27 Megan Nickle School of Cross
28 Korah Dahl School of Cross
29 Evan Luckey School of Cross
30 Orin Priebe
31 Conrad Booher
32 Tevye Cooley School of Cross
33 Isaac Engel
34 Carsen Sutherland
35 Grayson Morse
36 Braxton Storey School of Cross
37 Xavier Sutherland School of Cross

Open Wave 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Hamilton Purcell Outdoors
2 Scott Cooley School of Cross
3 Matt Morra PBR
4 Patrick Humenny Purcell Outdoors
5 Lindsay Duvall The Bike Hub
6 Matthew Larsen ML Wheelbuilding
7 Justin Bannerman Allegro Dirt Racing
8 Jason Roggenbauer School of Cross
9 Matthew Pollard PBR
10 Kile Mcardle School of Cross
11 Matt Heist
12 Robert Liddicoat Vertical Earth
13 Jason Webster School of Cross
14 Joe Anchondo Vertical Earth
15 David Graves Exo-Keto
16 Chris Booher
17 Randy Fleming Emde Sports
18 Robert Lang
19 John Osterback River City Red
20 Mark Evans Zoot
21 Steve Rapp Allegro Cyclery Racing
22 Brent Roberts Two Wheeler Dealer
23 Bradley Bleck Baddlands
24 Marty Goss
25 Thomas Leach Emde Sports
26 Will Krasselt
27 Michael Lynn PBR
DNF Jerry Long Vertical Earth

Open Wave 6

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Bradford-parish
2 Andrew Frank
3 Clint Hastings
4 Dylan Pollard PBR
5 Alex Popescu School of Cross
6 Kyle French
7 Matthew Larsen ML Wheelbuilding
8 Matt Morra Palouse Bicycle Racing
9 Jason Edwards