These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3/4 Senior (40 Minutes)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dave Hall CES / PedalthePlanet
2 Joern Brockhaus Fuji Cycling
3 Maxwell Lundbeck BSM Cycling
4 Edward Wimmer Team CNC
5 Paul Dentel University of Cincinnati Cycling Team
6 Braden Matt Team CNC
7 Tim Thielen Commonwealth Eye Surgery
8 Dan Barkeim
9 Robin Zuend Queen City Wheels
10 Patrick Bendel Queen City Wheels
11 Tracy Segar Queen City Wheels
12 Seth Mcdonald GE Flyers Racing
13 Grant Inglis University of Cincinnati Cycling Team
14 Paul Neff Queen City Wheels
15 Joshua Buchwald BSM Cycling
16 Richard Hoeting Queen City Wheels
17 Jack Mccann ProChain Team Turner
18 Todd Frye Team Fuji
19 Shannon Moore Team Fuji
20 James O'Loughlin team hungry!
21 Ryan Williams Spin/RR Donnelley
22 Tim Collins Queen City Wheels
23 Benjamin Seppala
24 Matt Harbaugh Team Hungry
25 Sammy Dobrozsi ProChain / Team Turner
26 John Murdock Team Turner
27 Matthew Wright CES / PedalthePlanet
28 Joseph Brokamp Queen City Wheels Racing
29 Steve Fine Team Fuji
30 Adam Birkan Bishops Bicycles
31 Alex Kerman Unattached
32 Christian Ambjorn Team CNC
33 Adam Stevens -
34 Andrew Smith Team CNC
35 Krystal Mcnutt Secret Cycling
36 Jeff Kissel BSM Cycling
37 James Beers
43 Brendan Canty Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Pedal the Planet
44 Grant Gibson Queen City Wheels
45 Christopher Kaiser Queen City Wheels
46 Alan Willey Queen City Wheels

Men Cat 5 Senior (30 Minutes)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matt Stephenson BSM Cycing
2 Christopher Mathers Bishop's Bicycles
3 Christopher Carissimi Bishop's Bicycles
4 Sean Carr Bishop's Bicycles (Milford)
5 Robert Chaney Queen City Wheels
6 Matt Cunningham Trek Store Cincinnati
7 David Barless
8 Russ Meyer Studio-5 Cincinnati
9 David Ackerman Bishop's Bicycles
10 Clayton Webster Flyers Racing
11 Blaze Burke Miami University Cycling Team
12 Donald Welty GE
13 Bill Craig Queen City Wheels
14 Brian Rose
17 Brian Arlinghaus Team CNC
18 Eric Buchakjian
19 Jeff Cyrus Rogue Racing Project 513
20 Ben Duwell Indiana University- Bloomington
21 Brandon Eagen GE Flyers Race Team
22 Butch Farrell Rogue Racing Project ::513::
23 Jason Garneret Rogue Racing Project
24 Robert Linenkugel
25 Mark Martines Bishop's Bicycles
26 Kevin Miles Bishop's Bikes
27 Seth Nuckols Bishop Bicycles
28 Anthony Rudd Bishop's Bicycles
29 Jamie Williamson Team Hungry!
30 Ted Roll
31 Ken Hoetker Bishops Bicycles

Men Junior 15-18 (30 Minutes)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jack Mccann ProChain Team Turner
2 Sammy Dobrozsi ProChain / Team Turner
3 John Murdock Team Turner
4 Jonathan Patton Fuji Cycling

Women Cat 3/4 Senior (30 Minutes)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cooper Ambjorn Team CNC
2 Carrie Cochran CNC Covington Newport Cycling
3 Kathleen Neff Queen City Wheels
4 Jeanette Shires Secret Cycling-Team Dayton
5 Amanda Lindsey Bishop's Bicycles
6 Blair Barter Team Hungry!
8 Martha Miller Team Dayton - Secret Cycling
9 Lauren Bair GE Flyers Racing
10 Christa Zielke Team CNC
11 Brenda Zechmeister